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OMiT Digital Marketing Course Review – ADVISOR UNCLE

In our series of individual institute reviews, today, we will review the OMiT Digital Marketing Course at Bangalore. OMiT stands for Online Marketing Institute and Training. If you are looking for a course in Bangalore or Mysore and have read through our blog on the top 10 digital marketing courses in Mysore, you will know OMiT is one of the leading institutes teaching digital marketing.



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The exponential growth and progress of digital marketing are evident even to the layman today. But there is enough statistical evidence to support this. Moreover, circumstances today have capsized the way businesses function worldwide. While, on the one hand, there have been many layoffs and shutdowns, on the brighter side, we see many job openings as well.


The one thing common in the change of events, and in the way businesses are functioning right now, is more of online. Yes, more and more enterprises, whether products or services, are moving onto the online platform. For the employees, it means an adaptation to a hybrid work situation where they can work remotely from their home or go to offices.


While many traditional jobs are or will be redundant, some job profiles are in demand and will continue to be in demand in the foreseeable future. You guessed it right. Digital marketing is one of the hot and in-demand skills. So, if you have decided to upskill yourself or learn a new skill and zeroed in on digital marketing, it is perhaps the wisest decision at the current time.


Digital Marketing as a Career:


A lot has already been written and told about digital marketing. There is information overload on Google about digital marketing. There are videos and entire channels on digital marketing. Still, for the uninitiated, let us explore the plus and minus of digital marketing as a career.


The buzz around digital marketing is real. The demand for skilled digital marketers is real. Also real is the dearth of trained professionals in this field. So put that apprehension to rest, and read on for more insights into the digital marketing career.

Digital marketing is an asset to every business/industry/niche. Solopreneurs or freelancers, small to medium-sized businesses to the larger companies and enterprises, all need a brand identity to sustain.


The millennials and Gen-Z are always online for everything they need and want. They form the largest group of consumers, so it is only logical to create your brand awareness online. Considering all of this, the scope of digital marketing as a career is ceaseless. Having understood the importance and future of a digital marketing career, let us delve into the pros and hardly any cons of the same.


Pros of the Digital Marketing Career:


  1. Digital marketing is fast-paced, ever-changing, and has immense potential as it keeps evolving and changing with the changing trends and technology. The biggest plus is that there is a massive demand for skilled professionals.


  1. Secondly, digital marketing does not demand a specialized degree of three to four years. It is a skill that you can learn real fast, within a few months, and the only criterion is the capability of executing all you know. It demands no fancy degrees or institution certifications. Definitely, a certificate from a reputed digital marketing institute has value.


The only investment is a short term course in digital marketing to get you started. It is one of the best job-oriented courses out there today.


  1. Thirdly, digital marketing encompasses a wide array of skills within itself. Apart from the profile of a digital marketer, there are multiple digital marketing elements, each of which presents a job opportunity in itself.


On the path of learning digital marketing, you learn various other subjects, which are careers in themselves. Some such elements are:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Mobile marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Web analytics
  • Growth hacking


  1. Not to forget that digital marketing is one of the most lucrative jobs today in terms of salary. Digital marketing is one of those few skills where you can earn while you still learn. The more you learn and practice, the better you earn. The average digital marketing manager salary in India is INR 541,919 per Payscale and can go up with experience and talent.


Cons of the Digital Marketing Career:


The only con of a career in digital marketing is perhaps lack of structure. Since it is still evolving, there are no fixed templates for success. In fact, it is not even a con, just an opportunity to learn more and grow more.


There are many other positives about a digital marketing job. You can even earn through freelancing or start up an agency. Since it is an online skill, the whole world is your market, and your clients can be from any city, state, or country. All you need is talent.


The beauty of digital marketing jobs is that you can function and operate from anywhere. It offers you the flexibility of place and time. Moreover, it is prevalent and an absolute necessity across industry verticals. If you seek variety in your work and are creative, you can shift from one vertical to another, say the travel industry to the food industry. The options are endless and amazing.


What you need to sustain and excel in a digital marketing career is the never-ending thirst for knowledge, the determination to be up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations, and the creativity to think out of the box. The digital marketing job is far from mundane; it is highly exciting, and for the fast-paced.


If marketing is not your forte and your passion lies in writing, look no further than the Content Writing Master Course to master the skills of online content writing.


A Brief introduction to OMiT:


OMiT Digital Marketing Course Review


The Online Marketing Institute and Training or OMiT is a leading digital marketing training center in Bangalore. It has seven branches across Bangalore, Mysore, and Bhubaneswar. The institute offers digital marketing courses for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, job aspirants, and corporates. OMiT believes in high-quality training and offers extensive resources and faculty support.


OMiT has a partnership with over 50 leading companies and MNCs, ensuring 100% placement to all of its students. With an up-to-date syllabus and immersive teaching methodology, the OMiT digital marketing course is one of the best. The institute prepares the students for the challenges of the dynamic digital marketing industry and hones their skills such that they are job-ready.


Online Marketing Institute and Training also conduct workshops from time-to-time on various aspects of digital marketing.


With the OMiT digital marketing course, participants not only get an opportunity to learn from top trainers but also get guaranteed placement and an overall business perspective.


The journey of participants through the OMiT digital marketing course starts with the live classroom sessions, focusing on gaining practical knowledge and understanding how to develop strategies. Next are the practical exercises where candidates learn to implement and execute all digital marketing concepts through assignments, quizzes, and real-time projects.


The certifications are the reward for all the efforts that participants put into learning and implementing. They add value to the resume and transform trainees into professionals now equipped to take on the role of a digital marketer.


At OMiT, participants have 24/7 online access, topic-wise study materials, and an LMS validity of one year. The dedicated placement cell takes care of placements, and the institute also provides post-training and on-the-job assistance for three months.


Courses at OMiT:


There are separate OMiT digital marketing courses for corporates and colleges. There is also a crash course and individual courses for Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media training.


Overall, the institute has trainers with 13+ years of experience and takes in only five to eight students per batch. With an online rating of 4.9, OMiT ensures 100% job placement to all the candidates.


The institute has branches at:

Marathahalli, Phone#: +91 8105824987

J.P. Nagar, Phone#: +91 8105824987

Koramangala, Phone#: +91 8105824987

Basaveshwara Nagar, Phone#: +91 8105824987

Bhubaneswar, Phone#: +91 8105824987

Mysore, Phone#: +91 8105824987


OMiT Digital Marketing Course:


Program Overview:

The integrated digital marketing course at OMiT covers all significant disciplines and is up-to-date with industry knowledge. The hands-on experience leads to positive professional outcomes, and the institute prides itself on 100% placements.



Any graduates, freshers, students, marketing professionals, working professionals, bloggers, vloggers, entrepreneurs, business owners, or even homemakers can opt for the OMiT digital marketing course.


Mode and Course Duration:

The weekday batches have early morning, morning, noon, evening, and late evening batches. The weekend course is only on Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm with breaks. You can opt either for the classroom or online option. The Master in digital marketing course is for three months.



The course curriculum for the OMiT digital marketing course covers basics as well as advanced concepts. It has 160+ hours of theory and practicals and includes:

  • WordPress Website with friendly plugins
  • Search Engine Optimization with seven modules covering 70 topics.
  • Search Engine Marketing with seven modules covering 60 topics
  • Social Media, with four modules covering 31 topics.
  • Mobile marketing which includes eight topics
  • Content marketing, also with eight topics
  • Online reputation management, eight topics
  • Video marketing, eight topics
  • Google Analytics, a complete guide
  • Complete guide to social media analytics
  • Understanding affiliate marketing
  • Programmatic display ads
  • Google tag manager
  • Understanding the role of AI in digital marketing.


Additional Benefits:

While the classroom course offers the benefits of a projector in the classroom, live projects, and one-to-one training, the online option provides live interactive sessions with industry experts. An internship for hands-on experience, 100% job placement with live training, and lifetime support are additional perks of the OMiT digital marketing course.



Participants get 14+ certificates, which increases their credibility when applying for jobs. These include:

  • Google Certifications
  • Hubspot Certifications
  • Facebook Blueprint Certifications
  • Hootsuite Certification
  • Google Tag Manager Certificate
  • OMiT certificate
  • Internship certificate.


Career Assistance:

Deserving participants can expect placement in top MNCs. The institute prepares the participants through mock interviews and 24×7 support so they can crack interviews with ease. It also provides guidance for freelancing and to entrepreneurs.


Digital Marketing Crash Course at OMiT:


Eligibility: The crash course is specifically for working professionals and entrepreneurs. It is a short-duration intensive training to train participants in the field of digital marketing. Whether you are looking at shifting from your current job profile or are a marketing professional aiming to change from traditional to digital, or a business owner wanting to make it big online, this course is the perfect fit. While working professionals will learn and upskill themselves, marketing professionals can stay on top of the marketing game by being valuable. Entrepreneurs can understand the nuances of how things work online and become not just average but successful entrepreneurs.


Course Duration: The crash course is for 30-45 days with flexible timings and weekday or weekend batches.


Program Overview: The crash course includes two weeks of projector classroom sessions, live projects in advanced digital marketing concepts, assignments based on real-time case studies, and a structured evaluation by industry experts. Participants get 12+ certifications upon course completion.


OMiT Digital Marketing Course for Corporates:


Program Overview: The OMiT corporate digital marketing course can be customized as per the company requirements and held at the company location. Upskilling your team with digital marketing can change your business dynamics and allow you to step ahead of your competitors and improve your online presence.


For the corporates, an efficient digital marketing strategy can generate quicker and more leads, increase brand awareness, and give you better returns on your investment.


OMiT also provides digital marketing process re-engineering services or the DMPR. They assess team performance and provide proper research on various digital marketing campaigns and provide end-to-end digital marketing solutions unique for your company.


The corporate course will provide the entire team with real-time experience of working on live projects and also Google Analytics and Google Adwords certification. The corporate course aims to make your team strong in sales generation, client servicing, and digital marketing effortlessly with the newly acquired skills.


Eligibility: Suitable for training marketing and sales teams, managers, entrepreneurs, or corporate company directors. This course is available only as a weekday course but at the convenience of the corporates.


OMiT Digital Marketing Course for Colleges:


Eligibility: This OMiT digital marketing course is ideal for colleges and specifically caters to the student population with in-demand course modules.


Program Overview: It includes levels one and two for college graduates with live training, assignments, tests, and the OMiT certification and offers 100% placement. Employers today are keen on hiring talent and not just qualification. Experts design the digital marketing modules for this course, and the course material is available to the students. Virtual classrooms are also an option, and students can work on real-time projects in modules like social media marketing, Google Adwords, search engine optimization, etc.


Fresh graduates with in-demand skills like digital marketing are a high potential combination that most companies seek. Add to this the expertise of OMiT’s college-level training program with the best faculty with eight-plus years of experience. The result is young and talented digital marketers who are job-ready.


The institute provides theoretical and practical knowledge, live training, boosts confidence to face interviews, holds mock interviews, assignments, and exams for certifications.


The students benefit from digital marketing training, but even the college receives a significant impetus with all the placement records, adding value to the college’s prestige.


Other Courses at OMiT:


Apart from custom OMiT digital marketing courses for colleges, corporates, and an integrated course, there are individual courses for participants who wish to specialize in niche areas.


Search Engine Optimization Training:


For aspirants who wish to pursue the search engine optimization niche, OMiT has separate SEO training. SEO is an integral part of digital marketing and is widely pursued as an independent subject altogether. There are SEO specialist job profiles that seek in-depth knowledge about search engine optimization.


Eligibility: Anyone with good oral and written communication skills in English is eligible to take up this training.


Course Duration: The course is for 30 days/two months, weekday classes, and includes soft skills and interview basics.


Syllabus: Everything about search engine optimization, including:

  • Basics of SEO: All about search engines, history of search engines, how they work, popular search engines, their importance, and SERP or search engine results page.
  • Basic implementation of SEO: Basics of SEO, types, techniques, and importance of SEO.
  • On-Page Optimization: On-page SEO, website analysis, keyword research, content creation and optimization, header tag optimization, 404-page creation, image optimization, breadcrumbs, canonical tag, meta tag creation, competitor analysis, sitemap creation, schema data, and robot file creation.
  • Off-Page Optimization: Backlinks, domain authority, link juice, search engine submission, blog creation and optimization, link building, social bookmarking, forum submissions, image sharing, video sharing, link baiting, link exchange, business listing, document sharing, guest posting, press release, and social media community creation.
  • Advanced SEO: Local SEO, Google My Business, name, address, phone number, customization of Google maps, increasing reviews, microformat optimization, and local submissions.
  • SEO tools: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google keyword planner, Google trends, Google page speed, woorank, Alexa, MOZ tool, etc.
  • Latest SEO techniques: Schema data, language optimization, international targeting, sub-domains, e-commerce SEO, blog integration.


Skills: By the end of this training, participants will know about the SEO best practices, working of SEO on different mediums, SEO tools, SEO strategy implementation, and complete on-page and off-page optimization.


Search Engine Marketing Training:


Closely linked to search engine optimization is search engine marketing. It is the paid way to increase traffic and sales. OMiT provides a pay per click or search engine marketing training with Google Adwords certification. SEM offers instant visibility to your brand, driving targeted traffic, and creating brand awareness.


Eligibility: As with SEO, anyone with good oral and written English communication skills can take up the SEM training. It is a 30-day course available both as a weekday and weekend course.


Syllabus: With a one on one training and 100% placement assistance, the SEM training includes:

  • Overview of SEM/Adwords: Understanding search engine marketing, how it works, the tools for SEM, and the importance of SEM.
  • Understanding Adwords Analysis: How Adwords work, examples and case studies, understanding quality score, the importance of quality score, CTR, and its significance.
  • Fundamentals of SEM: Learning about pay per click, display ads, the importance of display contextual ads, CPM, CPI, CPC, tutorial on Google Adwords, and tools used for analysis.
  • Setting up Adwords account and campaigns: Creating, setting up, and managing campaigns, keyword planner, calendar, title, budget allocation, and analyzing CPC.
  • Winning SEM: Competitor analysis, understanding client needs, upgrading and staying updated, mobile marketing, and core logic involved in search engine marketing.
  • Advanced Search Engine Marketing: Content marketing, brand reputation, affiliate marketing, and finally, social media optimization, and marketing.


Social Media Training:


Yet another popular niche in the realm of digital marketing is the Social Media Marketing/Optimization. OMiT offers social media training as a short course of 30 days with internship and placement assistance.


Eligibility: A degree and good communication skills are all you need to enroll in this comprehensive training with live projects. A 30-day course is available as both weekend and weekday training.


Syllabus: Social media is one element that takes care of branding, awareness, sales, and customer engagement all at once. It includes the following modules:

  • Social media optimization: Branding, demand creation, promotions, cross-promotion, viral marketing, creating relevant posts, content, and strategy; creating pages and groups on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, and Pinterest.
  • Social media marketing: Learning to create pages, ads, bids, and strategies on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.


Skills: With the social media specialization training, participants will learn all the basics of social media, the importance and impact of social media, and building social media campaigns, and assessing the performance.


Student Reviews: The institute has placed more than 1000+ students thus far. In the words of students through their reviews, OMiT is the best place to learn digital marketing, thumbs up for the flexible timing, good overall experience, detailed description, good placements, premier digital marketing course in Bangalore, top-notch training, and a friendly and open-minded environment.


Concluding thoughts on OMiT Digital Marketing Course:


OMiT, a leading institute in Bangalore for digital marketing, has a wide variety of courses to choose from, whether you are a student or a corporate, or a working professional. They have flexibility in terms of online and offline classes to suit your circumstances. Additionally, they even have specialization courses or niche training such as SEO, SEM, and social media.


The course structure is overall very well-designed, and the 100% placement assurance is a big plus. There is no mention of the course fee on the website as such. People interested in taking up the course can contact the institute for the same. The institute does mention training participants to earn either through freelancing, starting up a business, or through a job in digital marketing.

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