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Top 11 Technical Writing Courses in Ghana With Placement

Technical writing is a common factor between professionals and the common man. Through this, the complex technical details are simplified and the knowledge is imparted to the people. Technical writing can be done in different forms like words, illustrations, infographics, figures, presentations, videos, etc depending upon the target audience and their prospective field. The work of technical writers is to create a user-friendly guidebook for the installation process and use of the product. These technical documents are created considering the details and needs of the organization/ company for its products and services. This article will guide you through the best technical writing courses in Ghana.

List of best technical writing courses in Ghana

Technical writers have to create a strong bond with developers for their research, product designers for their creativity with the usage, and then finally prepare documents for customer acquisition and retention.

Hence it is all about being an efficient teamwork player. In-depth knowledge of products and applications has to be known to the technical writers. There must be a positive energy to learn the ever-evolving new technology and software applications.

It is the job of technical writers to be thorough with the online customer support system and constantly improve the work for customer satisfaction. Communication skills have to be at par to be a successful technical writer.

Technical writers are usually employed in these many sectors: Aerospace, Defence sector, IT sector, Medical industry, Biotechnology, and Finance.

Importance/ Advantages of Taking Technical Writing Courses in Ghana

With the rise in growth of Ghana, a country in West Africa, there’s a massive increase in technology hence there is a soaring need for technical writing job roles. Here are some of the benefits of taking technical writing courses in Ghana, be it through offline or online institutions, the learning is hybrid.

  • Improved and polished skills
  • learning ethics in scientific communication
  • Preparing comprehensive research proposals
  • Learning about Literature Review and its types
  • Learning the art of communicating technical details to a non-technical audience
  • Writing a thesis
  • Research paper writing
  • Writing journals
  • Learning about the writing process for time management
  • Mastering the English expressions
  • Using tools to create citations in minimum time
  • The salary structure is decent in Ghana with an average of 4500 GHS


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Types of Technical Writing to Learn and Have a Polished Skill At:

  • Traditional Technical Writing :

Scientific papers, medical papers, reviews, and reports.

  • End-user Documents:

Assembly guidebook of products, quickstart guidebook of products, product manuals, user help functions, and technical books.

  • Marketing Content :

Case studies, brochures, and proposals

All of this is learned under the supervision of industry-experienced mentors by taking up technical writing courses in Ghana.

Points to Consider Before Signing Up for the Technical Writing Courses in Ghana:

  • Fees:

If a person is looking to take up a career in technical writing then must know beforehand where he/she stands in terms of qualifications and then enroll in the suitable course according to their level. Before enrolling, aspirants must get into a counseling session with the mentor of the institute.

  • Syllabus:

Aspirants must have a brief knowledge of the contents of the course they are proceeding to study. This is done to find out where the course will lead them in the future and which kind of role they will be prepared to take on thereon.

  • Duration and Timing of the Sessions:

Aspirants are usually pursuing other courses along with technical writing courses and professionals juggle their job along with studying technical writing jobs to enhance their skills for updated industry standards. Hence it is wise to check the duration of the course and timings so that every task on the plate fits perfectly without hurdling the other.

  • Internship and Placement:

The top institutes and universities provide constant help with study confusion and seeking jobs later on. Some of the best ones make sure to provide internships just after completing their course to prepare the students completely as per industry standards. It is preferable to choose such online and offline institutes and universities.

  • Certification:

It is always better to choose the platform for pursuing technical writing courses in Ghana which are globally recognized and award certificates to the aspirants at the end of the program.


Top 11 Technical Writing Courses in Ghana



IIM SKILLS is the top online institute to provide technical writing courses in Ghana for numerous amount of learners. The syllabus is constructed by highly qualified experienced mentors as per the industry standards.

There is an online 24*7 student support system and communication skills are given importance. The online sessions are recorded and available for a lifetime in the LMS, the learning management system of the portal.


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The key importance is given to the practice of using online software tools which is essential for technical writing. Tools taught are:

  • MS Visio
  • MS Project
  • Git and many more

Why Choose IIM SKILLS to Learn Technical Writing Course?

  • Globally recognized certificate
  • Lifetime support for study material
  • Internship guaranteed
  • Placement is guaranteed by the end of the course

It takes 5 weeks for this course to complete and the fee amount is 1,892.23 Ghanaian Cedi +18% GST.

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2. LinkedIn Learning

This is the subsidiary of the famous digital platform LinkedIn. People from Ghana can opt for the technical writing course on this platform to kickstart their learning and career. For a month they provide free learning sessions but later on, a decent sum of the fee is to be paid to keep the learning going.

This course provides a free template for the students to create a user guide.

The contents of this template include the cover page- the title of the guide, copyright information, disclaimer- terms and conditions, preface- warranty and service, table of contents, and illustrations for visual aid. A globally recognized certificate is awarded to the learners after the completion of the course.


3. Udemy

This is one of the most trusted online platforms for learning technical writing courses in Ghana. On average 20,000 aspirants have enrolled themselves for this course monthly. The fee for this course is 2,782 African Rand.

What Will Be Learned From This Professional Technical Writing Course Are:

  • Introduction to technical writing
  • Techniques for writing creative and unique technical documents
  • Career support
  • Lifetime access to 110 downloadable resources
  • Globally recognized certificate on completion


4. Coursera

This online US-based institution has collaborated with more than 200 top universities and companies from all over the world. It provides a free technical writing course to its learners. What a student learns from this beginners level course are:

  • Introduction to technical writing
  • Technique usage of language and style
  • How to structure a report
  • Research techniques
  • Introduction to different types of technical reports

A globally recognized certificate is awarded to the students after completion of the course.


5. Technical Writers HQ

This is the largest community for technical writers all across the globe. Technical writing skills are commendably polished on this digital platform. This platform provides one of the best technical writing courses in Ghana and the contents of the technical writing courses are:

  • Fundamentals of technical writing
  • Creating unique documents
  • Art of answering interview questions
  • Upskilling as a technical writer


The fee for this course is 5,176 African Rand.

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6. Alison

This is another world-famous digital platform for learning diverse kinds of skills. The technical writing courses in Ghana are highly appreciated by this platform and are named Technical Writing Essentials which is accredited by BCcampus OpenEd.

This is a beginners level course that focuses on the basics of technical writing and documentation design along with an introduction to other topics in this field. After the aspirant scores above 80% in each assessment only then the certificate is awarded.


7. Petro Skills

This is a Canada-based platform to learn technical writing skills and it provides an In-House Training program to international students on request as a private on-site seminar.

Aspirants pursuing technical writing courses in Ghana to build a strong foundation in technical writing can choose this institution to learn about writing brief, crisp, clear, informative industry documents.

The assessment articles are one-on-one discussions with the mentors. To whom are these technical writing courses in Ghana preferable? Engineers, IT professionals, computer support professionals, team leaders, and supervisors are basically the people who are meant to frame letters, memos, reports, procedures, test results, and proposals.

Why Should the Learners Choose This Technical Writing Course?

The contents of this course are:

  • Fundamentals of technical writing
  • Developing communication techniques to reach the target audience
  • Types of technical writing
  • Adapting the correct writing for a specific niche of customers
  • Delivering persuasive documents
  • Introduction to memos, letters, summaries, and reports
  • Visual information presentation
  • Learn about informative content display: lists, bullets, short paragraphs
  • Excel in the art of Primary writing mode

The Various E-learning Modules to Choose for Technical Writing Are:

  • Essential technical writing skills course
  • Managing non-technical risks- MNTR course
  • Essential leadership skills for technical professionals- OM23 course
  • Technical exploration e-learning libraries- ePilot


Sign up to their page to receive a heads-up about their new webinars, articles, and blogs on technical writing.


8. Symbiosis-Center for Distance Learning

It is approved by AICTE, the government of India. The post-graduate diploma in technical writing in business management is an ideal course for the students of Ghana. The duration is 2 years.

The fee can be paid in these methods for the convenience of the NRI students: one-time full payment of 28,450 African Rand, 1st installment of 2612 African Rand, 2nd installment of 11,414 African Rand this is for NRI students.

The students from SAARC have to pay a fee one-time full payment of 22,482 African Rand, 1s installment of 2611 African Rand, and 2nd installment of 10,377 African Rand.

There Are 4 Modules in This Course. The Contents of Each Are:

 Module 1

  • Introduction to technical communication
  • Information development life cycle 1
  • Information development life cycle 2
  • Technical writing style and editing
  • English grammar

Module 2

  • Technical communication software tools
  • Advanced concepts in technical communication
  • Technical communication project management
  • Principles and practices of management

Module 3

  • Business communication
  • Instructional design for business communication
  • Creative writing in business communication
  • Advanced documentation

Module 4

  • Advanced technical writing tools
  • Research Methodology
  • Project

After the completion of this technical writing course, the aspirants from Ghana can choose from these options for their career: online technical writer, business writer, technical web writer, usability tester, and information designer.


9. ECT

This digital platform originated in India, an Asian country. It focuses on converting all learners into professional technical writers. The technical writing course is for 3 months and costs around 4000 African Rand.

The aspirants of technical writing courses in Ghana must enroll for the short-term course which comprises various types of technical writing and usage of the software tools for documentation as per the industry standards.

There is another advanced course named: Technical Writing Course + HTML+ CSS+ JavaScript. The fee structure of this course is 7850 African Rand. During this course, the expert mentors teach about web development and the usage of tools for professional documentation.

Counseling sessions are held for internship and job preparation. After the completion of the course, there is a guaranteed internship period.


10. ACS Distance Education

It is an Australian platform that delivers its education online for a duration of approximately 100 hours and its fee is 7,645 African Rand. The key lessons for the technical writing training include:

  • Fundamentals of technical and scientific documents, articles, papers, books, manuals, and product labels
  • Learn the suitable style for different kinds of presentations
  • Professional development of the learners

The People Who Should Take Up This Course Are:

  • Scientists, technicians, engineers, product developers, journalists, and basically the people who have to write factual, technical information.
  • People who write technical manuals and promotional materials
  • People who are looking for a promotion in their job since technical writers earn better.

There Are 9 Modules for the Technical Writing Courses in Ghana:

Module 1

  • Nature and scope of technical writing
  • Quality of information
  • Nature of language
  • Characteristics of technical writing

Module 2

  • Presentation of technical writing
  • Parts of documentation (written texts, images, white space)
  • Headings
  • Images (tables, charts, graphs, photos, drawings)
  • Captions and labels
  • Elements ( introduction, main paragraphs, and conclusion)
  • Creating an index
  • Technical documents (references, texts, journals, reports)

Module 3

  • Style and content for the audience
  • Guidelines (jargon, gender, neutral)
  • Using simple sentences in the passive or active language, first, second, and third person
  • Spelling grammar
  • Editing and proofreading

Module 4

  • Planning and development of a logical structure or format
  • Research
  • Decide the format
  • Create an outline and then the first draft
  • Verified and accurate document
  • Revision
  • Final draft

Module 5

  • Collaborative writing
  • Tasks and roles in a team
  • Technical Brief
  • Strategies for collaboration
  • Style guide
  • Templates
  • Email Effectiveness


Module 6

  • Technical writings for periodicals
  • Publisher specs
  • Writing description and specification
  • Journal abstracts

Module 7

  • Creating manuals and procedures
  • Writing instructions and creating a guidebook
  • Troubleshooting

Module 8

  • Creating project proposals
  • Proposals (solicited and unsolicited )
  • Model for Writing Proposals
  • Grant proposals
  • The stop format

Module 9

  • Types of reports
  • Progress reports
  • Completion reports
  • Review reports
  • Regulatory reports
  • Feasibility reports
  • Scientific reports
  • Elements of a formal report
  • Executive summaries

After the online session for each module, an assignment is to be done and submitted to the mentors. They are thoroughly scrutinized and the review is given accordingly with remarks, suggestions, extra readings, and resubmission can also be asked.

Additional Sessions to Study About and Polish the Skills for:

  • Researching
  • Analyzing
  • Interpreting
  • Problem-solving
  • Engaging with the same topic in all arrays of possibilities
  • Art of being fully conversant with the subject


11. Henry Harvin

This is an online Writing Academy where the students are taught the art of simplifying complex technical details in writing a thesis and research paper. The premium placement program is exclusively for technical writers.

There is a yearly gold membership of the writing academy where the students can attend unlimited live sessions without paying any extra penny, the learning is unlimited at the pace of each student.

This platform has been ranked first in India by The Tribune. They have been awarded in the category of Best Corporate Training Platform. The technical writing course is for 36 hours of live interactive sessions. The projects are to be documented with technical writing software tools.

There is assistance from mentors who have been working in the industry for over 15 years, and the internship for the students to polish their skills for the industry standards. The 52+ masterclass sessions are for skill enhancement. In the end, the student earns a government of India-recognized certificate.

Software Tools Taught for Efficient Technical Writing Are:

  • Authoring tools:

MS Word


Google Docs

  • Screen Capture Tools:

Snipping tool

TechSmith SnagIt




  • Image Editing Tools


Adobe Photoshop


  • Spell Check Tools



  • Technical Writing Software Tools

Microsoft word

Macromedia RoboHelp

Adobe FrameMaker

Snag IT

Ms Visio



DITA tool

API Documentation




The Contents of the Technical Writing Course Are Divided Into 12 Modules Such Are:

  • Introduction to technical writing
  • Documentation process
  • Technical writing process
  • Grammar and Editing
  • Technical writing software tools
  • Components of a technical document
  • Technical writing techniques
  • Tips to create a technical document template
  • Overview of formats of technical documents
  • Advanced technical writing tools
  • Complimentary module I: soft skills development
  • Complementary module II: resume writing

The Affiliations of Henry Harvin Writing Academy Are:

  • American Association of EFL
  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • MSME
  • UKAF
  • UKCert
  • Project Management Institue (PMI)
  • ISO 29990:2010 certified


Contact: +91 9891953953

Website: henryharvin.com


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the essential skills to become a technical writer in Ghana?

  • Fluent communication skill
  • Be tech-savvy with gadgets and their software
  • Team player
  • Open to learning the ever-evolving technology
  • Possessing a global-recognized certificate from an online institute or university

2. Is technical writing a stable profitable career in Ghana?

Ans- Due to massive areas of scope, the demand for technical writers in Ghana is at soaring heights and there’s a rise in salary structure too. These areas are:

  • Biological and biomedical sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Computer sciences
  • Legal and paralegal services
  • Psychology
  • Consumer services, hospitality, and tourism
  • Liberal arts and humanities
  • Sports
  • Culinary arts and personal services
  • Management
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Business and Finance
  • Community and social services
  • Health care
  • Media communications and entertainment

3. What qualifications are needed to apply for a technical writer position at an organization?

Ans- Aspiring candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in English and journalism. Being confident with communication skills is essential for this role hence a communication degree is highly appreciated. There must be in-depth knowledge about technology and belonging to the field of engineering, mathematics, and science is preferred.

4. What are the career options for a technical writer in Ghana?

  • Ans- content developer
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Information designer and developer
  • Manual writer
  • Policy writer
  • Technical communications specialist
  • Senior copywriter
  • SEO search engine optimization manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Video content developer
  • Infographics specialist


Because of the tremendous rise in trade and commerce, there have been massive advancements in technology which have given rise to communication trends. Hence technical writing is an essential part of the economy all across the globe and there is a drastic increase in career options for technical writers. The narrow definition of technical writing is that writing is written in instruction manuals, how-to books, and reference materials.

The broader definition of technical writing is an accurate frame of sentences for communication between the creators/ developers and customers about the practical guidance of the product and service. Technical writing is done for textbooks, reports, records, submissions,  documents, academic writing, resume writing, guidebooks, and journals. Only managing and fictional books are not technical writings.

The fields where the students are made to excel after taking technical writing courses are:

  • Computers
  • Cars
  • Microwaves
  • Watches
  • Technology magazines
  • Gardening magazines
  • Funding submission

Modern technology with its software and hardware, household items, electrical items, to be precise everything from pin to plane needs technical writing. A technical writer is needed to write manuals, instructions, and guidelines: the piece of paper which tells the customer about how to use a particular product, how to make something like a recipe, construction, gardening, how to care for something like property maintenance, product wash and care, health care, animal care, even the workplace management procedures, user guides, safety instructions, installation instructions, and data sheets all these is done by technical writers who have excelled after completing the technical writing courses in Ghana.

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