As India’s digital revolution gains traction, the Instagram app’s growth potential is enormous. And the user base is rapidly expanding. If you want to learn how to sell on Instagram, here is the place to be. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the best Instagram marketing courses in Bangalore. It is the promotion and growth of a company’s Instagram brand presence. Instagram marketing is often done by social media marketers. This is part of the Facebook marketing umbrella, hence many of the ad services, tools are provided by Facebook. 


List of the best Instagram marketing courses in Bangalore


Social media marketing is in high demand

For the following reasons, the demand for social media marketers has recently surged.


  • Brand Awareness is Required

One of the most successful ways for increasing brand recognition is social media. As a result, both large and small firms are claiming that social media has increased brand awareness. As a result, social media marketers are recruited to make content and conduct paid campaigns on social media. With the correct social media strategy, businesses may undoubtedly obtain a large following and recognition.


  • Cost-Effective

Anyone can create an account for free on any of the social networking platforms. Get a sense of what to expect if you decide to use paid social media advertising. Ads on social media can yield a higher return on investment. This has the potential to raise conversion rates and, as a result, good sales.


We have brought you some other popular course options, have a look:


  • Make contact with your customers

Similarly, social media allows firms to communicate with and better understand their customers. As a result, enterprises will be able to produce superior products. They can also get real-time feedback and improve their services and goods.


  • Brand Loyalty’s Importance

Similarly, as previously stated, corporations cultivate a dedicated fan base. As a result, the next time a brand introduces a new product or service, sales will occur without the need for advertising. Customer retention and loyalty improve as a result of this. Customers are familiar with brands. They also instantly associate brand colors and patterns.


  • The power of a brand

Every business relies on brand loyalty and consumer pleasure. However, communication is the most important factor. Positive impressions are created by brands actively connecting with customers in comments and inboxes. But how do you do it? By responding to comments and direct messages. When it comes to purchasing any product, customers seem to be more inclined. A positive image aids the brand in increasing sales. Customers are more inclined to buy a brand’s product if they feel at ease and connected to it.


  • Traffic of high quality

As previously said, higher brand authority leads to more traffic. Customers are more likely to pay attention to a brand that understands them. Quality traffic flows since the brand has already established a solid presence. Furthermore, improved engagement leads to more conversions. Businesses attract clients and, as a result, build strong brand awareness.


Social Media Marketer Responsibilities


The following are the tasks of a social media marketer. A social media marketer begins by researching the target population. SMM then conducts a competitive analysis. Other responsibilities include establishing ad campaigns, budget management, and post scheduling. They might also work along with influencers. As well as analyzing ad performance. After that, they must meet with stakeholders to discuss the situation.


That may appear to be a significant amount of effort. But don’t be concerned. For various tasks, most firms have specialized social media managers. This is a broad overview of the responsibilities of a social media marketer. Before you become overwhelmed by the prospect of learning everything, take a look at the best Instagram Marketing courses in Bangalore.


Most Popular Instagram Marketing Courses in Bangalore


1) IIM Skills:


Instagram marketing courses in Bangalore are part of IIM Skills’ digital marketing program. IIM Skills is a renowned training provider in the digital world. This course covers all you need to know about Instagram marketing. Email marketing, web design, and other social media marketing modules are available in addition to Instagram. IIM Skills provides internships and job placement support in addition to training.

In addition, students can use the paid Internship to implement and work on real-world challenges while building their portfolios.


Content of the course:

  • SEO web development
  • Marketing via email
  • Marketing on Facebook and Instagram
  • Inbound marketing with YouTube
  • Web analytics Marketing automation Content creation


The fee of this course is INR 34,900 + GST

Contact: +91 9911839503





 With a dedication to providing merit-based and high-quality education, the Institute offers a wide range of courses. One of these is the digital marketing course. It is one of the most popular courses since it includes practical training and projects. The course is a comprehensive digital marketing training curriculum. As a result, it covers everything from fundamentals to advanced topics in social media marketing. With all those advanced topics, it is considered the best among the Instagram marketing courses in Bangalore. 


It encompasses both Instagram and Facebook marketing. It incorporated other dependent modules rather than just teaching about Instagram marketing. As a result, students will have a broad understanding of social media marketing. There is, however, a dedicated social media course. The course’s contents are listed below. Take a look at it.


The following are the contents of the social media marketing course:

  • Advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • Recognizing the importance of great user interaction
  • Profile optimization Content strategy
  • Instagram marketing strategies with paid advertising
  • Instagram brand-building strategies
  • Advertisement on YouTube
  • Marketing on Twitter
  • Marketing on LinkedIn
  • Marketing on Snapchat
  • Pinterest promotion


Highlights include:

  • Internships
  • Projects in progress
  • Illustrating a point with the help of case studies
  • Curriculum that is up to date
  • Experts in their fields
  • The training lasts three weeks.


The fee of this course is INR 8500

Contact: 8149138218 | 9145331345 | 8806340515


3) NIIT:


NIIT is a prestigious training institute with a 40-year history. A full-stack digital marketing course is offered by NIIT. Although it is an online course, it guarantees placement. Furthermore, it provides students with industry-leading qualifications to include on their resumes. In addition, the Institute offers mock interviews and soft skills training to help students succeed in interviews.


Contents of the course:

  • Keyword research for website design SEO
  • Marketing on social media
  • Develop marketing plans.
  • Ads by Google
  • Campaign optimization strategies
  • E-commerce
  • The final project



  • Facebook ads and Google analytics
  • Information from Facebook
  • YouTube’s statistics
  • Hootsuite 
  • SEMrush 


 The fee of this course is INR 70,000, There is also the availability of an EMI option

Phone: 1800 3000 6448


4) Digital Trainee:


Another institute that offers Instagram marketing courses is the digital trainee. Students will learn how to optimize their social media profiles in this course. As a result, students will be able to understand how to increase traffic and engagement for both their clients and themselves. Students can also get answers to their queries and doubts from highly qualified instructors.


Contents of the course:

  • Optimization of social media
  • LinkedIn
  • Profile optimization
  • LinkedIn pages and groups
  • Twitter
  • Analysis of well-known brands
  • Content marketing approach
  • Marketing on Twitter
  • Twitter’s statistics
  • Pinterest
  • Pinterest marketing approach
  • Metrics of engagement
  • Pinterest’s statistics
  • Creating opportunities for involvement
  • Setup a Facebook business page
  • insights from Facebook
  • Developing Facebook applications
  • Post’s dimensions
  • Pixel
  • Marketing on Instagram
  • Hashtag marketing approach
  • Tips and strategies
  • Filters
  • Options for advertising
  • Instagram adverts in stories


Phone: 7249860957 / 8983765316


5) Blend Infotech: 


 Blend Infotech provides IT, software, and digital marketing courses. The digital marketing course includes a four-month social media marketing module. Apart from SMM, the training will provide a thorough understanding of digital marketing. Students will also learn how to create a website and sell products using marketing tactics.


Contents of the course:

  • Digital marketing principle
  • WordPress CMS is used to create websites.
  • HTML and CSS fundamentals
  • JavaScript 
  • SEO 
  • SEM 
  • SMM
  • Using Email Marketing


The following are the highlighted features of the course:

  • 6 Certifications Guaranteed job placement
  • Case studies and hands-on projects
  • Free technical support is also available after the course.
  • There are no internet usage charges




  • The module on mock interviews (study material)
  • Developing a resume
  • The course material has been updated.

 Phone: 9595 772 772


6) LIPS India:


LIPS India is an IIT and IIM alumni-founded training organization. The training provided here is excellent. Lips India offers a variety of courses in a variety of subjects. They have, however, established a social media marketing course aimed exclusively at those interested in using social media to advertise their products.


As a result, the course covers all of the important topics linked to social networking. Among various Instagram marketing classes in Bangalore, this one features one of the most comprehensive curriculums. Because Instagram and Facebook marketing is so closely linked, the training covers both.


Content of the course:

  • The target audience should be researched.
  • Manager of Facebook’s business
  • Instagram engagement approach for AdWords manager
  • Remarketing 
  • Building Lists of email addresses
  • Marketing on Twitter
  • YouTube Promotion
  • Marketing on LinkedIn
  • Sentiment analysis with Hootsuite
  • Trends
  • GMB
  • Streaming live video


Every social media marketing batch is permitted to create a live, in-the-moment campaign. LIPSINDIA will subsidize the costs of students launching campaigns for their enterprises.

As a result, pupils will be able to construct real campaigns. As a result, this course has been added to our list of the finest Instagram marketing courses in Bangalore.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which digital marketing course is the best?

A list of some of the greatest digital marketing courses is included in this post. Make sure you double-check and make your course selections properly.


  •  Is social media marketing a lucrative profession?

Yes, it is correct. Allow me to provide some statistics to further explain. Approximately 4.55 billion individuals use social media at this time. This number will continue to climb at an alarming rate. User engagement is more likely to increase when new users come online, especially in India. As a result, the demand for social media marketers among various firms throughout the world is increasing. Every business in the world does not want to miss out on this lucrative chance.


  • Why should you learn about social media marketing?

Every year, the demand for social media specialists grows. Because companies spend a lot of money to hire them. As a result, various courses to develop this talent are accessible. 

In other words, businesses follow their clients to the places where they spend the most time. Brands, understandably, want to make the most of this opportunity. Brands try to raise brand awareness, interact with customers, and prioritize customer pleasure. Social networking is a low-cost option for all of this. To improve your social media marketing skills and get employed. Take a peek at this blog’s Instagram marketing courses in Bangalore.



I hope this list of Instagram marketing courses in Bangalore helped you figure out which course is right for you. In every way, all of the courses are the best. These courses were chosen based on their substance and practical expertise. Although they are practical courses, students should take on obstacles on their own. Why you might wonder? If there are already practical classes in the course. Yes, you’re correct.


With more practice, your Facebook and Instagram marketing talents will improve. You can help them develop their brand. They will have a digital presence by the end of the course, in addition to learning and implementing. They can add such numbers to their portfolio while they work on their brand. It is beneficial to you whether you are looking for a job or doing freelancing work. As much as possible, put the strategies into action. You might be able to attract clients and start earning while you learn.

You made the right decision; Instagram marketing is an excellent job option. The demand for social media marketers is expanding as more businesses move their operations online.