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Top 5 Online Content Writing Courses with Freelance & Placements

Do you want to refine your writing skills? Are you an aspiring content writer? Maybe you just wish to start your blog? If your answer to the above is a yes, read on for the top 5 content writing courses online.






Content writing is a skill-based career. It does not require any extraordinary degree or qualification. But at least a short-term course is imperative to understand the nuances of digital writing.


People, who have a way with words, and can express thoughts in words adequately, usually do well in this field. Stronghold on grammar, sentence structure, etc., is something that can you can learn. Even the rules of digital writing are something that can you can learn. Hence, the content writing field does not require high-level specialization as such.




The content domain is vast with various niches, and hence career opportunities are also diverse. Some of the careers under content writing are:

  • Website content writer: They compose content for websites. They create content in line with business goals and SEO guidelines to attract more visitors and get more conversions.
  • Creative content writer: Creative writing includes writing journals, statement of purpose, motivation letters/recommendation letters, etc. Creative content is on platforms like blogs, magazines, novels, handbooks, newspapers, etc.
  • Editor: An editor is someone who determines the final content of a newspaper/magazine, etc. He/she is responsible for the accuracy and quality of the written materials in a company.
  • Bloggers: They are responsible for conceptualizing, writing, editing, and then promoting content on their websites or company websites.
  • Script Writers: They scripts for audio, video, multimedia, and training modules. They write scripts for the mass media like television, plays, films, video games, etc.
  • Fiction/non-fiction writers: These are novelists or authors, writing in various genres.
  • Technical writers: They analyze functional and technical specifications of products and gadgets and create documentation such as instruction manuals, journal articles, and user manuals.
  • Academic writers: Simply put, it is all writing that has to do with academics like a dissertation, thesis, essays, books, reports, and more.
  • Press release writers: Such writers write a short and compelling news story or official statements delivered to members of the media.
  • Business writers: They write proposals and plans, reports on the stock market, financing, and the likes, for publication.
  • Ghostwriters: They are mostly writers who write without taking any credit for their work. The credit goes to the client/company/person who hires the ghostwriter.


For each of the above specializations, there are content writing courses online.




Whether you wish to write blogs, articles, web content, or books, the World Wide Web has courses for all. We have compiled a list of the top five content writing courses online.


Joining an institute/program is the first step towards fulfilling your goal. The program, of course, depends on what your goal is.


Is your goal to start content writing as a side hustle/freelancing?


Do you want a full-time job in content writing?


Are you looking at just improving your existing skills and maybe polishing them and understanding current trends and rules of online writing?


No matter what your goal, there are content writing courses online to cater to it.


With the goal in place, your next point of determination would be course features that best suit your purpose. Following that, are considerations about the course fee, the mode of delivery, the course duration, and so on.


This article about content writing courses online provides all the required information.


Rank 1 Online Content Writing Courses in Industry



When it comes to content writing courses online, IIM SKILLS tops the list. It is an institute with an outstanding reputation in the online skills prep industry. With headquarters in New Delhi, it has centres across India and in Dubai. In an attempt to cater to more aspirants across the globe, all of its courses are exclusively online. It is an opportunity for people from anywhere to access the high-quality training program at any time on any device.


In just five years, the institute has come up with job-ready courses that meet global standards in the field of:

  • Content Writing.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • CAT Coaching.


It aims to provide top-of-the-line yet affordable courses. The institute has plans to come up with more in-demand skills training in the segments of finance, artificial intelligence, etc. IIM SKILLS has delivered more than 1000+ training across 35+ countries.


IIM SKILLS is a premium institute with a global footprint in the content writing domain. The flagship course, the Content Writing Master Course, is the best of all content writing courses online. It is a comprehensive course. It covers possibly every aspect of content writing and combines content marketing aspects, thus making it a truly holistic program.


The mentors at IIM SKILLS are not just industry experts who robotically teach through instructor-led sessions. They are passionate about sharing knowledge and provide personal attention to every participant, ensuring they each learn and grasp all concepts. They give a handholding through the technical aspects. The way of teaching is what makes the course so enjoyable and engaging and enriching experience.


Salient Features of the content writing course at IIM SKILLS:

  • Requirements/Eligibility: No specific qualification but preferably a graduate.
  • Mode of Course Delivery: Exclusively online via Zoom.
  • Duration of the Course: It is a four-week/one month course with 16 hours of live sessions and 60 hours of practical assignments.
  • Curriculum: The syllabus has 12 modules:
    • Web development.
    • UI/UX interface (blog creation).
    • Introduction to content writing.
    • Content keyword research.
    • Start writing content.
    • Content writing tools.
    • Duplicate content detector.
    • Content distribution using email.
    • Google local page set up.
    • Content marketing using social media.
    • Exploring social media tools.
    • Freelance content writing module.
  • Types of content: Candidates will learn different types of content, such as:
    • Articles.
    • Blogs.
    • E-books.
    • Commercial pages.
    • Ad copy.
    • Business listing.
    • Academic writing.
    • Product description.
    • Press release.
    • Web pages.
    • Brochures.
    • Social media posts.
    • Digital infographics.
  • Virtual classroom experience.
  • The course material by industry experts is up-to-date and relevant.
  • Course Fee: INR 14,900/- + GST.
  • Benefits:
    • Practical experience. The trainer emphasizes learning by doing.
    • Lifetime support. All participants get lifetime access to the learning management system (LMS), which is a knowledge bank of all the course material and session recordings.
    • Students learn about various standard tools of content writing, such as:
      • Buffer
      • Tweet Deck
      • WordPress theme and plugins
      • Grammarly
      • Plagiarism checker
      • Word Counter, etc.
    • Alumni Network, mentors for life. The institute provides post-course support in the form of an alumni network and even guidance after the course.
    • Placement Assistance. The institute provides candidates with interview assistance as well as assistance with relevant job openings.
    • Certification: All participants get a master’s certification from IIM SKILLS and a content marketing certification from HubSpot.



IIM SKILLS (Co-Offiz) H B Twin Tower, 8th Floor,

Max Hospital Building. Netaji Subhash Place,

Pitampura, New Delhi 110034

Email: [email protected]

Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503


Rank 2 Online Content Writing Courses




A prominent player in the online teaching and learning marketplace, Udemy has over 150,000 courses and 50 million-plus students. Primarily an American online learning platform, it has a global reach and presence. It has opened doors not just to learning but also to teaching.


As of January 2020, it has around 57,000 instructors teaching in over 65 languages and 295 million course enrolments.


The statistics speak for themselves regarding Udemy’s popularity. The platform has free resources as well as paid resources. Improving the lives of millions of people globally, Udemy has a very user-friendly website.


Learners from around the world have easy access to industry experts in the form of instructors. With this ease of access to online learning resources, anyone anywhere can transform their lives.


In the content writing domain, they have content writing courses online from A-Z for fiction, non-fiction, creative, business writing, SEO, blogging, and more.


Some of the current bestseller courses:

  • Content Marketing Masterclass: Create Content that Sells
    • Rating: 4.5 stars.
    • Number of ratings: 1802
    • Students enrolled: 9802
    • Price: 420.
    • Created by: Brad Merrill and last updated in December 2019.

Some of the essential topics covered in this course include:

  • Classic marketing fundamentals.
  • Content marketing essentials.
  • Web design.
  • Generating content ideas.
  • Copywriting.
  • Types of content.
  • Content formats and repurposing.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Content promotion.
  • Email marketing.
  • External marketing channels.
  • Measuring your results.
  • The course curriculum is extensive enough and covers all vital aspects of content writing, plus it comes with Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. This course has 3.5 hours of video content, 12 articles, lifetime access, and a course completion certificate.


  • Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass with the Power words eBook.
    • Rating: 4.4 stars.
    • Number of ratings: 856
    • Students enrolled: 4836
    • Price: 426.
    • Created by: Sivakumar Kannan and last updated in May 2020.
  • This course enlightens candidates about copywriting, content writing, and content marketing. Editing, blogging, keyword research, and SEO, are some of the crucial aspects of content writing and are well-covered in this course. As a freebie, candidates get an eBook of power words that create an impact on writing. This course has 4.5 hours of video, ten downloadable resources, lifetime access, and a course completion certification.


Rank 3 Online Content Writing Courses




With a humble beginning in 2006, Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt Ltd has grown immensely along its epic journey thus far. It is a pioneer in digital content marketing and SEO outsourcing. What sets Thoughtful Minds apart is its global footprint, thanks to its founder. It is a pioneer in the outsourcing of:

  • Quality content creation.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Website development.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Social media optimization.
  • Reputation management, etc.


Another factor that makes Thoughtful Minds different from the rest is its sense of social responsibility. Some facts that vouch for it being a socially responsible company are:

  • Employment to senior citizens, academically sound students, and lecturers.
  • Work from home options for females.
  • Building eco-friendly offices.
  • Working with animal welfare and environmental welfare organizations.
  • Support NGOs.


Apart from providing content creation services, Thoughtful Minds now offers content writing courses online. Learning content writing from a content writing agency sure has excellent benefits.


Salient Features of the content writing course at Thoughtful Minds:

  • Requirements/Eligibility: Basic requirements include:
    • English medium schooling.
    • Internet knowledge.
    • Good research skills.
    • Interested in work-from-home options.
    • The candidate devotes time to social media.
  • Mode of Course Delivery: Online platform, virtual classes via Skype, or Google Hangouts.
  • Duration of the Course: 45 minutes every day from Monday through Saturday, for 45 days (one and a half months). The timings are flexible, though with morning, afternoon, and evening classes.
  • Curriculum: The syllabus includes the following 14 modules:
    • What is content writing?
    • Types of content writing.
    • Keywords.
    • Optimum keyword density.
    • Articles.
    • Types of article writing.
    • How to increase content writing speed?
    • How to avoid plagiarism?
    • Difference between web content and article writing.
    • Writing user-friendly content.
    • Writing SEO-friendly content.
    • How to check plagiarism online?
    • Sources for content writing work.
    • Content writing market rates to expect.
  • Course Fee: INR 5,000/-
  • Benefits: Students can expect to get placed soon after course completion. They get a course completion certificate valid for any content writing work. Also, students learn about freelance content writing and can make use of the same.


Thoughtful Minds is at:

LG 14-20, Geejgarh Tower, Hawa Sadak,

Civil Lines, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302006

Phone: 94133-48979

Rank 4 Online Content Writing Courses




A next-gen institute aiming at building a digitally competent society, Online Idea Lab offers quality content writing courses online. It has an extensive line-up of specialized training products.


The institute provides its training and services across India, USA, and Canada. It offers courses in:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Content Creation.
  • Python Programming.


Online Idea Lab also caters to training corporates and has an array of courses for higher education. Under the content creation training domain, too, there is something for everyone. The courses on offer are:

  • Content writing foundation course.
  • Advanced content writing course.
  • Copywriting course.
  • Creative writing course.
  • Technical writing course.
  • Instructional design course.


We will explore the features of the content writing foundation course online.

Salient Features of the content writing course at Online Idea Lab:

  • Requirements/Eligibility:
    • Basic communication skills.
    • A personal laptop.
    • Basic computer skills.
    • An eagerness to learn.
    • Time for classes and assignments.
  • Mode of Course Delivery: Online platform, virtual classes.
  • Duration of the Course: Twelve sessions of two hours each spread over a month for the weekday batches. Eight sessions of three hours each spread over a month for the weekend batches.
  • Curriculum: The content writing framework relies on three aspects; content research, content writing, and content promotion. The modules include:
    • Digital marketing fundamentals.
    • Basic competitor analysis.
    • Reading and analyzing content.
    • Fundamentals of visual content.
    • Common grammatical errors.
    • Content writing and ethics.
    • Proofreading and editing.
    • Content writing tools.
    • Writing viral content.
    • Freelancing as a content writer.
  • Course Fee: INR 8,900/-
  • Benefits:
    • With training at Online Idea Lab, candidates engage in activities and assignments, pushing them to learn concepts through practical application.
    • Career guidance and support for a lifetime.
    • Candidates learn to use over 20 tools for research, writing, and promotion of content.
    • Access to become a part of the Online Idea Lab alumni network.
    • Placement assistance from the in-house team to help candidates find a relevant job.
    • A certificate of completion.


Online Idea Lab is at:

With centres in Bangalore, Toronto, and New York, it has four branches in Bangalore.

5th Block 2nd Floor, 99D,

2nd Cross Road, KHB Colony, 5th Block,

Koramangala, Bangalore-560095

Phone: 91089-29507


Rank 5 Online Content Writing Courses



A division of the Digital Marketing Training Institute in Mumbai, Content Writing Courses, has been in the training industry for nine years now.


Poonam Mashru, the co-founder of DMTI and DMTI Softpro, is an online marketing consultant, speaker, and author. Being active for over 26 years with various workshops and online courses, the content writing courses by Poonam Mashru are one of the best.


The author/trainer even has her blog page with useful resources like articles and blogs on content writing, digital marketing, SEO, social media, and self-improvement. There are also free motivational e-books. Let us take a look at their content writing courses online.


Salient Features of the content writing course at Content Writing Courses:

  • Requirements/Eligibility: Basics of writing the English language.
  • Mode of Course Delivery: Online platform, virtual classes.
  • Duration of the Course:
    • Online Certificate Course in Content Writing. The weekday batch is a fast track for one week, while the weekend batch is on Saturdays for five weeks.
    • Online Advanced Course in Content Writing. The weekday batch will last for two weeks, while the Saturday-only weekend batch will take three months.
  • Course Curriculum:

    • The certificate course includes ten modules. It is inclusive of nine worksheets, notes, three e-books, and a certificate.
    • The advanced course is more in-depth and includes 25 modules. It contains eighteen worksheets, ten e-books, notes, and two certificates. The advanced course as a bonus also gives candidates a gold subscription and access to the digital library with over 200+ videos on digital marketing from top trainers in the world.
    • The modules of content writing are:
      • Kickstart content writing, principles, and processes.
      • Crucial content writing steps, how to focus on the buyer persona.
      • Blogging.
      • Content writing strategies for online sales, headline strategies, CTAs.
      • Writing emails that will convert.
      • Keyword research.
      • SEO copywriting.
      • Learn and create graphic content.
      • Create video content.
      • Creating a blog on wordpress.com.
      • Create engaging content for social media.
      • Writing high-converting product descriptions.
      • White paper and case studies.
      • Content marketing.
      • Viral content.
      • Influencer marketing (full Instagram training).
      • Using Linkedin marketing for self or company promotion.
      • Email marketing system, learn to design, collect, and deliver bulk emails.
      • Freelancing portals and methods.
      • Write for landing pages.
      • Caption writing.
      • Using extra tools for content writing and marketing.
    • Course Fee:
      • The online certificate course is for INR 5,550/- (inclusive of GST).
      • The online advanced course is for INR 11,550/- (inclusive of GST).
      • The limited early bird offer for the courses is INR 4,550 and INR 8,550/- respectively.
    • Benefits:
      • Candidates get weekly assignments.
      • Students learn WordPress, blogging, and even build their blogs.
      • Students learn various tools for research, writing, and promotion of content.
      • Candidates benefit from the small batch size and individual attention.
      • All participants get a certificate of completion.


Content Writing Courses-DMTI Softpro is at:

C/o DMTI @ Softpro B/2 Vimal Udyog Bhavan, 1st Floor,

Opp. Star City Cinema, Next to Mahalaxmi Society,

5 Min from Matunga Road Station,

Dadar (West)-400016

Phone: 98339-00330




While most institutes offering content writing courses online concentrate more on content writing only, IIM SKILLS takes a radically and practically different approach. It enlightens students on some digital marketing fundamentals which hold immense importance in the content writing field.


As digital marketing and content writing are interrelated, and one cannot exist without the other, candidates need to have some basic understanding of the rules of the digital game. Content writing today is nothing but digital writing, as it is content for online platforms. Hence, the Content Writing Master Course is an ideal choice with more practical knowledge about digital platforms.


Platforms like Udemy, no doubt provide excellent content writing courses online, but the lacking factor is interactive learning. It is without human interaction, mostly learning through recorded videos. Yes, there are post your query sections, but nothing to beat the satisfaction of face-to-face query resolution.


With technology advancement, there are various platforms like Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, etc., to aid institutes in holding content writing courses online. These interactive sessions are akin to classroom sessions but come with the advantage of learning from the comfort of your home.


Also, they are convenient in terms of time management. Imagine rushing through your chores at the office/home so that you can reach your classes on time. The thought itself is tiring, isn’t it?


Learning online obliterates the need to go through the commute, which in most cases, is draining and tiring. You are left with more energy and a fresher and calmer mind to go through the course.


Another perspective of online learning is that you get to interact with people, not just from your city/locality but with a diverse segment. Cross-cultural understanding and teamwork on a virtual platform are some benefits.


Summing Up:

For all the people looking at up-skilling or learning a new skill in the content writing domain, pick up an online course and get started.


Quoting Aristotle:


“Well begun is half done.”


  1. Chyan

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  2. Vrushali Meheta

    Hi there. This is Vrushali from Pune. Nowadays content writing is a booming industry. A lot of companies are in need of content writers. Yes, I know there are a lot of people who claim they have great writing knowledge, but I do feel it’s important to have a proper training and certificate. It not only helps one to get a job but also teaches you how to create quality content. “Content is king” as the saying goes. As a writer, I think the institutes offering online courses are the best option for anyone who travels a lot or graduation students or even people with jobs. It is an advantageous course for today’s people who are interested in making a career in writing. This article has a great list of institutes. Good job posting this article.

  3. Anindita

    According to me, IIMSkills is the best for content writing or digital marketing courses. They have an amazing faculty and the classes are performed diligently. One can also consider Udemy. Udemy classes perfect for those who want to improve their writing skills, but I would say ‘no’ to those who are considering for this course for job purposes or those who want a valid certification recognized by reputable companies.
    If you are looking for a career upgrade and would seriously consider writing as a career, I would say you should opt for IIMSkills. They have the complete curriculum, starting from writing techniques to the use of social media tools, the importance of SEO, and also creating one’s personal website or blog. Their classes are mostly practical, and really easy to understand. I was previously a student of both these institutes for different courses and was quite satisfied with it. I have no idea about the other institutes so I hadn’t commented on it, but that doesn’t mean those institutes aren’t worth checking out or anything.

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    I came across your blog and the title caught my eye. But I don’t understand what you mean by paid course. Does it refer to the course fee or something else? The article was a bit long so I kind of summarized it. I will read it once more in detail when I get the time. As far as I can tell it involves paid internship isn’t it? But normally most internships are paid. Though it’s hard to get an internship any publishing house or company without recommendation. I want to know what I will be benefitted from if I apply for this course. And which institute among these do the paid internship work the best for? Online courses can be a bit tricky. So I want to clear all doubts before I decie on joining. I am not sure at the moment. Even if I enroll in this course it will only be because I found it interesting. Your reply will help me decide whether I should this course or not. Looking forward to it.

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    Hi there. I liked your post and wanted to subscribe for further exciting posts such as this one until I noticed that there wasn’t a subscription button. Well let me introduce myself, My name is Aisha Khuranna from Mumbai, wannabe journalist, and an aspiring content writer. This covid situation has upset everyone, but I am out of this list. This has provided me a chance to hone different skills, learning at the luxury of your own home. I am an enthusiast learner and this course I just love it. I have heard so much about this course and now when I get to join one. I am really excited about thinking about all the possibilities. And your article has made me want to join this course more than ever. I really liked how you wrote this article and there is no rubbish and there’s only valuable information. Someday I would like to be able to write like this and want viewers to read my articles too. And before I join any institute I want to know if any of these institutes have a placement cell. I already see that the first institute does, so are there other institutes like this one? I want to take note of it then. Also are the classes downloadable? I have a habit of going through classes once more, like a form of revision. But not every institute has this facility. So this is also a point I would like to note. Other than these things I sincerely Thank you for this article. Looking forward to your answers.

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    Sir I am interested in this training program and I would like to discuss further about this course. I am an English third year graduate student. I have always like writing and I am an avid reader too. Courses like this interest me very much. I am also interested in other writing courses or workshops. I have a clear idea of what a content writer is and about their roles. I have done my part of the research work and the more I read about it the more I felt inclined to joun this course. It’s just a perfect training course in all its aspect. Thank you so much for bringing this article forward. I was also a little nervous about this program but now that I see there are so many students like me interested in this training session, I feel very excited. I was more excited to join this course since my friend started working as a content writer last month. She suggested me to read this article, before making a choice. I also have a few other institute that I have in mind. surprisingly they weren’t noted here, given the fact that those are popular course sites too. But I am really happy to read this article. Nice work.

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    Hey, I read about the different niches of writing or to be specific about content writing. I am so interested in this course. Not only that this is an amazing course to learn but also that this is an awesome line to get a job in. There are so much opportunities for good writers and I am excited to land a job myself. So I was wondering about this courses niches. After reading about them I am kind of interested in academic writing and blogging too. Do you think these online courses will help us in these areas too? Blogging maybe a common term nowadays but opening a blog can be so challenging. I thought of starting a blog but I was so confused when it came to it, even though I read so many articles. I hope this course helps in this part too. I recently read one can earn from blogging too. If so then I would like to solely focus on that. I am working at sbi currently. So I want to take it as a hobby.

  14. Rajrupa

    Hey there. I am a first year post graduate student in journalism and mass communication. I want to join in this program. So in the past few days I have been reading articles on this. I have been more interested in this course since then. I wish to apply for the next batch early on if possible. Then again can I apply for more than one course at a time. If these institutes offer demo classes can I apply to them more than one? I woud like to attend a few before deciding. And I have previously written a few articles on college magazines and reviews too, so I am even if not by a lot I am confident in my writing. With a bit help it will improve further. I would also like to ask if one want to make this a career what steps should they take after the course completion? How should they proceed, if they are not given a chance for interning at that institute? Will they still get the help for placement?

  15. Samragyi

    Hello. Good evening sir. As always this course is one of the most popular courses in online. I also started looking for this course a few days ago. I wasn’t sure about my writing capabilities, so I attended a short course for this. The training lasted for two months and I am so thankful for that. I am feeling much more confident in joining this course now. Honestly I would like to join an institute where they will teach us from the basic to the in detailed course materials. I do not wish to focus on the writing part too much. There is so much stuff to learn about other than that. That’s why I really liked your article. I liked how you described the institutes accordingly. I was worried I wouldn’t find an institute per my requirements. But I am grateful that I got this chance to enroll in one of the best institutes. I have already selected which institute I would like to join. Thanks so much for this article. I wish you luck for your blog writing.

  16. Prodyutt Dutta

    Hi. I want to know more about this course. I was looking for online courses when I came upon your article. It’s my first time reading your article on this topic. I have an idea about what this course entails after reading your article, but all I want is to enhance my writing skills. I think the course curriculum for this course at different institutes are a bit difficult. I am not confident on how to proceed or should I even proceed. I have no idea on any internet functions or applications that will be used during this course. Will the trainings start from completely basic levels? Will they teach us all about writing and tools functions and blogging all in one course? As you may guess that I am interested in this course, but I am not sure. In this case what do you think I should do? I will be waiting for you reply. Hope you can reply back.

  17. Kunal

    Hi, I am Diyanshu. And I have been looking for content writing courses for a while. I read a few blogs. IIM Skills seem to be on the top of the list, which sounds wonderful. I am also going to buy digital marketing courses. Can you please tell me how are there digital marketing course?

  18. kaveri

    Hi, I am kaveri. I am a BA Hons. student. I am keen on learning content writin course . Will BA in English and Certification in Content writing course from IIM skills get me a content writer job?


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