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Top 8 Tally Courses After The 10th With Placements

If you are looking for Tally courses after the 10th or certifications in Tally to start earning then dig in. This article is for you. Tally is an Accounting Software that is making our lives much easier by helping us with business accounting in a precise and systematic way. To set your foot in the Accounting and Taxation Industry, knowledge of Tally is a must-have. Tally is needed by even a small business owner to an industrial giant. Thus, creating ample job opportunities every day.


List of best tally courses after the 10th


Table of content:

  1.  What is Tally exactly?
  2.  Why Do You Need A Tally Certification?
  3. Who Is Eligible For Tally Course?
  4. Which Mode Of Learning is Better? Online Or Offline
  5. Tally Course Syllabus
  6. List of Best Tally Courses After the 10th
  7.  Career Prospects After Tally
  8. What Salary You Can Expect
  9.  Frequently asked questions 


Before beginning with various courses and institution lists, let us have a clear and brief understanding of what Tally is, why we need it, and finally how we can learn it.


What Is Tally Exactly?


Introduction And History

The first point I would like to make clear is that Tally is not exactly a course name, it is software made for the ease of every business accounting needs. The tally stands for Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yards, developed by Goenkas in 1986. Shyam Sunder Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka incorporated a company in 1991, and later in 1999, renamed it as Tally Solutions.

Tally was developed to help all businesses with their day-to-day accounting needs. If you are even a little familiar with accounting, you must remember how in the old day’s book keeping was done using Bahi Khata and daily manual entries which was surely a tedious job. With the introduction of GST, tax compliance and filing returns became very much complicated for all business organizations. Tally is overcoming all these issues for us.


  • Both modes of courses are there, Offline and online
  • Both certifications and diploma courses are available.
  • If you are interested in doing Tally courses after the 10th, you can go for basic certification courses and start earning by working part-time.
  • Time duration varies based on the course that is being opted for, 3-4 months for certifications and 1-2 years for a diploma course.
  • With GST in practice, the role and use of tally have increased manifold.


Some more facilities by Tally:

  • Used for Inventory Management
  • Various GST Compliances
  • Filing of GST Returns
  • Generating E-way bills
  • E-invoicing and printing
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Day to Day monthly and yearly expenditures can be planned.


Tally is a user-friendly software, once you learn it, you can easily work on it flawlessly. Tally software is very secure which is clear by seeing how every business is using it. Currently, we are using the Tally Prime version by replacing it with Tally ERP 9.

Since 1990 from its first version Tally 3, Tally solutions is continuously improving and evolving continuously with new features, security, and other updates according to different financial policies and business needs for our best experience. Let us look at the various versions used:


Tally 3.01990
Tally 3.121991
Tally 41992
Tally 4.51994
Tally 5.41996
Tally 6.32001
Tally 7.22005
Tally 8.12006
Tally 92006
Tally ERP 92009
Tally Prime2020


Why Do You Need A Tally Certification?

Tally is being used in all accounting procedures, various banking, and other taxation compliances. It is even used by CAs and CS’s for different practices. In order to get a job or start your own business, Tally knowledge is a must which will help you speed up your work.


  • Certifications are a must if you are going for tally courses after the 10th with the purpose of getting some earning opportunities.
  • Tally certifications and diplomas are very important post-graduation if you are looking for a career boost when applying for accounting-related jobs.
  • Tally Certification and diploma make you efficient in skills required to work with any business organization.
  • More importantly with the growing number of job opportunities coming every day, it is best to keep yourself updated and be ready to grab any chance at your step.
  • There are organizations that pay you extra if you are holding different certifications, which also gives you an edge over other candidates applying for the same job.
  • If you want to build your career around Taxation and accounting, learning tally courses after the 10th or after 10+2 will anyhow be beneficial for your growth in this field.
  • A Tally can be used to easily enter all the employee details and get their salary sheet and attendance details ready.


Who Is Eligible For A Tally Course?

Tally provides a strong base for careers in accounting and finance. To Learn tally, some basic requirements you must possess:


  • You can go for Tally Courses After the 10th if you are a commerce student.
  • Generally, 10+2 completed students in any stream can enroll for the course.
  • At times commerce stream is preferred as tally requires basic accounting knowledge, though it can be learned by anyone with a few days of studies.
  • You can also go for a tally course after completing graduation to help you with accounting and finances related jobs.
  • Tally can be opted for by working professionals also in order to advance their skills.
  • Basic accounting and business management knowledge is required.
  • Knowledge of computer fundamentals is also needed.


Which Mode Of Learning is Better? Online Or Offline

This has been a never-ending debate by many, whether to go for online classes or offline classes. I would say this is a personal choice that you should make depending on your daily schedule, profession, timings, and location. If you are located in some remote area or a rural area, the Online Tally course will be good for you whereas if you are located in any urban area then offline classes might be suitable for you. Here I am listing some Pros and Cons of both online classes and offline classes to help you in choosing what is right for you.


Online Courses


  • No time-boundation, usually courses have fixed hours of study material uploaded say 20 hours, and within your course duration, you must complete it. You can study and learn according to your time.
  • Can complete as many or as less topics in one day depending on your understanding.
  • The same topic can be rewatched and learned again in case of any doubt.
  • Online classes save you traveling time and you can sit in your own comfort zone.



  • No or very less interaction with mentors.
  • You sit alone without any group and study which might be difficult for some as they may feel bored.
  • As the timings are flexible, some may lack seriousness and regularity.
  • Need to do a complete setup of all equipment if not already available. Like a computer / Laptop, webcam, speakers, and good internet connection.
  • The only focus is on courses and studies, with no outdoor visits or activities.


Offline Courses


  • Direct interaction with teachers is there so asking questions and solving doubts becomes easy.
  • Learning in a group makes it easier to learn.
  • No need to set up all the equipment, you just have to buy stationery.
  • Different batch timings are there to choose from.
  • Can take part in outdoor visits and in different activities held for students by some institutions.



  • Limited study time, as fixed hours are there.
  • In case you missed a class it gets very difficult to understand fully.
  • Only the set targeted topics for that day are taught.
  • Lots of traveling time are wasted if the class is not nearby.
  • We have to adjust our schedule according to class timings.


Now I hope it will be much easier for you to decide which one is for you after reading all the pluses and minuses of online vs offline classes. So next I am giving you details of the syllabus and various Institutions and colleges which you can consider for joining tally courses the after 10th.


Tally Course Syllabus

The Tally course mainly deals with GST, TDS, Inventory Management, and Accounting. These major topics are covered in every Tally course. Tally course comes in Modules, and topics covered in every module vary from institution to institution. Basic courses are available for a student who pursue Tally courses after the 10th, and for advanced courses minimum of 10+2 passes is required by institutions and colleges. The important topics covered in Tally courses are:


  • Accounting: Accounting is the core of Tally. It is a regular part of any business to maintain its daily entry. Tally software takes care of it all from Recording data to classifying it and makes it result-oriented.


  • Billing: There is no such business that does not require generating bills and invoices. Tally covers different kinds of invoices and lets the user generate the same and print it with ease.


  • Payroll: This feature of tally is mostly used by an organization with numerous employees. Tally helps in categorizing employees, generating their salaries, and even maintaining attendance.


  • Banking: Every business big or small is connected with banking. Tally allows you to calculate different tax liabilities in GST or TDS and then you can easily do your compliances.


  • Taxation: Tally helps you out in fulfilling different states as well as central tax liabilities like VAT, TDS, and GST. Tally software is mostly updated every time any changes are made in the taxation system so as to make the calculations and transactions hassle-free for its user.


  • Inventory: In Tally stock or inventory management is easily done. With its help of it, you can easily make decisions regarding procurements.


Supply chain management is an important aspect of any business, with proper inventory management businesses run smoothly.


List of Best Institutions Providing Tally Courses After The 10th

If you are interested in accounting and finance as a career choice for you, then you must start learning Tally Courses After the 10th and not wait. While choosing any Institution or college for the Tally course, there are a few things you must keep in mind or consider:

  • Placement Criteria or Job opportunities they are providing.
  • Who are the teachers, their qualifications and experience do matter?
  • If possible, interact with old students of that institute which you are choosing to know the actual truth.
  • The affiliation of an institute is what gives you credibility so do check that.
  • Finally, Certification is being provided.


Top Institutes To Learn Tally Online/ Offline Are:


1. Udemy

Udemy is an online educational service platform that is accessible globally. A wide range of courses is there from basic to advanced level. Udemy has experienced trainers to make a student fully versed in all practical and theoretical knowledge. Udemy has curated different tally courses very nicely, a beginner can go for individual tally courses or an advanced course having 1,2 courses combined like Tally ERP 9 + Tally Prime + GST 2022.


Fee starting from INR.499.00


The course can be enrolled by anyone with or without a commerce background. With these courses, 4 to 16 hours of recorded video (varies with course), Lifetime access to the full course, free articles, and a certificate are provided after course compilation.


You may also be interested in:



NIIT is a renowned training institute, that provides different undergraduate and graduate programs. NIIT offers Accounting with Tally ERP 9 course. It is a total of 36 hours of a classroom course. Study material and practical experience are provided. Basic knowledge of accounting is expected to have. Both graduates and school-going students can enroll in this course. This course is divided into 3 modules with a syllabus covering every aspect necessary for you to compile and manage any business.


3. Tally Academy

Tally Academy is a leading institute providing Tally Training Programmes and Tally Certifications. Tally Academy provides expert training for both beginners and professionals. They offer multiple courses with advanced syllabi. You can even buy Tally software from here.

Tally Academy is located at various locations all over India, you can search their directory and find the location of the center near you. They provide you with full practical knowledge, case studies and materials too.

Tests are also being conducted after every course and you will have to clear it with an average of 50% or more. After the compilation of the course certificates will be received.


Course Fee: Starting from INR 999.00 for some courses to INR 3600 and above for different modules and certifications.


4. Indian Institute Of Skill Development Training

IISDT was awarded one of the best Skill development training institutes in 2022. It provides different online courses including Tally. It is a government-recognized institute that provides you with certifications and diplomas. Other than online courses, it has various training centers spread all over India with its best professional trainers.

After enrolling for their tally courses after the 10th, you will receive all the study material and exam details. After completing the course, you will have to give the exam. Once done, certificates will be received accordingly. The course fee for tally is INR 2500, Qualification required is the 10th Pass.


5. CA Club India

CA Club provides some professional certification courses like GST, Tally, Stock Market, and Accounts. They provide a beginner’s level practical course to make you ready for the job. This Tally ERP 9 online course covers all fundamentals of accounting. It’s a 20 hours course with E- an book and E- certificate inclusive. The course fee is INR 1199 – 1699, with additional charges for material downloading and saving.


6. Skillshare

Skillshare offers many Tally courses for beginners to professionals at a reasonable fee. The good thing about these online educational platforms is that they offer some courses even in Hindi. The certificate is also provided.


7. Coursera:

Coursera is another online learning platform that provides many online courses to develop your skill including accounting courses by top universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of California, Irvine, etc.


Some of the Many courses are:

  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Reporting
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable Management
  • Basics of Statutory Compliance and Taxation


8. TEPL ( Tally Education)

Tally Educations is a company of Tally Solutions that gives you industry-specific Tally courses. They focus on giving certifications that will make you competent enough to work with any organization as you will be skilled and updated.

TELP even provides you with placement services. They have divided the course into different modules, and self-learning videos are provided to you after you enroll for a course. There are also a few courses in Hindi also.


Course fee ranges from INR 720 – INR 1500

Get full details from their official website.


Career Prospects After Tally

Tally is the most widely used software all over India, which is used by small firms to large business organizations. Once you have learned Tally software and are a certified tally learner, you can easily start working. There are numerous work opportunities. Some are direct Tally operators and accounting work whereas some other profiles require you to have a good knowledge of Tally along with other skills.


Let’s have a look at some job profiles you can get after doing the Tally certification or diploma:

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounting Associate
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Accounts Executive
  • Accounts Officer
  • Accounts Supervisor
  • Junior Accountant
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Tally Operator
  • Tally Accounts Manager
  • Tally Accounts Executive
  • Service Coordinate with Tally
  • Tally Junior Accountant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Investment Banker
  • Financial Tally Analyst


One thing that I would suggest is to start working on any of the posts and get your certification from a recognized institute. Also, there are many institutes that help you get a job and even give you recommendations.


What Salary You Can Expect

Salary will obviously be varying based on if you are a fresher, an undergraduate i.e Doing tally courses after the 10th, a  graduate, or a professional with Tally Certifications. For a fresher undergraduate 10k to 15k at most, for a graduate approx. Rs.20000 and mainly it depends on the business firm you are working with. Small firms usually do not spend much but if you look at big companies and MNCs you may get a good package. moreover, you can always bargain for more based on your certifications, degrees, and diplomas you are holding.


FAQs About Tally Courses After the 10th


Q1. Students from which stream can do a Tally Course?

Ans. Generally, 10+2 in commerce is the basic requirement but a student from any stream can learn the basics of accounting and go for tally courses and certification. Tally courses after the 10th are best for students in the commerce stream.


Q2. What is the duration of the tally course?

Ans. Usually, it takes 2-3 months for a basic Tally certification course and 1 year for a diploma but these may vary as per the institutions and courses that you are choosing.


Q3. How much does it cost for tally courses after the 10th?

Ans. Average Rs.4000-5000 for a basic course which goes up with more advanced courses plus fees varies with institutions.


Q4. Can I get a job after getting Tally Certification?

Ans. Yes, you can. If you are a school-going student or 12th-pass, you can work as a junior accountant or data entry operator in small and medium firms. And for a graduate with Tally certification, there are numerous opportunities with a good pay scale.



Tally is the most widely used software for every business, which can be learned and applied easily by looking at different job opportunities for Tally in India. Here I have tried to give you the maximum details needed for any student or professional interested in learning Tally.

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