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IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course Review (Updated)

Many times you have heard about various Digital Marketing Programs available online and offline around the world. While you have searched for the best programs you might have stumbled upon the largest Digital Marketing Brand as IIM SKILLS. In this article, we will help you to find is IIM SKILLS The Best Digital Marketing Course in India? if YES! Why?


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course Review


What is digital marketing?


Digital Marketing or internet marketing or online marketing whatever you call it, is one of the booming things these days.


And why not? After all people’s usage of the internet has increased tremendously in the past decade. Humans depend heavily on the internet these from finding a local store nearby to finding any sort of data to get their work done. Understanding what and why digital marketing is is not a one day job nor it is as easy as you think it is.


That is why digital marketing courses are becoming popular by the day and a lot of such institutes are sprouting out of nowhere. Although we are going to look in brief about one such course and also suggest one of the best courses available online.


About digital marketing


Digital marketing is a way of creating awareness and trust about your brand or product or the services you tend to provide through digital or electronic devices. And it can be a website, a Twitter page, or any other social media page or an app. Or through any media possible digitally.


And these are not restricted to just online marketing channels. Offline marketing channels like TV, radio and electronic billboards play a major role in digital marketing even today. While people mostly associate online marketing channels/techniques like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and others with digital marketing, a good digital marketing strategy will also use offline marketing channels to boost brand recognition and recall.

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How to choose a digital marketing course


Digital communication is the most preferred form of communication in everyone’s life – every business, organization, company, or industry, basically everywhere – hence the imperative to learn or at least know about Digital Marketing. Professionals across industries are required to fulfil many aspects of digital processes.


So, if you are planning to take up an apt Digital Marketing Course then it is important to seek a few tips before making this important decision.


You need to take care of a lot of factors before you conclude on selecting a particular course. However, a few priorities should be:


  • How good and different is the program that the institute offers, in comparison with offerings from competitive institutes?
  • How are the course structure and its design?
  • What are the benefits you will get after completion of the course?  (in terms of certifications, job assistance, placement, practical training, paid internships)
  • And above all, Will this course helps you be the best in the industry? And will you get the recognition you deserve?
  • What is their teaching methodology?
  • What about the experience of the teachers?
  • Also, it is advisable to know about the background of the Institute as a whole.
  • Also if it is an institute with a lot of fame among people then always choose such institutes over the other local ones.
  • It is a professional course. So it is also advisable to learn how earlier students have been benefited by the course.



Anyways after taking into consideration all such issues we have found an institute that might best interest you. And we can give our word on the institute and its genuinity. The name of the institute that I am about to suggest to you in the article is IIM SKILLS.


IIM SKILLS is an institute that provides courses and coaching to a number of students both online and offline. The rather young institute has already set up a name among people in such a short time.


So let us continue to review IIM SKILLS and its digital marketing course to the next section of the article which is going to be about the institute that is IIM SKILLs which is being reviewed here.



About the institute


In this section of review on the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course, I am going to explain about the institute that offers the course that is IIM SKILLS.


So IIM SKILLS is a course that is quite new and equally famous among the students who not just pursue Digital marketing careers but also other careers like a career in Content writing and also MBA aspirants that is because the institute offers courses in Content writing, Digital Marketing and provides CAT coaching too.


And the thing that makes the institute that is IIM SKILLS is quite famous is that it is the best at every single thing it does in this industry.


IIM SKILLS without a doubt is one of the best and leading online Education services providing institutions. It is an Indian-based institution with its headquarters situated in New Delhi, India.



The institute just began a few years earlier and is to be dated in the year 2015. And have already made a huge achievement of setting up fully facilitated 23 offline training institutes in 23 different cities all around the country. Also, they provide equally good online courses that stand out in the era of a lot of online courses that are not as efficient as the offline courses of their own institutes.

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They have already achieved a lot of great things as an institute and one among them being already stated that they have set up institutes all around the country. They have already extended their online services to more than 35 countries around the world and more than 5000 students have already trained and succeeded from their very institute.


One other thing that both the people that benefit from the courses of the institute and the institute advertise with pride is that the faculty team the institute possesses. They are the asset of the institute and each of the tutors of every course that the institute offers are termed industry experts, that is they’re the best in the industry at what they do and they sure do possess enough experience both in the field and teaching to be known and called an industry expert by the people in the industry.


The mission of the institute that is being reviewed, that is IIM SKILLS is to provide World Class Education at affordable pricing through our live online and self-paced learning programs. They are continuously working hard to identify various skill development courses that are in demand and can help professionals to Upskill professionally in a few months.


Although the institute started off as a complete content writing institute it has already stretched its scope to providing the best Digital marketing course in the industry already and in the coming years the institute is supposed to move on to:


  1. Finance
  2. Marketing
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Entrepreneurship


And I hope you realize how good an institute is IIM SKILLS and that is really important for a good digital marketing course. And that is because a good course always comes from a good institute.


So let us move on to the next section of the review on the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course.

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About the course


So This section of review on IIM SKILLS digital marketing course is about the course, its features, and what is so special about IIM SKILLS that makes the best and I would also suggest to you why you should without a doubt choose the institute.


So the digital marketing course by IIM SKILLS that we are reviewing is called the Master Digital marketing course. The course is all about more than 180 hours of comprehensive digital marketing training and live online interacting classes with the trainers who I mentioned earlier to be the experts in the industry.


It is a 3-month program in total and the total fees are going to around 30,000 INR. And I would say the course is totally worth the money and the time though it may seem too much for some people for they offer the institute’s own digital marketing certificate and also prepare you for further certification from Google, Facebook, HubSpot, and many such social media.


All you have to do is attend the exams that give you the certifications and you will already be ready for it after the training by IIM SKILLS is completed.

The other features the course seem to provide the students are:


  1. 60+ Hours of Live Online Training, 120+ hours of assignments, Industry case studies.
  2. Master Certification from IIM Skills & Preparation for Google, Facebook & Hubspot Examination
  3. Work on various Digital Marketing Tools to get real-time hands-on Learning
  4. Lifetime Access To Training Material, Course Recordings, Class Presentations.


And just to ensure and clear the doubts you might be having the course is definitely not just theoretical and focuses more on the hands-on experience.


They introduce all the tools and ensure you are known with every single feature of the tool and how to use it to your needs. Also, you can take up PAID internships that might help you work on things that you have learned so that you yourself can know how good you have become, and at the end of the course, the institute offers you a wonderful experience altogether. This internship not only enhances your learning curve but also rewards you with a fixed stipend of 6K.


Also, the institute provides clear ideas on who should probably take up the course and what are the benefits that you might get after the completion of the course.


  1. Students: It is predicted that Global Digital Ads Spending by 2023 will be USD 513 Billion. Considering 60% growth in Digital Ads Spent by Brands, SMEs, and Start-Up there is a high demand for qualified Digital Marketers across the globe. There is a major expansion opportunity in Digital Ads spend and it will open up more than 10 lac jobs by then.
  2. Working Professionals: Non-Marketing Professionals like HR, Sales & IT employees now have limited career growth options due to oversupply of manpower at low cost and similar skills. Digital Marketing is a vast and growing industry with the huge requirement of Skilled Talent and it’s a high paying job. This is the right time for every working professional who wants to jump into the Digital Marketing industry to learn this skill.
  3. Traditional Marketing Professionals: Businesses have started spending a percentage of their Marketing Budget on Digital Media. Every Traditional Marketing Professional is required to know Internet Marketing skills to grow in their current role or for the next career jump. To validate it further, traditional marketers must check online job portals and Job descriptions mentioned there.
  4. Entrepreneurs: Brand Building, Customer Acquisition, Lead Generation everything at a low cost is the first preference for any Entrepreneur. Digital Marketing is the most effective way to start, build, and promote your brand online at a very low cost as compared to print and other media platforms. At the same time, we can measure our exact campaign performances which are not possible on any other platform.
  5. Digital Marketers: People with specific skill sets like Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing or SEO can leverage entire Digital Marketing to build a better career. Once you have a holistic understanding of Internet Media your chances of getting placed at better positions increase.
  6. Housewives, College Dropouts: Digital Marketing Jobs including freelancing or work from home roles do not come with any prerequisites. If you are interested in re-start your career, Digital marketing is the right industry today.


This is totally according to the institute that is being reviewed and that is IIM SKILLS and let us now move on to the next section of the review on IIM SKILLS digital marketing institute which might let us know if the institute benefits in the way it claims it does by checking on to the reviews the alumnus of the institute have provided earlier.

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User reviews on the course


In this section of the review of the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course, we are going to look at what our experienced students or rather alumnus of the institute are going to say.


Pranat Bajpai who has taken the course and hails from Jaipur says so about the course:

“It had been brilliant sir. You have been really kind and supportive. SEO seemed a far fetched reality before the starting of this course but now working my way through it, it is really fun, and addressing people becomes too easy a task. Thank you for always being there during class and otherwise too. Writing has always been a passion but you gave way to it.”


Also here is what Nakshatra Nagarajan from Bangalore who has been an ALumnus of the institute says about the institute when asked to review the institute:


“Thank you so much, Sir. Building a blog from scratch is not really easy without proper guidance. For a 4 week class, you have covered a vast amount of syllabus. It would be really nice if you introduce some advanced courses. I really wish to learn more from you.”


Every person who has benefited from the course has only something amazing to say and nothing less. So I hope you now know what and how the course is so let us move on to the last section of the review of the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course.

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The curriculum IIM SKILLS follows gives you an in-depth understanding of several important online marketing tools like Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Analytics, Twitter Ads, Semrush, Moz, Google Ads, Ubersuggest, Google Trend among many others.


Since marketing has seen a shift from traditional to online, marketing professionals who have previously worked in the traditional marketing space will be able to gain insight on how to merge the two to make the best strategy that will derive traffic and turn leads into conversions.


Whether you are marketing personnel, a sales executive, a freelancer eager to learn the ropes of digital marketing, or an entrepreneur looking to expand your business on the online horizon, this course is ideally suited to you.


For a thorough comprehension of Digital Marketing modules, you need two things. Your zealousness and determination in learning the components that comprise the online marketing system and an institute that prioritizes students over everything else.


IIMSKILLS being a globally eminent Digital education Institute puts their students above everything else giving them the meticulous attention to excel in their careers.


That is what separates IIMSKILLS from the rest of the institute’s and that is why I strongly recommend IIM SKILLS for your Digital Marketing career.

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28 thoughts on “IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Course Review (Updated)

  • I have heard a lot about this institute. Heard especially about how this institute offers the best content writing course. I am an intern and blogger myself, working for a pretty reputable company in Bangalore. Last year coincidentally one of my fellow interns said that he has completed this course from this institute, though now we have both become employers at this company. Later I came across these institutes blog sites quite a few times. This is the first time I read an article. I really like this post and simply speaking I think this institute has high hopes in the future. As I was quite curious I asked a few people at Quora about their experience or their opinions about this institute and I only got positive replies from everywhere. It was just a general question’s but a lot of people replied back which intrigued me to read further posts like these. I have completed my share of courses from different institutes, but I still think there’s more to learn from this particular institute. There are a lot of other institutes but hearing about any particular institute from a friend or maybe a collegeau seems to much more charming. I would like to enroll in this course and see where it leads me too. Where jobs are becoming scanty, jobs in the marketing field are ever booming. As I have heard only good things about this institute I would love to be a part of this team and learn with them if I ever get the opportunity.

  • Digital Marketing is a pretty rewarding career. I completed this course in 2018 from this institute and I am now working at Accenture, in Kolkata. I am really grateful for how the teachers helped me through out the course and also after the course. I remember texting our mentor even at late night and he would still reply back and help me. Realistically speaking he had no particular reason to help me out when I had already graduated but he still did. Their faculty members are amazing and very helpful. They would guide you through each and every step.

    I interned at IIMSkills and now as I said earlier I work for a pretty awesome company with an amazing team. Like most of the newcomers, I didn’t trust myself and sometimes I felt overwhelmed with all the curriculum and exercises but I am so thankful for it. I helped me grow to an extent where I never dreamt of reaching. This is an amazing institute. everyone interested in this field should join. If it was like other times then many people could say that they can’t join this course because they don’t have time and all…but it’s not the current situation now. You can dedicate a fair amount of time for this course. It will take a while to get everything back on tracks and I think this is the moment one should not just waste away. Remember when you are wasting your time others are taking a step forward than you. There’s nothing more to say, it’s your choice after all. Good luck.

  • Hello everyone. It was a nice read. I was hoping to join this institute for the marketing course but I was not sure how this institute was. Reading the article and the comments cleared my doubts. I also read the review for the content writing course. I am from an arts background in twelfth grade. I would have completed my school life was it not for this horrible situation. Anyways n the content writing program it was noted again and again that anyone from any educational background can join the course but the marketing course didn’t promise anything like that. Does that mean that not everyone can join this course? It does seem difficult than content writing but I am sure if given the proper training anyone can master a new skill. I would like to know if I can join this course or does someone for say, from commerce background can join this course? Or does it have to be someone who completed graduation? Marketing course is a pretty common and popular short course unlike university programs of two or three years. Since this course takes a short amount of time it is so popular and also jobs in this field are so easy to find. This was why I was drawn to this course. But I am not sure which course I should join in. if this course requires any certificates then can you name it? I don’t know much so I would like to know what makes this course so popular except the reasons that I already told? I want to know why this course seems to be so well-liked by others?

  • Nilima Jaiswal

    Sir I am a mass communication graduate student. I read your article and I wanted to ask what are the advantages to completing a marketing course from the institute mentioned in this article. I have heard about iimskills. Some of my friends also joined this institute over the summer break. They are from the different educational backgrounds than me. So if I complete this course what type of jobs can I expect to get in the future? I merely read this article since they have said a lot of positive things about this so I wanted to find out for myself. I would be lying if said it didn’t intrigue me. But I have always known that these types of career options are best for those who love to keep track of new technologies and are mostly business minded. I am neither of those. I want to enroll in a course over this break that would ensure a home based job for me, whether it be part time or full time. Since this is a very career rewarding course I am interested in it. But I doubt whether I would be able to handle the pressure and excel in the training classes. I have completely zero ideas about this. If this isn’t the right course choice can you give tell me which type of courses should I go for. It would be very good if those courses are from this institute. I liked this review article and I would like to enroll at a course this institute offers.

  • Sanchita Panigrahi

    Last year I completed graduation and it wasn’t much later that this epidemic situation started. As you are aware this year I don’t think forms for new session will even be released. Here and there everyone is desperately trying to do something, get a job or start a course that can ensure their future. I am also pretty frustrated with all this. I came across this article on LinkedIn site, where I put my job profile. Honestly I saw this blog’s ad a few times but this is the first time I ever read one. It specially interested me as the course was also available in my city. I am excited to join this course. I have contacted their institute and their reception was very kind. I wasn’t sure at first whether it was the right choice or not, also the fees were a little high, but I no longer doubt myself. I immediately signed up for a demo class and it was far awesome than I had expected. My friends are also interested in this course now. I think everyone, specially students who are unsure about their future currently will be greatly relieved if they join courses like these. No matter the situation this skill will always come in handy and its demands will never decrease. Also whether you get a job or not is a different matter but the internship that this institute offers are something worth looking forward too. Your article helped me and encouraged me to look forward once again, so I sincerely thank you.

  • Sir I am from Delhi public school. I was supposed to apply at Global Institute of Technology and Management in Gurgaon, but as you may know, no forms are being released at the moment. So I want to complete this marketing course. It’s interrelated to my study line anyways. I would have come across this course eventually so I thought why not take this moment to apply for it. I am particularly interested in iimskills and dsim institute. can you brief me a bit more about the selection process and student placement success rate about these two institutes? In short if you could can you give me the differences between these institutes? I would like to join any one of them. since just by reading an article I can’t tell which one would be better. And as far as I have researched about these two, both are pretty reputable institutes and the student’s reviews and placement success rates are also very high. But a professional outlook will help to clear the facts more. I am sure there will be many readers who will be interested and looking forward to your reply. Delhi is the home of many great institutes and organizations and to choose just one is a pretty difficult task. So help me select the best one among them. looking forward to your reply. And thanks!

  • Nabin Bhattacharya

    IIMSkills is one the best institutes out there on digital marketing. Their training sessions are very interactive and you will never feel that you are in a virtual classroom. I have been a student at this institute. Completed a few months back now I am employed at HCL Technologies. I haven’t officially joined yet but I have stated working from home. I will join office once everything settles down. I have to thank this amazing institutes for making me into who I am today. There internship facility is one of the best. There are many hands on practices and assignments and we had so much fun doing attending all those. There were times when I missed classes due to my study assignments or exams and the teachers were very helpful at all those moments. They never ran out of patience. Even after graduating from this institute they still helped me when I needed and they still do. There will be many who will be confused and even after reading this article and the comments of everyone, there doubts will still remain. And I think that’s totally fine. You don’t need to believe what anyone says. You can just go to iimskill’s official website and sign up for a free demo class. Believe me you will not lose anything if you enroll at this institute, but there will be abundance of things that you will gain. Rest is up to you. Best luck, no matter where you apply to.

  • Preethi Deb

    Hey there. I am interested in this course and I would like to apply for this course. I have been working as a blogger for a few years. I have never thought about this course before. But recently even I can tell that my blogs are kind of getting repeated ideas and also getting a bit cramped up. I am nit getting much attention of the readers either. That’s when I saw your post on linkedIn and I immediately rushed to read it. Thank god I found so many useful things to note off, in your blog. I have completed master’s in interior designing. So I am not much of a writer, but my friends encouraged me that this course can give me what I am missing and can guide me well. So here I am! I seriously don’t know many things here. I have mostly read about the main stuffs that I needed to know as a blogger. But that was all internet stuff. I never had undergone any professional trainings. So I guess it’s high time I focus on that part. I am very excited to start my new journey. And you have written an awesome article. it helped me do much. So I would like to know your opinion about the institute which you think is the best.

  • Nidhi Roy

    Thanks for this detailed review. I am from Gurgaon and I am second year B. Tech student from IILM University. I was always interested in this course but I couldn’t apply for it then. Finally, I can dedicate some time for this course. I have read various posts and reviews about the top institutes before reading this page. As you’ve said, reviews are very crucial for one to read before joining any institution. I am glad to be a part of this course. I have filled my form after reading this page so now I wanted to thank you for this amazing post. Generally educational posts such as this one, I normally stuffed with too much info and words, but this article was easy to read. IIMSkills is known to be one of the top institutes in this field, but still going reading this before applying was a good call, I think. There are other institutes on par with this one, so I took a bit time before deciding. I am glad to be a part of this institute. I really liked how they approached after I requested for a demo class. My training sessions will start in a few days. I am so excited for it. Thanks once again for this article.

  • Vivek Sharma

    Digital Marketing is an ever growing field. It has changed so much from the past till now and is continuing to do so too. It’s not only a popular field with job opportunities but as a marketer it comes with all kinds of excitement and day to day challenges. I have been a marketer for last five years and if I compare to what it was like in those years and now, then I could probably write a review of two to three pages only based on that. There were less online courses available at that time, but now there are so many institutes offering courses in this field. It’s such a blessing to this generation, that they get the opportunity to choose from the best of the best institute. There are so many wonderful courses out there. I researched a bit about the marketing courses these days and I found many institutes wrote reviews about their course but still students tend to get confused, about how much authenticity there is. An interesting thing that I noticed was there is now an opportunity to join free demo classes to verify yourself whether you like their teaching or not. If you’re unsure go for an institute you like and see whether they have this option or not. Make your choice after attending a class. I wish all of you future marketers best of luck!

  • Digital Marketing is an ever growing field. It has changed so much from the past till now and is continuing to do so too. It’s not only a popular field with job opportunities but as a marketer it comes with all kinds of excitement and day to day challenges. I have been a marketer for last five years and if I compare to what it was like in those years and now, then I could probably write a review of two to three pages only based on that. There were less online courses available at that time, but now there are so many institutes offering courses in this field. It’s such a blessing to this generation, that they get the opportunity to choose from the best of the best institute. There are so many wonderful courses out there. I researched a bit about the marketing courses these days and I found many institutes wrote reviews about their course but still students tend to get confused, about how much authenticity there is. An interesting thing that I noticed was there is now an opportunity to join free demo classes to verify yourself whether you like their teaching or not. If you’re unsure go for an institute you like and see whether they have this option or not. Make your choice after attending a class. I wish all of you future marketers best of luck!

  • Nijora Pathak

    Sir can I join this course even if I haven’t completed graduation yet? I am doing my graduation in computer science and I would like to participate in this course. This will help me land a job quickly, since this marketing is such an interesting and popular field. Also there is loads of internships available online for marketers. I am in my second year of college, and before I complete graduation I want to compete in various internships, so that by the time I graduate I will be a master of my own. Sir, in this field can I take both part time or full time jobs? I mean like other professions, does this profession also provide with these options? Just asking to know it’s not like I have decided to go part time or anything. Also is there an option to work from home? How does a freelance marketer work? What is the difference between freelancing and part time? both can be done from home. What is the other differences? I always get confused about this. does this question sound silly? Well nothing I can say, I am confused. And rather than searching online I thought it would be better to ask you. Hope you don’t mind.

  • I also support IIMSkills in this training program. After all I have completed my course from this institute and I am very much satisfied. And saying only satisfied is not enough. They always had a wide range of topics to teach from and they did it with precision. Before joining their program I mailed them and asked about a few things I had my doubts on. Later they send me a meeting id for a demo class and answered all my questions later too. I really like this institute and I would happily recommend this to anyone. This institute offers other courses too among which content writing is also a popular course. And as said earlier they provide internships to deserving students and even if you don’t join their internship program they will still help you. And more than anything they prepare you for industrial work. You don’t need to join any other training program to learn about how all these works in companies. I have joined TCS and have worked there for two years and now I am currently working at a reputable company. I am so glad I decided to join this institute at that time. Thank you for everything.

  • Shilajeet Kundu

    Hi. I am here to read this review on marketing course, since I am considering to enroll for this online program. I have been focusing on marketing courses for a few months. Maybe because I am studying management course. I am a second year post graduate student. Marketing is one of the most important topic and subject to learn for our course. Since we are going to be out in the job world soon its always better to have a bit more in depth knowledge about a subject. I have been wondering about this institute too. This is a pretty good institute. At least so I have heard. I haven’t been sure what to do since then. I am still a student and haven’t yet completed post-graduation, so I was wondering whether it would be the right time to join this institute or not. I have to focus on my studies too, that’s most important than this, but I just had this thought maybe I could try to enroll for this course. So I wanted to ask you, can I back out after attending a class, if I think it would disturb my other schedules? I have not attended any online classes before so I don’t know how long a class proceeds. Even if I don’t apply for this course now, I would still do it after completing my studies. Since it’s a lockdown period I wanted to try new things, and this institute came to my mind. I don’t know, but could you give me some suggestions? What do you think I should do? And also when is the appropriate time to apply for this institute?

  • Digital Marketing Courses are on the rise now. So many people are interested in this course. Students who have thought of attending this course after completing their graduation or relevant studies are now all applying for online courses enthusiastically. I am a blogger and a post graduate student, currently working as a part time writer. I was looking for this course as someone close to me is interested in participating in this training session. now I see so many people commenting here. It’s always nice to read the comments of fellow people who are interested in the same subject. Mam I really like how you have written this blog. There are relevant information. Since I haven’t decided on any particular institute, and I was just scrolling down, I read all the details of those institutes and I like few of them. Specially IIMSkills. I am so excited to join this program. If I may ask, can you tell me how much time one should keep to focus on his lessons? It will be easy for me to correctly evaluate the required time then. Also how many classes are there supposed to be in a week? Is it going to be a regular lecture or would there be particular days allotted for the session?

  • This really is the best institute for digital marketing course online. I have completed this course last year and I am currently employed in Oracle. I interned there before joining this training session, and the completion of this course helped me to kick start my career again. I got to participate in new opportunities and I am so happy I got to be a member of their amazing team. As far as the institute goes, I think it’s the best, because their courses are very interactive in form and they have loads of exercises and practical’s to do. Their curriculum is designed keeping in mind that it will prove to be useful if an individual starts working at a professional setting. Really liked their classes. I was working as a part timer when I joined this course so I thought I would miss a few classes, and I did. But they have recorded sessions you can access. Even if you have trouble with understanding their sessions they will help you earnestly. Honestly I had my doubts when I joined this course, but like everyone else I am glad I did. Their internship program is also one to look forward too. They have a complete package for this course. So I recommend to join this marketing program.

  • Nice article really. I am really impressed by the way you wrote this down. I had doubts both positive and negative about enrolling at this institute so I am really relieved that my worries were not true. I will encourage everyone to read this article if anyone is interested in this course. I am completing my graduation in hotel management, last year. I was hoping to join any course which can give me job securities after the training is completed. That’s when I came across many courses but among all those ones, I found this particular course quite interesting. And as said in most of the articles, this is a course with the highest in demand jobs. And that’s not all but it will only increase in its field as time goes by. There are also many institutes for this course, since its popularity is almost at the top. I think many of us here have gone through those first and then came to check a few more details about this particular institute. This is really an in depth analysis about this institute. the article is no doubt well written but the comment section is also quite interesting to read. It didn’t take too long to complete reading the article but it took me a few extra minutes to read the comments here. And honestly, I really enjoyed this.

  • Dipankar Jana

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