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Top 10 Investment Banking Courses In Spain

According to the US News & World Report, European countries are becoming very popular in terms of education with time, and Spain has become a gateway to many dreams of having a well-known job in European companies. Along with the education, do you know what else is in demand? Investment banking! We know finding the right institute can be tough so, to save you time and effort, we have written this listicle on the top 10 institutes offering investment banking courses in Spain based on their ranking and excellence in finance programs.


List of best investment banking courses in Spain


Since investment banking is a huge part of financial institutions, their demand is also increasing every year. To pursue a place for this course, Spain comes at the top as their programs are highly professional globally, and many programs are provided in English giving you exposure all over the world.


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Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in Spain



From planning to executing, investment bankers hold a great responsibility to cater to all details related to the finance sector. Companies rely highly on investment bankers to improve their financial stability. Therefore, it becomes essential to hire a well-trained individual for this particular job.

The investment banking training offered by IIM SKILLS educates you on every minute detail required in this field. But, what makes IIM SKILLS one of the top institutes offering Investment Banking Courses in Spain?


  • Anyone can apply: You don’t require a bachelor’s degree in business or knowledge of finance and statistics. Irrespective of these qualifications, you can look forward to this course at IIM SKILLS. Anyone motivated enough to pursue this career can benefit from the Certified Investment Banking Master Course offered by IIM SKILLS.
  • Guaranteed Internship: IIM SKILLS provides a 3-month online Investment Banking Course with 2 months of Internship included. This internship will grant you better exposure to the market and the companies. You will be given six assignments during this internship. In this manner, you will gain enough knowledge and expertise to work for other companies as well.
  • Career Opportunity: This institute ensures to lead you to your dream company with more than 500 companies like Deloitte, Genpact, and Wipro. IIM SKILLS becomes a point of contact between you and the suitable companies. During the selection phase, this institute also guides you in preparing for interviews, resume building, and other needed factors.


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  • Access Anywhere, Anytime: You can enroll for this course from any city at your comfort level. Since we’re discussing the list of the top 10 investment banking courses in Spain, IIM SKILLS is a better platform in Spain too. The sessions are recorded, giving you unlimited access at any time of the day.
  • Full-Time Support: Whether it’s placement support or interview support, IIM SKILLS is there for you at every stage of your career. The investment banking specialists are there to clear all kinds of doubts related to your course 24/7.
  • 100% Placement: With more than 500 hiring partners, IIM SKILLS has great opportunities in your way. They connect you with the right professionals to accelerate your career in the best possible way.

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2. Comillas Pontifical University

Comillas Pontifical University was established in 1956 and by then has contributed high-quality education to all its students. The university is rated 5 by the QS ranking. Its research is what it makes among the top universities offering Investment Banking Courses in Spain.

As a banking aspirant, they provide master’s degrees in finance, accounting, risk management, and business administration. Their faculty of economics and business provides bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Their postgraduate courses look very approving as the Master’s degree has many options and fields available. For masters, the duration is one year. They provide a very good percentage of internships and employability options so you don’t have to put in any effort to find a job.

The course languages are Spanish and English. Their professors are very experienced. For more precision, they even present us with a detailed description of their teachers to ensure we choose carefully.

You have to apply for admission then the institute will review the documentation and if the validation is positive, it is time for entrance exams and personal interviews. It is a Catholic school so you are mostly obliged to take a religious subject. As the university does a lot to help their students personally, it is a good option to look for.

Location: Madrid, Spain

Contact: +34 91 542 28 00

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3. Gbsb Global Business School

GBSB Global Business School is one of the private business schools that offers investment banking courses in Spain. They are ranked #51 in the World universities ranking. Their school is given a 5 ranking by the QS ranking system. The mode of language is English.

They spread education over Europe with campuses in Malta, Spain, and through online programs. They are accredited by many educational authority figures like ACBSP, MFHEA, ASIC, etc where ACBSP is the association that contributes to business and accounting at all degree programs.

Training professors are highly successful CEOs and business owners themselves. You also get career development and employability opportunities. Meeting with executives, study trips to the UN, World trade organizations, and other important organizations, are exercises to provide you with more exposure. Interesting candidates can fill out their admission form and they will guide you further.

If you have a bachelor’s in finance and fintech, the course goes beyond accounting and banking to give you in-depth knowledge. They teach you the fundamentals of finance, global capital markets, cryptocurrencies, cloud computing, financial data analytics, and much more. It is worth every penny.

They teach you this while keeping current status in mind. Many renowned companies like Microsoft have recognized their work. Accredited by ACBSP. You can also choose your preferred study time as classes are pre-recorded and available 24/7. This is why GBSB Global Business School ranks third in our list of top institutes offering investment banking courses in Spain.

If you have any queries, you can chat with professors and tools for group work.

Location: Barcelona, Spain.

Contact: +34 930 185 473, [email protected]

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4. UPF Barcelona School of Management

Upfront Barcelona School of Management, also called Pompeu Fabra University, has been providing education for 20 years and has quickly established itself over time. It is one of the top Spanish universities that is ranked #71-80 in the QS World ranking. Rooted in the city of Barcelona, this university has established itself in national and international rankings in a short span.

They have received EQUIS accreditation (it assesses institutions based on research, faculty, students, etc. More interesting is that they are also applying for AACSB accreditation, which is achieved by less than 1% of the world’s business schools. AACSB is a very well-known accreditation worldwide that reviews faculty qualifications, curriculum, and quality.

To ensure the quality they are also credited by the university system of Catalonia that guarantees the educational quality of all our university degrees. Students who are looking for investment banking courses in Spain can look for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in economics, finance, accounting, and others.

They provide corporate training to meet the objectives of developing the skills in finance. They not only provide classes in English but you can take the class in Spanish if you are interested in learning a new language. A Master’s in finance is a good choice for investment banking professionals as they teach about essential topics needed for the job like private banking, stock market, risk management, etc.

This will turn you into a professional in the financial area that the current market demands. There are many other master’s programs available in English.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Contact: +34 93 542 12 64, [email protected]

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5. Esic Business And Marketing School

ESIC is a leading school in Spain, specializing in marketing and business management. They have more than 55 years of expertise and campuses spread over Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Sevilla. ESIC is rated 5 stars by QS ranking. It was the first business school created in Spain.

The school is a point of contact between companies and professionals. They provide academic training of professionals so that the students will be able to create their own companies if they desire, or even if you are doing a job, their training will help you perform successfully in any organization globally.

The school has been providing entrepreneurship for more than 50 years. They conduct professional events to give exposure to business opportunities for students. Their bachelor’s degree in business administration and management includes in-depth knowledge of finance, accounting, and investment banking along with marketing and business development.

They also provide additional training for marketing and commercial management which are very important skills needed to handle startup businesses or raise capital in the market. The business school is accredited by the AMBA association which ensures that the programs offered provide high-quality teaching, curriculum, career opportunities, etc.

They are as concerned as you are regarding job opportunities, that’s why, they work for internships from day 1 of your training program. They teach high-quality education while providing a comfortable environment to their students. If you are interested, send your CV, language certificates, and extract of the notes online.

They will select the profiles that attracted them the most so try to give it all your heart while writing. This is how you can start your journey in investment banking courses in Spain.

Location: Madrid, Barcelona

Contact: +34 934 14 44 44, [email protected]

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ESADE Barcelona Pedralbes Campus stands 5th in the list of top 10 institutes that offer investment banking courses in Spain. It has been ranked the 4th best business school by the Financial Times for the second time, worldwide. It is ranked #21 in the finance sector all over the world.

They have highly professional training individuals who have contributed 50 years of service on the campus. The school focuses more on providing practical knowledge rather than just bombarding your mind with theoretical knowledge.

Their teaching methods have been approved by many associations like EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA, and are considered one of the top business schools in the whole world. It was established in 1954 and has gained enough experience over the years.


They offer a range of programs including masters in finance. In these courses, you will learn about the most important tools and concepts required for the financial field. Not only that but they will also focus on developing data analytical skills. Students need to understand that soft skills like marketing, and relationship management, prove to be helpful in crucial times.

They offer you a deep knowledge of capital markets, asset management, financial startups, or even the corporate finance department. Whether you are promoting a startup through your knowledge or working in a renowned firm, the gained knowledge will help you in all jobs related to finance. According to Times Higher Education, they are ranked with 4.2 stars overall.

Their campus is full of international students promoting multicultural surroundings and offering you a transformative environment. Their master’s programs are more convincing than a bachelor’s in finance.

With the gained knowledge you can work in any part of the world. You even get to work with professionals closely while studying at this institute. ESADE is a great choice if you wish to pursue investment banking courses in Spain.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Contact: +34 93 280 61 62

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7. IE Business School

IE Business School is a highly reputable school that is well known for cultivating an entrepreneurship attitude in students. It is ranked #44 in the finance sector in the world ranking. It is considered as a leader in creative learning. The faculty has more than 500 professors who have gained expertise in their profession.

They established themselves in 1973 but with the changing times, they keep the current status in mind while educating individuals. They offer a wide range of programs including finance, investments, and accounting. They teach you all about how the assets are bought, sold, or traded.

Their course seems convincing as they work on both, building new skills along with improving your interpersonal skills like sales, marketing, and relationship management. They cover all the aspects related to corporate finance, venture capital, private equity, global markets, and much more.

They take help from corporate company data to give you a better understanding of how business works at a practical level. They provide both, bachelor’s and master’s in finance.

Their dual degrees like master’s in. Finance + master in business analytics or big data or master in management + master in finance is a wonderful option if you want to do investment banking courses in Spain. The teaching language will be English. They also give optional trips to London, New York, etc.

The best thing is that you don’t have to wander at different places for masters and bachelors, you are getting all in one place. Their team collaborates with different companies and also provides professional guidance to their students for a successful career ahead. They are accredited by AMBA for their excellence in management. The fees are higher than other institutions in Spain but the price is worth it.

Location: Madrid, Spain

Contact: +34 91 568 96 00


8. European School Of Economics

European School of Economics is a private school that provides bachelor’s and master’s in business administration: finance. Their popularity can be understood by their various branches in various places like London, Rome, Florence, Madrid, etc. In their program, they offer two competitive integral internship placements leaving you no worries regarding your job.

They give personal attention to each student and their integrative workshops help you nourish your creative, analytical and quantitative skills. The internship also provides international specialisation giving you exposure to all opportunities. The class sizes are dense to create a deeper connection between mentor and student.

The institute also offers online courses. As the training professors are Industrial themselves they have a wide range of practical examples to offer. The program skills you in Investment, financing, asset management, working capital, dividend policy, analytics, risk management, project management and much more.

It’s a three-year course, full time covering all the aspects needed for an investment banking profile in-depth. From the introduction to business and finance, you will be taught about business laws and management skills too. The course language will be English. They provide bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, short programs, and online courses. In the QS ranking of institutes all over the world, it is ranked 133.

They give competitive training so that the individual can work anywhere globally. If you want to do investment banking courses in Spain, you should consider this option as well. You can also read their guidelines for more clarification.

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Contact: +34 919 330 496


9. UIBS United International Business School

UIBS is an international business school that has spread over many places, one of them being Madrid and Barcelona located in Spain. The school provides eighteen undergraduate and twenty-seven postgraduate programs including finance. The study programs are flexible and inspired by the American education system.

The class sizes of the school are compact allowing more interaction between students and professors, which is mostly lacking in large-size institutes and universities. Not only the education, but the professors are also academically qualified and professionally very experienced, theoretically and practically.

The teaching style also includes case studies to make you understand the concepts better. Students get a friendly environment through group interactions, forming long and healthy relationships. The Bachelor’s and master’s in business administration are aware of the global market while covering financial topics. The blended form helps you strengthen your interpersonal skills along with developing new skills.

The university is private and its programs are accredited by American associations. Their course language will be English as they follow the American model of Higher education. The admissions are open in all seasons, each academic year. The programs are quarter based so if in between you want to shift, you can get a transfer between campuses.

If you choose a business administration course involving global finance, they will provide you with knowledge of principles of accounting and finance with flourishing management skills at an international level.

They also teach you about cost management and project management. In short, they cover important topics in the finance field that will prepare you to work at a global level. If you are curious enough to do investment banking courses in Spain from UIBS, you can contact them and they will guide you in every detail.

Location: Madrid, Spain

Contact: [email protected]


10. IMF Smart Education

IMF Smart Education has been offering its expertise for over 20 years. Their education focuses more on the constantly changing environment as it is very important to educate about finance keeping current capital in mind. They offer more than 200 programs along with finance.

The teaching staff is filled with professors who have years of experience in the corporate world as well as the academic world. Some professors are working with CEOs in renowned companies. They also take care of your employability and provide internships, keeping your professional development a top priority.

Their programs graduate you with all the tools and skills required in the business world. Along with internships, their team provides support throughout your life. They have already trained 150,000 professionals over 20 years and are accredited with 500+ certificates.

They are rated 3 stars by QS ranking. They are accredited by AACSB, AMBA, and other business associations. Their site doesn’t give much information about the courses so it will be better to contact them for detailed information via mail or phone number.

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Contact: 913645157, [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What are the requirements to study in Spain?

 You might require a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, economics, or related field. As you will be studying in Spain, a good knowledge of their language will prove beneficial. However, it’s not necessary.

 Q. How much does it cost to study finance in Spain?

 The cost completely depends on the university and the level of education. Still, to present you with a better idea, public universities typically charge between €800 and €1,200 per year, for a bachelor’s degree.

Q. Why should I do investment banking courses in Spain?

Spain’s financial sector is growing every year. This increases the demand for Investment Banking as a career. Also, Spain consists of major financial institutions and banks, making it the right place to gain expertise in this particular field.


For investment banking courses in Spain, as a career choice, a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting field is enough to apply for the job. But, what makes an institute worthy of this profession? An institute or university should be selected keeping the experience of teachers, cost, customer opinions, and accreditations in mind and to choose the right program, make sure it covers important topics like financial modeling, deal structuring, marketing skills, client management, risk management, accounting, marketing, etc. Make sure you check all the aspects required for your desired criteria and we hope you choose well.

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