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Top 4 Technical Writing Courses in Bangladesh

Are you a person who has a flair for writing to meet the latest happenings in the world of Technology? If yes, you are reading the right article which will provide you with the required enablement on the huge career opportunities in the field of technical writing and the best technical writing courses in Bangladesh. Technology and Science have become an inseparable part of the common man’s life. In today’s world, rapid digitization and high-speed communication have brought in an evolution that has opened up huge demand for highly skilled technical writers globally.

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Bangladesh is a developing country with a large youth population. Provided adequate skills and proper education, they can considerably contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. In a nation where a 2 million young population enters the labor market, a majority of them are either jobless or have irregular jobs.

Ensuring people have the required skill set, education, and proper platforms, the youth can, without doubt, transform Bangladesh into a Technology powerhouse.

This is exactly where avenues of Technical writing open up for the youth given the immense potential huge demand and low availability of skilled professionals in this field. Let’s take a look at what is Technical Writing and the Top 4 Technical writing courses in Bangladesh.

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What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing as a term refers to writing on technical content that would help enable the end consumer to easily understand how products, services, and processes work. Technical writing simplifies complex ideas and involves writing on a topic that includes some level of instruction or direction. It further involves creating software and instructional manuals including detailed documentation of processes.

Who is a Technical Writer?

A Technical writer is a person who transforms complex and technically difficult written material into clear and easily readable documents. A Technical writer acts as a bridge between highly complicated technical terms in Technology and the end consumer who is not techno-savvy and seeking technical information in a simple understandable form.

  • Technical writers should focus on writing with credibility so that they can establish a healthy rapport with the audience.
  • A Technical writer should create a technical document in such a way that it will be clear, precise, and easily understandable even for a layman with less technical understanding or knowledge.
  • A Technical writer will enable the reader to understand the technical information and use it with ease by transforming the complex technical terms into simple and clear understandable language.

How is Technical Writing Different?

  • Technical writing is about conveying information that is purely factual.
  • Analyzing an audience and targeting them is key to Technical writing.
  • The material that a Technical writer deals with will be complex, rigid, and not easy to comprehend but the presentation of the same material should be simple, clear, and easily comprehensible.
  • Understanding the technical nature of the content is crucial and important for technical writing.

What Skills Should a Technical Writer Possess?

  • A Technical writer should be equipped with excellent research and exploration skills.
  • The document prepared by the Technical Writer should be clear and have useful understandable terms.
  • A technical writer should develop the skill to analyze and study the target audience.
  • The document should be presented before the target audience in such a way that it is easy for them to understand and comprehend.
  • The prepared document should be professional and error-free and they should keep in mind the requirements of the target audience.
  • The paradox is that Technical writing is not Creative writing but Technical writers should be creative and innovative.
  • Strong communication skills and the writer should also be artistic and investigative.
  • Technical writers should have the mindset to work with multiple teams and individuals from different industry verticals.
  • Technical writers should have a good understanding of using various digital tools which would help them to adhere to standard industry norms.

Examples of Different Types of Technical Writing Are Provided Below:

  • Instruction manuals,
  • Business Plans
  • Proposals,
  • Reports,
  • Posters and visual communication,
  • Technical descriptions,
  • Product recalls, and
  • White papers

How would aspiring professionals in Bangladesh be able to carve out a career in the Technical writing space? While there are multiple institutes that offer specialized courses, the below 4 are the best Technical writing courses in Bangladesh among the entire lot:

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Top 4 Technical Writing Courses in Bangladesh



The technical writing course offered by IIM SKILLS is ranked among the best Technical writing courses in Bangladesh. IIM Skills is a world-class online education training institute that offers a 24/7 support system to students.

The curriculum is designed in such a way that after the completion of the technical writing courses in Bangladesh, the candidates will become experts in various forms of technical writing.

After completion of the course, the candidates will be industry-ready and capable enough to work in a variety of industries such as engineering, science, medicine, and technology, and also the candidates will be enabled to work with multi-disciplinary teams.

Upon completion of the course, the candidates will be awarded a globally accredited Master’s certification.

Salient Features of Technical Writing Course:

  • 5 weeks of the intensive live online Technical writing course.
  • 20 hours of live online training plus 60 hours of practical assignments.
  • A dedicated team that provides a 24/7 support system during the 1 monthly internship program.
  • Learners will be provided with unlimited access to the course at any time and anywhere for a lifetime at no extra cost.
  • The learners will be familiarized with the best software tools in the domain of Technical writing.
  • The team provides dedicated placement support and will provide interview assistance.
  • The course is designed by expert faculty who have remarkable experience in the field of Technical writing domain.
  • Lifetime free availability of digital tools for all students.
  • One-to-one consultation with faculty members in case of specific queries.


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IIM SKILLS Technical writing Master course comprehensive curriculum involves 13 modules.

  1. Module 1 – In this introduction part, the students will get a basic understanding of the role of a Technical writer in a company or an organization.
  2. Module 2 – This module covers vast areas like analyzing the target audience. In this module, the students will be taught how to do topic research. They would also learn to do competitor analysis in this module.
  3. Module 3 – This module covers the creation of content using flow charts/ mind maps, infographics, etc. The learner will also learn to access MS Visio, MS Project, and other open-source tools.
  4. Module 4 – In this module, the learners will learn to use different styles of writing techniques in their technical documents.
  5. Module 5 – In this module, the students will learn article writing like whitepapers, newsletters, journals, scientific research articles, etc.
  6. Modules 6 & 7 – These modules cover micro-content and conversational writing and the learners will be introduced to versioning tools like Git. These modules will also cover API documentation using XML, Datasheets, User Manuals, and application notes. Effective Technical writing using correct grammar, formatting, and punctuation guidelines comes under this module.
  7. Module 8 – The learner will learn to write medical blogs and medical writing.


One of the key highlights of the IIM Skills offered course on Technical writing is the wide array of Technical writing tools they offer to their students essential for the Technical writing domain. Having access to the right set of tools is very important for simplifying the process in the technical field.

The most important and standard tools that a learner will be able to access are:

  • MS Visio (this diagrammatic tool is very important for diagrams, flowcharts, etc)
  • MS Project (this tool is very important for planning, executing, and monitoring all the projects)
  • Scribus tool (this tool offers excellent layout design templates)
  • Canva and MS PowerPoint.

No doubt, after completing the IIM Skills Technical writing courses in Bangladesh, the students would be equipped with the much-needed skills expected from a Technical writer to work in multi-disciplinary teams and bag lucrative jobs in the Technical writing field.


2. Udemy

The Technical writing course offered by Udemy enables students to become skilled reliable, successful, and profitable Technical writers. This course has been completed successfully by several professionals who are well-placed in the industry.

Udemy offers one of the best Technical writing courses in Bangladesh and has been one of the most highly-rated Technical writing courses in the country.

Main Courses offered by Udemy

Professional Technical Writing Course

This is a beginner-level course where you learn the principles of Technical writing. From creating project plans to the use of tables, from images to flow charts, this initial level course covers writing techniques and editing.

This course includes:

  • 107 Lectures.
  • 22 Exercise sheets
  • 22 Solution sheets
  • 6 PDF e-Books
  • 40 PDF supplementary documents.

Business writing and Technical writing Immersion

This course is designed by following a systematic approach for writing effective and persuasive business and financial writing. In each stage of the course, the learner will be provided:

  • Videos
  • Supplemental PDF documents &
  • E-Books

API Technical writing

The learners will be taught API (Application Programming Interface) based Technical writing. This API defines how software systems talk to each other. API writers are in high demand in the field of Technology in high-paying positions. This course also covers information about REST (Representational State Transfer) which is used to communicate data between devices and servers. The course covers real-time narrated writing of REST documentation.

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3. TWI

The online live Technical writing course developed by TWI specializes in Life sciences and the Software industry. They have designed the course in an interactive and practical way. The Technical writing courses in Bangladesh by TWI are rated as one of the best in the industry.

Salient Features of the Course:

  • TWI Institute provides customized courses for the industry.
  • The course will cover almost all the important technical aspects of writing for Business and Industry.
  • Technical content and documentation will be taught in a fun, engaging, and interactive way
  • A special open-access course for business is available for individuals working in the industry who want to enhance their technical writing skills.

The above Technical writing courses in Bangladesh have been curated basis of detailed research and analysis performed by professionals holding industry experience.

The courses have been rated basis the coverage, curriculum, types of tools and techniques imparted to students, total hours, practical assignments, internship, and placement support offered to aspiring students.

The level of skills displayed by the students has been rated highly by organizations that have shared positive feedback and testimonials for the students they recruited from the above institutes.


4. Henry Harvin

If you want to master Technical writing skills from leading industry experts, you can definitely opt for Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Academy. The course offered by Henry Harvin is one of the best Technical writing courses in Bangladesh.

Salient Features of the Technical Writing Course Offered by Their Course Include:

  • A 9-in-1 program that provides 6 months of online interactive classroom sessions
  • Learners will be given projects in the Technical writing domain.
  • Internship to get hands-on practical experience.
  • Guaranteed 100 % placement support.
  • Will get access to abundant tools and techniques
  • Regular boot camps and free access to hackathons
  • 1 year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin’s Writing Academy

The Course Curriculum Includes 10 Modules

  1. Module 1 – The learner is introduced to different aspects of Technical writing.
  2. Module 2 – This module focuses on the documentation process of Technical writing.
  3. Module 3 – The learner will be familiarized with various Technical writing processes.
  4. Module 4 – Grammar and Editing skills will be covered in detail under this module.
  5. Module 5 – Learners will be provided with access to the Technical writing software tools and techniques that are essential in the formatting and designing process of Technical writing.
  6. Module 6 – This module covers components of the Technical document.
  7. Module 7 – This module covers essential Technical writing techniques so that the learners will become skilled industry-ready candidates.
  8. Module 8 – In this module, the students will learn to create Technical document templates.
  9. Module 9 – Formats of technical documents will be covered under this module.
  10. Module 10 – Here the learner will get hands-on experience with advanced digital Technical writing tools.

Henry Harvin’s integrated and well-designed course curriculum is exceptionally created by industry experts and includes training, projects, internship, certification, placement, and e-learning. This course will definitely make you industry-ready for jobs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  Why should I enroll in the technical writing courses post completing my Graduation?

The 100 % placement guarantee, career growth, good remuneration package, and the level of skills that the Technical writing course would equip Graduates with are reasons strong enough for aspiring professionals to pursue a career in Technical writing.

2. What are the prerequisites for Technical writing?

A person who has good language, and communication skills, is a graduate has a flair for science, technology and loves to write, and has sound internet knowledge are the prerequisites for Technical writing.

3. How do I get a job without experience?

Technical writing is a niche field that requires skill enablement. While a person may have the required knowledge and communication skills, the tools, techniques, and support extended by some of the institutes have resulted in aspiring freshers bagging lucrative job offers without any industry experience. Therefore, it is suggested that students complete a course at one of the institutes that offer specialized training and also extend placement support to their students post-completion of the course.

4. Which institutes offer free digital tools?

While most institutes offer tools to their students, the lifetime free digital tools provided by IIM Skills have been very useful for students.

5. How much salary would one earn post completing the Technical writing courses?

The average salary offered to a person who completes a Technical writing course has been anywhere in the range of 3 to 6 Lakhs P.A.

6. What are the common types of Technical writing?

The different types of technical writing include instruction manuals, press releases, company documents, annual reports, newsletters, business plans, Technical documentation, Product descriptions, Reports, reference guides, etc.


According to the BRAC Institute of Governance and Development, 1/3rd of the Bangladesh population is youth. The number of unemployed people is similarly high though they possess reasonably good communication skills. Provided the youth of Bangladesh are exposed to proper education and the right skillset training platforms offered by the Technical writing courses in Bangladesh, the youth can definitely contribute to the growth and development of the country.

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