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Top 5 Online Creative Writing Courses in India

Creative writing is the art of giving words to your imagination. It is an art through which you can express your pain, love, observation, and tragedies. This skill helps you to write novels, poetry, and screenplays, and you can even create your own fictional universe. But without proper guidance, you can’t excel exponentially in creative writing. You have to go through a lot of hits and trials, and you are going to make a lot of mistakes. It takes a lot of time and effort eventually. The online creative writing courses in India can assist you in how to express your words correctly in your work, how to market and format your work, and how to grab new opportunities.


List of best online creative writing courses in India


What is Creative Writing?


Creative writing is described as a form of writing which is other than factual, technical, or academic writing. In creative writing, the writer threads words in such a way that their imagination, emotion, and observation come alive. The sole motto of this skill is to entertain people.


Some of the Main Components of Creative Writing Are-


  • Storytelling
  • Character Development
  • Plot Development
  • Theme
  • Tone
  • Literary Devices
  • Dialogue
  • Point of View


Examples of What is Not Creative Writing

  • Academic Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Emails
  • Press Release
  • Social Media Posts
  • Official Statement
  • News Article


Types of Creative Writing


It is mainly classified into two groups that are Fiction and Non- fiction. Let’s have a small discussion about fiction and non-fiction creative writing.


1. Fiction


Fictional creative writing involves stories, imagination, character development, conflicts, dialogue, etc. It involves plays, Short stories, Poetry, Novels, tv scripts, and screenplays. This includes a lot of creativity since you have to make the characters interesting, have a perfect plot, and adopt a storytelling technique that hooks the audience till the last.


Here Are Some of the Examples of Fiction Creative Writing:-


  • Poetry:- Poetry is a form of literature that is written to tell a story or to convey the feeling and importance of something in a lyrical or rhythmic arrangement. There are no format or restrictions that poetry should be written in a specific way only.


  • Plays, Screenplays, and T.V. Scripts:- These types of writing involve character, theme, plot, tone, and dialogues. This writing is not for reading, it is for performing on stages, on tv shows, and in films. It generally includes dialogues and how a character develops over time and going to react to a sudden situation and the plot twists.


  • Short Stories:- The short story is a smaller version of a novel that generally revolves around a few characters, an accident, or a series of linked accidents. It mainly contains 10000 words to 15000 words. These types of stories generally focus on one theme and invoke one type of mood.


  • Novels:- Novels are frictional stories that contain a proper theme, character development, plot, point of view, conflicts, etc. Novels generally try to invoke many emotions throughout the journey. It typically consists of 40000 to 60000 words. A novel must be written in such a way that it should hook the reader with its story.


2. Non-Fiction


Non-Fiction creative writing involves writing about a true story in a more creative manner. It includes humor writing, Personal essay, science, self-help, health, spirituality, autobiographies, philosophy, history song lyrics, language books, speeches, Literary criticism,  descriptive,  real-life events, memoirs, Literary Journalism, and argumentative writing.


Here Are Some of the Examples of Fiction Creative Writing:-


  • Memoirs:- Memories are like a novel that contains the personal story of a person. His experience, observation of society, and particular accidents or events. It is generally more focused on a single event rather than on whole life.


  • Personal Essay:- Personal Essay typically comprises the real story of the narrator with personal feelings about the event.


  • Literary Journalism:- In literary Journalism, the writer reports the news story in a narrative manner. The writers use the technique of creative writing to make that news a personal essay or just a short story.


  • Lyrical Essay:- Lyrical essay is a combination of poetry and essay writing. It is a new form of non-fiction creative writing. Under this, a writer can break the grammatical and conventional styles of English writing.


  • Autobiography:-. An autobiography is a book in which the author writes about their personal story. It is the same as a personal essay, but rather than focusing on a single or linked event, it focuses on the author’s whole life. It includes the achievements, failures, and experiences of the author from his point of view.


Why Choose Online Creative Writing Courses in India?


A creative writing course can help to upskill you. Creative writing is not like selling cupcakes. It requires passion, dedication, imagination, and creativity. A course can help you to enhance your creativity and imagination. Creative writing includes character development, storytelling, plot, tone, theme, point of view, and technique to hook the audience.


A creative writing course can provide you with in-depth knowledge about the industry. What is working in the industry, what are the do’s and don’t of the industry, how can you hook the audience, and what techniques you can take into consideration during selecting plot, theme, storytelling techniques, and character development?


Further, this course can teach you how this industry works, how to present and promote your work, and how can you get a breakthrough into the industry. They can even offer you important tools, assignments, internships, real-life projects, placement guarantees, and freelance opportunities.


Online courses are a more convenient way to study. It can provide you the flexibility to study from anywhere and anytime. You can study at your own pace. Online courses are generally available at affordable prices than offline courses. You can also manage your other responsibility while studying in the online course.


Future of Creative Writing


Creative writing is here for centuries and going to live for more centuries. It is not going to be finished in near future. As content consumption is increasing day by day, the demand for good content writers is also increasing at a rapid speed. As long as Artificial Intelligence is concerned, Yes A.I. is going to take over many jobs in upcoming years in every industry.


And your industry is also not going to be untouched by this. But in creative writing, artificial Intelligence replaces humans only to a limited extent. Because when we talk about creativity and emotions A.I. is still at its initial stage. It takes 3-4 decades for Artificial Intelligence to ramp up to this stage.


Also, check out a few other options courses for career enhancement:


How to Improve Creative Writing Skills


Apart from joining online creative writing courses in India, you can also apply these tips to become a well-skilled creative writer:-


  1. Learning:- Learning is a never-ending process, you can learn something anywhere and anytime. Trying to learn in every situation. Think about how can you use this situation or event in your writing. Regular learning can enhance your understanding and knowledge. It can even change your perspective towards something.


  1. Observe:- Observe everything that is happening around you. Try to understand daily rituals, emotions, people, animals, birds, and vegetation. This observation helps you with character development, the reaction of kids, adults, and teens, and how animals and birds react in certain situations.


  1. Read a Lot:- If you want to become a great writer, start reading a lot. This can helps you to increase your vocabulary. It gives you an understanding of what people are reading. Regular reading habits can enhance your mind towards keen details of the book and it also opens your mind to accept new ideas.


  1. Write Daily:- Consistency in anything can do miracles. Daily writing can help you to build your vocabulary. It increases your writing speed. It helps train your mind for important and difficult work. It also helps to build discipline in you. During this journey, you are going to make many mistakes and learn from them.


  1. Find Your Niche:- You can’t start writing about everything from the first day. A niche can be described as Categories. Select a niche that is in demand, less competitive, and topics in which you can write for years. Niche helps you to find your target audience.


  1. Find Your Writing Style:- Writing style can be described as the use of tone and words by a writer to convey a story. Every writer has their own writing style. Find your writing style, it helps you to know what is your strength.


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Career Opportunities in Creative Writing


If you are a skilled and creative writer, there are plenty of career opportunities available for you. As online media, films, and web series consumption are increasing at a rapid pace, the demand for well-skilled and creative writers is also booming. Tv/ radio, online portals, print media, news portals, magazines, and other Media companies are always looking for new talented writers for their platforms.


The demand for creative writing is also increasing in other industries like the digital marketing and advertisement industry. As a creative writer, you can also start your own business like online book publishing, freelancing, blogging, and scriptwriting. You can also start an agency where companies can outsource their work. You can provide services like fiction writing, proofreading, ghostwriter, scripts, screenplays, etc.


Some of the Career Options After an Online Creative Writing Course in India:-

  1. Storyteller
  2. Scriptwriter
  3. Author
  4. Publisher
  5. Novelist
  6. Blogger
  7. Plays writer
  8. Poet
  9. Freelancer
  10. Proofreader
  11. Entrepreneur
  12. Fiction Writer
  13. Non-Fiction Writer
  14. Content Writer
  15. Publisher


Best Online Creative Writing Courses in India


Now after a long journey of discussion on creative writing, we finally reached our final destination of the guide. Now here we are going to discuss the best online creative writing courses in India.




IIM SKILLS is an online skill-based learning platform. It delivers industry-oriented in-demand professional courses. They provide courses in digital marketing, content writing, Financial Modeling, GST Certification, etc. But the institute has a specialty in the content writing course. IIM SKILLS provides guaranteed internship and placement support.


Their certificates are recognized by the Government of India. IIM SKILLS delivers the best online creative writing courses in India. Their Content Writing Course is a 4-week long live training program. It also delivers 30 hours of live training sessions which includes the 3 months guaranteed internship program along with the course.


Key Highlights

  • They provide more than 15 content writing modules.
  • They give weekly assignments and honest reviews of the assignment on time.
  • They provide IIM SKILLS and HubSpot certification after the completion of the course.
  • They provide recordings of the live class and lifetime access to the course.
  • They assist you in your freelancing career and content writing agency.
  • They provide dedicated placement cells for job opportunities.
  • They provide lifetime technical and consulting support.
  • They help you to develop your portfolio.
  • They assist you to write your first article for the Times of India and press releases on online news portals.
  • They help you to publish your first ebook on kindle and Google Books.


Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to content writing
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Digital Content
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Email writing
  • Social Media Writing
  • Video scripts
  • Technical Writing 101
  • Legal Writing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Affiliate Marketing and Adsense
  • Creative Writing
  • Business listing
  • SOP Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Freelance content writing
  • Resume Writing



Tools Covered:

  • WordPress
  • Hemingway Editor
  • MailChimp
  • Accord Project
  • GitHub
  • Grammarly
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Canva
  • Google Analytics
  • Amazon Kindle


This course helps you to get into the habit of daily writing. It also assists you to ramp up your career at a fast pace. The price of the course is Rs. 14,900 (excluding GST).


Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: +91 9911839503


Explore more about the top-rated Creative Writing Courses in Delhi


2. Udemy


Udemy is an online learning marketplace for educators and students where an educator sells their courses and students buy from them. Udemy offers many creative writing courses from top educators. They deliver in-depth and well-structured courses. They also provide certificates after course completion.


Top Udemy Courses

  1. COMPLETE Creative Writing -THE FULL COURSE!
  2. The Foundations of Fiction (Writing Mastery)
  3. Writing: Book Writing: Creative Writing Skills: Punctuation
  4. Creative Writing Masterclass
  5. The 30-Day Creative Writing Challenge!
  6. Develop Blockbuster Story Ideas that Sell! (Writing Mastery)
  7. Creative Writing Bootcamp


Key Highlights

  • Almost all courses provide certification after course completion.
  • They also provide lifetime access to courses.
  • You can access these courses from all platforms.
  • Their courses are relatively cheaper in price.
  • There are no pre-requirements to start learning the course.
  • You just need basic knowledge of computers and English.


Udemy’s Bestseller Course Details

Name:- COMPLETE Creative Writing -THE FULL COURSE!

Price:- Rs1299


Key Highlights

  • They provide certificates after completion.
  • They provide 43 video lessons.
  • They deliver 12-hours in-demand video.
  • They provide 145 downloadable resources.
  • There are no pre-requirements to start the course, you just need the willingness to write.


Topics Covered

  1. Fiction
  2. Poetry
  3. Drama
  4. Creative Non-fiction
  5. Creating a digital portfolio.


Udemy courses help you to learn creative writing from basic to advance. Udemy provides some of the best online creative writing courses in India. Udemy courses are generally cheap in price. Prices of these courses range between Rs300 to Rs3000.


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3. British Council of India


It is a United Kingdom-based educational and cultural promotion entity. British Council of India provides courses, test preparation, English language classes, scholarship, etc. British Council’s creative writing course helps the student to enhance their writing, creativity, and storytelling skills.


Key Highlights

  • They give two assignments, one in the mid of the course and one at the end of the course.
  • They provide 36 hours of live online classes.
  • They also organize 14 hours of live interactive classes.
  • They also provide certificates after you pass your exam.
  • This course helps to develop different writing styles.
  • It helps to enhance your creativity.
  • They provide one of the best online creative writing courses in India


Topics Covered

  • Plot
  • Blogging
  • Characters Development
  • Screen Writing
  • Short Stories
  • Kid’s fiction
  • Dialogue
  • Memoirs
  • Poetry
  • Experimental Writing
  • Travel Writing
  • Getting Published.


British Council of India’s creative writing course helps to develop unique writing styles. It helps to enhance your creativity and knowledge of literature. The price of the course is Rs. 10000. You can also avail 10% discount on courses.


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4. Coursera


Coursera is an online course provider. Coursera also worked with universities and other educational organizations to provide courses and Certificates. They have tied up with more than 250 leading universities to provide industry-oriented skill-based courses worldwide. Their courses are available at very cheap prices.


Coursera offers more than 180 courses on creative writing by different universities. The average duration of courses is 3 to 6 months. Some courses are also available for free. Coursera provides lifetime access to almost all courses. Let’s see the details of one of the top-rated free creative courses on Coursera.


Name:- Creative Writing Specialization Course

Delivered by:- WESLEYAN University.


Key Highlights

  • The course is presented by well-skilled and experienced faculties.
  • They also give you assignments.
  • They provide subtitles in English, Serbian, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, and Portuguese.
  • The course is available for free.
  • It takes 6 Months for the completion the course.
  • You don’t need any previous degrees or knowledge to join this course.
  • They also provide you with a certificate after the completion of the course.
  • There are 5 courses in the specialization.


Name of the Courses in the Specialization

  1. Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot
  2. Creative Writing: The Craft of Character
  3. Creative Writing: The Art of Setting and Description
  4. Creative Writing: The Craft of Style
  5. Capstone: Your Story


Topic Covered

  • Short Story Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Creativity
  • Copy Editing
  • Plot Development
  • Character Development


Here are the skill-oriented Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


5. EDX


Edx is an education platform that offers more than 3600 courses, professional programs, Microbachlars programs, short courses, micro master programs, and master’s degrees. Edx has tied up with more than 160 universities. This includes Harvard University, MIT, Berkeley University of California, Boston University, The University of Texas System, etc.


Edx offers 12 Creative writing courses from 4 different universities. Edx also offers a micro master’s program in creative writing by the University Of Cambridge. The program is a combination of eight courses.


Key Highlights

  • This program is a combination of 8 graduates level courses.
  • They also provide certificates after you pass your final comprehensive exam.
  • The Program is led by top faculties of content writing.
  • They teach you the latest in-demand industry-oriented skills that are trending in the media industry.
  • This Micromasters program provides specialization in creative writing. That is why it is one of the best online creative writing courses in India
  • They give you assignments and they are also going to provide an honest review of the assignment.
  • The price of the Micromaster Program in creative writing is Rs115752. It is pretty high compared to other courses that are mentioned in the list.


Topics Covered

  • Script Writing
  • Plays Writing
  • Humor Writing
  • Poetry
  • Writing for YouTube and digital platforms
  • Installation and art performance


Other Creative Course by EDX

  1. Digital Platforms in Performance by The University Of Cambridge.
  2. Writing successfully for Stage by The University Of Cambridge.
  3. Stand Up!; Comedy Writing and Performance Poetry by The University Of Cambridge.
  4. Reconceiving Space: Installation and Performance Art by The University Of Cambridge.
  5. AP® English Literature & Composition – Part 1: Stories by Berkeley University of California
  6. AP® English Literature & Composition – Part 2: Poems by Berkeley University of California
  7. AP® English Literature & Composition – Part 3: Plays by Berkeley University of California


Frequently Asked Question


Question 1:  Which are the best online creative writing Courses in India?

Answer: IIM SKILLS offers the best online creative writing courses in India. Because they don’t only teach you the latest industry-oriented course, but they also help you to build your portfolio and resume. They also provide lifetime technical and consulting support. They also help you to start your content writing agency. Some other learning platforms that provide the best online creative writing courses in India are-

  1. EDX
  2. Skillshare
  3. Udemy
  4. Coursera
  5. Future Learn


Question 2: Who can enroll in online creative writing courses in India?

Answer: Anyone can start learning creative writing, who is passionate about writing and wanted to make or restart their career in creative writing. Online creative writing courses in India are for everyone students, mothers, and working professionals.


Question 3: What are the pre-requirements to start online creative writing courses in India

Answer: There are no such pre-requirements to enroll in creative writing courses. You just need:

  1. A Desktop or a Laptop
  2. A Good Internet Connection
  3. Basic Knowledge of computers
  4. Basic knowledge of English.

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