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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Vizag With Placements

Vizag, the oldest shipyard in the country has seen tremendous industrial growth. The 6th-century port city is a vital hub for commerce. Due to its structural developments (such as roadways, airports, and rail tracks), the city has attracted many corporates. Visakhapatnam has evolved from being a cargo den to one of the most promising locations to establish tech companies. The nestling of corporates has built an ocean of jobs for technical writers. Worried about the course selection? This blog details the top 5 technical writing courses in Vizag and career options available in the technical writing field.

List of best technical writing courses in Vizag

Technical Writing- An Overview

Before analyzing the best technical writing courses in Vizag, you must understand the fundamentals and types of technical writing. To be frank, this type of writing is a bit difficult. A person with an immense passion for writing and software can avail of this profession.

Technical writing is a sub-category in the technical communication field. Professional organizations hire people to write and share technical information. The write-ups must be clear and concise. The main purpose of technical writing is to develop an effective report with the available details.

Technical writers use diagrams, illustrations, and graphs to demonstrate their work. Thus, knowledge of computer programming (tools- for editing, designing, and formatting texts) is essential. The text can be grouped into technical writing when it has one or more following characteristics:

  • Conveying technical details on medical procedures, environmental rules & regulations, or software applications.
  • Sharing information through social media platforms, blogs, or websites.
  • Guiding booklets like how to do and steps to do.

Technical writing was recognized as a profession after World War 2. The history of this writing style roots back in the works of Aristotle and Geoffrey Chaucer. The introduction of mechanical printing paved a much simpler path for documenting texts. Notable treasures like the works of Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton are said to be technical write-ups.

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Technical Writing is Narrowed Down to Many Subcategories. Each Type and Its Fundamentals Are Listed Below.

  • User Manuals

User manuals consist of how-to-do or step-by-step procedures to operate a service, product, or application. For better understanding, diagrams and screenshots are included in these manuals. The main purpose of writing these instructional booklets is to guide customers. People turn to user manuals before contacting the help center. The manual types include instructional, service, training, organization policy, maintenance, operation, and field manuals.

  • Technical Books

Authoring a book doesn’t sound as simple as it is said. One in ten dreams about writing and only one in a thousand write a book. Yet, developing a technical book is much easier than an imaginative novel. A user manual differs from this type of writing due to the content length.

The books elaborate crisp statements into a paragraph to give an in-depth understanding. The product or service intentions and purpose are described in this write-up. Complex data is translated into a consumer-friendly text. Troubleshooting guides in the software field are the perfect example of technical books.

  • Proposals

Proposals can be categorized into two broad divisions: business and research proposals.

Business Proposals

How to sell or where to sell my products? That’s the ultimate concern of every manufacturer. So, it’s important to identify potential clients and negotiate prices. This negotiation demands pitches and proposals. A business proposal tries to match the buyer’s requirements and the seller’s capabilities. Most B2B relations are built on the proposals developed by technical writers. Thus, a technically sound proposal backs great clients to the organization.

Research Proposals

The main purpose of writing this proposal is to acquire sponsorship. The write-up speaks about the project details, time, and total expenses required for the research completion. Convincing an organization to fund your research program is the key here.

  • Business plans

A company’s success lies in efficient business planning. Without a good sketch of the future, tireless work and manpower are worthless. The formal document contains the goals of the company, methodologies to be followed, and the total time required for achieving those goals. The business plans also talk about an organization’s history, business type, current accomplishments, and strategies.

Companies must submit their business plans to banks or other financing sources to gain the required capital amount. The goals and audience of a company determine the business plan’s format and content. Business planning demands writers with broad knowledge of finance, marketing, supply chain management, trade rules & regulations, human resource analysis, and operation management.

  • Project Plans

The plans act as a guiding tool for project execution. The formal document talks about project type, manpower needed to complete the task, techniques to improvise the outcome, and deadlines. A project plan is developed to answer some of the basic queries such as

  • Why this project?
  • What are the final products?
  • How many people does the project require?
  • Who will head the program?
  • When will you reach the milestones?

Here, identification of the project goals and objectives helps in task scheduling and resource planning. A well-structured project plan is crucial to an organization’s success. The responsibilities and roles of stakeholders are precisely mentioned in this document.

  • Press Releases

An official announcement (1 or 2 pages) sent by the company to its targeted media is known as a press release. The report carries information about the new organizational changes, like hiring a CEO, partnering with another company, annual financial reports, and policy amendments. The primary goal of the press release is to gain a journalist’s attention. The write-up addresses the basic queries of an event (what, when, who, and how).

  • Case Studies

Case studies provide detailed analyses of real-world situations. This writing format reports on any event, action, individual, or group. For example, an industrial case study may cover an organization’s market or capital investment strategies, and a political case study may address a party’s evolution over the years.

  • White Papers

White papers are used by:

  1. Researchers to understand any core concept.
  2. Marketers promote their goods and services.
  3. Government to announce policies and legalization methods.

Here, a complex issue is delivered concisely. The writing style must be persuasive and authoritative. This type of writing should have zero error percentage (grammatical, punctuation, and plagiarism). White papers include graphs, tables, and charts. The UK government introduced this term in the 1920s. Habituated for industrial purposes, white papers are now employed in all B2B services.

  • Reports

A report is a set of data or information presented in a structured format for a set of consumers. Reports are derived based on some logic as per the end user’s requirement. The main purpose of report writing is to summarize information. This detailed write-up helps business firms to make financial and other vital decisions. Annual expenses & profit details, demographic statistics, investigation files, and technical and scientific facts are stored in the report format for easy access and better understanding.

  • Brochures

Technical writing is often thought of as a formal documenting practice. Yet, it’s not the case in some situations. An example of such a case is brochure development. Being the most common advertising tool, brochures include pictures, tables, and pie charts.

Brochures carry only the summary of a product or service. A brochure takes up a folded form (Trifold, Frenchfold, Z-fold, and Gatefold). Companies hire people to develop marketing brochures to promote their brands. The role of brochures is to convince the audience to buy their products.

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Tools for Technical Writing

Course curriculum and tools are the two important aspects to be considered while enrolling in a training program. When the above factors are neglected, your time and money get wasted. For example, the search for the best technical writing courses in Vizag will give you hundreds of Google results – both attractive web pages, and formal ones.

Here, it is crucial to identify the best option according to the content (don’t follow bright ads and stuff). Knowledge of technical tools adds value to one’s portfolio. Based on the purpose, technical writing tools are categorized into editing, spell & grammar check, publishing, authoring, and screen capture tools. The top technical writing tools are discussed below.

·       Adobe -Photoshop, and Illustrator

The Photoshop tool was invented by John Knoll and Thomas to provide raster graphics editing in Mac and Windows. The images can be edited, composed, and masked. A picture can be drawn, shaped, cropped, sliced, painted, and erased according to the requirement. The software uses PSB and PSD formats to operate such features.

Adobe Photoshop does not have the vector graphs editing feature. This drawback is nullified by the illustrator tool. The basic elements in an illustrator are a paintbrush, pencil, pen, and selection tools.

·       WordPress

WordPress is a platform for designing web pages. The content management system (CMS) includes themes and plugins. WordPress was initially developed for blog publishing. Due to its simplified architecture, the software is now employed for mailing lists, e-commerce, learning management systems, and media gallery sites.

·       Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is an illustrating tool developed by Shapeware Corporation. The application has a vector graphics editor. Technical writers rely on this software to create floor layouts, road or mind maps, flow charts, and Unified Modeling Language diagrams. Visio can be installed in three versions: Standard, Professional, and Pro.

·       Prezi

The software is used for creating presentations. Prezi has about 100 million subscribers around the world. In recent years, professionals and students have worked with Prezi to design eye-catching presentations. It is a healthy alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. Instead of slides, Prezi uses a canvas-based theme.

·       Google Docs

Google Docs is a recent spark. A decade ago, formatting text was only done on Microsoft Word. Yet, writers now have another option (Docs) provided by the search engine giant. The software can be reached through an internet browser, a mobile app, or a laptop application. Revision history, add-ons, extension access, and collaboration tools are the special features of this application.

·       Grammarly

Grammarly is a web application employed to correct text. Technical writing is a crucial process. One error in the text may end up as a severe loss for the organizations. So, writers get help from these typing assistants. Grammarly analyses the text’s grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, and clarity. The software uses AI (artificial intelligence) to rectify the mistakes. Word and Google Docs have Grammarly extensions.

·       FrameMaker

FrameMaker is another tool owned by Adobe. It is used to develop and edit large write-ups. The document processor helps in formatting complex and structured files.

·       Snagit

Technical writers must learn skills that could save their time. One such tool is Snagit. The software helps in image capturing and screen recording. You can screenshot, modify, and share an image through this application. The watermark effect in Windows and the reflection effect in Mac are the highlights.

·       Windows Snipping Tool

The snipping tool is again a screenshot utility. This tool captures still images only (no video clips). The entire screen or a free-form area can be snipped here. The images can be saved in PNG, JPEG, and GIF formats. The software consists of basic editing features like a pen, pencil, highlighter, and eraser.\

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Scope and Career in Technical Writing

Does enrolling in the best technical writing courses in Vizag upgrade my career? That’s a big question mark. Thus, reviewing this particular field’s scope may clear up your doubts. With a surge in digital advancement, technical writers are in huge demand.

Rapid tech growth in the subcontinent has created a job pool for both freshers and experienced people. Career options are available in multiple sectors like forestry, nanotechnology, machine learning, software, chemistry, artificial intelligence, finance, marketing, aeronautics, electronics, and medicine.

It is a high-paying job profile with fixed working hours. The average salary for technical writers is up to 30k per month.

The Profile Options Available for Technical Writers Are Listed Below:

  • Content writers
  • Editors
  • Translators
  • Public relations officers
  • Book authors

Eligibility Criteria

Technical writing courses in Vizag demand certain eligibility standards. Graduate students (UG & PG) can attend these training programs. Students with a 12th certificate may opt for diploma courses. People with an immense passion for writing and software are in the spotlight.


Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Vizag

The phrase ‘technical writing’ itself creates a formal or official sense. The texts must be clear and error-free. Thus, people with adequate knowledge in this sector have a higher chance to get placed. Want to acquire technical writing skills? Have a look at the top 5 technical writing courses in Vizag write-up for a solution.



Course: Technical Writing Course

IIM SKILLS takes up the #1 position in the list of the best technical writing courses in Vizag. The institute has sprouted from an educational blog. The online platform has trained 1,500+ candidates around the globe. Academic sites like CourseDekho, Career360, AdvisorUncle, and CourseReport have ranked the institute’s training programs as number 1.

IIM Skills offers courses in various domains (finance, writing, digital marketing, taxation, and search engine optimization). The technical writing course includes 20 hours of lectures and 60+ hours of practical training. A candidate gets sufficient knowledge in technical writing in 5 weeks.

After completion of online lectures, candidates get a one-month internship program. Lifetime access to the course materials and lifelong placement support are the key highlights. Students are exposed to tools such as MS Project, Scribus, Microsoft Visio, and Git. The training costs around 15k.


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The syllabus covers the basics of writing, reports, journals, introduction to user manuals & medical papers, API documentation, conversational writing, case studies, and publishing techniques. The course plan includes:

  • Portfolio development
  • White paper publication
  • Book or scholarly article publication
  • Writing a technical blog on the Times of India site


2. Udemy

Udemy is an online and self-paced training program. The site has 54 million learners across the globe. With 204k+ courses in 75 languages, Udemy is the leading virtual educational platform.

The institute aims to share its knowledge with everyone possible at a feasible price. This explains why Udemy stands in the list of the top technical writing courses in Vizag.

The curriculum includes 60 lectures (5.5 hours) and study materials (article). Companies such as NetApp, Eventbrite, Box, and Nasdaq train their employees with this course. The training program collects INR 2,299 as a fee. Let us see the course modules through a birds-eye:

  • Defining the technical writing goals
  • Investigating the topic and writing competition
  • Analyzing the readers
  • Formatting a book – outline, contents, and boundaries
  • Creating a schedule to work
  • Revising and error-correcting the technical write-up
  • Marketing strategies


Course: Technical Writing- Master Your Writing Career

Some Other Courses Related to Technical Writing Are

  • Tech Writers Master Course
  • Project Management for Technical Writers
  • Business & Technical Writing Immersion


3. Vskillls

Vskills has secured a place in the best 5 technical writing courses in Vizag. The institute is administered by Cubezoid Solutions. Vskills empowers the candidates with skill testing and certification. The institute is managed by former IIM graduates.

The enrollment procedure includes course selection and registration. After enrolling, you get LMS access and study material (hard copy). This course helps professionals and students to upgrade their skills. The training program costs about INR 3,499 and the duration is about 9 hours.

Certificates are provided based on the test performance (50-mark question paper). It is an online examination. Certification from a reputed institute strengthens your CV. Students with Vskills certifications are tagged in Shine.com and Monsterindia.com. The course module includes:

  • Scientific and technical writing
  • Advanced writing (products & services)
  • Lists and sections
  • Proposal development
  • Report writing
  • Graphical representation
  • Mail listing
  • Basics of writing- sentence, paragraph, vocabulary, and punctuation


Course: Certified Technical Writer


4. Coursera

The next platform in our list of the top technical writing courses in Vizag is Coursera. The online site is known for its diverse training programs (6k+ courses). Partnering with 275+ leading companies and universities, Coursera has made a significant impact in the e-learning sector.

The platform aims to bring progress to humans with the help of education. It believes that learning can uplift the world through health, peace, and prosperity. The online site has about 107 million trainees across the globe.

The platform has technical writing courses according to the professional levels (intermediate, beginner, and pro). You can select one or more courses from Coursera’s technical writing programs.

The self-paced learning requires a 3 to 6-month duration as per the course modules. Flexible class routines and sharable certificates are the key highlights. Don’t forget that the courses are offered at zero pricing. Some of the courses for technical writers are:

  • Writing Skills for Engineering Leaders
  • Technical Fundamentals
  • Writing and Editing


5. Henry Harvin

While reviewing the top technical writing courses in Vizag, we cannot miss Henry Harvin. It is an ed-tech company located in India and the US. The institute is recognized as a virtual university. Henry Harvin provides 200+ courses in 97+ countries around the world. The course has a 4.5-star average rating from 5400+ reviews.

The institute has trained more than 19K people. The training program is followed by regular brainstorming sessions for one year. Candidates are exposed to 30 hours of video lectures and 6 hours of practical training. A paid internship for 3 months is added to the course plan. This training program offers tools worth 25k free of cost.


Key Takeaways From the Course:

  • Become an expert in simplifying complex documents
  • P.I.C.P.E.B.H.M access
  • Placement support
  • Enjoy the gold membership of the Writing Academy for one year
  • Unlimited access to the live online sessions

Course: Technical Writing (Gold Membership)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the top three technical writing courses in Vizag?

The top 3 technical writing courses in Vizag are:

  • Technical Writing Master Course- IIM Skills
  • Certified Technical Writer- Vskills
  • Technical Writing- Udemy

Q2. What is the scope for technical writers?

India has witnessed tremendous growth in digitalization. Companies and organizations rely on technology. This has created a vast scope for technical writers. These text developers are required in various fields like medicine, forestry, electronics, nanotechnology, software, machine learning, aeronautics, chemistry, artificial intelligence, finance, and marketing. You can take up roles from editors, public relations managers, content managers, authors, and translators. The average salary for this job profile is INR 30,000.

Q3. List down the tools required for technical writing.

Tools are employed to simplify the writing process. Spelling & grammar checking, editing, screen capturing, publishing, and authoring areas require specialized tools. Some of the vital applications that support technical writing are listed below.

  • Adobe- Photoshop, Illustrator, and Framemaker
  • WordPress
  • Snagit
  • MS Visio
  • Google Docs
  • Grammarly
  • Windows snipping tool
  • Prezi

Concluding Thoughts

The article briefs on the finest technical writing courses in Vizag. A course is analyzed and reviewed based on modules, learning mode, fee structure, institute’s history, training period, key takeaways, certifications, and placement support. So, what’s stopping you? Enroll in the best technical writing courses in Vizag and upskill your talents.

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