The reliance on data has increased dramatically since the outbreak. Machine learning is now one of the world’s fastest-growing fields as a result of this. In the healthcare, banking, e-commerce, entertainment, automobile, and AI industries, machine learning and artificial intelligence have a variety of applications. If you want to work in the interesting field of machine learning, check out these best machine learning courses in Bangalore. People no longer set limits because they believe something is impossible. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are no longer science fantasy concepts; they are revolutionizing the way we see and understand massive volumes of data. 


List of the best machine learning courses in Bangalore


Advantages of pursuing a Machine Learning career


  • ML is the wave of the future


Machine learning is a game-changing force that will play a critical role in Industry 4.0. Like ducks to water, entrepreneurs, automakers, pharma, healthcare, and fintech companies have rushed to AI and machine learning technologies. According to estimates, the global machine learning market will be valued at INR 543 billion by 2023.


  • Salary increase


According to Payscale, a machine learning working specialist gets around Rs. 7,31,169 per year, which is more than any other similar domain. With practice and new information, your CTC will improve. After a few years, you can aim for managerial and leadership positions in your organization. Data scientists and machine learning engineers, for that matter, are on a never-ending learning curve, therefore the possibilities are unlimited.


  • The fascinating realm of AI and machine learning


Any of the best machine learning courses in Pune may help you become a data scientist by teaching you machine learning and AI. The position of data scientist is considered the most in-demand employment in the twenty-first century.


  • Take on real-world challenges


You’ll be exposed to modern difficulties that businesses and sectors confront, and you’ll have the opportunity to use data to solve a variety of problems. Machine learning will give you a high level of job satisfaction while also allowing you to grow quickly in your profession. The discipline of machine learning and artificial intelligence is always evolving, ensuring that you don’t get bored with your career as new exciting issues emerge.


We’ve compiled a list of the best machine learning courses in Bangalore to help you transition effortlessly into machine learning and data scientist careers.


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Bangalore’s Best Machine Learning Courses:


1. The Machine Learning Program at Learnbay:


LearnBay is one of the renowned institutes to provide machine learning courses in Bangalore. Learnbay’s course catalog includes industry-accredited machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence courses, to mention a few. Learnbay has established itself as a well-known data science institute in Bangalore, offering some of the most challenging machine learning courses in the city.


This training in machine learning and artificial intelligence, which starts from the ground up, is available to interested job professionals. The fundamentals of Python and machine learning classes lay a solid basis for more advanced concepts. As a result, Learnbay’s classes are also beneficial to non-programmers.


The 3 ML courses offered, are as follows:


  • The IBM-accredited Data Science and AI specialty course is for people with at least one year of professional experience in any field. This is a 7.5-month program at 65,000 INR.


  • Individuals with 4+ years of work experience are eligible for the advanced AI and ML certification program. This is a 9-month program with a cost of 79,000 INR.


  • The ML Certification program is designed for managers and leaders with at least eight years of experience. The cost of this 11-month course is 85,000 INR.


All three programs comprise the following course modules:


  • Python and R are two programming languages.
  • Statistics
  • Tableau Power Bi
  • Computer-assisted learning
  • Learning that is reinforced
  • Google Cloud and SQL
  • NLP deep learning
  • MongoDB is a relational database management system.


Learnbay provides custom-fit modules based on the skill requirements of the current machine learning industrial employment market. The institute uses a bottom-up teaching approach that emphasizes hands-on learning with more than 15 actual projects, as well as 24-hour support and placement aid.


Learnbay’s certificates are industry-recognized and provide you with an advantage in your machine learning interviews.


2. Excel R:


One of the most popular machine learning courses in Bangalore is Excel ML. The machine learning course is a self-paced 40-hour program with 60+ assignments and two live projects. Excel’s machine learning faculty are data scientists and AI experts who deliver well-structured and up-to-date machine learning training.


Who is eligible to take this course?


  • Data scientists, business analysts, and data analysts that want to make a career out of it
  • Executives at the mid-level
  • Professionals who work with big data


The curriculum of the Course


  • Statistics
  • Hypothesis testing in Python
  • Regression Linear
  • Multinomial Regression is a type of regression that involves several variables


3. UpGrad:


When it comes to the best machine learning courses in Bangalore, UpGrad’s ML programs are unbeatable. UpGrad is well-known in the e-learning market for providing top-notch training programs. There are four machine learning programs at UpGrad.


  • The following is a list of advanced certificate programs in machine learning: It’s a 12-month program created in collaboration with IIT Madras academics.


Highlights include:


  • There are over 20 projects and case studies to choose from.
  • There are around 25 mentorship classes available.
  • Certification that is recognized around the world
  • 500+ hours of education
  • Hands-on experience
  • Senior working professionals will benefit from this course.
  • The final project


This 13-month executive PG program in ML includes 15+ industrial projects and assignments


Highlights :


  • There are six capstone projects.
  • 600+ hours of education
  • Career Bootcamp has a dedicated coach that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • There are no-cost EMI solutions available.
  • There are three electives from which to choose.


  • Master of Science in Machine Instruction and Artificial Intelligence: 


An 18-month program with 25+ case studies and 650+ hours of learning.


Highlights include:


M.Sc. degree with international recognition Hands-on workshops Capstone project 1:1 tutoring Faculty from IIT Madras


  • Advanced Certificate in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing:


Features to look for:


  • The course lasts eight months.
  • 250+ hours of education
  • Bangalore Institute of Technology (IIIT) certificate
  • 5+ projects are supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The following programs include extensive career coaching sessions, an AI profile builder, and mock interview sessions as part of their placement preparation.


Python, Excel data analysis, SQL, data visualization, statistics, EDA, and machine learning topics are all covered in these four programs.


 4. Edvancer:


One of the most important machine learning courses in Bangalore is provided by Edvancer. Advanced Eduventures was founded by IIT-IIM alumni to deliver high-quality career-oriented education to address the growing demand for skilled workers.


Edvancer’s courses are up to date and aligned with current career trends and abilities. The institute seeks to provide students with a great return on investment by tailoring their courses to their job goals and desires. Edvancer’s faculty includes executives from renowned data science firms such as Fractal, Accenture, and EY.


The following two courses are available through Advancer:


  • Python Machine Learning Certification


There is both self-paced and live class training in this course. There are 75+ hours of video study and 75+ hours of tasks and projects in this course. Regardless of whether students choose self-paced or live classes, all students have access to faculty support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The cost of the course is:


  • The cost of a live online course is INR 34,990 with GST.
  • The cost of the self-paced course is INR 29,990 + GST.


  • Advanced certification in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:


This is a more advanced certification program developed in conjunction with IIT Kanpur. The course is jam-packed with assignments, projects, and more than 150 hours of instruction. Again, there are two alternatives available: self-paced and online programs.


The cost of the course is:


  • INR 149,900 + GST for Live Class
  • INR 94,500 + GST for self-paced


For the first 30 enrolments, they have scholarship and payment options accessible on their website. The advanced Certification course comes with 100 percent placement support and a government-recognized certification.


What will you discover?


  • Machine Learning: An Overview
  • Python fundamentals
  • EDA Visualization in Python using the Pandas package Data processing with NumPy and Pandas Decision Tree
  • Algorithms for Bagging
  • Algorithms that boost
  • SVM and KNN are two types of machine learning algorithms.
  • Text Exploration
  • Controlling the versions
  • Learning at a deeper level
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Networks of Neurons
  • SQL


Learn the skills you’ll need with 350+ hours of projects and assignments to help you develop the portfolio you’ll need for your dream job. The course curriculum has been verified by several industry professionals and hiring partners.


5. Great Learning:


It is a renowned institute that offers Machine learning courses in Bangalore. There is no need to introduce great learning. Many students have transitioned their careers thanks to the institute’s industry-vetted courses. With partnerships with world-class universities, Great Learning offers online, career-relevant programs in full-stack web programming, data science, cloud computing, digital marketing, design, and cybersecurity.


In partnership with the University of Texas, Great Learning offers a comprehensive post-graduate program in Machine Learning. Students engaged in this course will receive personalized mentorship and support from industry experts for 7+ assignments. The faculty includes machine learning and AI experts who are skilled professionals, industry practitioners, and academics.


The curriculum of the course

  • Python
  • Supervised
  • Linear and multiple regression with KNN
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Model selection, tuning, and featurization
  • EDA
  • ARIMA technique to time series forecasting


Datasets from Uber, Amazon, and Netflix are used in hands-on projects. Additionally, students are expected to execute projects in the areas of healthcare, banking, medicine, automobiles, and e-commerce.


Students receive adequate placement aid, including practice interviews, career fairs, hackathon challenges, and the building of an e-portfolio. Students with small-batch strength have access to a particularly conducive learning environment. The cost of the course is INR 1,50,000 including GST.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much do machine learning engineers earn?


Machine learning engineers make an average of $731,169 a year. Machine learning engineers with less than a year of experience earn upwards of 5 lakhs a year, making them one of India’s highest-paying entry-level positions


  •  Is it necessary to know Python in machine learning?


Python has a large number of libraries that are useful in machine learning. In either R or Python, a machine learning engineer must create data models, analyze methods, and implement them. Python has surpassed R as the programming language of choice among data scientists and machine learning experts.


As a result, you may begin your machine learning journey with only a basic understanding of Python coding and gradually progress. Before going on to further concepts, all machine learning training in Pune starts with Python programming basics.


  • How long does it take to become a ready-to-work machine learning expert?


In about six to eight months, a student can become an entry-level machine learning engineer with 5-6 hours of study per week. You can apply for machine learning interviews and show off your work on case studies and projects during the last six months.




Machine learning occupations are currently among the highest-paying jobs in India. In the post-CoVid world, demand for diverse machine learning roles has skyrocketed.


What better moment than now to jump on the bandwagon? Here you can find a selection of the best machine learning courses in Pune, which have been chosen based on the thorough course syllabus, assignments, and placement aid. This blog contains information on course specifics and costs for any machine learning training in Bangalore. Begin today to give your career wings to fly and fulfill your life goals. In this article, the main emphasis is given to the best 5 machine learning courses in Bangalore. Hope this article will benefit aspiring candidates.