Income tax certification courses consist of knowledge of different concepts like Tax planning, different heads under the Income Tax Act, Deductions, Filing returns, Club Income, carrying forward losses, and so forth. What Are Income Tax Certification Courses? Income Tax certification includes in-depth training and information about tax. How to determine the Residential Status of the assessee, What are the different heads of income under the Income Tax Act? The concept of clubbing of Income sets off and carries forward losses, deductions, how to file an Income Tax Return, the applicability of TDS, TCS, etc.


List of best income tax certification courses


Tax knowledge is now a necessary component of both business and personal development. An in-depth understanding of all the elements of the Income Tax Act is necessary for proper tax planning, as it will help you grasp the Act’s applicability and how it affects you.


The Content of the Course Includes


  • How to determine the Residential Status of the assessee 
  • The concept of  exempt income is introduced by The 1961 Income Tax Act 
  • Salary
  • House Property
  • Profit and Gain From Business or Profession
  • Capital Gain
  • Income From Other Sources
  • Concept of clubbing of Income
  • Various deductions are available to an assessee.
  • Computation of Total Income.
  • Return of Income
  • TDS and TCS


Here Are Some Institutes for Income Tax Certification Courses


1. National Institute of Financial Market


National Institute of Financial Market offers a diploma program in Income Tax certification courses which involves basic knowledge about income taxes and various aspects of taxation and finances. This course involves Income Tax, E-Filing, TDS/TCS, and GST which can give you a better understanding of the business corporations.


The course offers quality knowledge and practical experience with training. The program is designed for those who want to pursue tax consultancy as their profession.


National Institute of Financial Markets Course curriculum offers:

  • E filing Income Tax ITR01, ITR02, ITR03, 
  • TDS Return
  • GST return Filings
  • E- Way Bill under GST


The National Institute of Financial Market Institute believes that holding a Diploma in Taxation, which reflects a high expertise level in taxation has many benefits for tax practitioners or tax consultants. Tax professionals at NIFM have meticulously watched the market and updated the taxation course curriculum to reflect the most recent trends and techniques. 


The Diploma in Taxation is an excellent tax course that teaches students how to submit an online ITR, TDS return, and GST return. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the Indian taxation system, including tax computation in businesses, invoicing, online PAN registration, and interest and penalties.


2. TaxGuru Edu


Tax guru is one of the best institutes to learn Income tax certification courses. It offers courses from basic to advanced levels covering all the important topics like Filing Income Tax Returns and TDS forms, Managing assignments, and Income Tax Health check-ups.


The certification, of course, will be given after completing all the modules of the course. The course training will be provided by experts and experienced professionals. The main focus of the institute is to educate students about this program and give their careers a turn.


This institution course provides knowledge with practical resources and with experts in income tax. The training schedule for the courses would be 2 classes per week for 3 hours on weekends which will be completed after 40 hours of training. Weekend batches are usually because of working professionals.


Meet top experts in the area for an Income Tax course that will be taught in both English and Hindi. All classes are interactive and live. Although, students do have access to recorded lectures for a limited period. All the details are provided to students by their respective trainers.


Live interactions are held to solve the queries and questions of the students. Designed for all levels of professionals, from novices to finance specialists, TaxGuru only issues a certificate after a successful examination.


The Curriculum of the Course

  • Tax Planning
  • Transactions that did not include a PAN number may result in an investigation. 
  • Self-examination is required before the Income-tax Department examination. 
  • Precautions to Take When Filing ITR to Reduce CASS Scrutiny 
  • Precautions for both the buyer and the seller in real estate transactions 
  • Documents to be kept and how long they should be kept 
  • Taxes are deducted at the source, particularly by non-businesspeople. 
  • Finance (No. 2) Act, 2019 Amendments to Income Taxes: A Comprehensive Analysis 
  • Filing of essential compliances, ITRs, and other documents 
  • Managing online evaluations 
  • Health Checkup on Income Taxes 
  • Keeping Tax Disputes to a Minimum


 Tax Guru gives you the right platform to get certified. You can take advantage of a comprehensive online course designed to educate ideas and practical knowledge of taxation and related legislation, with a focus on assisting participants in understanding, analyzing, and interpreting practical difficulties.


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3. EduPristine


EduPristine organization offers you a comprehensive learning program of 190 hours of expertise learning and practical experiences which will be led by industry leaders. The organization offers Income Tax certification courses. The course structure comprises the latest techniques and strategies, and experimental learnings.


The experts also help in providing soft skills training to be a well-rounded professional. Learn about the most often used tools in the workplace, such as TALLY, GST, SAP in Accounting, Busy, and MIS Reporting, which can help you reach your objectives. The institute offers you the facility of flexible training and learning at your self-paced speed.


The organization program also consists of professional experts and market-leading strategists. The trainers offer you the facilities of the lab, study notes, and career services included. Soft skills coaching is also included in the course with the help of trainers. The course degree would be given after the completion of the course. 


The Curriculum of the Income Tax Course


Tally Software Learnings

  • BUSY
  • Direct Taxes
  • Payroll and its components
  • Excel and MisReporting
  • SAP Module (Simulation-Based)
  • Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  • Finalization of Financial Statements
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Presentation Boot Camp
  • Email and Virtual Training
  • Assertiveness & Communication
  • Interview Preparation


EduPristine is a well-known training institution in India. They are members of Adtalem Worldwide Education(US), a global education powerhouse centered in the United States, and their field of training is Analytics, Accounting, and Finance. This course specifically includes different important aspects to give you technical, practical, and industry-relevant information, to empower students to realize their goals and career choices. 


4. Udemy


Udemy is the most reliable platform for learning. It provides unlimited courses in specific fields and avails students of various options. The platform helps in giving courses in taxation, finances, and management courses. The course has been prepared by the market experts and professionals. 


The course comprises different aspects of Income-tax and provides in-depth knowledge about strategies that are used in day-to-day life. The content is also updated from time to time because of the update in technology and strategy. 


Income Tax Course Curriculum in Udemy involves

  • Introduction of income tax and other important terms
  • Introduction to Various Income Tax Returns forms(ITR)
  • Introduction to important Tax Savings Investments/ Deductions or tips
  • Calculation of Business Income for Income Tax
  • Purposes Allowed & Disallowed Business Deductions 
  • Depreciation for Income Tax 
  • Purposes Books of Account & Documents for Income Tax Purposes 
  • Audit Application under the Income Tax 
  • Discussion of Taxation Schemes for Small Business Owners and Professionals
  • TDS provisions, important TDS rates, TDS returns, and TDS return due dates are all covered.


Some Features Provided by Udemy

  • Life-long access to recordings
  • Downloadable Resources’
  • Expertise and practical learning
  • 1-month money-back guarantee
  • Analyzing knowledge by giving test
  • Certification after completion of the courses


5. Consultease


Consultees institute provides various Income Tax certification Courses. For tax professionals with experience, this can be a game-changer. In recent times, many people are losing their jobs due to startups and an increase in Industrial activities. This course comprises different aspects of Income Tax Training.


The faculty members are well trained and professionals. Their instructors have experience working in a variety of industries and understand the specific needs of each. One of their faculty is in the profession of Chartered Accountant having all quality experience in the market.


The course involves a series of practicals that can help in better understanding. Many Income Tax courses have already been taught by Consultease trainers. These courses are appreciated by people because we provide a practical learning experience. Tax planning plays a vital role in business as well as in individual growth.


Proper tax planning involves necessary steps to make an understanding of all provisions of the Income Tax Act, which will enable you to determine their relevance and impact on your business. After receiving the certificate of completion after the course, you will be able to solve Income Tax problems on a corporate level and be ready to be placed in a decent company.


This Income Tax course will increase your knowledge and confidence so that you can better handle Income Tax Authority Litigation and serve your clients better. You’ll be able to handle not only ordinary compliance but also departmental proceedings. This course not only enriches your skills but also makes you self-observed and confident to handle different situations at times. 


The Curriculum of the Course Includes

  • Introduction of different aspects of Income Tax Law
  • Tax Planning
  • Filing essential compliances
  • Handling online e-Assessments and e-Proceedings
  • Income Tax Health Checkup
  • Limiting taxation Disputes


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6. The Institute of Professional Accounts


Institute of Professional Accounts is a government office that provides an Income Tax Certification Courses of 1 year known as a diploma course (DTL) Diploma Taxation Courses. A professional expert trainer will be assigned.


Benefits Provided by the Institute Involve

  • Practical learning tools
  • Involved “GST matters and Income Tax”
  • Online TDS Return Filing
  • Online GST Return Filing
  • ITR (Online Income Tax Return Filing)
  • Online Examination


Income Tax Certification Courses Curriculum 

  • Introduction to Income Tax,
  •  Residential Status of an assessee,
  •  Different Heads of Income including salary, Income under the head House Property, Profit & Gains from Business and Profession, Income from Capital Gains & other Sources,
  • Income Tax, Set-off and carry forward losses,
  • Filing an income tax return, applying for a PAN online, etc.
  • E-Filing of Income Tax return,
  • Defining Income Tax portal and credit statements,
  • Concept of TDS,
  • Computation and Payment of TDS,
  • Generating TDS Challans and
  • Filing of TDS Returns.
  • Income Tax computation,
  • Filing Permanent Account No application and its procedure,
  • E TDS Return filing Practical Training,
  • E TDS software
  •  How to prepare Form 16 online and manual How to fill up Form 49A, 49B
  •  Preparation of Challan 281 and 28 manual and automated,
  •  Procedure and management of income tax assessments
  • Form 3CD Tax Audit Procedure and Laws Practical Training Income Tax Cases,
  • Income Tax Notices, and Scrutiny Cases under Section 143


7. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a universal platform that provides short-term courses/ diploma/ degree programs to students and working professionals. The institute also offers consultancy services to companies. The organization offers a platform to prominent management/technology universities, corporations, and government agencies to use the company as a training partner and education provider.


According to the data for 2020,  Henry Harvin institute has a customer-friendly base of over 3,00,00 people from 27 countries. Their physical offices are in San Francisco(USA) and New Delhi(India). You have the option of choosing the medium of instruction at the Henry Harvin Institute. Both delivery methods provide 32 hours of professional study training.


Income Tax Certification Courses Curriculum

 Module 1: Litigation Management

Module 2: TDS/TCS

Module 3: Income tax from house property 

Module 4: Capital Gain

Module 5: Business Income

Module 6: Income Tax

Module 7: Filing of Income Tax Return/Tax Audit

Module 8: Doubts Session

Bonus Module Includes Soft skills Development and Resume writing




1. How long does it take to complete the tax course?

Some organizations will give you the liberty to do courses at your own pace while other institutions can take up to 6 months for training. It involves comprehensive courses for up to 3 months. Although the time frame is dependent from institute to institute.  


2. Do I need to buy more materials from the market?

No, all the materials are widely available and you can download them from your respective institute center through trainers or the help desk. Moreover, tax course reference material is readily available online and can be accessed through any device and at any time. You can study from any part of the world. For an extra price, hard copies of the textbooks are available. But you can save your money by avoiding this as it is not necessary.


In addition, the textbook can be used as a reference handbook while preparing tax returns in the future. Any hard copy tax course materials will be shipped via UPS Ground or USPS within one business day of your enrollment. Alternative shipping methods and international shipping are available for a price. You must include a genuine street address; no P.O. Boxes will be accepted.


3. How long should I spend each online lesson and chapter in a week? 

The amount of time you spend on each chapter can vary according to your pace but for our most popular Comprehensive Tax Course, you should spend 5-6 hours per chapter to read the chapter and complete the reading assignment. Experts recommend that you complete two chapters per week for any course lasting more than 30 hours; however, the course can be accelerated or more time taken if necessary. At least one lesson per week should be completed.


4. Are Income Tax Certification Courses successful in India?

Yes, it is widely acceptable by companies and organizations. For employees who have less than 1 year of experience to 4 years of experience, the average Income Tax Department India Accountant pay in India is 7.4 lakhs per year. Income Tax Officer salary ranges from 1 Lakhs to 15 lakh per year. 


5. Is tax consulting a suitable career choice?

Yes, it is a great career choice. As a trainee, your starting income will be low. However, as you gain experience. You can get great opportunities and decent salary packages. 




In this article, we have discussed 7 top institutes to offer Income Tax certification Courses in India. The course structure can be different but the syllabus is almost similar. You can choose as per your requirement and gain knowledge and experience.