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Top 7 SEO Courses in Mumbai With Placements

Mumbai the financial capital of India has ample opportunities to earn money. You just need to have the required skillset. This article will cover one such skill set SEO. It will give you a bird’s eye view of SEO and where can you take SEO courses in Mumbai.


List of the top SEO courses in Mumbai


What Is SEO?


SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. It is a set of rules for optimizing your website so that it appears higher in organic search engine results. It is the process that needs to be followed to increase the visibility of a website and increase traffic.


SEO has two primary objectives. The first is to assist you in understanding what users are looking for online so that you can create high-quality content to meet their intent. The second goal is to help you build a website that search engines can rank.


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Following good SEO practices makes it easier for users to navigate making it user-friendly and faster.


The most important SEO tasks are as follows:

  • Identifying what users want in terms of your products and services
  • Creating content that will please users.
  • Use various SEO techniques, so that you can send the right signals to search engine crawlers and algorithms.
  • Because the entire process has a set of rules (or guidelines), stages, and controls, SEO can be thought of as a complete framework.


What Is The Significance Of SEO?


While paid advertising, social media, and other online platforms can drive traffic to websites, the vast majority of online traffic is driven by search engines.


Organic search results take up more digital clicks than paid advertisements, appear more trustworthy to savvy searchers, and receive far more clicks. For example, only 2.8 percent of people in the United States click on paid advertisements.


In a nutshell, SEO generates 20X more traffic than PPC on both mobile and desktop. SEO is also one of the few online marketing channels that can continue to pay off in the long run if done correctly. If you create quality content that deserves to rank for the right keywords, your traffic will grow over time, whereas advertising requires ongoing funding to send traffic to your site.


Search engines are becoming smarter, but they still require our assistance in providing better information to search engines so that your content is properly indexed and displayed in search results.


SEO is critical for business, whether you’re an in-house marketer, a consultant, or an executive. By optimizing your web pages to improve search rankings and drive relevant, organic traffic to your site, you can get your business noticed by the most important members of your audience.


When developing a rank-able website or content for your company, your SEO efforts must be on point. To gain visibility, you must understand how to optimize your content for search engines.


Effective SEO does not entail “gaming” Google or stuffing your content with irrelevant keywords. SEO necessitates understanding what your audience is looking for and creating content that meets those needs. When you understand their intent—what they’re looking for and where they’re looking for it—you can optimize your content for search engines by matching it to the language customers use when searching.


Consider the last time you searched for something on Google to get a sense of how SEO can help your business. How many pages of search results did you read? According to one study, the average click rate for the top search result on Google is 31.7 percent, and the top three search results on Google account for 75.1 percent of clicks. That doesn’t leave much traffic for pages with lower SERP rankings.


A well-planned SEO strategy will help your content rank and become more visible, allowing it to rise higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive more traffic.


Why More Businesses Are Looking For SEO Services?


The reason why most businesses are looking for SEO specialists are as follows


  • Organic traffic: Organic traffic is the greatest source of leads for any business. Every business is looking for leads to increase their sales and business. SEO done in the right way can do that.


  • Focus on one’s business: It’s possible that SEO isn’t one’s full-time job. If a business hires an SEO specialist, they will be able to focus on their own business. Allow specialist to do their work because they are experts in that field. The sales team can concentrate on dealing with the traffic and inquiries generated by your websites. Businesses can also concentrate on their work, which is delivering and meeting the needs of their customers. To save time, growing businesses frequently outsource their SEO work to an SEO expert.



  • Spend Less Money on Tools/Resources: For effective SEO, a variety of tools and resources are required. If you do not hire an SEO company, you will have to buy these SEO tools separately for each of your websites. These tools are already available to these SEO firms. They can use those for a variety of websites. Hiring a professional SEO company can help you save money.


  • Adhere to the Most Recent SEO Techniques: Google’s algorithm for ranking websites is constantly changing. Every time you are unable to learn a new technique. Be patient and hire an SEO company that uses cutting-edge SEO techniques. Allow experts to do the work for you once more. They are up to date on the most recent technological advancements. Allow them to put their skills to use for you.


  • Obtain Results Using Legal Methods: There are two ways to complete any task. The first is legal, while the second is not. Many agencies make enticing promises and deliver results by employing illegal, unethical “black hat” SEO tactics. While blackhat SEO techniques may produce temporary results, they may lead to your site being blacklisted by search engines. This would be a huge setback for your company. Professional SEO firms use legitimate SEO techniques.


  • SEO is a time-consuming process. Some illegal techniques can have a significant impact on your online presence. Professional SEO firms understand the most legal way to improve your website’s online presence. When you carefully select the right keywords to target, you can improve your online rankings. You can create a high-quality website and ensure that there are no broken links, as well as create a sitemap.


  • Obtain Results Using Legal Methods: There are two ways to complete any task. The first is legal, while the second is not. Keep clean code and promote a wide range of content types. When you’re in it for the long haul, inbound marketing works best. Establish long-term objectives for your SEO efforts.


SEO is playing an increasingly important role in business marketing.


As digital marketing has evolved, SEO has come to play an increasingly important role in the early stages of digital campaign planning. According to studies, businesses that use SEO as the foundation of their digital marketing efforts see a higher overall return on investment.  According to the Forrester TEI Report, SEO improved paid search strategy and created more effective pay-per-click campaigns by lowering cost per click-through improved page rank and quality scores.


If you don’t incorporate SEO into your strategy, your audience won’t be able to find the marketing content you create. When you use SEO data as a key factor in your marketing strategies, your website will rise in both keyword and SERP rankings, ensuring that your content reaches the right people.


SEO professionals are in high demand because most businesses require search optimization to compete in their respective niches. Most SEO professionals, in my experience, stay in marketing, leveraging their analytical skills and deep learning experience in digital marketing to carve out successful careers in the field.


We Have Seen Career Prospects As SEO Professionals. Let’s Look At Some Of The Best Institutes Offering SEO Courses In Mumbai.


#1 IIM Skills


When it comes to SEO courses in Mumbai, IIM Skills is one of the leading institutes which provides SEO training in Mumbai. They also provide tools valued at more than INR 20,000. They teach students how to conduct keyword research using Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Kwfinder, and Answerthepublic. For performance, Semrush, SERP Checker, Backlink Checker, and Ubersuggest are used.


They offer self-paced classes that are delivered promptly.  They guarantee you will receive 13 or more internationally recognized certifications as well as letters of recommendation. After registering for this course, students will have lifetime access to the LMS.


Their SEO course in Mumbai also offers career counseling as well as one-on-one mentorship. Placement assistance is also available on a one-on-one basis.


Highlights of IIM Skills

  • Digital marketing techniques, ideas, methods, and strategies at the beginner and intermediate levels
  • SEO techniques at the basic and advanced levels
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • Algorithm Updates
  • Getting Your Work Indexed
  • Crawling Prevention
  • Google Webmasters
  • Google Search Console.


SEO modules that they cover:

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Choosing niche
  • SEO tools
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Reporting in SEO
  • Career planning
  • Resume Preparation


Duration– 1-month course +1-month internship.

Fees: 14,900 + GST




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Phone: 9911839503

Email: [email protected]


#2 Operating Media:


This is one of the best institutes for SEO courses in Mumbai. Their SEO training programs are created by renowned SEO professionals who will teach you the most effective SEO techniques so that you can improve your website’s rankings, traffic, and sales performance. They offer high-quality SEO training in Mumbai delivered by dynamic and creative SEO experts.


The following are the best reasons to join here:

  • Trainers with extensive experience
  • Timings are adaptable.
  • Option for covering up missed lectures
  • 10 or more certifications
  • 100% job assistance with lifetime post-training support
  • Walking distance from the train station


Their centers are located in Andheri, Borivali, and Thane.


Fees: Rs 28,000 for the entire digital marketing course.


#3. MCTA (Marketing courses training academy)


MCTA has always been at the forefront of providing job-oriented SEO courses in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai when it comes to the best SEO course in Mumbai. The course curriculum includes hands-on training on all of the best practices in search engine optimization to assist you in evaluating your website and understanding top on-page and off-page techniques.


Their Advanced SEO Certification Program will teach you all of the essential methods and tools for getting your website to rank high in search engine results. The SEO course lays the groundwork for the study and application of Search Engine Optimization in the digital marketing industry. The SEO training in Mumbai covers the below-mentioned curriculum.


Core modules

  • Introduction to SEO Website Analysis is one of the core modules covered.
  • On-Page Optimization Off-Page Optimization SEO Strategies
  • Algorithms at Google
  • Hands-on Experience with the Best SEO Tools


What will they provide?

  • 12 hours of intense classroom training
  • Advanced SEO tool training Assignments
  • Google Analytics for Real-World
  • Learning Completion Certificate


#4. Coursera


It is a well-known online course provider and that offers one of the best SEO courses in Mumbai. Its Google SEO certification courses are among its most popular. They ensure that their students are not only knowledgeable about basic SEO strategies, but also job-ready.


They’ve divided the entire course module into sections and made the lessons available in the form of short films to help students understand the concepts more easily. They provide a variety of activities related to the topic to assess their learning process, and if necessary, they will provide additional assistance to students who are slow learners.


Their SEO training in Mumbai provides students with high-quality study materials and helps them learn and grow on their own. To assess their performance and knowledge, the mentors schedule a brief assessment in the middle of the teaching session. Although they offer free courses, you must pay to receive a certificate of completion.


Coursera’s Highlights

  • Algorithm of Search
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
  • Optimization
  • Mathematical Semantics
  • Marketing Keyword Research
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing on Social Media


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


#5. SEO Fundamentals Training |Semrush


Semrush is a well-known brand in the digital marketing industry. It does not only provide SEO courses in Mumbai but also anywhere in the world because it is an online course. They provide a variety of SEO courses. Greg Gifford’s SEO fundamentals course is one example.


 The following are the course materials for SEO training in Mumbai:

  • Module 1|Basics: This covers the fundamentals of search engines, related algorithms that assist these search engines in ranking websites, understanding the best-ranking order for a given website, and so on.


  • Module 2| Technical SEO: As the name suggests, it will cover more technical aspects of SEO, such as identifying and fixing website flaws, as well as constantly monitoring website performance.


  • Module 3| Links: In this module, you will learn everything there is to know about creating links with relevant websites. Know about which links will help or hurt you, and so on.


  • Module 4: On-page Optimization This will cover topics such as writing content for pages that adhere to SEO best practices and more.


  • Module 5|Mobile SEO: As more searches are conducted on mobile devices, having your work optimized for mobile searches is a critical skill to master.


  • Module 6|Additional SEO signal: This will discuss the next level of SEO work that will assist you in obtaining higher rankings for your well-performing website.


  • Module 7| International SEO: In this module, you will learn how to use SEO so that search engines can rank your article well with your target audience and country.


  • Module 8|Local SEO: This will teach you how to optimize your content or website so that it ranks highest in local searches.


Course Length: 4 hours, divided into 31 lessons.

Fees for the course: none.

The course format consists of videos and learning materials.

There are no course prerequisites.

Advantage: Greg Gifford, an industry expert, wrote the course. It is completely free. You can also obtain certification after passing the online exam. They have a series of SEO courses that you can take one after the other for free.

Professionals who want to brush up on their SEO skills and stay up to date on changing SEO best practices can opt for this course.


#6. Compufield


Compufield is one of Mumbai’s oldest and best computer institutes for SEO courses in Mumbai. It has a comprehensive course curriculum that covers SEO, social media marketing, and Google AdWords in depth. It also provides internship opportunities to all students to help them gain valuable hands-on experience.


The course curriculum will include:

  • SEO (On-page optimization)
  • SEO (OFF page optimization)
  • Amazon SEO
  • YouTube SEO


The following are the best reasons to join here:

  • Projects in progress, assignments, and detailed notes
  • Well-equipped training facilities
  • A large amount of experience in computer training Lodging facility
  • A wide range of IT and computer courses are available.


They are located in Kemps Corner, Bandra, Andheri, and Thane.

Fees: Rs. 25500


#7. Learning Catalyst


Learning Catalyst provides a one-stop shop for all aspects of digital marketing. It is one of the best SEO courses in Mumbai. Its digital marketing course covers SEO, SEM, social media, mobile, and email marketing, as well as other related topics. Instead of just lectures, their training is more interactive, with students assigned tasks. They also provide online SEO and digital marketing courses. They also provide training in web design and development, big data and cloud computing, and mobile app development.


The following are the best reasons to join here:

  • Mentoring one-on-one
  • Trainers with extensive experience
  • Learning that is interactive
  • Access to online course materials for the rest of your life
  • Full-service placement assistance


The course curriculum includes

  • SEO’s Origins and Evolution
  • SEO Fundamentals
  • Keyword Research & Target Audience
  • On-Page SEO Metrics with Google Analytics
  • Off-Page SEO
  • SEO Instruments
  • SEO Evaluation of a Website
  • For SEO Purposes, Advanced SEO Copywriting
  • What about SEO upkeep?
  • SEO Resources
  • SEO Careers


Their SEO course in Mumbai is located in Vile Parle, Vashi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad

 Fees: Rs 40,000 (plus taxes)


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  • What are the qualifications required for enrolling in SEO courses in Mumbai?

Most institutes require a minimum of a 10+2 diploma in any subject. A basic understanding of computer operation and internet use is also required for enrolling in any SEO courses in Mumbai.


  • How much do SEO and digital marketing courses cost in India?

SEO courses in India cost between Rs 10,000 and Rs 30,000. While the fees for digital marketing courses, which are more general, range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000 at various institutes. Online SEO and digital marketing courses are much less expensive, ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 10,000.


  • How much do SEO experts make?

Salary varies according to experience, city, corporation, and so on, just like in any other profession. However, the starting salary range is between 2 and 3 Lakhs P.A. If you open a practice, your earnings will be different. It will also differ depending on the clients you have and the brand you create. A freelancer catering to small shops will earn less than one catering to MNCs.


  • Is there a future for SEO experts?

Digital marketing is a growing field that will continue to be an important division for all businesses, regardless of size. SEO will be required as long as digital marketing exists.

Keep in mind that there is stiff competition in this field, but there are also plenty of opportunities. It is fair to say that it is a ‘low-cost, high-volume business, so opportunities exist; however, your ability to grow as a brand will take longer to establish.




It is a wise decision if you have decided to pursue a career in SEO. If you enjoy working digitally, SEO is a great job for you. You simply need to choose the best SEO courses in Mumbai to learn them properly and begin your career.

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