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The Brand Saloon Digital Marketing Institute Review

TBS Digital Marketing Institute Review


There’s no getting around the incontrovertible fact that most businesses, sooner or later, must include digital in their marketing activities. And with the demand for digital marketers outweighing the availability, there are many opportunities out there for those looking to urge into the sector.


So, what’s all the hype about? Read on to learn more about this fascinating, versatile field.

What is digital marketing?


In some ways, digital marketing isn’t that different from traditional marketing: you’ve got a product that you simply got to sell, and you’re looking for ways to interact with customers to build brand awareness and eventually “close” a purchase.


Digital marketing encompasses, even more, roles and skills than marketing ever before, and it’s this versatile, versatile nature of the business that creates it so fascinating. Here are some general areas that a digital marketing professional will likely touch on during their training or career:


Video/audio production
Interactive technology (such as AI)
Mobile marketing
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Social media
Email marketing
Marketing automation
Content management and curation
Web development
Web design
Copywriting and editing
Business/marketing strategy


It’s an honest idea to believe in getting training in a minimum of one or two speciality areas unless you’re in management, during which case you’ll probably get to know quite a bit about them all.



What skills are in demand?


The digital economy is embedded in every corner of our lives, and it’s definitely not going anywhere.


There’s a solid budget going into digital marketing now as against the normal marketing. 93% of online activity starts with an inquiry engine and ensures the continued effectiveness of SEO as a superior marketing strategy while about 80% of USA citizens make a web purchase at least once a month. Anyone brooding about starting or leading a business must have a basic understanding of digital marketing so as to convert customers.


There is no room for people looking to enter the planet of digital marketing and related careers. According to Smart Insights, a number of the foremost in-demand skills for 2017 were digital advertising, content creation, content strategy, and social media, which is great news for those that veer towards the creative, social, and business end spectrum.


For those that are more technically minded, there’s still much demand and quite high earning potential for those that concentrate on technology like SEO and SEM since this is what is often at the bottom of what drives profits in any business.


Content marketing relies on traffic and anyone with the technical expertise to research these patterns goes to be a valuable asset, especially as these sorts of jobs become more complex with the advent of AI.

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Why choose a career in digital marketing?


Digital marketing may be a career that has many rooms for techs, creatives, and business people. There are numerous avenues that you simply simply can follow; it’s best to specialize in one or two things that you do best, then you’ll always learn more from there. If you’ve got a business or communications background, you’ll want to think about going into management.


This is a field that’s ever-changing and engaging; there’s always something new to learn. And if you’re employed in the workplace, you’ll always be working with different clients, which suggests you’ll probably never get bored.

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Beyond this, here are a couple of more reasons to think about this career.


There’s a Digital Skills Gap: There’s a growing demand for people with digital skills, particularly for those within the middle-income bracket, specifically soft skills, and consistent with this study, it’s most pronounced in the US. So, sticking with ongoing training during this area, albeit you’re not an entire tech geek, maybe a good thing to bank on into the foreseeable future.


Versatility: If you choose a career path or specialization in this field and you decide to pivot later, you’ll likely only need a little training in order to make the switch. In this sense, you’ll repose on existing skills while still learning new ones, but still, stay within the same field. There are many choices, here, and ongoing learning opportunities, where different skills fit together in several ways.


The Industry is Always Evolving: As the industry grows and changes, there’s always something new and interesting to learn, and you can follow along and learn, whether you’re taking the lead on these initiatives or not. Since there’ll be a spread of specialists working during a given agency, you’ll likely be working alongside professionals with a spread of backgrounds, with everyone having to return together to build marketing strategies.


Earnings: When a job is in demand, that means there’s more opportunity to negotiate remuneration whether you are working in-house or as a freelancer. So long as you “show” your run through the work search process, you’ll be ready to bid higher and better the more experience you get. According to the Creative Group, content writers early in their career will likely start at a salary of a minimum of $45, 000 and a replacement SEO specialist will probably be earning about $50,000 to start.


Be Creative: Not only are there many opportunities for creatives to try their thing in writing, design, and even video and audio production, there’s also much room for day-to-day creativity in a general sense. You’ll always be having to consider new ways to plug products, solve problems, and have interaction audiences.


Train at Your Own Paceyou’ll start performing on building this specific career now, from the comfort of your house, and roll in the hay your way. Take online courses, build a blog or an internet site, work on your own social media, get some volunteer or freelance work, and you’re on your thanks to building a solid portfolio from the comfort of your house.


Work with Different People Every Day: You’re always going to find something new to do in this field – and have someone new to talk to. Whether it’s a new client, a colleague with an interesting speciality, or finding fun ways to engage and expand your audience, anyone with an interest in working with people will do well in the social and business end of this career. And if you’re a little more on the introverted side, you can stay behind the scenes doing writing or web work.


What types of people excel in this field?


All sorts of people can follow a career that touches on marketing; it depends on what your interests are. Having an extremely technical background isn’t usually necessary, though if you do know a thing or two about web design or coding, you’re probably going to be ahead of the competition.


Because this is such a dynamic field that requires ongoing learning, you pretty much need to be a self-starter—that is, willing to teach yourself new skills and technology on an ongoing basis. To this end, you’ll need to be a creative problem-solver. If you are curious, innovative, proactive, natural leader, adaptable, creative, and have a good business sense; you’ll probably do well in most areas in this field.

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How do you get trained as a digital marketing professional?


If you already have a background in marketing management, copywriting, web development, or even design, you’ve already got plenty of transferable skills to go into digital marketing. You’ll probably want to get started on your own personal branding and build a portfolio in order to build your own unique digital presence.


It’s tough to stay on top of all of the latest trends, but getting a solid understanding of the basics of up and coming trends like AI and virtual reality in the context of how they’re being used for marketing is an excellent place to put your focus as well.


You should certainly make sure that your social media streams are consistent with your skills and aptitude–in other words, talk about what you are interested in and learn about publicly and as often as you can. Start a blog over at Medium and join some Facebook groups in your field of interest.


You’ll want to also look for a comprehensive, reputable training program to get official certification in one or more core areas. Once you’re officially certified, you’ll then have a leg-up amongst your peers when it comes to searching for fulfilling opportunities.


One such course that we have found out for you is the course by TBS Digital marketing institute. So in this review of the TBS Digital marketing institute, we will first lookup at the institute.



About The Brand Saloon Digital Marketing Institute


In this section of the review of the TBS digital marketing institute, we will look at the institute because the quality of the institute has some role in determining the quality of the course.


TBS is one of the top digital marketing institutions in India. The institute strives to provide you with a wide array of tailor-made digital marketing courses in Mumbai with branches at multiple locations.


They ensure that you acquire an industry-relevant skill-set, practical experience, and are up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. At TBS, we groom students with the latest tools and techniques and prepare them for the professional world.


They offer you in-depth knowledge & 100% practical training as TBS considers it a critical part of our curriculum, which in turn will help you gain a new perspective and sense of confidence.

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What else is so special about The Brand Saloon?


  • Our up-to-date comprehensive syllabus and relevant practical,thought-leading content (available on our own Digital Library) and Professional Development Process (PDP) program makes sure that our students get equipped with the latest digital marketing techniques.
  • As one of the best digital marketing institutes in Mumbai, TBS feels it is our responsibility to make our students interview-ready. Right from reviewing your resume to making you a master in the art of appearing for interviews through mock sessions, our experts take care of it all!
  • Looking for digital marketing courses in Mumbai with placement? Well, TBS is the right place. With over 100 companies to our aid, we help our students get placed in top-notch companies to help them kick start their careers with a bang!
  • With a team of digital marketing experts as faculty, TBS indubitably offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai. Learn from the best to pave your way in the world of digital.
  • There’s no better way of learning it than doing it. Gain significant hands-on experience with numerous live projects and case studies. Brush up your digital skills by enrolling yourself in the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai with TBS!
  • TBS is the only digital marketing institute in Mumbai, which is backed by years of Agency experience and has delivered results for the biggest of brands

About the Course


In this section of the review of The Brand Saloon, we will be looking at the course of digital marketing in detail.


The Brand Saloon  Digital marketing course is a Four-Month Certificate Course for Your Dream Career in Digital Marketing.


This is a four-month diploma program in Digital Marketing specifically designed by TBS’s industry expert faculty to focus on the changing trends and best practices in digital marketing. The course is structured to give you practical training on how to create novel digital marketing strategies and use them to gain a competitive advantage in your niche of the market. With GST Course fee is 40000.


Some other features that the institute and the course provides are:



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They also offer an advanced digital marketing course but that is only if you already know everything about digital marketing courses and are only looking for the enhancement of an already acquired skill in digital marketing.


So in this section of the review of the TBS digital marketing course, you might have known what is so special about the course of TBS that makes it the best among several other competitors institutes.


Anyways let us see how the institute has managed to satisfy its students so far in the next section of the Review on TBS’s digital marketing course to know about the real standards of the course and not just what is advertised.


User review


In this next section of the Review on The Brand Saloon digital marketing course, we are going to look at the Users’ opinions about the courses that TBS offers.


Manav Jhaveri who has just completed the course of digital marketing by TBS says that:


TBS has recruited excellent teaching faculties who gives the best practical training in digital marketing. They have helped me to gain massive knowledge and i highly recommended TBS institute to anyone who wants to start a career in Digital Marketing. Thankyou TBS team for everything.


Ashford who is also a recent Alumnus of the TBS institute that is being reviewed in its article says that:


I was looking out for an institute to learn digital marketing for quite sometime. A friend of mine told me about TBS and I opted for the Digital Marketing Certificate Program. The faculty is well versed and have a good understanding and know how about the modules. Its a complete practical course where one can actually learn hands on. I would recommend this institute for any aspirant looking to venture into the field digital marketing.


You could search anywhere and not find a single complaint about the approach or the course that TBS offers and that are exactly why TBS is called the best and most rated institute in recent times.

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The curriculum TBS follows gives you an in-depth understanding of several important online marketing tools like Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Analytics, Twitter Ads, Semrush, Moz, Google Ads, Ubersuggest, Google Trend among many others.

Since marketing has seen a shift from traditional to online, marketing professionals who have previously worked in the traditional marketing space will be able to gain insight on how to merge the two to make the best strategy that will derive traffic and turn leads into conversions.

Whether you are marketing personnel, a sales executive, a freelancer eager to learn the ropes of digital marketing, or an entrepreneur looking to expand your business on the online horizon, this course is ideally suited to you.

For a thorough comprehension of Digital Marketing modules, you need two things. Your zealousness and determination in learning the components that comprise the online marketing system and an institute that prioritizes students over everything else.

TBS being a globally eminent Digital education Institute puts its students above everything else giving them the meticulous attention to excel in their careers.



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That is what separates TBS from the rest of the institute’s and that is why I strongly recommend TBS for your Digital Marketing career.

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