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9 Best SEO Course Specializations In India

Everyone who has the advantage of having the internet uses it to find out anything and everything. No one can survive without googling even the simplest of things. Currently, SEO is a demanding and evolving entity in the internet world. Digital Marketing has not only become an important part of the internet but it’s also quickly becoming a dominant player in the marketing sphere. Therefore, an SEO Course will help you gain skills so that you can understand the ins and outs of digital marketing.


List of the best SEO course


SEO is the practice of optimization in such a manner that it enhances the website’s traffic and ranking in a search engine. It is all dependent on a few keywords which are not only in demand but also related to the service or product of the website. SEO, when used properly, makes it so that a website’s rank is among the top results in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


If you know how to use SEO, then you will have an upper hand in controlling websites so that it increases ranking and traffic. We know technology is only going to improve and new ways of using the internet are being developed every day. Therefore, knowledge about the digital world and how it works is always helpful.


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Businesses have websites and they are currently warring against each other to rise at the top whenever someone searches for any information relevant to their service or product. When it comes to internet advertising, SEO is quickly becoming a prerequisite. It is acting as the driving force for businesses.


Therefore, there is an uprising demand for experts in the field who are experienced and informed with this type of marketing.


Why is SEO Important?


When it comes to writing for the internet, everyone must be aware of SEO as the number of websites and their respective businesses will keep growing.


To get traction and profit, the website has to come under the top 10 results on the search engine results page. To achieve this, companies entail organic methods of getting the desired rank. Therefore, SEO is important for businesses, blogs, service providers, etc.


Moreover, users mostly don’t go past page 1 or even past the first 5 websites. SEO enables the website to get a higher position and as a content writer, you must know the dos and don’ts that are vividly explained through SEO training.


An SEO Course will help you make the website more visible which makes more people click on your site. SEO also helps you enhance your article and make it user-friendly. Last but not the least, it helps in the growth of the website.


Some rules are established by search engines to deliver authentic websites quickly and efficiently. Taking up an SEO Course is an ideal way to know these rules if you are interested in the internet or the digital world.


9 Best SEO Course Specializations in India




IIM SKILLS is one of the top online training institutes that curates comprehensive curriculum for their premium and rewarding courses. Constantly updating the syllabus, and covering the latest trends in the field, IIM Skills offers an exhaustive SEO course.


The SEO training covers all aspects of SEO in a detailed manner. Moreover, they give lifetime access to their LMS, to which changes are made consistently. So, if you miss a class by chance, you can access the recordings there. Apart from having a flexible schedule, you will also receive feedback on your assignments.


Further, the course comes packed up with free tools worth 20K and an excellent faculty who are patient and highly responsive to students’ doubts. After you finish all the modules and assignments, you will be eligible for their 2-month paid SEO internship. This will give you the experiential learning to practice what you have learned throughout the course.



Duration: 1 month

Fees: INR 14,900




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2.      Simplilearn


This is one of the top 5 digital marketing courses in India that provides SEO training. Simplilearn is in alliance with Harvard Business Publishing for its content. Moreover, their certifications are backed up with Facebook Blueprint, Google, and OMCP (online marketing certified professional).


Their Digital Marketing or SEO Course covers 8 essential areas in Digital Marketing and makes students engage in live projects so that they can garner experience in the same.


What the SEO training entails:


  • SEO (Beginner and Advanced)
  • PPC (Beginner and Advanced)
  • Digital Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Strategies for the Digital World
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Capstone


The course also includes the following Electives the students can choose from:


  • Advanced Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing
  • Optimizing Website Conversion Rate
  • Case Studies for Digital Marketing by Harvard Business Publishing
  • Hubspot Email Marketing Certification Training


You will also get to work on real projects with the assistance of the tools at your disposal by the institute. Moreover, you get to participate in their Facebook Expert Sessions.


Some of the tools they provide:

  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SE Ranking
  • Google Trends


Their courses have great advisors from the digital marketing sphere which means the course is updated and market-ready. Apart from offering assistance regarding your resume, they also help monitor your career and give access to job portals.


As students, you will get 24/7 support during the learning process from your mentors and you will seek knowledge from people who are similarly inclined so that it becomes easier to solve doubts.


Duration: 6 months + 12-month access to the program.

Fee: 59999

*No Cost EMI starts at 4999


3.      Coursera


With over 100000 students in their bag, Coursera’s SEO Course has a 4.7 rating and is aligned with UC Davis, University of California.


The course includes theoretical knowledge behind the Google Search and Search Engine Algorithm. Students will learn various practical knowledge from doing a webpage analysis to creating a solid and influencer relationship with clients.


What the course entails:

  • SEO
  • Mathematical Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Algorithm
  • Social Media Marketing


Learn website content optimization to get the best ranking in search engines and acquire relevant skills that are used in the current digital marketing jobs to build a career in online content creation. Moreover, they will be teaching you both On-Page and Off-Page SEO, Optimizations for both International and Domestic Audiences, and how to link SEO with business strategies.


The specialization is broken down into different parts so you are free to choose whichever aspect you want to do:

  • Introduction to Google SEO
  • Google SEO Fundamentals
  • Website Optimization for Google Search
  • Social Tactics and Advanced Content for SEO Optimization
  • Google SEO Capstone Project


The courses are interconnected and become advanced as they progress so it is best to do this specialization in the order they have listed. You have to complete a live project to receive the certificate.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


Some features of the Course:

  • Flexible Scheduling as the course is online.
  • Appropriate for Beginners
  • Can share Certificates on any platform
  • Videos and Readings included
  • Quizzes and Assignments are graded and feedback is given


Additionally, they provide financial aid for people who are not able to afford it.


Duration: 5 months

Fee: Starting from Rs. 3686 per month.


4.     Udemy


With being one of the top online education institutes, Udemy is known to always remain updated with the times. The course centered around SEO is called SEO 2022: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites. With a 4.4 rating, this is one of the most affordable courses. Moreover, they also have regular discounts that you can keep an eye on.


They have a beginner’s guide that is very helpful for people who are just getting to know about SEO and Digital Marketing. Through this SEO Course, you will learn the how and the why. They will teach you to use long-tail keywords, how to get low competition and high traffic. Moreover, they will be teaching you expired SEO and Backlinks, how you can bring down the bounce rate and protect the website from negative SEO attacks.


Topics covered in this course:

  • Keyword Research
  • Technical SEO
  • Backlinks
  • UX SEO
  • Content SEO
  • WordPress Training


You are aided with 10 hours of pre-recorded videos and the instructors’ ability to respond to your doubts at “lightning speed”.  The videos become more engaging and learner-friendly as they are filled with graphics and animations. Spanning over 118 lectures, and the course is meticulously divided into 11 sections.


Who can do this course:

  • Webmasters
  • Bloggers
  • Businesspeople
  • SEO beginners
  • Experts
  • Website owners
  • Content creators
  • Anyone who wants to rank higher or improve website ranking
  • If you want SEO friendly WordPress sites


You will get a course completion certificate with an assurance of getting back your money within 30 days if you are not satisfied.


Duration: Self-Paced

Fee: Rs. 3499/-


5.     upGrad


Their SEO Course is more popularly known as the Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication. upGrad is one of the leading names in offering PG- type courses with an esteemed certificate from MICA and Facebook after course completion.


Topics covered in their course


  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Public Relations
  • SEO
  • SEM


Although they have an eligibility criterion of having a Bachelor’s Degree to avail the course, once you get in, you will be able to form connections with the MICA alumni network.


The instructors are either graduates in the field or are currently working in the field to provide you with in-depth knowledge. After the completion of the course, the certificate you will receive is shareable on both LinkedIn and Naukri. To further assist you with jobs, they also conduct mock interviews with hiring managers and give personal feedback on your resume.


Some salient features of the course:


  • More than 15 case studies
  • A video library with 80+ tools
  • No cost EMI option available
  • One-on-one feedback on assignments
  • Q and A platform available to clear doubts
  • One-on-one sessions with industry experts as part of their networking agenda
  • Live projects with Star Sports, Bajaj, and loreal Paris.


In addition to this, to make it easier for the students to achieve their goal, they have divided their outlook into three, all of which comprise of running campaigns and using SEO:


  • Executive track
  • Manager track
  • Leadership track


Duration: The duration of the course starts from 32 weeks which can increase as you add on other specializations.

Fee: Starting Fee is Rs. 1,05,045 (inclusive of taxes) and will increase as you add on more specializations.


6.     Digital Scholar


Digital Scholar is known for providing “agency-styled training” that exposes its students to work in the real world. Their Digital Marketing Course is driven by echoVME, a Facebook and Google partnered agency. Therefore, after completing their course, you will receive the certificate from both platforms.


Their goal is to make students ready for the industry. So, they guarantee placement assistance to their students as they are affiliated with more than 400 national and international companies. They also provide training so that you can clear the interviews.

Their course is divided into two:

  1. Learning Module:
  • 15 modules
  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing


  1. Specializations:
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • E-commerce Marketing

Although their SEO Course is based on theoretical knowledge, their classes are live and in case you missed any, you will have access to the recordings for 6 months. The study materials are included in the LMS for a lifetime.


Some of the tools they provide are:


  • YouTube Analytics
  • GoDaddy
  • Hostinger
  • Google Search Console
  • Mailchimp


Adding on to this, you will also get to work on live projects, case studies, and assignments given by the trainers after every module. An internship that goes hand in hand with the course is also guaranteed.


Duration: 3 months

Fee: INR 75,000 + Taxes


7.     HubSpot Academy


What’s special about HubSpot Academy is that they provide their training for free and all online. All you have to do is create a HubSpot Account which is not only free but also catered to your preferences and will recommend you courses according to the subjects you have chosen.


Their certificates are globally acknowledged, shareable and available in 5 languages.


The SEO training includes the following aspects which are accompanied by software tools and access to their education library:


  • of lessons: 6
  • Videos: 24
  • Quizzes: 5


Now, let’s take a look at their curriculum:


  • Basics of SEO
  • On-Page and Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Optimizing Websites
  • SEO Reporting


The SEO Course will mainly teach you how to research relevant keywords. You will learn how to measure and improve SEO for different websites and how to create backlinks that help increase their visibility whenever someone takes to searching the web.


People who can do this course:

  • Content Creators
  • Whoever interested in updating their skills in SEO
  • Digital Marketers


Duration: 2 hours and 21 minutes

Fee: Free


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


8.     Great Learning


Named as one of the top 10 schools for business by Outlook and Business World, Great Learning comprises more than 100 members as their faculty who are all experts in the management field.

They provide live and personal mentorship that takes place in small batches. They have an elaborate and extensive course that provides concrete groundwork in marketing. You will take up more than 15 live projects, with access to numerous tools like YouTube Ads, Mailchimp, Semrush, etc.


What you will learn:


  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing


Additional Features:


  • Workshops centred around building exceptional resumes
  • Mentorship for your career
  • Tailored jobs available for you
  • Certificate from Great Lakes Executive after completing the course


Duration: 6 months

Fees: Starting from Rs. 1,00,000 (GST not included)


9.     LinkedIn Learning


One of the biggest advantages of learning with LinkedIn is that the first month of the course is free of cost. The courses contain online videos that are taken by experts and you will have full access to the variety of courses they have to offer.


The instructors are both experts in their field and avid teachers. Once you complete the SEO Course, LinkedIn will give you a certificate of completion. The specializations are also accompanied by popular tools like Google Apps, Adobe, and LinkedIn.


The following courses are available with this specialization:


  • Writing Headlines
  • SEO Link Building
  • SEO Foundation
  • Advanced SEO
  • Improve SEO for websites and E-commerce Sites


You can also switch your learning from mobile to laptop or vice versa. With this course, you will become proficient in Keyword Research, On-Page Ranking, and Link Building.


After one month, you will be required to pay Rs. 1610 every month.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the full form of SEO? 


SEO, when expanded, is called Search Engine Optimization. As it suggests, it entails improving the website’s ranking in a search engine to provide better visibility of the website. One will learn how to search for relevant keywords and build links to enhance the website.


2. Do you need any qualifications for an SEO Course?


There is no special qualification or degree that you will need to take up a course in SEO. If you have the basics covered such as graduation or diploma after finishing your 10th and 12th, then you can enroll yourself into any of the SEO training institutes we have listed above.

3. Is it worth doing an SEO Course?


Yes! Doing this course is worth it because like we mentioned in the introduction, there is a rising demand for digital marketers and writers who know how to write SEO-friendly articles. Moreover, websites and businesses are currently on the lookout for people who are experts in this field to increase their visibility.

4. How much are SEO specialists paid?


Due to their high demand, SEO specialists can be paid from 4,50,000 to 11,00,000 per annum.



Becoming knowledgeable about SEO is important if you want a career in writing and digital marketing. This is the most organic way businesses and websites use to put themselves under the top 10 results. So, there is quite a demand for these courses and jobs. Before you embark on the SEO journey, it is better to read every information present in this article or go through the institute’s respective brochures. I hope this list made it easier for you to choose the best course.

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