Top 9 Practically Oriented SEO Courses in Vizag

Every day, millions of Internet consumers use search engines to find different types of content by using keywords. One of the most common ways to find content is on the web. Upon entering a keyword, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., begin listing websites that contain the information that consumers are seeking. For business owners and marketers, ranking high in search engine results is critical for driving traffic to their websites and increasing brand awareness. Here is where Search Engine Optimization steps in. It helps with optimizing the website to be visible on the top of major search engines. There are plenty of available SEO Courses in Vizag that will help you develop the necessary skills and tools required in this field.


List of best SEO courses in Vizag


What is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it refers to a process in which websites are optimized to rank higher in search engines so that users can find them when they look for information or products related to a certain business. Basically, SEO is the process of improving the search engine ranking of a website in the organic (usually known as ‘natural’) search results with the goal of converting visitors into clients.


It is very important for companies to have an online presence in order to grow their business and build brand awareness. A company’s digital presence also enables its customers to find them easily and discover more about what they have to offer. To bring visitors to their websites, business owners must take advantage of SEO methods.


The Most Important Types of SEO Are:


  • Technical SEO: The main objective is to make sure that search engines can crawl and index a website without any problems. Additionally, websites should be fast to load and designed SEO-friendly.
  • On-Page SEO: It is important to note that while search engines examine an entire website, ranking is done on a page-by-page basis. Optimizing page titles, headings, and page formatting are crucial SEO factors.
  • Off-Page SEO: It is also important to know about all techniques that help with promoting the website on the Internet.


You can find many SEO courses in Vizag that will help you understand and learn the above-mentioned SEO aspects.


Why is SEO Important?


Many brands and businesses need SEO to reach customers and understand what they want and need. Likewise, search engine optimization allows people to locate your website. The bigger your website’s visitor base, the better your chances of selling your products or services. Brand building is another benefit of SEO.


Having your site on the first page of the search results allows people to become familiar with your brand. Moreover, SEO is an affordable way to promote your business, whereas paid advertising requires constant funding. It goes without saying that people spend a lot of time online these days.


A business that provides valuable information online is more likely to attract customers than one that just sells products. Because of this, optimizing your website to be visible to your audience and supplying authentic content is essential for growing your business.


What Are The Top 9 SEO Courses in Vizag?


If you want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization as a career or you are interested to increase the visibility of your website on search engines, you may find one of the below selected SEO Courses in Vizag a good option to choose from.


1). IIM Skills


One of the best SEO courses in Vizag that you can sign up for is available at IIM Skills. This course consists of 4 weeks of training followed by a 8 weeks of internship. The program is online-based and uses the “learn from anywhere anytime” concept.


This course provides you with:

  • 16 hours of Live Lectures
  • Practical Assignments
  • Weekly Knowledge Assessments
  • Training with 2 Live Projects
  • Paid Internship with 100% Placement Support
  • Certificate of completion
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Lifetime support and post-training mentoring


By taking this SEO course, learners will achieve the following outcomes:

  • SEO Fundamentals including crawling, indexing, and ranking
  • Keyword research including types, density, and competition level
  • SEO-optimized content that leads to increasing traffic
  • On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO
  • SEO Tools
  • SEO Audit


This advanced online SEO Course will equip you with key SEO skills such as:


  • Research skills. Search engine optimization requires an in-depth study of the competition, as well as research of topics and keywords.
  • Analytical skills. It’s important for SEO experts to be able to identify and solve problems and measure success.
  • Technical skills. SEO specialists need to know about the important tools that are involved in the SEO process and how to use the SEO platforms.
  • Writing skills. An effective SEO-optimized content that online users want to read calls for solid writing skills.
  • Adaptability skills. For SEO professionals, it is important to keep up with changes in SEO algorithms and trends.


IIM Skills SEO Course is suitable for the following candidates:

  • Students
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Freelancers and Content Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs


Course prerequisites are not required, and all are welcome to enroll. Moreover, you will get access to all new updates through live and recorded lectures at no additional cost.


This course will cost you: Rs. 14.900



Other Professional Courses


2). DigiSnare


Among the leading SEO courses in Vizag, the SEO program at DigiSnare provides the finest training. The team members who conduct the course are highly qualified and passionate individuals with over 8 years of real-time experience and expertise in the latest technologies.


The main modules of this course are:


1. Introduction

  • SEO Factors
  • SEO Algorithms
  • Need of SEO
  • Protocols and Internet
  • Servers and Websites


2. SEO Tools

  • Google Keyword
  • Google Webmaster
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Keyword Position Checker
  • Domain Age Tools


3. SEO Reporting

  • SEO Report Creation
  • Excel Reporting
  • Securing Ranks


4. Off-Page

  • Submission to Search Engines
  • Backlink Building
  • Coding Standards
  • Video Optimization


5. On-Page

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Density
  • Webpage content
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Landing Page Optimization


Duration: 2 months.


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3). iClass Training Center


iClass Training Center offers yet another excellent training for SEO Courses in Vizag. This course is designed by SEO-certified professionals with more than 6 years of experience in the industry.


The program includes the following modules:


1. Basics of SEO

  • What is Search Engine Optimization
  • How SEO affects the business
  • Setting SEO expectations


2. Keywords

  • How to do a keyword research
  • Tools for analyzing keywords
  • Understanding keyword attributes and distribution


3. Technical SEO

  • How to use Google Webmaster Tools
  • How to use Bing Webmaster Tools
  • How search engines index content


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


4. Link Building Basics

  • Analyzing links
  • Why are links important
  • Building external and internal links
  • Creating link bait
  • Working with linking software


5. SEO Effectiveness

  • Measuring SEO effectiveness
  • Analyzing keywords and links
  • Analyzing the social media impact


6. Local Search

  • Optimizing your website for local search
  • The future of local search
  • Attracting more reviews for your business


7. International SEO

  • Optimizing technical content for international audiences
  • Building links for international audiences
  • Measuring international SEO campaigns


The duration of this SEO training is:

  • 4 Weeks for Regular Classes
  • 6 Weeks for Weekend Classes
  • 2 Weeks for Fast Track Classes


4). Digital Floats


Digital Floats is a Digital Marketing Academy that offers SEO theoretical and practical classes. Through Digital Floats, you will learn innovative and time-tested techniques that will enable you to achieve the necessary skills for becoming an SEO expert. There are regular classes and they can also be taken online.


Some of the topics that you will cover in this program are the following:


This SEO Course is open to:

  • Digital Marketing professionals
  • Content Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Mobile Application Developers


During this course, the faculties will provide you with real-time internships, and, in the end; you will receive a Certificate for SEO Course Training.


5). WiFi Vidya


WiFi Vidya Training Institute offers one of the best SEO Courses in Vizag. The course is designed for students and working professionals who want to improve their online marketing strategies.


This SEO course covers:


1. SEO Basics

  • What is Search Engine Optimization
  • How do search engines work
  • Google Algorithms
  • Types of search engines
  • What are keywords
  • Keywords density
  • What are backlinks


2. On-Page SEO

  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Title
  • Content Optimization
  • WordPress SEO
  • Internal Linking
  • Website Speed Test


3. Off-Page SEO

  • Press Release
  • Ping Submission
  • Forum Postings
  • Infographic Submission
  • Local SEO
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Social Bookmark Submission


Other topics that will be covered:

  • SEO Report Creation
  • SEO Review
  • SEO Interview Tips
  • Important SEO Tools
  • SEO Techniques


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6). Media3Training Institute


If you are looking for quality SEO Courses in Vizag, then you might want to check out the Media3 Institute. With their SEO course, you will be able to understand search engine query processing and all the techniques used by search engines.


The main topics you will cover in this course are:


1. On Page-Optimization

  • Heading Tags and their benefits
  • Keyword research and density
  • What is Alexa verification
  • URL Renaming
  • Duplicate content checking
  • SEO content writing
  • SEO tools and how to use them
  • Internal and external links
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Google webmaster tools
  • Google SEO guidelines
  • Creation of Favicons


2. Off-Page Optimization


The duration of this course is 12 weeks. It includes live projects and internships. Media3 Institute prides itself on motivated associates, value-based work ethics, experienced personnel (live tech leads), and state-of-the-art infrastructure.


7). Digital Skill Port


One more suitable choice among the SEO Courses in Vizag is the extensive SEO program offered by the Digital Skill Port Training Institute. The curriculum of this course is extensive and includes all important SEO topics such as:


1. SEO Basics

  • How search engines work
  • Introduction to crawlers
  • Introduction to clicks
  • What are search engine algorithms
  • What are landing pages
  • Introduction to bounce rate


2. Google Topics and Tools

  • Google Apps
  • Google Feed Burner
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics Tools
  • Google Hot Trends


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


3. Other Important SEO Topics

  • SEO project reporting
  • Introduction to cloaking
  • What is content spinning
  • What are inbound and outbound links
  • Link warning basics


4. Google Analytics

  • Google platform fundamentals
  • Page value calculation
  • What is Google Tag
  • How to set up social plugins
  • Google analytics


5. Local SEO Topics

  • Local search engine submissions
  • Google business center submission
  • Local listing


Digital Skill Port Institute offers both online and classroom classes. These SEO classes are supported by case studies and practical learning.


8). Udemy


Udemy is an open online course provider with various Search Engine Optimization Courses to choose from. It is a highly recommended platform for SEO courses that will help you develop the necessary skills that will be required in this field. Below are some of the most popular Search Engine Optimization courses on Udemy.


1. The Ultimate SEO Training 2022 + SEO for WordPress Websites


What you will learn:

  • How SEO works
  • How to structure and optimize websites
  • How to target the best keywords
  • How to build good quality SEO backlinks
  • How to find content ideas for blogs


This course is for:

  • Business Owners
  • SEO Beginners
  • Digital Online Marketers
  • Webmasters
  • Bloggers


This course includes:

  • 5 hours video
  • 27 articles and 17 downloadable resources
  • Lifetime access


2. Guide to Ranking Local Business Websites


What you will learn:

  • How to identify the best and most profitable keywords for local businesses
  • How to highly rank a local business website on Google
  • How to monitor your site and maintain current rankings
  • Researching the best keywords


This course is for:

  • Anyone interested in providing clients with local SEO services
  • Local business owners who wish to rank their website on the first page of Google


This course includes:

  • 6 hours video
  • 17 articles
  • Full-time access


3. SEO Training Master class: Beginner SEO to Advanced SEO


What you will learn:

  • How to create high-quality SEO strategies for your business
  • Understand how all search engines work
  • SEO keyword research
  • On-Page / Off-Page SEO strategies
  • Google search basics


This course is for:

  • Website owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs
  • Anyone interested in the latest Google trends
  • SEO freelancers


This course includes:

  • 5 hours video
  • 8 articles
  • Full-time access


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9). Coursera


You can also learn about search engine optimization by enrolling in the Coursera Specialization in SEO, which provides you with five courses in total. The online program can be completed in approximately five months and is offered by The University of California, Davis.


These courses will cover the following topics:


This SEO Specialization will teach you the following:

  • How to prepare a final report outlining your findings and recommendations for SEO and present them to your client
  • How to plan a solid strategy for achieving a productive and successful relationship with your clients
  • How to create relationships with influencers and collaborate with them, as well as analyzing data to determine what content gets shared the most


The goal of this SEO Specialization is to teach you how to optimize web content to rank high in search engines. While you’ll develop an understanding of Google search and other search engine algorithms, you’ll also gain practical, real-world skills that can be applied to career paths in digital marketing and online content development.


These skills include on-page and off-page optimization, optimizing for local and international audiences, conducting search-focused website audits, and integrating SEO into business strategies.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.      What does an SEO professional do?

SEO experts create and provide SEO strategies that enhance the ranking of websites on various search engines. The result is improved website visibility, which in turn leads to more sales for companies.


2.      What skills does an SEO specialist need?

The skillset of SEO experts is broad. Some of the top skills you will need in order to succeed in SEO are:

  • Writing Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Analytics Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Data Skills


3.      Do businesses need SEO?

Yes, they do. One of the reasons is that SEO is completely free. Basically, Search Engine Optimization helps businesses to increase traffic to their websites without having to pay for each click.


4.    What are the benefits of taking SEO courses in  Vizag?

Learning SEO in a structured format from SEO experts can be helpful if you’re a beginner or a professional looking to update your skills and knowledge in this fast-changing field.


5.   What is the prerequisite for the SEO courses in Vizag?

You may choose to take this course if you would like to start an online business, increase your revenue by better promoting your existing business, or simply learn new skills that are in demand. Also, bloggers and digital marketers find SEO courses extremely useful.




Over the last few years, Search Engine Optimization has become an increasingly important component of online marketing. In order for a website to grow successfully, SEO strategies must be incorporated. You will be able to understand the SEO process by enrolling in one of the SEO Courses in Vizag mentioned above. You’ll learn the most recent best practices that will quickly increase your website’s Google ranking. You will also gain a better understanding of how to identify the right keywords, linking tactics, and other SEO tools important for a web presence.


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  • My name is Abdul . I recently moved to Vizag and I am working in the digital marketing industry. I also do freelance writing on the side as well as I have a passion for writing and reading. I am very keen to learn about SEO. I have heard about it a lot from my colleagues and thought I should learn this skill and use ot for my blog ranking. As I was surfing through google for SEO courses in Vizag I came across your article which is very informative. I will be sure to enroll in the recent future. Thank you.

    • Hello, Abdul!
      Thank you for taking the time to read this article. SEO is an essential skill in the digital marketing field. I hope you will choose the right course when you browse through the course options I have selected.
      I wish you the best of luck in your career!

  • I am a student in a college in Vizag. I want to study this course to help my family in their business and grow the business with the help of digital marketing courses. I was searching through google to find digital marketing courses and found out about seo. So I researched a bit and found out how helpful it would be for a business like mine to grow digitally. I want to know more about this course from IIM Skills and seo courses in vizag as I want to know about every option available. I would join the course which is the best fit for me. Thank you.

    • That is an excellent move, Purvi! SEO is a powerful tool for today’s digital marketers. No matter which course you choose, I hope it will help you gain a solid foundation in SEO.
      Wishing you luck!

  • Hi. I am a food blogger. I have a pretty successful blog as I have written a lot of blogs. I started blogging long time back and found it easy at first. I think with time you have to change as well so I am willing to change my ways of blogging now. I am not well versed in the news seo techniques and want to learn about them. What are some of the best seo courses in vizag that I can learn. I have an active interest in learning new dvelpoments in online marketing and keep researching on them.

    • Hi Dhrishti!
      Thanks for reading this blog post. SEO is extremely important to marketers and bloggers. You create a more visible website when you optimize your blog posts so that people using search engines can find your product or service.
      Search engines utilize algorithms and a variety of ranking factors in order to rank websites. These SEO guidelines change all the time, hence its important to always keep yourself updated. All of the above mentioned courses provide insights into the latest SEO developments. The choice is yours 🙂
      Wishing you every success!

  • I’d like to take one of the institutes listed in your article. I had been looking for a course for months and was eager to start learning as soon as I found one. But I couldn’t find a course that worked with my schedule, so I kept looking. This course offered by your institute fits my schedule perfectly and gives me hope for the future in this industry. I want to become a certified SEO professional and work in that field. Please provide me with the details on SEO course in Vizag so that I can make an informed decision.

    • Hello Arnav!
      Since most of these courses are delivered online, they can fit into your working schedule. Depending on the price and curriculum they offer, you can choose what is most suitable for you. I recommend any of these courses that offer internships, as internships provide three key benefits: mentorship, experience, and developing a strong resume.
      I hope you make the right choice! 🙂

  • Despite Working as a content writer for more than a year, I had no idea about SEO and the prospects it provides. Kudos to you, you’ve simplified the SEO. Could you kindly inform me which of the establishments mentioned is the most well-known in the Vizag for SEO courses.


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