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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Singapore

Singapore is known as the Financial Hub of the World as it has good infrastructure and is a pro-business nation. With its well-trained and diverse population, it manages to attract foreign investment from all around the world. With growing investment, investment banking is another specialty of Singapore that is now gaining worldwide attention. Unlike traditional banking, investment banking helps in financial transactions and provides consultation services to Companies and Financial Institutions. They act as a bridge between the investors and corporations. Let us understand investment banking before diving into the top 6 investment banking courses in Singapore.

List of best investment banking courses in Singapore

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  • What is Investment Banking
  • Scope and Career for Investment Bankers in Singapore
  • Who should go for Investment Banking
  • Salary of Investment Bankers in Singapore
  • Best Institutes for Investment Banking Courses in Singapore


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What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking means providing financial services other than those provided by traditional banks. Investment banks work as an intermediary for corporates and financial institutions and their investors.

When a company needs to go public, that is make its shares available to the public in the open market, they do an Initial Public Offer (IPO). However, since the company is fairly new in the market, it may not be able to raise as much capital as needed.

That is when investment bankers step in. They either buy shares from the company and then sell them in the market at a higher price or sell shares on behalf of the company on a commission basis.

A person having investment banking skills helps the company raise the required capital and the investors can rest assured about their investment as they invest through reputed investment banks.

Investment banks also take care of other company needs like advising them for mergers and acquisitions, trading securities, leveraged finance/ lending money, underwriting, etc. Sometimes a small decision made by a company can cost them heavily.

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To get that risk out of the way, many companies and financial institutions consult investment bankers to anticipate the market situation before deciding.

Investment banking is a very complex form of banking service in the financial market and it needs sharp and exceptional investment bankers to run their businesses. Investment bankers are experts in the financial market and are always fully aware of the market trends and every action and pulse of the financial market.

Employing the right investment bankers is vital for investment banks to grow and expand. So, major investment banks rely on certain institutes for recruitment as they approve of the quality of training provided by them.

Check out the top investment banking courses in Singapore to find out institutions that offer placement in leading investment banks in Singapore.

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Scope and Career for Investment Bankers in Singapore

Investment Banking is the latest trend and the most prospective career path in the financial field today. Singapore being amongst some leading economies has become an important player in not only the Asia Pacific region but also the global market.

It has an established investment banking industry with a projected growth rate of 4.91% for 2023-2028, making it clear that the scope of investment banking is quite promising.

With growing investment, there is an increasing demand for investment bankers in Singapore. Both Singapore-based and foreign banks are huge players in this industry. Some of the top Investment banks successfully operating in Singapore as well as internationally are DBS, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Citi, J. P. Morgan, BAML, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and Barclays.

With that in mind, you cannot just grow, but flourish in this environment as an investment banker. Entering investment banking as an Analyst is just the first step toward success. By gaining a few years of experience in investment banking, you will open many doors for yourself.

It is indeed an intriguing career path as you can climb up the ladder from an Analyst to an Associate with a few years of experience.

Once you gain expertise and fully understand the market, you can contest for the position of Vice President, after which you can be considered for Director depending upon your performance. The highest position is that of a Managing Director. It is difficult to get there but not impossible.

So, irrespective of where you start from, there are plenty of possibilities for growth and success if you put in a few years into investment banking.

To get the right training and guidance it is important to select the right course from all the investment banking courses in Singapore.  Continue reading to find out some leading courses below.

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Who Should Choose Investment Banking?

While investment bankers in Singapore do not necessarily need any specific degree to enter the industry, it is also not a profession that might suit everyone. Graduation or Master’s degree with a major in finance, banking, financial accounting, economics,  business administration, or any other relevant subject is required to enter the industry.

However, major investment banks prefer candidates who have pursued investment banking courses in Singapore and have some relevant internship experience.

As an investment banker, you must be sharp in mathematical and critical thinking and be good at analytics. You should be a workaholic to truly enjoy investment banking, as it requires long working hours and is a fast-paced industry.

As an investment banker, your day-to-day tasks involve researching, building financial models for companies, giving financial advice, helping raise funds, preparing presentations, issuing and managing stocks and IPOs on behalf of the company, and negotiating mergers and acquisitions among many other tasks.

Investment banking courses in Singapore will help you develop the technical skills needed to perform your everyday tasks well. But that might just not be enough.

If you want to stand out, you should also work on soft skills like self-discipline, critical and analytical thinking, relationship building, creative problem solving, stress management, and the most useful one is entrepreneurial spirit.

If you think you possess these skills and are fit to become an investment banker all you have to do is enroll in any one of the investment banking courses in Singapore listed below.

Post completion, you will have to crack CMFAS, Capital Markets, and Financial Advisory Services Examinations conducted by the Singapore Governing Body to get a license to practice as an investment banker in Singapore.

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Salary of Investment Bankers in Singapore

The salary structure in Singapore, especially for finance experts is tempting compared to others. Investment bankers are indeed paid the highest in New York followed by Hong Kong.

But in comparison to Singapore, they are much more expensive considering the rent, travel, taxes, etc. So, even though they pay more, you can save more in Singapore as even though the standard of living is high, the tax rates are considerably low.

This makes it an ideal place to start a career in investment banking. As an Analyst, you can make roughly around S$120K as a basic salary, with a bonus ranging from 17% to 43% on the annual salary. The associate level is paid a basic salary of S$200K approximately with a bonus from 30% to 70%.

As you climb higher on the ladder of positions, the basic salary paid starts from S$270K and upwards rising from Vice President, Director, and Managing Director, where the basic pay is not less than S$500K on average.

These figures are subjective as they differ from bank to bank. Some banks or teams pay more while some operate in the range mentioned above. It also highly depends on the performance and experience of the investment banker.

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Best Institutes for Investment Banking Courses in Singapore

Investment Banking Job is the hottest job globally and is pursued by many finance enthusiasts. In Singapore, there are no formal graduation degrees entirely focusing on Investment banking as it is a niche in the Finance Industry.

However, some investment banks prefer graduates with a major in finance-related subjects from reputed universities as investment bankers. It is observed that in Singapore, preference is given to candidates with graduation or a master’s degree from the UK or the USA over Singapore.

But if you are someone who wants to get into investment banking and study in Singapore itself, you can go for top target universities like Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University, and The National University of Singapore.

You can enroll for graduation as these are some universities that have an edge over the others. Post that, to gain expert and in-depth knowledge in the domain of investment banking, you can enroll yourself with any of the institutes listed below as per your preference.

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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Singapore



Course Name: Investment Banking Master Course

Mode: Online

Duration: 3 Months + 1 Month Internship

Eligibility: Graduates or Above

The Investment Banking Course is a master’s certification course from IIM SKILLS, one of the best in the market for its exceptional syllabus and curriculum design. It is an ideal course for beginners as well as experienced from a finance background as it covers investment banking in great detail from basics to advanced.


Its syllabus is divided into 8 Modules with more than 70 hours of live instructor-led lectures and more than 100 hours of practical assignments covering more than 10 templates and over 5 case studies to blend theory with practical experience for better understanding.

Their course is created, trained, and mentored by industry experts with an abundance of knowledge and experience to share, from their long-term career in investment banking.

They also provide 100% job support and help you build your resume and profile on LinkedIn. They also conduct mock interviews in preparation for Investment Banking interviews and placements.


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Some of the brands that IIM SKILLS partners with for placements include J. P. Morgan, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, and Goldman Sachs as top hiring companies.

On successful completion of the course and clearing their exams, assignments, and projects, you will be given a Master’s certificate for investment banking which is recognized by the MSME Government of India.

This is one of the best investment banking courses in Singapore as it not only helps you academically but also helps you gain experience by providing a guaranteed 1-month internship opportunity.


And the best part is that you get lifetime access to their portal once you enroll yourself. This makes it worth it if you are someone who wants long-term benefits from a course.

This is probably the main reason it tops the list of Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Singapore.

Contact Details:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

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2. IIM Ranchi

Course Name: Investment Banking and Capital Markets

Mode: Online

Course Fees: S$2,04.86 with No-cost EMI

Batches: 4th November, 2023

Duration: 9 Months

Investment Banking Course Eligibility: Any Graduate

Investment Banking and Capital Markets is an Executive Post-Graduate Certificate course by IIM Ranchi in collaboration with IntelliPaat. It is an all-inclusive course when it comes to getting started with investment banking as a career.

It is designed by the learned and expert faculty of IIM Ranchi. It is framed in a way that helps you master the domain of investment banking. It is a self-paced course with 9 months of live sessions by IIM faculty with more than 80 live sessions.

It covers concepts from basic to advanced in 9 different modules and projects that engage the use of essential tools to experience real-world scenarios. It also has a feature of peer learning which again is all you need for online classes.

This feature helps you connect and learn with your peers from all the batches and also alumni making it more interactive and fun. They conduct hackathons and collaborative learning to make learning fun.


On completion of all the assignments, projects, and quizzes assigned, you will be given an industry-recognized certificate. They have more than 300 hiring partners and provide job and interview assistance.

The best part about this course is that you get access to the online portal for a lifetime once you have enrolled yourself. This helps you always stay updated and sharpen your skills with the latest market trends at all times with no extra charges.

This makes it a unique one compared to other investment banking courses in Singapore. They have helped as many as 11000 people successfully transition their careers into investment banking with 24*7 support from its faculty.

It is rated an average of 4.6 stars by Trustpilot, sitejabber, and Mouthshut.com. It has around 10 million learners from 155 countries in the world so far and has more than 1000 industry experts as their faculty. Along with live sessions, they also conduct online Bootcamps to boost your growth.

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3. BSE Institute Limited

Course Name: Certificate Program in Investment Banking Operations

Mode: Online

Course Fees: S$1,185.71 with EMI Option

Batches: November, 2023

Duration: 7 Months

Eligibility: Any Graduate and above

BSE Institute Limited or BIL is a subsidiary of BSE Ltd. that was established with the vision of providing quality education to its learners with the expertise and insights from BSE Ltd from the past 148 years of its operation.

BIL has the University of Mumbai, UPES School of Business, Western Sydney University, International University of Applied Science, Gannon University, IIT Madras, and others among its Academic partners.


It is an advanced-level certificate program with its syllabus divided into 3 parts broadly namely, Financial Markets, Investment Banking, and Risk Management. This course is designed and trained by more than 300 industry experts practicing in the global market.

It is extremely easy to enroll and get started with this course. All you need to do is fill out their admission form online, post a document check, pay the course fees and you are done.

Post completion and certification of the course, you can choose from a range of different job prospects, considering the skills you learned and the interest that you developed through this program.

However, some domains that are mostly preferred are Risk Management, IPOs, Private Equity Associates, and Mergers and Acquisitions. Many learners have grown their careers from scratch with the help of this course and got placed in some of the leading banks and companies.

Some of the recruitment partners of BIL are Morningstar, Axis Bank, Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, Angel Broking, and many others.

This might be the best among other investment banking courses in Singapore if you are someone who needs minimum help and is a good self-learner.


4. Imarticus Learning

Course Name: Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

Mode: Online

Course Fees: S$2,290.77

Duration: Full time- 2 months, Part time- 3 months

Eligibility: Freshers from non-STEM with a background in Business Management and Finance.

The CIBOP Program from Imarticus Learning is an online program for Singapore and is based in India. It has a placement record of 85% with more than 400 Corporate placement partners. It offers both full-time as well as part-time courses.

Full-time courses are for weekdays and a period of 2 months whereas, part-time courses are on weekends with a duration of 3 months. It is a 150-hour program with a carefully curated syllabus with 14 Modules that are divided into 3 levels for better understanding.

It is accredited by CISI and provides industry-recognized Certification on completion of the course. Among many investment banking courses in Singapore, CIBOP is one of the courses that is preferrable by many students across the globe.

Along with theory, they also make you ready for practical learning by implementing real-world projects and case studies enabling you to learn how to solve business problems.

Skill building and technical training are the main focus of the program; however, they also provide an interview guarantee post-completion and help you build your resume to stand out.


With good quality learning it is also a good place to build networks in the industry as a beginner. Many working professionals who need to make a transition into the investment banking industry prefer this course as it covers all the topics from scratch and it ideal for working professionals due to its flexible batches.

They have successfully completed more than 1000 batches in a span of 3 years and provided placements to more than 40,000 students so far. Some of their hiring partners are Morgan Stanley, J. P. Morgan, Bank of America, UBS, Citi Bank, and Capgemini among many others.


5. HRD Courses

Course Name: Investment Banking Training Course

Mode: Online

Course Fees: S$ 275.00 + S$ 55.00 Registered Certificate

Batches: Self-Paced

Duration: Self-Paced

Based in Singapore, HRD Courses is an online platform that offers self-paced online recorded courses on investment banking.

Since the entire course is recorded, it is a self-paced course making it the right choice for ones trying to grow at their workplace while also upskilling themselves at a time best suited for them. HRD Courses is one of the investment banking courses in Singapore that is accredited with HRDC Singapore.

Their course is designed and curated by an industry expert, with the main aim of developing a real-life situation framework to better the practical approach. It is designed in an interactive way to better build skills and gain expertise in investment banking.

The course is divided into 13 modules each focusing on and covering all the essential elements of an expertise Investment banker.

The modules are curated with great detail and are a result of several years of experience by its curator to bring in the best of the industry knowledge into their modules.

The Course is a unique one as it provides great networking opportunities with professionals from the industry along with learning. Ideally, this course suits best people who have already entered the investment banking industry at an entry-level and wish to upskill themselves to further their career growth.

Despite being fully virtual, this course is also unique as unlike other courses, it is paced in such a way that it keeps you engaged at all times. Its interactive framework contains assignments that challenge you while also engaging you in fun quizzes that help you learn and remember concepts better.

If you are someone on a budget and still wish to learn investment banking from scratch, your search ends here. As HRD Courses is the right place for you. With its lucrative fees and unique framework of learning, it finds an emerging place among other investment banking courses.


6. DataTrained

Course Name: PG Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modeling

Mode: Online

Course Fees: S$ 6,800.00 with No Cost EMI Option.

Batches: November, 2023. New Batch every alternate month.

Duration: 6 Months

Eligibility: Graduates with 0 to 3 years of relevant experience.

Data Trained is an online platform with international acclaim, that offers a PG Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modeling. It has both weekday and weekend batches with both classrooms as well as Online Live Training for its students. It has more than 400 Hiring Partners Globally with full placement assistance.

You get to learn advanced tools, techniques, and technologies and develop your skill set as an investment banker. The courses are taught by the domain experts making you industry-ready.

They believe in maintaining a balance between theoretical and practical ways of learning and so their academic structure consists of 13 Modules and 5 Case studies.

Their syllabus consists of more than 200 hours of content with more than 48 live sessions and 8 Case studies and projects.

Their Course is best suited for anybody with a graduate degree majoring in finance willing to get into Investment Banking, as they cover the basics of finance while advancing you to the professional level by the end of the course.

Every Module is curated and designed in great detail making it easy to grasp and better understand the world of finance. Along with the Course, they also help you in enhancing your profile and building a strong resume. They assist you in interview preparation.


It is amongst the best investment banking courses in Singapore that is beginner-friendly and offers industry-recognized certification in Investment Banking with 100% Job Assistance.

If you wish to pursue investment banking in the comfort of your home and without having to quit your current job, DataTrained is probably the right place to get your hands on.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an investment banker?

To become an investment banker, one must graduate from a reputed university with majors in finance, financial accounting, banking, business administration, or related disciplines. Certified investment banking courses in Singapore and internships in investment banking are preferred when hiring candidates as investment bankers.

What is the investment banking target school in Singapore?

While there are four major Asian target schools in investment banking, SMU or Singapore Management University ranks highest on many lists for various reasons.

Which is the best investment bank in Singapore?

DBS Group Holdings ranks first in the APAC Ratings with its highest generated revenues as per Investment banking revenues in Singapore, 2022 listing, with a revenue of US $95.3 Million. It is also the 69th largest bank in the world.

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