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Top 3 SEO Courses in Kolkata with Placements

With the available varieties of SEO courses in Kolkata, it does get difficult to find the best one suitable for one’s specific needs. The desperate attempt to comprehend the courses is quite arduous and leaves you all perplexed. In the ever-changing world, where going digital is the first step of any initiative, the second is the SEO because, without the content reach, it would be lying useless in some corner of the internet.


Best SEO course in Kolkata


An SEO course has multiple branches to trace before you can land on any one of those. So, before we are through with any SEO course in Kolkata, there are aspects of SEO which one should be familiar with to make the right choice down the road.


Hereafter, this article discusses SEO in-depth and ultimately expounds on the best SEO course in Kolkata.


What Are Search Engines?


Instead of dealing with the old boring definition of search engines, let’s just understand that Google is a search engine, and similarly, there are other search engines as well like Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and YouTube.

But the main question is how these search engines work. These search engines index all web pages related to the keyword searched in the search bar and present you with millions of searches and several search engine result pages (SERPs).

Though the general hysterical belief is if something doesn’t exist on the first SERP, it doesn’t exist in the world. Only 25% of people have ever gone for the other pages on the SERP. The rest trusts the search engines to deliver relevant and high-quality results.


What Is SEO?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the good amalgamation of skills and techniques which is applied on the digital content for the search engines to find the web page. Search engines have various parameters based on which they scan the websites and their content, and present you with only authentic and the most relevant results.


Though SEO is not more than two decades old, but it has become the very basis of digital marketing. Moreover, every search engine would not show the same result for the same keyword as search engines read SEO differently and that is why SEO becomes more essential to learn.


Why Optimize The Content?


So let’s assume, you post a blog on your website about ‘How to Make Cotton Candy at Home?’ and when I search for the same, your blog appears on the fifth or maybe the third page of the search engine. And as we know, not a lot many people are interested in exploring web links after the very first SERP itself.


So, optimizing your content for such an online search that it reaches the audience is Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps the websites rank higher on SERPs and thus provides better visibility of the content, leading to more visits to the page and growing the number of readers.


So, the better the SEO, the better the rank and visibility.


Because what’s the use of the content if it is lost in the galaxy of billions of web pages and people don’t know about it. Right?


Why Is SEO Important For Business?


All businesses work on advertising their services or products. Digital marketing is also a part of it, but SEO and digital marketing go hand in hand. Businesses are afraid to take SEO into their own hands and continue to hand over their advertising to digital marketers. But businesses can reap several benefits from SEO training.


 Organic Growth

So, first thing first, a business would thrive only when it reaches more of the audience in how it won’t hurt the business advertising budgets.

A business can advertise on the search engines but why pay when a site can rank higher with the right SEO techniques. So, SEO helps a business grow organically.



Increases Traffic

SEO techniques tell the search engines that the content is relevant to the search query. This way, a business website appears on SERPs and that increases traffic to the website.


User Experience

If the right content reaches the right audience, then a visitor of the website is likely to stay on it for a longer period. This is a good sign for the search engines as it reduces the bounce rate of the website and develops authority over the relevance of the content.

This helps a business in making its space on the first SERP and also it helps in developing brand loyalty.


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Right Audience

When a business tries to attract the audience through different mediums of advertisement like newspapers, billboards, pamphlets, or maybe emails, there is no guarantee that the advertisement has reached the targeted audience.

SEO responds to the keyword searched on search engines and thus provides direct visibility to the customers already in want of the product or service provided by the business.



It goes without saying that SEO, after providing so much of the visibility, traffic, and growth to the business, gives a great return on investment since the business listing that appears on the first SERP is likely to get one-third of the search traffic.


Global And Local Reach

Whether it’s a local business or a business providing services internationally, each has to take its place on the internet. Especially local businesses, as around 46% of searches online are local.

So, marketing with purpose becomes easier with SEO while specifically focusing on either local or global reach.


SEO And Digital Marketing


Isn’t marketing all about reaching a wide audience for the better share of the targeted audience and also, developing the strong and authentic presence of the business in the market?


The main role of SEO revolves around marketing. If anyone is trying to apply SEO to their content, they aim to make their content visible to more people every time the relevant keywords are searched on search engines.


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Different Types Of SEO 


On-Page SEO – It is about optimizing the website’s content in terms of the keywords used, images, headings and titles, meta description, and more.


Off-Page SEO – As the term suggests, this SEO is concerned about the activities taking place outside the webpage as in building links back to the website from another website.


Technical SEO – It is not about the content but rather the website’s performance so that it can add to a better user experience. Technical SEO changes from time to time so due to updated techniques, a website requires consistent alteration. 


Local SEO – Local SEO focuses on driving traffic from the local area, town, or city. It takes slightly different techniques to apply local SEO.


And many more ways have been developed for optimizing a website. There is a lot to learn when it comes to SEO training. And doing SEO training in Kolkata is effectively fruitful with many new job opportunities opening every day.


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Job Market In SEO


The digital industry is growing rapidly at the CAGR rate of 19.1 % and so is the demand for SEO experts. Even in Pandemic, the number of new SEO jobs did not seem to fall but rather was on the rise.

Every business needs to create its online presence and SEO experts are consulted for the same. There are various ways to monetize SEO skills and several career paths to take.

Becoming an entrepreneur is first on the list. Owning a business is itself not easy and then spending too much on marketing in advance feels like too much of a risk. SEO is the best practice for the organic growth of the business.

There are various jobs such as SEO consultant, SEO expert, SEO manager, content marketer, marketing analyst, digital marketer, and search engine marketer. Each role requires SEO skills, some may require advanced qualification but expertise in SEO is the primary demand of the job.


Why Should I Take Seo Training?


SEO training doesn’t just include a set of techniques to be followed for content optimization but also prevents you from applying forbidden techniques which can result in website penalization by the search engines.

Every technique, every tool for SEO works differently and there are dos and don’ts everywhere. SEO training in Kolkata paves a safer way to apply SEO by following do’s and avoiding don’ts.

Hands-on practice is always a must when it comes to learning a new skill. SEO training in Kolkata will set you up for a good experience and prepare you for real SEO work.


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 SEO Course In Kolkata | Top 3 Courses


  1. IIM Skills


An institute with its strong presence since 2015, has been imparting the best in the industry practices. IIM skills have trained more than 15000 students and professionals across 35 countries on the globe.

IIM has been able to make its name due to the quality that it provides. All certification courses at IIM Skills are globally recognized and with its dedicated placement cell, learners are reaping the benefits of professional support and guidance while seeking employment.

Apart from the high-quality courses that it offers, some lucrative benefits make this institute the best choice for upskilling. IIM Skills gives lifetime access to the LMS (Learning Management System) where all the class recordings, class material, and presentation can be accessed.

The institute offers many courses out of which Content Writing Master Course, Digital Marketing Course, and SEO Course deal with SEO.

All the trainers for all the courses are industry experts and have 12+ years of experience. The courses are designed and delivered keeping hands-on practice at the top priority.

Content Writing Course talks about SEO-friendly content creation including keyword search for all leading search engines. This is a month-long course followed by three months internship option for the fee amount of 12,900. And adding to that, it prepares you for HubSpot Content Marketing Certification.

Digital Marketing Course explores on-page and off-page SEO, local SEO, and competition analysis. It is a total of 5-month training divided into 3 months of course and 2 months of paid internship. It is also a master certification course with extra preparation for certification of Google, Facebook, and HubSpot.

And then comes the complete SEO training course. Not adjoined to any other field-specific SEO, it is a 1-month course along with a 2-month paid internship for the course fee of 14,900.

IIM skills are well-reputed for their practical and interactive training sessions and relevant hands-on experience. If you wish to have the best learning experience, then this SEO course in Kolkata comes with a high quality of learning in abundance.




  1. KDMI


Based in Kolkata, KDMI is a digital marketing institute that provides a separate course for SEO training in Kolkata.

The institute has been featured in local media newspapers such as The Times of India, ABVP, and Indian express. And with the support of its exemplary staff and highly dedicated placement team, it has earned a good reputation in the city.

The course curriculum is designed in 3 modules with 9 sub-modules also named specialization modules. The main modules deal with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Local SEO.

Specialization modules further engage with Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Website Analysis, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Basic Of SMM, Blogging & Content Writing, App Store Optimization (ASO), SEO Tools and Website Audits.

The institute also provides internship opportunities while doing practical training with live project exposure. It is a certification SEO course in Kolkata and the certificate obtained after the completion of the course is globally accredited.

KDMI becomes a favorable choice of SEO course in Kolkata due to its mentorship program which helps in achieving goals better while you continue with your SEO training.


3. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya started a decade ago with social media training workshops and then, within a few years, launched a certified Digital Marketing course. Since then, the institute has been growing and become to be known as Asia’s leading online professional training company.

Dealing with new-age skills, it is another institute offering a well-designed SEO course in Kolkata. The course is a blend of live classes and self-study.

Online classes are led by experienced instructors and lifetime access is also given for the latest course material. This SEO course in Kolkata promises more than 12 hours of online classes, hands-on projects, and opportunities for getting industry certification like Google, HubSpot, and Vskills.


Course Syllabus 

  • History of SEO
  • On-Page Best Practices
  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
  • SEO Friendly Design & Architecture
  • Technical Website Optimization
  • Link-Building
  • Social, Local, Mobile (SoLoMo) SEO Strategies
  • SEO Site Audit
  • Algorithm Updates
  • SEO Tracking
  • The Future of SEO
  • SEO Career Paths


The SEO training comes with a research-based internship and a month-long project for gaining hands-on experience.

The certificate for this SEO training in Kolkata can be obtained after the exam is conducted on any of the candidate’s preferrable exam centers. And the 24*7 trainer’s support on the discussion forum makes it a worthwhile choice.


 Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is it worth doing an SEO course in Kolkata?

Unquestionably, the answer is yes. Whether you are a working professional or an entrepreneur, you need to apply SEO to promote your content organically and rank higher on search engines.

Q. Is SEO hard to learn?

SEO is not hard to learn but does require a focused mind and dedication of time and practice. And guided learning will make it easier if you ever find it difficult.


Q. What qualification is required for doing an SEO course?

Only intermediate certification is required for doing an SEO course. Although, there are different requirements for jobs like a bachelor’s degree or diploma, depending on the job role.


Q. Is knowing digital marketing necessary to become an SEO expert?

No, it is not necessary to know digital marketing for SEO, though digital marketing would provide more insights on SEO.


Q. How long does it take to complete an SEO course in Kolkata?

Any SEO course in Kolkata can take up to a month to complete, keeping aside the internship time. After the certification course is over, depending on the internship period, it can take from 2 to 3 months.




In the world of rapid digitization, where marketing strategies primarily target online platforms, ranking higher on search engines becomes quite crucial to content and business growth.

Anything from a simple informative blog to a copywriting ad requires SEO to appear on SERPs. So, whether you own a website, a business, or maybe work as a digital marketer and a freelancer, the right SEO practices are integral to online growth.

Internet is the primary source of marketing. Each day, search engines respond to billions of search queries. With such numbers at hand, there is no way escaping SEO. So, it is wise to learn SEO in time and with guided learning and practice.

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