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Top 8 SEO Course in Noida With Practical Training

Are you a marketing professional, business owner, content writing freelancer who is wondering why your website is not experiencing the true traffic it deserves? Understand more about the ways in which search engines work by knowing the best SEO course in Noida or SEO training in Noida. SEO is not just merely about search engines, but also about good SEO practices, which help in improving the user experience, keyword researching, link building, etc ultimately increasing your domain authority and website trust. SEO is still considered one of the best digital marketing strategies when it comes to website building.


List of the best options for SEO course in Noida


In this digital era, where every small business or service is meant to be on google or any other browser for advertising to gather the traffic, without which success is a daunting challenge, the discussion wouldn’t be complete without the context of SEO in the discussion.


What is SEO Training?


SEO course essentially teaches you about how to create SEO-friendly content, how to rank higher in google, helps in reaching your target audience effectively, helps in analyzing your webpage in a competitive and comprehensive manner. This specialization helps in learning the algorithm that works behind google search and other search engines.


This training also helps in building real-world skills which will boost your career as an online web content developer or as a digital marketer by aligning SEO with your overall business strategies and on-page & off-page optimization by targeting audiences all over the world.


There are countless options for an SEO course in Noida that are available, some of which are really helpful, this article helps you in finding the right SEO course which will ignite your career.


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Career and Importance of SEO training in building a strong career:


As Bill gates rightly pointed out at a private dinner, “ the future of search will be verbs”, by which he doesn’t mean the words that are generally typed in search boxes, instead, he means why people search. According to a survey, at least 340 million population uses search engines to find the right products or services to satisfy their needs.


So, improving this essential parameter of your business will guarantee success and increase the popularity of your website. It is no surprise to anyone that almost all websites and organizations which deliver services and products aim for good ranking and to drive tons of traffic.


Therefore, there is an abundance of scope and development in your career after doing SEO courses. It will add greater importance to your CV and to your job profile. Moreover, training in SEO from experts will help in saving lots of time and helps in avoiding the mistakes that every non-SEO trainers and beginners tend to do usually.


What exactly is taught in the SEO course:


This is the most asked question as far as this course is concerned. The below topics are generally taught during the training:


  1. Before working on any content, keyword research is really important, and choosing the right keyword will increase the chance of ranking your website and content.
  2. Website optimization is the process of using advanced tools and strategies which increases Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to generate more leads
  3. Link building helps in building business by adding their sites as a reference to increase their site authority and traffic.
  4. Strategies to create content
  5. Technical problem-solving ability
  6. Insights on ways in which data is being driven
  7. Understanding different personas and what exactly the market is demanding


The job role of SEO analyst and experts:


Roles and responsibilities of SEO analyst include the following:


  • Performing on-site and off-site research for market and business competition
  • Conducting a keyword research for better optimization of content
  • Using advanced tools and google analytics regularly to track the performance and output
  • Aiding and assisting in creating high-quality SEO content
  • He/ she is responsible to work closely with the marketing department to achieve the goals and aims of SEO by means of ROI (Return Of Investments)
  • Ensuring and maintenance of the website to promote user-friendliness
  • Taking constant feedback and learning the mechanism to work of wrong or unpleasant SEO practices


SEO expert and analyst requirements:


Nowadays almost all e-commerce sites have a team of SEO executives in their digital marketing department for the overall well-being of the website. The following skills are required for SEO executives and analysts:


  • A degree in marketing or related
  • Experience in SEO and required tools
  • Extensive knowledge in Google analytics
  • Understanding of web designing and proper structuring of sites
  • Knowledge about backlink analysis
  • Need to have strong copywriting skills, coding techniques, and a constant passion for the industry to be a successful SEO expert


Salary of SEO analyst:


According to payscale results, the national average salary of an SEO analyst is 2,32,500/- per year, whereas an SEO analyst with five to eight years can earn around 3.5 – 6.6 lac per year. The salary of an SEO analyst varies from place to place and based on the skills one pursues.


If you are a digital marketer who is doing an SEO course, then this course will add greater value to your CV and will definitely result in the increment of your current salary.


Top 5 reasons to do an SEO course:


The reasons can be many, but here are the popular ones:

  1. Drives and increases  more traffic for your website
  2. Promotes user-friendliness to your site
  3. Helps in expanding your business by adding the right backlinks to your content
  4. Targets the right audience for your website
  5. Increases the chance of ranking of your website by search engines.


Popular SEO jobs in India:


  1. Digital Marketing Specialist
  2. Social Media Manager
  3. SEO Analyst
  4. Market Research Analyst
  5. Internet Marketing Manager
  6. E-Marketing Manager


Below are the best institutes and major online performing institutes that provide SEO training in Noida.


1. SEO course in Noida by IIM Skills


IIM SKILLS is one of India’s most renowned institutions that offer Advanced Search Engine Optimization training, with 25000+ happy students since 2015. IIM Skills will help you in mastering all the SEO best-proven practices from experts and holds the top position as far as SEO training in Noida is concerned.


Advanced SEO Course of IIM Skills is recognized by the MSME Government Of India, helps you in launching your own SEO agency, teaches how to rank your website on google, lifetime support, interview support, and provides letter recommendations.


They include 4 weeks of SEO training, 8 weeks of a paid internship, 16 hours of live lectures, hands-on training on two live projects, free tools worth 20k, master certification upon the completion of the course, etc.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


The course curriculum includes:


  • Introduction to SEO includes crawling, indexing, and ranking.
  • How to set up the right niche
  • What is On-page Search Engine Optimization by learning how to design, structure, and optimize your website,
  • What is Off-page Search Engine Optimization by mastering over 200+ SEO factors?
  • Technical Search Engine Optimization
  • Search console by learning in-depth about the importance of keyword researching, etc
  • How to use Google Analytics effectively by evolving through frequently changing parameters in SEO
  • Reporting in Search Engine Optimization
  • A bonus module



Other courses available on IIM SKILLS:


2. SEO Course in Noida by APTRON:


With the motive “learning by doing” Aptron stands at the top as far SEO course in Noida is concerned. It has faculty who have 7+ years of experience in the industry to provide hands-on training to the students. The infrastructure at Aptron has world-class lab facilities to assist the students 24*7.


The dedicated placement cell at the institute helps in placing students at top MNCs like HCL, Google, Amazon, etc. The course is very much flexible, they provide daytime batches, evening batches, weekend batches, and fast track batches. Overall the course structure helps in upskilling the knowledge of students.


The course structure includes:


  • An overview of Search Engine Optimization
  • Keywords to help in building the foundation of SEO
  • Content Optimization to understand the ways in which web pages work
  • Technical SEO
  • How to plan long term content
  • Basics to build the links
  • Understanding the link games
  • Measuring the performance of SEO
  • Local and International search


3. SEO Course in Noida by Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE):


Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) is one of the most successful digital marketing institutions that offers  SEO training in Noida providing online, offline, and customized mediums to students for around 10 years in Noida and all across India. At the end of the course, the student will be offered a completion certificate that helps in ranking your website high on Google.


The course has 6+ hours of live lectures, provides 9+ SEO tools, access to video lectures up to 30 days, dedicated Q & A session to solve doubts. IIDE students are mostly placed in companies such as Zomato, Forbes, one+, Amazon, Johnson Johnson, Publicis Media, etc.


The course structure includes:


  • Provides the basic work for SEO online training
  • Introduction to keyword research
  • Introduction to on-page SEO tutorial
  • Techniques of Google-proofing for your website
  • Blackhat techniques
  • How to build off-page SEO tutorials


4. SEO course in Noida by Digital Edge Institute:


Established in 2013, Digital Edge Institute Noida has trained 5000+ students so far all across the country. This course is ideal for all students, working professionals, job seekers, and start-ups, and the institution is highly for its flexible timings. The curriculum is built in such a way to prepare students as internet leaders not merely as a follower of universal touch.


Furthermore, they guarantee 100% placement after the completion of the course for which Digital Edge Institute ranks top as far as SEO training in Noida is concerned. The institution helps in connecting with Google certified trainers who will guide the students and motivate them to work harder to achieve their goals.


The course structure includes:


  • Introduction to understand how SEO works
  • Understanding the google trends
  • Insights on keyword research
  • Case study about the Black- hat SEO
  • Case study about the White- hat SEO
  • Case study about the Grey- hat SEO


5. SEO Course in Noida by Simplilearn:


Simplilearn offers an online boot camp, self-paced learning, and corporate training with 24*7 online support. The course especially combines data, content marketing, and increases proficiency in HTML. The course offers 360 degrees of a keen understanding of the website, teaches advanced Google tools like the console to understand keywords trends better.


The course is taught by industry experts who help in nurturing the students based on the market needs. The course includes industry projects which include extensive keyword research and analysis, SEO structure planning, overall information hierarchy, website documentation by using SWOT analysis, etc.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


The course curriculum includes:


  • SEO introduction
  • Search engines working mechanism
  • All the types of SEO
  • On-page and Off-page optimization
  • Designing and structuring the website
  • Local and international search
  • Competitive intelligence and Keyword research


6. Top SEO Course in Noida by Digital Vidya:


In 2009, Digital Vidya started offering seminars all across as a trial period, after the grand success of seminars, Digital Vidya established a full-fledged digital marketing course in Noida in 2013. Digital Vidya has collaborated with prestigious firms such as Linkedin, Google, Microsoft because of their excellence in recent years.


The fast track course is a total four months course and they also provide a regular course which is of five months. The course is led by live instructors, provides lifetime access to the classes, internship based on research, hands-on training, and assignments, constant support, discussion forums, etc.


The course curriculum includes:


  • Basics and introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduction to keyword research
  • How to build links
  • Analysis of On-page and Off-page optimization
  • Career in SEO
  • Analysis and tracking of SEO performance
  • Basics about the working mechanism of Google
  • Updates of algorithm
  • About success factors of SEO
  • Auditing and tracking of SEO


7. Top SEO course in Noida by Coursera:


Today Coursera is one of the famous and renowned online education providing platforms, which offers courses such as Entrepreneurship, Product Management, Digital marketing, data-driven management, data analytics, etc. SEO course by Coursera provides a shareable certificate after the completion of the course. This course overall masters up your skills of marketing to drive more traffic to your website.


Its flexible nature, allows you to pause the course whenever you wish to and is ideal for the students, working professionals, and businessmen.


The course curriculum includes:


  • Building real-world skills that are required for the digital marketer
  • A basic introduction to SEO and how it works
  • How to target a local and international audience
  • How to conduct SEO audits regularly
  • Aligning SEO strategies with your overall business goals
  • Provides hands-on capstone project to uplift your skills


8. Top SEO course in Noida by Linkedin:


Launched in 2003, with the motive to provide professional networking, aiding the job seekers, Linkedin helps in finding the job by uploading CVs and resumes. There are many types and levels of SEO courses available for beginners to professionals. Linkedin focuses on fundamentals, helps in designing effective strategies for your business.


Linkedin also provides a one-month free trial and financial aid to the applicants for those who are in need. Upon the completion of the course, you will be provided with a certificate to showcase on your Linkedin profile.


The course curriculum includes:


  • Foundations of SEO
  • How to SEO links
  • Effective keyword strategy for the content of your website
  • How to increase the quality and size of the video audience by using proper marketing strategies
  • How to optimize your content to various countries and languages
  • Technical SEO offers speed, testing, crawling of the website, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Who is eligible for an SEO course in Noida?

There is no such pre-requisite to do an SEO course, candidates who wish to make their career in the digital industry, marketing professionals, content writers, bloggers, affiliate marketers will benefit from this course. You need a basic understanding of google analytics, some tools, etc.


2. Does one need to know coding to learn SEO?

It is common and everyone believed that to be a successful SEO expert, one needs to know how to code. It can be a cherry on the top of the cake if you know to code, but coding has nothing to do with SEO. You can be an SEO expert even without having tech-savvy background.


3. Is SEO good for advertising or marketing?

If your motive is advertising and marketing, then ‘yes’ SEO is the right course for you because it is data-driven, increases the chances of the appearance of your website to your target audience, ultimately drives traffic, promotes your brand by engaging the customers.



To conclude, with the growth of end-less technology which is evolving constantly with human needs, the ways in which search engines operate varies constantly with what audiences search on engines. To master it and to get a good command over it, one needs guidance and training. Therefore finding the right SEO course in Noida which has greater demand in today’s market will help you in improving your marketing skills, introduces you to all the necessary basic and advanced tools, track and audits your website performance, increase traffic to the website, improve user-friendliness, and promotes brand image. Hope this blog served your purpose.

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