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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Egypt

The financial sector of Egypt is widely regarded as one of the largest developed and oldest sectors in the region of the Middle East. The financial market of Egypt is said to be one of the most appealing markets in Mena because of its numerous investment banks, country banks, private equity firms, and brokerages that have increasingly enhanced investments from abroad consisting of international and local firms. In this article, we have covered everything from investment banking to the top 5 investment banking courses in Egypt. If you are interested in it, do check the full guide. 

List of best investment banking courses in Egypt

The chief executive officer of Nomura Asset Management Company said that Egypt is an attractive place for investment purposes due to its great economy, geographical closeness, and vast population. Investment banking seems to have a bright future in Egypt.

What is the Meaning of Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a form of banking that arranges large, complex, and critical funds and provides financial services like merger and acquisition (M&A), underwriting, portfolio management, brokerage, and investment guidance to clients such as individuals, companies, governments, and corporations.

In Investment banking, the Investment Banker helps his clients in making some of the most crucial and critical financial decisions. An investment bank is a form of financial institution that undertakes the responsibility of high monetary transactions.

Investment banks are a medium through which the fund providers and fund users are related to each other. Investment banks help companies, businesses, and governments to organize funds through stock markets.

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Who is an Investment Banker?

An investment banker is a person who works in a financial institution (investment bank) and assumes the primary responsibility of arranging money for individuals, businesses, companies, and governments through the issuance of securities.

An investment banker handles complex and critical financial transactions which include organizing mergers and acquisitions and sales for clients. An investment banker advises the companies, and organizations about the risk associated with a specific investment project, thereby, saving their precious time and money.

Organizations and businesses often take the guidance of investment bankers on how to plan an effective development.

Education Required to Become an Investment Banker

  • A bachelor’s degree in business, statistics, finance, economics, or a related field
  • Master of Business administration in finance or Master of Science in finance
  • PhD in Finance or Banking (optional)
  • CFA Certification for Better Job Opportunities

Skills Required to Become an Investment Banker

  • Financial skills: A person should be able to understand financial documents like balance sheets, cash flow statements,s, etc. He or she should be well-versed in mathematics, accounting, and economics.
  • Problem Solving & Analytical Skills: A person should be able to analyze financial data and apply his or her problem-solving skills to make effective financial decisions.
  • Team Oriented: A person should understand that investment banking requires team efforts. He or she should be able to function efficiently and effectively in a team.
  • Self-discipline & Hardwork: An investment banker has to work for long hours which might be tiring at times to provide financial services like merger and acquisition. To be able to perform such services, discipline, hard work, and dedication are required on the part of the individual who wants to become an investment banker.
  • Communication Skills: Whether you are working in a front-end position or a back-end position, having strong interpersonal and communication skills will help you to perform brilliantly at your work.
  • Resilience Skills: The field of investment banking puts high work pressure due to tight schedules and deadlines, and lengthy and tiring hours. Having good resilience skills will help you to perform your tasks efficiently.
  • Leadership Skills: At the beginning of a career in this field, investment bankers will work at entry-level investment banking job positions but after gaining some experience they will get to play bigger roles like that of a team leader. Having leadership skills will only take a person interested in this field forward.
  • Time Management skills: A person should be able to complete his or her project by managing his or her time efficiently.
  • Networking Skills: A person should have strong networking skills to advance in the field of investment banking. He or she should be able to form professional relationships with people from all industries.

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Roles & Responsibilities of an Investment Banker

  • Investment bankers have to perform different types of duties for their clients. At some organizations, each individual banker has to perform a variety of roles, while at other organizations, each investment banker has to perform a specialized job. The primary responsibility of an investment banker is to raise funds for their clients through the issuance of security or selling the equity.
  • A company that wants to raise money through the issuance of bonds faces one of the biggest challenges of finding suitable investors who have lots of funds to invest. This is where the need for an investment banker comes in. The investment bankers perform the duty of providing a list of qualified investors to the company who want to raise funds.
  • An investment banker undertakes thorough research about investment opportunities to identify the risks associated with them and return profiles.
  • An investment banker puts his expertise in helping break mergers and acquisitions.
  • An investment banker helps companies hold initial public offerings for selling stock to the public by recruiting investors.
  • An investment banker provides assistance in investment planning and finance-related decisions.
  • An investment banker develops and shows his presentations for the current and future client portfolios.
  • An investment banker provides his assistance in creating quarterly reports to the clients.
  • An investment banker acts as a manager of all the stages of client communication starting from the stage of sales to the contract of investment.
  • An investment banker contributes to the efforts of the team by achieving the desired results.



Advantages of Investment Banking Courses

Investment banking is a part of the field of finance that consists of arranging funds for businesses, organizations, and governments via the issuance of securities, underwriting, and providing financial assistance services.

Enrolling for a course in investment banking surely has many benefits including a high salary, strong networking, great valuable packages, and an opportunity to share your working space with passionate batch mates and a skill set that can be adaptable. We will talk about all these benefits in detail below:

  • High Salary: One of the benefits of pursuing a course in investment banking is getting a high salary. For the position of an investment banker in Egypt, the estimated total pay is EGP 4,90,000 per month along with an average salary of EGP 40,000 per month. The individuals can get an additional pay of around EGP 45,000 per month. Bonus, incentives, a share in profits, and tips are some of the examples of additional pay.
  • Great Valuable Packages: Along with a high salary, individuals can get great valuable packages like a plan for healthcare, after-retirement benefits, life insurance policy. All these benefits provide a sense of financial security and peace to the individuals working as investment bankers.
  • Working with Passionate Colleagues: Another advantage of enrolling in this course is that you get to work with passionate batch mates or peers. Top investment banks recruit toppers from eminent and respected universities and business schools which implies that hardworking, intelligent, dedicated, and ambitious people will work with them.
  • Strong Networking: Investment banking courses offer an ample amount of opportunities for communicating and developing professional relationships with industry professionals.
  • An Adaptive Skillset: Getting into an investment banking course will also help an individual gain an adaptable skill set that he or she can apply to different industries and positions.

Choosing investment banking courses can prove to be a productive decision. The investment banking field is a fast-paced and constantly changing field that can help an individual expand his or her flexibility and adaptability. With proper training and learning, people can make a good career in investment banking.

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Career After Investment Banking Course

A career in investment banking is an appealing one for those people who have an interest in accounting, mathematics, and finance. In the beginning, starting a career in the investment banking field can be challenging but it gets simpler over time as you gain some experience.

It may seem like a demanding profession with a high amount of pressure and tight deadlines but due to its high pay and various other benefits, it is one of the most desirable professions in the field of finance. In the coming years, this field will only keep on growing.

This is because businesses have to make complex and critical financial decisions, and to carry such decisions they will always need an investment banker who will provide them with the best financial advice.

Also, due to the advancement in technology, many investment banks are turning towards more AI-directed solutions for financial advice and risk analysis.

Job Profiles & Salary in Investment Banking

There are a lot of people who begin their journey in the field of investment banking by doing an internship with investment banks when they are pursuing their under graduation. Doing an internship is always a brilliant option to start your career.

Some of the entry-level jobs in Investment banking are mentioned below:

  • After graduation, it is quite possible that an individual starts working as an investment banking analyst whose role is to conduct experiments and prepare analytical reports for their seniors in the organization.
  • A position as a financial analyst in a wealthy firm is also a great option to gain some experience.

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Following are the variety of jobs that a person can take after pursuing investment banking courses:

Job ProfilesJob DescriptionAverage Salary Per Month

Investment Banking Analyst


Investment banking analysts act as a communicators between the businesses that want to raise funds and the investors who are looking for opportunities to provide funds. They adopt various strategies to ensure financial success for both the business and the investor.


EGP 20T-EGP 40T a month


Junior Analyst/ Investment Banker


Junior investment bankers assist their seniors and also undertake a variety of other activities. They either work under product bankers or industry bankers.


EGP 22T-EGP 70T per month


Financial Analyst


Financial analyst informs investment strategies and implements them for their clients. They interpret financial data, analyze existing events and market developments, and analyze the final statement of a company.


EGP 6K-EGP 11K per month


Business Development Manager- Investment banking


The business development manager engages in strategic planning, and management of sales, and searches for new clients for the growth of the organization.


EGP 10T-EGP 20T a month


Senior Investment Analyst


Senior investment analyst works in close proximity with the senior investment officer to put into action and track a strategy of direct private equity.


EGP 22T-EGP 70T per month

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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Egypt

Following are the top investment banking courses in Egypt that will help you in choosing the one that is the most suitable for you.


Rank #1. Investment Banking Courses in Egypt


About: IIM SKILLS is one of the top famous and eminent education institutes that provides online education training to students and working professionals across the world.

Whether one wants to start their career, restart their career, upgrade their career, or gain new skills in the field of analytics, finance, marketing, and writing, then enrolling in the courses of IIM SKILLS is what one needs.


IIM SKILLS Institute was established in 2015 and since then this institute has trained more than 35000 participants with the required skills to achieve corporate success.

IIM SKILLS makes sure that you do not just gain theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge through its courses to succeed in your corporate journey. It can be one of the options to consider if you are looking for investment banking courses in Egypt.


Do check out the IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Review


Name of the Course 

Certified Investment Banking Master Course



Eligibility Criteria


BBA or Bachelors in commerce or related field,


Some basic understanding and knowledge of statistics and finance.


Course Duration 

3 months course + 1 month nonpaid internship


Mode of Training 

Online Instructor-led sessions



Contact the institute for more information


Course Curriculum 

Module 1: MS PowerPoint (4-6 hours)


Module 2: MS Excel (8 hours)


Module 3: Fundamentals of Financial System & Market (4-5 hours)


Module 4: Derivatives Market (2-3 hours)


Module 5: Technicals of Investment Banking (3-4 hours)


Module 6: Different Marketing Collaterals (6-8 hours)


Module 7: Tech of Financial Modeling (8 hours)


Module 8: Business Valuation (4 hours)



Course Offerings


70 + Hours Sessions (50 + Hours of Training + 20 Hours of Doubt Clearance Classes)


100 + Hours Practical Assignments ( 10 + Templates, 5 + Case Studies)


1 Month Internship (non-paid)


100% Placement Support


Building Resume & Preparation of Interview


Instructor Led Live Online Training Sessions


Lifetime Free Access to Resource Materials and Class Recordings Through LMS


Hands-on Experience with Capstone Projects


Flexible Timings


Weekend Batches


Unlimited Access to Classroom Presentations


Support from Instructors







Availability of Certification






Contact Information



Email ID



[email protected]


Contact Details



+91 9580740740



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Rank #2. Investment Banking Courses in Egypt

2. Leoron Professional Development Institute

About: Leoron Professional Development Institute is one of the prominent companies that provide corporate training in continents like Europe, Africa & Asia.

This institute provides corporate training in different departments like corporate finance, sales & marketing, Human Resources, supply chain management, and engineering. Leoron Professional Institute offers around 500 courses and has trained around 15000 corporate professionals.

The mission and vision of this institute is to help their client company and government offices enhance the competencies of their workforce by offering them top-notch training in different courses. It can be one of the options to look for if you are planning to enroll in investment banking courses in Egypt.



Name of the Course


Certificate in Investment banking



Eligibility Criteria



Analysts and Associates from International Investment Banks


Consultants in Merger and acquisition, private equity, and venture capitalists


Tax lawyers, Accountants, and Bankers in Credit Analysis


Financial Managers


Course Duration



5 Days


Mode of Training








Contact the institute for more information


Course Curriculum



Topic 1: Valuation


Topic 2: Leveraged Buyouts (LBO)


Topic 3: Mergers & Acquisitions



Course Offerings



5 Days Course


Usage of different valuation techniques to calculate enterprise value


More focus on practical learning (hands-on experience)




Availability of Certificate





Contact Details



Contact Number





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Rank #3. Investment Banking Courses in Egypt


About: FINXL is a recognized finance institute that provides financial training. The institute provides training in a variety of financial fields including financial planning and analysis, Investment banking, credit research, financial reporting, and equity research.

It can be one of the options to consider if you are looking for investment banking courses in Egypt.



Name of the Course



Certification Program in Investment Banking


Eligibility Criteria



Graduate in Commerce Field (BCom, BCA, BBA)


Post Graduates in MBA, MCom


Chartered Accountant


People who are in Sales or Marketing



Course Duration



4.5 Months


Mode of Training



Offline/ Live Online Instructor-Led Sessions





Contact the institute for more information


Course Curriculum



Module 1: MS Excel Expert


Module 2: Data Collection & Modeling


Module 3: Financial Modeling & Valuations


Module 4: M&A, LBO Model


Module 5: IPO


Module 6: Power BI

Module 7 Presentation, Real Case Studies, Mock Interviews



Course Offerings



Offline/ Live Online Instructor-Led Sessions


3 Certifications in 1 Course: Investment Banking, Financial Modeling & Microsoft Power BI


Preparation for Interview


Resume Building


Life Time Access to Course Material, Recordings, Videos, PPT, Case Studies


Assignment of Practical Nature


Internship of 3 or 6 months



Availability of Certificate





Contact Details



Email ID



[email protected]


Phone Number



+91 9158882688



Rank #4. Investment Banking Courses in Egypt

4. Ernst & Young

About: Ernst & Young is a well-recognized global organization that provides training in transactions & corporate finance, financial modeling & valuation, advanced analytics, business intelligence with Power BI, and finance & nonfinance managers.

The organization has trained about 2,00,000 candidates. One of its offices is located in Cairo City Egypt. It can be one of the options to look for if you are planning to enroll in  Investment banking courses in Egypt.



Name of the Course



Certificate in Financial Modeling & Valuation


Eligibility Criteria



Graduates in Finance, Commerce, or a related field


Finance Managers


CA, MBA Finance


Finance Professionals who are Self-employed



Course Duration



Learning Videos of 36 Hours


Mode of Training








Contact the organization for more information


Course Curriculum



Module 1: Best Practices


Module 2: Structuring & Designing Models


Module 3: Sector-Specific Working of Revenue & Expense


Module 4: Computation of Financial Statements


Module 5: Tax Calculation


Module 6: Building Macros


Module 7: Various Approaches to Valuation & How to Apply Them


Module 8: Presentation of Output in an Appealing & Meaningful Manner




Course Offerings



Learning Videos of 36 Hours


Videos of the Course



Online Assessment


Doubt Clearance through Emails


Access to LMS for 6 Months


Completion Certificate




Rank #5. Investment Banking Courses in Egypt

5. Imarticus Learning

About: Imarticus Learning Institute was established in 2012. It is one of the prominent education institutes that provides live online and classroom training sessions. Imarticus Learning offers courses in finance, analytics, technology, marketing, and management.

They have trained over 10,00,000+ candidates and offer their courses to individuals who have less than 3 years of experience and enterprises who want to train their professionals.

Their Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional course offering includes a full-time program which is of 2 months and a part-time program which is of 3 months. It can be one of the options to consider if you are looking for investment banking courses in Egypt.



Name of the Course


Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional


Eligibility Criteria 

Individuals who have graduated in finance, commerce, or a related field


Participants who have taken a career gap of 1 year only



Course Duration



150 Hours


Mode of the Course


Live Online and Classroom Training Sessions






Contact the institute for more information


Course Curriculum


Module 1: Introduction to Financial Markets


·       Introduction to Investment banking

·       Cash Equities & Fixed Incomes

·       Foreign Exchange & Money Markets

·       Derivatives Markets

·       Job- Interview Readiness


Module 2: Trade Life Cycle


·       Reference Data Management

·       Corporate Actions

·       Asset Management

·       Reconciliation

·       Introduction to ISDA

·       Stock, Borrow & Lending

·       Collateral Management

·       Trade Life Cycle


Module 3: Risk Management


·       Risk Management & Regulatory Environment

·       Anti-Money Laundering & KYC

·       Job Interview Readiness


Course Offerings



150 Hours Duration Course


Live Online & Classroom Training Sessions


Weekday & Weekend Batches


7 Interviews Guaranteed


100% Placement Assistance


Resume Building & Interview Preparation


Experiential Learning which includes solving real-world business problems

Interactive Modules






Availability of Certificate





Contact Details



Email ID


[email protected]



Contact Number



+91 9953578090


Investment Banking Courses in Egypt: Frequently Asked Questions:

Q What is an Investment Bank?

An investment bank is a bank that is contacted by corporations, companies, and governments to provide financial assistance and services to them. Investment bankers are members of investment banks whose primary responsibility is to raise funds through the issuance of securities for their clients.

Q Name the best investment banks in Egypt.

  • Morgan Stanley
  • National Bank of Egypt S.A.E
  • Citi
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Bank of Alexandria (S.A.E)
  • HSBC Bank Egypt
  • Commercial International Bank

Q What are the benefits of pursuing an investment banking course?

  • High Salary
  • Additional Beneficial Packages
  • Strong Networking
  • Sharing Workspace with Passionate Colleagues
  • Continuous Improvement & Growth
  • A chance to upskill

Investment Banking Courses in Egypt: Conclusion

The investment banking field is fast-paced and is constantly evolving. Pursuing Investment banking courses in Egypt can prove to be fruitful If we have a basic understanding and knowledge of finance, accounting, and statistics and If we are able to put in all our efforts, hard work, dedication, and intelligence into it because this field is a demanding one with long working hours, tight schedules and deadlines.

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