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Top 5 SEO Course in Patna With 100% Practical Training

Perhaps you are a working professional who has heard from a friend that the internet has grown exponentially and that even teenagers are making large sums of money. Yes, not only do teenagers make money; people who understand how the internet works generate money. There are umpteen business opportunities on the internet to make money. Unfortunately, many people believe that only giant firms such as Amazon and Google can profit from the internet because they are the masters of the industry. One can also become successful by joining an SEO course in Patna.



SEO Training in Patna Advisor Uncle


All you need is certain expertise or idea to solve an issue, and voila, you’re ready to start your online business. For example, one of the founders of Red Bus missed a bus to his hometown during Diwali, which sparked the idea of launching the Red Bus. Red Bus is an online bus booking website.


Suppose you have a brick-and-mortar shop in a massive shopping mall. The shop owner has to do very good lighting to attract a customer. In addition, the products should be unique and have to provide value to their customers. Likewise, SEO is one of the factors that drive the customers to your website.


We have a lot of institutes that offer SEO training in Patna, let us see the popular SEO course in Patna in this article.

What is SEO?


The expansion of the acronym SEO is search engine optimization. People go to the internet to search for things in this contemporary world. There are umpteen search engines available. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go, and Baidu are just a few examples.


The search engine’s job is to display the results for the user looking for product reviews, purchase information, or other information about the product. Thousands of websites would record the information that the user is looking for. Suppose you curate your material on your website using an SEO strategy.


In that case, the search engine will place your site at the top of the results page, out of all the websites with relevant information. One can learn SEO techniques through joining SEO training in Patna.


Why should one learn SEO?


Many things influence the performance of a website. However, ignoring SEO on your website will cost you web traffic, lead generation, and other metrics. As a result, SEO is a valuable skill to learn. If you have a website, you should not disregard SEO.


Although ranking at the top of the search results takes time, investing in studying SEO and putting it into practice will be profitable. There will be no turning back for you once your website has acquired a particular level of reach with your target audience.


There are several sorts of SEO, each with its own set of features for improving your website’s performance. The various types are white hat SEO, black hat SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.


The most crucial skill you will naturally gain after understanding SEO is the ability to conduct research. However, there are research tools accessible on the market for SEO. Ahref, SEM Rush, Moz, and other well-known tools are only a few examples. Students can master these tools by joining the SEO training in Patna.


What are the benefits of SEO?


Acquisition of customers:

Customers are necessary for any firm to succeed. You can’t run a firm without clients, and it’s also tough to make money without them. Customers are the lifeblood and brain of any company. Yes, SEO assists in the generation of leads and the acquisition of customers.


Everyone is aware that following the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a growth in the stock market trading and work-at-home prospects. Consider the following scenario, you have a website dedicated to the stock market and offer stock market training classes.


The prospect is trading and investing in the stock market; when a prospect wants to develop abilities by taking courses, they search the internet for suitable stock market courses. In such a case, when you organize your content with an SEO strategy in mind and provide positive testimonials on your Course.


You’ll be in excellent shape. The search engine will place your website at the top of the results. It will be highly likely that the prospect will contact you to join the Course. SEO training in Patna teaches you how to acquire customers.

Organic Traffic:

If you master the skill of driving traffic to your website, it will take care of you for your lifetime. It is not easy to persuade someone to read your blog/content daily. There are two techniques to drive visitors to your website.


First, one can develop content for a website utilizing SEO; when a person searches in a search engine and clicks on your page, this is referred to as organic traffic. Second, inorganic traffic is generated when a person places an advertisement on social media or any other website to drive visitors to their website.


The cost of inorganic traffic will be higher, while organic traffic will be lower. Also, one of the factors that contribute to increased client conversion is traffic. The easiest way to drive traffic to a website is by joining SEO training in Patna.


SEO as a Career, Freelancing, and Business:


There is a huge opportunity if you have very good knowledge of SEO. Because the need for a website is a must for any business irrespective of its size, there will be no chance that you are not getting clients when you are freelancing. Also, you can create your websites, and if you can drive the quality traffic, you can sell the website later on for a good price.


SEO also throws a business opportunity. In the market, there are websites dedicated to flipping websites. Meaning, flipping websites are like a marketplace for selling and buying websites. If you own a website and want to sell it to someone, you have to register yourself as a seller and quote a price.


It is very difficult to explain all the business related to SEO. However, once you learn this skill, you will find ways to monetize. We believe in having a mentor to master and acquaint any skills. Hence, we will list the popular five institutes to study SEO course in Patna.


Top 5 Institutes For SEO Courses in Patna


1.      IIM Skills 


The very first institute that wins the race for SEO training in Patna is IIM skills. It offers an advanced SEO Course in Patna. Suppose you want to acquire theoretical knowledge on any subject. In that case, you can do that by purchasing many books and reading them day and night for the next two to three months. However, you will become an expert theoretically.


But, when someone approaches practical problems, you will be unable to solve the issue because of not having expertise in solving real-time problems. At the same time, what if one knows in terms of theoretically and practically.


Also, when you are offered with paid Internship, it will be a too good offer to reject to join the course. Through the course, one can acquire SEO knowledge theoretically, then go to practical assignments. Once you are done with both, you will be offered a two-month paid internship.


As a student, it will be very easy to market yourself when you are backed with your assignments, portfolio, and internship for a job and freelancing. Also, you can start your website while learning and get guidance from the faculty if you are struggling to rank the content in search engines.


After finishing the course, either you can join a job or become a freelancer. Also, you can start an agency that offers SEO services. You will be thrown with multiple opportunities to monetize your SEO skill. The only thing that needs from your end is the utmost discipline to do whatever is taught in the course.


The faculty who is conducting this course has thirteen years of industry experience. The curriculum is designed to understand the concepts very easily; as a student, one can leverage the faculty’s expertise by asking more doubts and reaching out to them while learning. The faculty’s experience gives the biggest edge to the students.


IIM skills also provide post-training support; students can reach out to the faculty when in doubt. It will be one of the biggest assets to the students.


Learning outcomes of the SEO course:

Below is the list of learning outcomes from IIM Skills:

  • SEO fundamentals
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-page and Technical SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor research
  • SEO Content
  • Link Building
  • SEO tools
  • SEO Audit
  • Client Onboarding
  • Embark on a Career



Modules That will be taught in IIM Skills:

Below is the list of modules taught in IIM skills in the SEO course


  • Module 1 – Introduction to SEO
    • Understand what is SEO
    • Types of SEO
    • Why care about SEO in Digital Marketing
    • Expectation from SEO
    • The tentative time requirement for SEO to show results
  • Module 2 – Setting up right Niche
    • Selection of right Niche
    • Micro & Competitive Niches
    • Understanding your website credibility
    • Understanding user interface
    • Understanding user experience
  • Module 3 – On-Page SEO
    • Keyword research
    • Types of keywords/keyword competition/keyword intent
    • Keyword density
    • Landing page content
    • Competition analysis to rank higher
    • SEO for local pages/international pages/domestic pages
    • What are permalinks and how to structure them?
    • Heading, Title structure, and content structure (H1, H2, H3, H4)
    • Focused keyword and Alt keyword
    • Indexing and No indexing
    • SEO for social sharing optimization
    • Meta description/tags /Categories
    • 301 Redirect/404 errors/Canonical URLs
  • Module 4 – Off-Page SEO:
    • Introduction to off-page SEO
    • What are backlinks & their types
    • Generating quality backlinks
    • Web 2.0 and 3.0 strategy
    • Content marketing strategy
  • Module 5 – Technical SEO:
    • HTTP vs. HTTPS servers
    • Content delivery network
    • XML sitemap
    • Speed optimization
    • Permalinks/Broken links
    • Internal and External Links
    • Title length/ Meta length
    • Structured Data
    • Schemas
  • Module 6 – Search Console
    • How to register to search console
    • Technical implementation of search console
    • Benefits and overview of search console
    • URL inspection
    • Search results
    • Discover your site performance
    • Site coverage
    • Sitemap
    • Submission od sitemap
    • Removals
  • Module 7 – Google Analytics
    • What is Google Analytics
    • How to register with google analytics
    • Dashboard introduction
    • Custom reports
    • Alerts
  • Module 8 – Reporting in SEO
    • Learn how to design an SEO report
    • Weekly progress report
    • Monthly reports
    • Structured used in Agencies
    • Freelance SEO reporting
  • Module 9 – Bonus
    • Career Planning
    • Interview Preparation
    • Resume Preparation
    • Best Practices
    • Introduction to a paid internship

The cost of the course is 14900.




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2.      Click by SEO


The second institute which offers SEO Couse in Patna is Click by SEO. This institute offers a multitude of courses in the field of digital marketing. SEO is one of them. The dream of the young Indian is always to get a job after education. Hence, education is at the forefront for Indians.


The internet penetration in the rural and countryside improved the quality of education in the recent past. Hence, most courses offer job assistance once you complete the training. Click by SEO offering a hundred percent job after completing the Course. Click by SEO course in Patna Course comes with a hundred percent job assistance.


Hence, the course curriculum is conceptualized to demonstrate the concepts in life, making students job-ready after the training. The institute provides in-person training. If you cannot attend in person, the institute delivers the courses in video format. It will be an advantage for those who want to learn SEO independently.


List of Modules taught in SEO Course:

Below is the list of modules taught in the SEO course.

  • Module 1 – ON Page SEO
    • Page titles
    • Meta Description
    • Meta tags
    • URL structure
    • Body tags
    • Keyword Density
    • Image optimization
    • Internal linking
    • Content Optimization
    • Webmaster Code
    • Google Analytics
    • Canonical tag
    • Sitemap.xml
    • Robots.txt
    • Keyword Analysis
  • Module 2 – OFF Page SEO
    • Profile Creation list
    • Social bookmark Submission
    • Classified submission
    • Blog post
    • Article Submission Sites
    • Business Listing sites list
    • Image Submission
    • Video
    • PPT submission list
    • Web 2.0
    • Press release submission sites
    • Directory Post
    • Question and Answering on various sites
    • Pinging
    • Tool Submission
    • Blog Directory


The course fee for in-person training is 9999/- INR. And, the course fee for delivering through video format is 2999/- INR.


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3.      IIDE


The third institute that one can enroll in for the SEO course in Patna is IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Education). After the pandemic, IIDE changes its strategy to deliver the courses online. The paramount reason to join this course is their faculty and delivery mode. The faculty has seventeen years of industry experience.


In addition, one can learn the Course from customized video lectures and online sessions. If you are not a technical person and want to sow the seed in SEO learning, this is the perfect Course.


Online SEO Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction
  • Keyword research: Integral part of On-Page SEO
  • On-page SEO tutorial
  • Google proofing your website
  • Off-page SEO tutorials
  • Google Search Console
  • Black hat Techniques


List of SEO Tools that you will master from this Course:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keywords everywhere
  • Ubersuggest
  • Rankmath
  • Yoast
  • Google Page speed
  • Google Mobile-friendly test
  • MOZ


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4.      Anexas


The fourth institute would be Anexes to join for SEO course in Patna. If you want a trainer to come to your home or place to teach, this would be the institute to approach for SEO course in Patna, but it comes with double the charge of the normal fees for the course.


Given the importance of online marketing and having a good presence in the internet world is what the companies are looking after in this age. Hence, there will be no shortage of job opportunities for the person who has good SEO knowledge. Certification will boost their chances in the market looking for SEO experts. So it is worthwhile to join Anexas.


List of modules that will be taught in this Course

  • Module 1 – Understanding Search engines
  • Module 2 – Overview of SEO
  • Module 3 – Website Structuring
  • Module 4 – SEO friendly
  • Module 5 – Keyword research
  • Module 6 – On-Page Optimization
  • Module 7 – Off-page Optimization
  • Module 8 – Social media marketing
  • Module 9 – Major SEO tools
  • Module 10 – Latest google algorithms of SEO


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


5.      Udemy


The fifth institute that offers an SEO course in Patna is Udemy, though its presence is only online. If you want to learn SEO independently and do not need any help from mentors, then this course is the correct fit.


This course has been rated 4.4 so far. Once you purchase the course, the access to the course is lifetime, and you will receive any update to the course. The student will receive the certification after the completion of the course.


Below is the list of course content:

  • Introduction
  • Competitor Analysis and keyword research
  • Optimizing your content – On-Page SEO
  • Improve Technical SEO
  • Core web vitals as per Google Guidelines
  • Get indexed by search engines faster
  • Demystifying Backlinks SEO
  • Improve your websites user experience
  • Protect against Negative SEO


Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. Is it possible to change from my current career to a full-time SEO job?

Yes, one can change from the current career to a full-time SEO-based job. But, if you hold certification and internship, it will be much easier. The companies look after how much you are interested in SEO.


  1. I have never worked in the website or internet-related work so far. Can I master SEO?

Yes, one can learn SEO without knowing the technical side because while learning SEO, you will learn technology alongside. I have seen people not from the technology background become SEO analysts.


  1. What will be the salary for the SEO-related job?

The salary varies based on experience. And, the salary ranges from 2 lakhs per annum to 18 lakhs per annum.




We have seen the popular SEO course in Patna so far. Please keep this in mind. After writing SEO-based articles on your website, please do not assume that they will appear on the first page of the search engine on the next day. It takes some time to appear on the first page. So do not fall for false promises. SEO is a long-term journey. Initially, it will not pay off, but you will see a huge difference in traffic, client conversion, etc. To not fall under the false traps, better to go with the right trainers and institutes to learn SEO because every penny saved is earned.

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