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NIDM Digital Marketing Course Review

Continuing our series of digital marketing course reviews, after checking out the Web Marketing Academy Digital Marketing Course and Inventateq Digital Marketing Course in Bengaluru, today, we will go through the NIDM Digital Marketing Course Review.


Digital marketing jobs are all the rage today. Look around job portals, and you will find numerous openings for various posts under digital marketing.


Right now, as I pen this article, there are 26047 digital marketing jobs on Naurki.com, 15,000+ jobs on Linkedin, 12147 on Indeed.com, 62606 online digital marketing jobs on TimesJob.com, and 44018 new digital marketing jobs across India on Shine.com.


These numbers are self-explanatory about the demand for a digital marketing job across India. If you explore individual cities also, you will find a demand for digital marketing jobs at any given point in time.


If you are an aspiring writer, then the Content Writing Master Course is just for you.


Given this increase in the requirement, more people are showing an interest in learning this exceptional skill that provides lucrative careers. You can read through our article on the top digital marketing courses in India if you are an aspiring digital marketer.


Are you inspired enough to take on digital marketing? Get on board the Digital Marketing Master Course to experience every module as you learn.


When we speak of digital marketing, as mentioned in our various articles on digital marketing, it is an umbrella term that encompasses multiple aspects. One such part which we will explore in brief today is influencer marketing.


What is influencer marketing?


Gone are the days when influencer marketing meant celebrities or noted bloggers. There has been a tremendous rise in social media influencers, and practically any ordinary person can become an influencer with a huge fan following.


As the name suggests, influencer marketing is all about influencing a marketing or buying decision. You impact the decision-making abilities of individuals, directing them to buy your product/services.


Influencers are not born overnight. Influencer marketing works only because of the trust that the influencers build with the masses over a period of time. Their fan following is an indication of how popular they are. The more popular, the more likely are their fans to buy products/services endorsed by them. That is just how the fan club works.


Influencer marketing is a collaboration, a liaison between brands and influencers. Overall, an influencer is someone who wields power to affect the purchasing decisions of people, owing to their trust and relation with the audience. Almost always, the influencers have a niche and show active engagement within that niche.


Finding the right influencer can be a daunting task. It all depends on the product/service and brand mission. For example, a food product will do well to select from food bloggers and food influencers.


Some influencer marketing campaigns of note in 2019 worth the mention would be:

  • The Make Potato Great Again by Taco Bell with the multifaceted Indian YouTuber and stand-up comedian. Tanmay Bhat
  • #7HourMarathon by Duroflex, roping in the Indian supermodel and fitness enthusiast, Milind Soman
  • #ShootForSolly by Allen Solly to attract the younger audience and portray their line of chinos to be a synonym for jeans, something that suits work and socializing. This campaign roped in 11 budding photographers from various walks of life.


What are micro-influencers?


Micro-influencers are just that, influencers with a micro or lesser fan following. People with 1,000 to 1,000,000 come in the category of micro-influencers. They have their focus on niche experts, and the thing with micro-influencers is that they have a better engagement rate than the influencers. The engagement invariably tends to decrease with an increase in the number of followers.


The best part about influencers and micro-influencers is their accessibility. When you hire celebrities to endorse and promote your product/service, it has limitations to just that, endorsement, and promotion. But the micro-influencers and influencers are people who connect with the masses. You can relate to them being one among you.


How effective is influencer marketing?


Influencer marketing comes with a host of benefits. Whether your product/service is from the beauty industry, fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, business, tech, or entertainment industry, there are influencers and micro-influencers in every domain.


One of the most significant benefits is the higher engagement rate. The influencers and micro-influencers interact with their audience more frequently, responding to their comments and questions, making it more humane. Higher interaction and engagement lead to better trust-building, and better trust building translates into more followers.


Once there is trust-building, higher conversion rates are not far behind. Most people trust any recommendations made by their favorite influencers. Take the example of beauty products. There are many beauty influencers like Shreya Jain, Malvika Sitlani, to name a few, who have built up enormous trust with a massive fan following. What these influencers say is like the bible for their followers, and people actually go ahead and buy recommended products very enthusiastically, not skeptically.


When it comes to digital marketing, we have influencers like Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Deepak Kanakaraju, Sorav Jain, etc. are people who command respect. Through their constant interaction and knowledge sharing with the audience, they have garnered a great fan following.


Another factor that works for influencer marketing is affordability. Roping in celebrities, as we very well know, comes with a cost; not every brand can afford, and such spends are unrealistic. The influencers and micro-influencers are far more affordable, and even the ROI is better.


With celebrities, the masses know that they endorse or recommend a brand or product only because they are being paid a hefty sum for it, whereas, with influencers, the trust factor comes into play. When an influencer or micro-influencer recommends a product/service, the masses trust their recommendations.


Influencer marketing in India:


The mechanism of influencer marketing is that brands work with influencers to improve their brand awareness. Influencer marketing is at an all-time peak in India. Although in vogue for almost five years now, it shows no signs of abating anytime soon.


Today’s consumers are drastically different from those a decade ago. With exposure to a lot more information and being a lot more tech-savvy, you cannot fool them easily.


The influencer marketing trend is more like a norm in the current age, especially in India. The overall increase in mobile usage, increased social media usage, and immense internet proliferation attributes hugely to the emergence of influencer marketing.


Almost all social media channels have tonnes of influencers, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even YouTube, there are influencers in all domains.


The next factor that impacts this trend in India is content-based marketing. With an aware audience comes greater responsibility to deliver meaningful content.


All marketing and content today revolves around consumers. If your product or service has a solution for the consumers, the marketing strategy keeps consumers first; the content emphasizes the usefulness of the product to various consumer issues; the marketing efforts are on track and will definitely get results.


Did you know that 86% of women look at social networks to research and make a purchasing decision? Also, 86% of the beauty videos on YouTube are not by brands themselves but buy the beauty influencers. And finally, a whopping 71% of consumers make purchases based on recommendations from influencers on various social media platforms.


These statistics are clear indicators of how well the influencer marketing scene is working for India. Influencer marketing will continue to be a preferred marketing strategy for the foreseeable future.


Onto the Digital Marketing Course Review:


After all that information, let us shift our focus from influencer marketing back to digital marketing course reviews.


Since learning from an institute is the best way to learn digital marketing, we will review the top digital marketing institutes in great detail. These reviews will give you detailed information about the institute, the founders, the branches, the teaching methodology, syllabus, and more, so you can make an informed decision.


A Brief Introduction to National Institute of Digital Marketing:


NIDM digital marketing course review


The National Institute of Digital Marketing or NIDM is a leading professional training institute for digital marketing in Bangalore. Along with digital skills, the participants get trained in various essential entrepreneurial and management skills.


For well over eight years, NIDM has been providing classroom digital marketing, online digital marketing, and corporate training. The syllabus is at par with industry requirements and covers basic to advanced concepts.


Whether an individual seeking a job or an entrepreneur, NIDM is willing to go the extra mile to serve your purpose of learning digital marketing. With expert internet marketing coordinators, high-quality training, and dedication, the team at NIDM encourages participants and brings out the best in them.


The institute has trained over 10,000 participants in 1000+ batches and has also conducted 550 corporate workshops.


A little something about the Founder:


A top-rated digital marketing institute in Bangalore, the NIDM founder, is Mr. M.S. Kumar, who has greater than ten years of experience in the digital marketing field. The institute is an initiative by Masira Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd.


M.S. Kumar is a corporate trainer with 12 years of experience and having trained more than 10,000 trainees. He has to his credit, the experience of working as a corporate trainer for IIM-Kozhikode, and at IIM-Indore for digital marketing certification programs.


His areas of expertise include social media and viral marketing, paid ads, pay per click, search engine optimization, startup consulting, online branding, and lead generation. He has worked with many startup companies as well. He is also a visiting faculty (guest faculty) at various top B-schools (PES, New Horizon, Presidency College, MS Ramaiah Institute of Management) in India and a consulting trainer for Times Pro and the NIIT University.


Courses at NIDM:


The National Institute of Digital Marketing is a dedicated digital marketing institute and provides training only in digital marketing. The courses other than an integrated digital marketing course include:

  • SEO
  • PPC training
  • SEM
  • Social Media
  • Soft Skills Training.


You can request a free demo for any of the courses before joining.


Moving on to the NIDM Digital Marketing Course Review:


The NIDM digital marketing course is one of the best in Bangalore and India. A dedicated marketing institute, the NIDM provides the highest quality training and resources, ensuring every student succeeds in learning digital skills. A forward-thinking institute, the NIDM digital marketing course syllabus takes into consideration industry needs.


Currently, the institute has branches across Bangalore in Koramangala, BTM, Jayanagar, Malleshwaram, and Banashankari. NIDM also has a branch in Goa.


BTM Address:

#152, 13th Main, 1st Cross,

BTM Layout, 1st Stage,

Near Udupi Garden Signal, Bangalore-560068

Phone: +91-96113 61147


Koramangala Address:

#3, ISO 830, 1st & 2nd Floor, Opposite MTR and Marks & Spencer,

Near Sony World Signal, 100ft Inner Ring Road,

Koramangala, Bangalore- 560047

Phone#: +91 96113 03057


Malleshwaram Address:

No.16, 2nd floor, 10th Cross Road,

Sri Nanjundeshwara Complex

Malleshwaram West, Bengaluru-560003

Phone: +91-9380674806


Banashankari Branch:

No. 180, 2nd Floor, GST Galleria,

1st Phase, 3rd Stage Banashankari,



Jayanagar Branch:

NIDM, 3rd Floor, #30 (New #67),

8th F main, Jayanagar 3rd Block,



Goa Branch:

Address: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Office No 2 & 4

Durga Apartment, Near ICICI Bank

Next to Virginker Petrol pump, Margao Goa

Phone: 0832-2702078 / 9158019190


Program Overview:


NIDM digital marketing course is called the DDMP or the dynamic digital marketing program. With an overview of intermediate and advanced concepts, the DDMP covers 30+ modules and provides post-course support with LMS access and 200+ ebooks.


The NIDM digital marketing course also comes with 10+ certifications, 100% placement assurance, internships, 50+ digital marketing tools, and eight live projects through the course.


With 200+ hours of comprehensive learning, the DDMP is all about applied practical training. The course also has a high Google Business rating of 4.8/5.




Students and job seekers, small and medium business owners, and marketing professionals can join the DDMP and benefit from it. The NIDM HR team helps students create attractive resumes. Business owners learn how to nurture their business through internet marketing or digital marketing techniques. Marketing professionals learn the art of generating leads and boost their business.


Course Fee:


The course is available both as an online and classroom option. There is flexibility with weekday and weekend options. The course fee is

INR 30,000/-


Course Duration:


The NIDM digital marketing course is for 30 days.





The modules covered under the dynamic digital marketing course include:

  • Introduction to online marketing-basics, concepts, domain and hosting registration, and types of websites.
  • Building an online business
  • Search engine optimization-How search engines work, page rank, website architecture, website designing basics, and target segmentation, link building, white hat, black hat, and grey hat SEO, keyword research, and keyword density.
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing and optimization-Includes all about SMO with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. There is an in-depth module on marketing through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, along with video marketing.
  • Online reputation management
  • Introduction to email marketing-An introduction, types of email marketing, tracking conversions, and email marketing software.
  • Introduction to mobile marketing-Introduction, types of SMS marketing, push, and pull messages.
  • Website structure and planning
  • Understanding your customers
  • E-commerce marketing
  • Customer relationship management or CRM
  • Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense-Roles of merchant and affiliate, creating an affiliate network, choosing product and payment type, integrating accounts, promoting the program, and earning a commission. Google Adsense covers set up and integration, choosing ads, local search optimization, latest search engine algorithms, and pay per click.
  • Google Analytics-Inserting tracking code, goal set up, generating reports, audience, behavior, conversion, funnels and channels, and E-commerce.
  • Entrepreneurial success
  • Entrepreneurship-creating the business
  • Growth strategies for business
  • Viral marketing
  • Introduction to public relations-PR
  • Social media marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Lead generation for business
  • Blog/influencer marketing-Introduction to WordPress, blog setup, design, blogging methods, adding plugins, integrating videos, and blog marketing.
  • Marketing automation




The NIDM digital marketing course offers 10+ certifications.


Additional Benefits:


The curriculum is regularly revised and updated in line with the latest concepts. The experienced faculty train participants with real-time live projects. The NIDM digital marketing course also encourages all participants to clear their doubts and provides eight months’ of student support even after the course completion. NIDM has a bookstore with plenty of study material, and besides, all participants get 200+ eBooks. The corporate internship exposes the participants to a real-time work environment. Flexible payment options help trainees to learn with ease.


Career Assistance:


The NIDM digital marketing course offers 100% placement assistance with corporate internship allowing trainees to get hands-on experience in real work scenarios.


Short-term courses at NIDM:


Search Engine Optimization Training:

This course is for 25 days at INR 15,000. It is a specialized course that focuses on all the aspects of search engine optimization and has an in-depth curriculum. Since SEO is all-important for a business to show up on the search engine, it is an essential aspect of digital marketing. If you aspire to become a niche specialist, specializing only in search engine optimization, this is the right course.


Pay Per Click Training:

PPC is also an integral part of digital marketing that helps get traffic to a website. This course is available at INR 20,000/- and is a 15-day course. It has an extensive curriculum that covers all aspects from the working of PPC, Adwords, budget, timing, cost per click, cost per impression, account set up, campaigns, keyword research, optimizing cost per click, increase traffic, link with analytics, and also includes all about Adsense and affiliate marketing.


Search Engine Marketing Training:

Ideal for SEO managers and executives, content writers, and account managers, search engine marketing training enhances digital marketing skills. From an introduction to SEM, understanding the online ecosystem, SEO architecture, and advanced PPC concepts and campaigns, Yahoo and Bing PPC, this course covers it all with case studies, testing, and tracking.


Social Media Optimization Training:

The SMO training is for a month and at INR 15,000/-. This short-term course comes with course material, live projects, and placement assistance. The course includes all essential topics under Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, and YouTube. Participants can learn about marketing strategies on each of these platforms and the best practices for each social media channel.


Soft Skills Training:

Soft skills go a long way to ensure a candidate lands a desirable job. They are quintessential to survive in the corporate and working world. Whether it is the voice and accent, the grooming, the listening skills, barriers to communication, telephonic skills, positive mental attitude, or confidence building, soft skills training at NIDM, pay attention to all the aspects. The course also includes presentation skills, resume preparation, and corporate etiquette.


Student Reviews:


There are various Google and Facebook reviews for the NIDM digital marketing course in Bangalore, India. Some of the things that students have to say about this course are that it is the best place for digital marketing. The trainers are helpful and skilled professionals. It is a practical approach to learning. The HR team provides good placement assistance. The NIDM digital marketing course offers a good understanding of all modules from basic to advanced. Many students are happy with the placement within a couple of months of finishing the course, which speaks a lot about the NIDM digital marketing course.


Concluding Thoughts on the NIDM Digital Marketing Course:


The NIDM digital marketing course is quite extensive for a 30-day course. The syllabus and the reviews all point towards a good course. Even the placement assurance works positively for the institute and the students.


What is excellent is also the availability of specialized niche courses as well. For someone interested in specializing in SEO, SEM, SMO, or PPC, the stand-alone courses take on the subjects in great depth.


Furthermore, the soft skills training is like the cherry on the cake. Whether you take an integrated digital marketing course or the stand-alone courses, soft skills are prerequisites for a working professional. It adds to the confidence of a candidate. The right grooming allows this confidence to shine through even in freshers.


Take your pick of an institute that fits your checklist and get started with your journey of digital marketing. I assure you, you will be amazed at how things work online and the power of digital marketing, either for your organization or your business. No matter your age, gender, and current work profile, digital marketing has something for everyone. Reach out and grab your pearls of wisdom from the oyster that is digital marketing.

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