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Top 6 Online Tally Courses in India With Placements

In this digital world, everything is going online, and accounting too will not be left behind. Today, people use digital accounting for everything; no one uses the old traditional method. Accounting balances the books. It is the system to handle the finances that involve money transactions. Accounting is the technique of writing down or saving a document related to any money transactions. To simplify, let us know what debit and credit are in accounting, and also know about the best online Tally courses in India.


List of best online tally courses in India


Whatever comes into our account, you receive, you are the receiver; money is deposited in your account, and increasing our money value is called a debit. When you withdraw money from your account—you give, you are the giver—money is withdrawn from your account, and the decrease in the value of your money is referred to as “credit.”

There are three glorious rules of accounting: the real account, the personal account, and the nominal account. A real account – also known as a personal account, is an account that deals with estate holdings, worldly positions, or capital. It also contains physical and non-physical goods.

A personal account, also known as a private account, deals with an individual’s personal information, like characteristics, or imitations thereof. It contains a salary account or trading account. A nominal account – also known as a formal account, is an account that deals with payments, expenditures, or deficits.

It contains allowances, leases, remuneration, and travel reimbursement. In real accounting, debit (what comes in) is what goes out (both for debit and credit, e.g., commodities, things, cash). In a personal account, debit is the receiver and credit is the giver (both for debit and credit, for example, business, individual, or organization).

In a nominal account, debit (why) – all expenses and losses, and credit (why) – all income and gains (both for returns, brokerage, and rebates are examples of credit and debit). If you are interested in accounting, bookkeeping, and ledgers then online tallying is something that you should learn. It is very helpful in accounting. We will look into the online tally courses available in India.


What is Tally?

Tally means accounting in an online version using an electronic edition. This is the famous software for accounting in India. Tally was founded in India by an entrepreneur named Bharat Goenka. Along with his father, Shyam Sunder Goenka, together developed an accountant’s software named “The Accountant” in 1986. It was later renamed “Tally.”


What is the Purpose of Tally?

Depending on the demand of the line of work, combined profit and loss statements are created using a Tally. Tally has the power to control one or maybe more parties. The Tally operating system is managed by Statement of the bill of sale, Sales executive and acquisition management, communication, and enterprise resource planning.

Tally is a service provider for mid-sized businesses. Tally ERP 9 is the most popular computing operating system in India. It is the best solution for business administration and GST application software. Tally ERP 9 is selected by tons of people for the management of their business software all over the world. Tally operating systems are divided into silver user and gold (multi-user).


Basic of Tally

Tally ERP 9 (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a type of operating system that companies carry for everyday business operations like auditing, project-based planning, crisis management, conformity, and chain of supply. Tally ERP 9 is one of the planet’s fastest-moving and most influential basic operating systems.

Tally ERP 9 is very easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to fix. It was designed to meet the needs of modest, intermediate, and huge corporations. It gives multicultural decision-making for money matters, selling, purchasing, supply of goods, technical experts, connectivity, tax collection, production, and even more.


Importance of Tally

Open-ended and easy      

Tally EPR 9 is very effortless, and anyone can learn it. It is also easy to handle.


Without using any code in accounting

Tally ERP 9 is created this way so that there is no need for any coding and it can be used in simple English.


Perfect business affair

Tally ERP 9 gives the perfect business explanation for selling, buying, money matters, supply of goods, technical experts, connectivity, tax collection, production, and even more.


Potential and swiftness

Tally ERP 9 is a versatile operating system. The system generates reviews that are very swift and correct. The system can provide a variety of options for the business with a high level of grading.


Problem-solving time

Tally ERP 9 assists in making many reviews just by registering the deals.



Tally ERP 9 is designed to handle multiple firms’ calendar years in multiple locations.


Virtual private network

Tally ERP 9 allows you to access the details from any location and at any time.


Main office control

Since Tally ERP 9 is very easy to handle, it permits the end user to connect from any place, preserve user confidentiality, generate, and post job positions, select individuals, and execute selection interviews directly from the business operations.


Automation Benefits of Using Online Tally ERP 9 Courses in India

Fast and easy application

The function of Tally ERP 9 is easy, user-friendly, and fast to use without any involvement. The software system is flexible and simple to install.


Unconditional flexible support

Tally ERP 9 assisted with easy application on many operated systems join to a chain with many disks operating systems e.g., (consumer-oriented operating systems, Window trademark, Windows operating systems, and Windows NT operating system)


Fully automated integration and management

Tally ERP 9 supplies mechanical recovery tools to secure your company from any theft or damage and help your business’s overall efficiency.


Accuracy of facts and figures

Tally ERP safeguards your information. If your data is accidentally wiped out or deleted, or if your system is improperly shut down, Tally ERP 9 employs a curve domain, range limit, identity indicator, and a perfectly balanced operated system to provide precise figures data.


End-user specified levels

Tally ERP 9 provides different levels of security, with a unique passcode for each legitimate user.


India is a stunning nation that earned the nickname “Golden Bird” for its abundance of natural riches and easy access to rare gemstones. India was attacked by so many nations, which resulted in the loss of even more of the nation’s wealth. Additionally, the British ruled it for 200 years.

The Indian state of Kashmir is known as “Heaven on Earth” because of its majesty, grace, and spectacular scenery. India, a democratic nation in South Asia, is a part of that continent. The country is home to many different religions and civilizations, and everyone coexists peacefully. It is a prosperous and plentiful nation.

India is a developing country with a trillion-dollar GDP. It is now the sixth-largest economic system on the planet. India has been categorized by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development as a middle-income country with rapid economic growth. India has emerged as a major hub for information service automation.


Also, check here the best:


Top 6 Online Tally Courses in India With Placements

  2. Tally education
  3. Udemy
  4. NIIT
  5. FITA academy
  6. Henry Harvin


Rank# 1. Online Tally Courses in India


IIM SKILLS was started by Vaibhav Kakkar to offer the best learning platform for students who are seeking professional guidance and support for achieving their career goals. They began this journey with their first course in content writing followed by a wide range of courses in various fields. They have so far experience training more than 35k students and have also helped them with job placements. In an era of digital learning platforms, they offer the most budget-friendly courses to train every class of students from any corner of the world. They have the best experienced and well-established team of mentors who are domain experts. They focus on tool-oriented training to make their student career-ready.

One of their highest-ranking course is Online Tally Courses in India. This is a self-learning course program which has a total of 20 lectures with practical assignments, internships & job placements. This course is best suitable for students who have completed their 10+2 grade, freshly graduated or pursuing their graduation. Along with their tally courses, we also recommend you check them for their other accounting courses which will prove to enhance your career goals in the accounting sector.

Course Details:

Course Name: Tally Course

Duration: 20 Lectures

Tally Course Fee: INR 2900 + GST

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Information:

+919580740740, [email protected]

Rank# 2. Online Tally Courses in India

2. Tally Education – TallyPrime Basics

Tally Education was established to help students and working experts with master’s certificates throughout the country. The institute’s courses are designed with the current demand in mind. Their main aim is to increase the availability of jobs, open up professional jobs, and appreciate the business they have faith.

This is a basic course that gradually takes individuals to the level of expertise that will help them with their job. The task given is all related to the industry standards that will help with job placement. You can view the video from anywhere any place ace.

After the course fees are paid, you can see all the course details for six months. You can view the job placement portal by lifespan. The trainers are industry masters in their field and the best in the world.


Course Name – TallyPrime Basic


Syllabus of the Course

  • Unit1 – TallyPrime establishment
  • Unit2 – TallyPrime essentials
  • Unit3 – Reporting of everyday business
  • Unit4 – Accounts management
  • Unit5 – TallyPrime investments


The course is for 5 hours in total

The Fees – Rs 1200/-

Mode of Teaching – Self-paced videos

You will have a professional appreciation certification upon completing the course.


Rank# 3. Online Tally Courses in India

3. Udemy – Tally Prime with GST

Udemy is an online learning and education platform with thousands of courses and millions of students taking the course daily. All Udemy-paid courses are certified. This course is known as Tally ERP 9 + Tally Prime + GST 2022—Practical Training.

This is a distance learning course on the tally with balancing books, supplies, trading orders, tax collection, tax collection at source, remuneration, and back tax. The eligibility criteria for this course are that you should know the fundamentals of computers. Tally ERP 9 is in great demand, and the operating system is easily accessible.

The trainer will instruct the individuals on how to balance the books, collect taxes, pay back taxes, and collect taxes at the source.  The course is designed for 8 hours, and the main emphasis is on facts and solving problems around the modern business benchmark. This course is for all individuals who want to master Tally ERP 9. Once the payment is done, you will get lifetime access to the course. This course can be learned from any location.


What Will You Master in the Tally ERP9 + Tally Prime Online Course?

  • How will you fix tally
  • Compensate coupon
  • Invoice coupon
  • Debit advise coupon
  • Coupon Listing
  • Reproduce listing
  • Making record books
  • Making increasing books
  • Amend and eliminate books
  • Applicable instance
  • Categorizing class
  • Payment of claim
  • Inventory aspect
  • Active verification
  • E-Procurement requisition
  • Make to order
  • Invoice of raw material
  • Assembling daily


Duration of Course – 8.5 hours

Mode of Teaching – ON-demand video

The Fees – Rs 3,199/-


A certificate is guaranteed upon completion of the course stating Online Tally courses in India.


Rank# 4. Online Tally Courses in India

4. NIIT – Accounting With Online Tally ERP 9 Courses

The dominant multinational expertise development company, well-known as NIIT, is creating skill-based requirements from all over the world’s business. The company was founded in 1981 to serve the technology industry by resolving its people management issues; today, it is rated as one of the best internationally acclaimed instruction providers, thanks to its expertise growth regime.

NIIT offers education and training services to organizations and firms with locations in many countries. Register for the NIIT accounting Tally ERP 9 class. You will learn how to use tally in your profession. The Accounting Tally ERP 9 main aim is to provide the latest business accounting operating system tally, which comes with a certificate.

The course covers many topics, like accounting principles, bookkeeping, the foundations of Tally, and many more. You can learn Tally ERP 9 if you have an IT background and good English skills. You will be considered if you have a commerce background in your 12th standard. This course is beneficial to degree and non-bachelor degree students.


Features of Course

  • Lessons Offered by NIIT
  • 36 hours of content for the class
  • Certificate after completion
  • Industry mentors for the students
  • Classroom teaching plan
  • Knowledgeful instructors
  • The task is given project


Plan of Action

  • Lecture room
  • Certificate awarded by NIIT
  • Supporting faculty
  • Best Industry mentor
  • Hand-on sessions
  • Knowledge Supporting information



  • Main what is Tally and its use
  • Making Microsoft word documents
  • Making notes of business deals
  • Doing your everyday account job more easily
  • Knowing the principles of the accounting system
  • Knowing the fundamentals of tally
  • Writing the printing accounting books, content in a book


The Class Time Span – is 36 hours

Mode of Teaching – self-study/ Physical classroom and video and text-based.

Once done with the course, you will be awarded a certificate by NIIT.


Contact Number – 180030006448

Email – [email protected]


Rank# 5. Online Tally Courses in India

5. FITA Academy

FITA Academy is a great place to master the course of online Tally ERP 9, which comes with a certificate of high quality. The instructors are all experts in their fields and give tasks that help the students with their jobs. They teach subjects like bookkeeping, annual returns, stockpiling, banking, business accounts, tax accounts, capital gains tax, levying the tax, federal tax returns, ledgers, investigation tools, and research to make you an expert in Tally.


The Highlight

The teaching faculty will solve any doubts or queries immediately.

  • The given project is always active.
  • The fees are extremely low.
  • Certificate provided
  • They are flexible with the timing.
  • After completing the course, their staff will assist with job placement.


What Will They Teach in the Course?

  • The syllabus covers many topics in Tally ERP, from balancing the books to remuneration.
  • The FITA academy course for tally practice plan has now placed over 1500 students in good jobs.
  • Tally ERP is easily explained and clear to understand.
  • All of the courses are designed with the most recent global business level in mind.
  • Tally ERP is taught to be used in accounting.
  • Extensive knowledge of accounting entries and logbook are instructed in the course
  • Full awareness of how to use the balance sheet, cash account, and accounting statement by using Tally ERP


Details of Online Tally Courses in India:

Mode of teaching – Classroom training

Contact number – 9345045466


Rank# 6. Online Tally Courses in India

6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the best places in India to learn Tally courses. They assist and guide you through coaching and consulting. They began offering their services in 2013 and currently serve 11+ cities in India and abroad. The team consists of 400+ working staff and 650+ advisors.

They have the best industry expert mentors as trainers, and they have 7000+ coaching lectures per month. They train college-going students, corporate employees, professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals all over the world. They are the best in the business at providing individuals, trainers, and professionals with educational problem-solving, coaching help, advisory aid, enrolment, and guidance.

Online Tally Prime courses in India have recently been used in balancing the books, tax collection operating software systems, balances due, trade payable, stocks, invoice statements, and salaries. Tally is also used in calculating tax collections and direct tax.

The course is certificate-based, and after the completion of the syllabus, a certificate will be provided by Henry Harvin, which is recognized by the Government of India and an award-winning institute that showcases skills. Tally Prime is a device that is used by a single person, entrepreneurs, and business firms to handle their payroll and money transaction reports. Tally is comprehensively used for accounting, tax collections, direct tax, and goods and services tax.


The Syllabus Includes the Following:

  • Unit 1 – What is Tally and its set-up
  • Unit 2 – Relocation of Tally 9 ERP facts and figures in Tally Prime
  • Unit 3 – Business planning software
  • Unit 4 – Prepare tax records
  • Unit 5 – Prepare tax collection
  • Unit 6 – Financial factors
  • Unit 7 – Expenditure and their classification
  • Unit 8 – Stocks categorize
  • Unit 9 – Assembling facts and figures
  • Unit 10 – Business training and operational recovery
  • Unit 11 – Online correspondence and Safety check
  • Unit 12 – Preparing back tax


Duration of Course – 28 hrs

Mode of Teaching – Online training

The Course Starts On – 12 February 2023

The Fees – Rs 9500/-


Frequently Asked Question


Q1. Who can learn Tally?

You should complete your senior high school, which is 10+2 or its equivalent, or a graduate degree. A commerce background is considered. Knowledge of business administration and cost accounting will also be an added benefit.


Q2. What are the benefits of learning online Tally courses in India?

If you are learning Tally, the main benefit is that you know about bookkeeping. This operating system makes many functions effortless.  If your firm is large, you will have more staff members, making this operating system very useful. You can classify your staff by grade, staff division, muster, and salary for company expenditure.


Q3. What job does a person get after completing the online Tally courses in India?

After completion of online Tally courses in India, a person can be a Tally accounts executive, Tally junior accountant, payroll manager, or payroll supervisor.


Q4. Which industry uses the Tally operating system?

The Tally operating system is used by many small firms for their daily activities. The Tally operating system is used for productive organizing and dealing because it gives precise results and is less time-consuming.


Q5. Which Tally version is excellent?

Tally ERP 9 is one of the finest courses. It is safe and secure.



To conclude the topic of Tally learning, Tally EPR 9 is very easy and convenient. Knowing the subject account is an additional benefit for learning Tally ERP9. You should also know the Golden rule of Tally which is the Debit that comes in and the Credit that goes out. Today Tally ERP 9 is the most famous and prominent variant of Tally. Tally ERP 9 is very easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to fix. It was designed to meet the needs of modest, intermediate, and huge corporations.

Tally ERP 9 is an extensively used accounting operating system covering all businesses due to its flexibility in corresponding with other business operational plans. Here is a list of a few institutes that teach Tally ERP 9. If you are planning to learn Tally ERP 9, consider the institutes mentioned above. You just have to do the payment online and learn the Tally ERP 9 courses online without stepping outside.

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