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IIDE Digital Marketing Course Review (Updated)

Is IIDE The Best Institute offering Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai?

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What is digital marketing?


Digital Marketing or internet marketing or online marketing whatever you call it, is one of the booming things these days.


And why not? After all people’s usage of the internet has increased tremendously in the past decade. Humans depend heavily on the internet these from finding a local store nearby to finding any sort of data to get their work done. Understanding what and why digital marketing is is not a one day job nor it is as easy as you think it is.


That is why digital marketing courses are becoming popular by the day and a lot of such institutes are sprouting out of nowhere. Although we are going to look in brief about one such course and also suggest one of the best courses available online.


About digital marketing


Digital marketing is a way of creating awareness and trust about your brand or product or the services you tend to provide through digital or electronic devices. And it can be a website, a Twitter page, or any other social media page or an app. Or through any media possible digitally.


And these are not restricted to just online marketing channels. Offline marketing channels like TV, radio and electronic billboards play a major role in digital marketing even today. While people mostly associate online marketing channels/techniques like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and others with digital marketing, a good digital marketing strategy will also use offline marketing channels to boost brand recognition and recall.


How to choose a digital marketing course


Digital communication is the most preferred form of communication in everyone’s life – every business, organization, company, or industry, basically everywhere – hence the imperative to learn or at least know about Digital Marketing. Professionals across industries are required to fulfil many aspects of digital processes.


So, if you are planning to take up an apt Digital Marketing Course then it is important to seek a few tips before making this important decision.


You need to take care of a lot of factors before you conclude on selecting a particular course. However, a few priorities should be:


  • How good and different is the program that the institute offers, in comparison with offerings from competitive institutes?
  • How are the course structure and its design?
  • What are the benefits you will get after completion of the course?  (in terms of certifications, job assistance, placement, practical training, internships)
  • And above all, Will this course helps you be the best in the industry? And will you get the recognition you deserve?
  • What is their teaching methodology?
  • What about the experience of the teachers?
  • Also, it is advisable to know about the background of the Institute as a whole.
  • Also if it is an institute with a lot of fame among people then always choose such institutes over the other local ones.
  • It is a professional course. So it is also advisable to learn how earlier students have been benefited by the course.



Anyways after taking into consideration all such issues we have found an institute that might best interest you. And we can give our word on the institute and its genuinity.

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The name of the institute that I am about to suggest to you in the article is the Indian Institute of digital education.

IIDE is an institute that provides courses and coaching to a number of students both online and offline. The rather young institute has already set up a name among people in such a short time.

So let us continue to review the Indian Institute of digital education and its digital marketing course to the next section of the article which is going to be about the institute that is the Indian Institute of digital education which is being reviewed here.


About the institute


In this section of the review of the Indian Institute of digital education and its digital marketing course, which is supposedly one of the best in the industry, we are going to look into information about the institute. This is as important as reviewing the course of the Indian Institute of digital education because a good course is always a result of a good institute and the best tutors that work for them.


Indian Institute of digital education commonly known among students as IIDE is India’s Premier School For Digital Marketing. Indian Institute of digital education was just a mere another attempt in tutoring students for their digital marketing career when it was established in 2016, and that was when the Digital marketing sector was not as famous and known as now.


They have continuously strived towards imparting digital skills to learners. Indian Institute of digital education has an institute that has already trained more than 60,000 students through online, offline, and on-demand mediums, and currently, the Indian Institute of digital education is widening its scopes by are associating itself with almost all of the top colleges of Mumbai, since Mumbai is where the institute is headquartered.


With 4 branches, at Andheri, Mulund, Churchgate, and Navi Mumbai, the Indian Institute of digital education has been growing 3x every year and the journey seems to continue well. As one of the country’s best Digital Marketing Institute, the Indian Institute of digital education claims to create a fun learning environment for our students.


Digital Skills are absolutely essential if you want to stay relevant in today’s world. So, the institute has launched a School of Digital Marketing, Code and Design to train students and make them equipped for their future.


The ideas and vision of the institute are also a lot more unique than any other institute that is currently working for the students providing them with digital marketing knowledge in the industry. Companies today want to be able to use minimal resources and still work to achieve some great progress in what they do, and add a lot to the profit of their company both in terms of the revenue and name among the other institutes.

To do so, most companies look at digital transformation as a way of functioning. The problem arises when our country’s education system does not equip the youth with the right, most relevant skillsets for a solid future to match industry requirements.

This is where the Indian Institute of digital education comes in. The institute aims to build an ecosystem that not only educates but also empowers the ecosystem with skilled resources to reach that vision. The vision does not stop at education but is the first seed to a future that educates, incubates, and accelerates the future innovations of tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world.

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About the course

As you know the Indian Institute of digital education provides both online and offline digital marketing courses provided by the best digital marketing experts and also people who have teaching experience in the subjects of digital marketing.


But what makes the course unique is that it has sections and each section can also be separately chosen by the students if they only desire to pick up a part of the whole digital marketing skillset.


Although to be a complete and professional digital marketer every course is recommended but there might be special cases sometimes and this feature is a favourite for those people who do not want to waste money learning the things that might be used to them or the things that they already know.


So apart from that, the duration of the course and the fees is also a lot feasible and not so much like the other institutes which are also admired by other students who are an alumnus or who consider the Indian Institute of digital education’s digital marketing course as an option among the other institutes.



The approach towards the course


In this section of the review of the Indian Institute of digital education’s digital marketing course, we are going to look into detail about how the course is being provided to the students who join the institute. Something that is most important as how good the institute is and how good the course is that how the course is being brought to the students or in other words the approach of the institute on the course.

In the case of the Indian Institute of digital education, the course structure and the approach that the institute follows for the course is very unique and without a doubt the best according to both the institute itself and the people who have benefitted after being admitted to the course.

They kind of follow a 3 step process towards training their students to complete professional digital marketers. And the steps might be so simple when you listen to them but that is the success mantra the institute is actually going to teach you.
The 3 step process the institute teaches its students are: Learn, Apply, and Evaluate.

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The institute that is being reviewed here is the Indian Institute of digital education as you know has one of the finest and best teaching faculty in the whole industry. And by learn they mean to provide the best experience both in theory and practical, real-life on-hand experience to its students.


The digital marketing faculties of the Indian Institute of digital education who are industry experts teach the students the required digital skills for a real-life business from the finest in the industry aided with the best case studies and examples so that the students are already ready to face the real-life scenarios of digital marketing and excel in it.




The learning and planning of how to solve real-life scenarios of digital marketing are not just enough to mould you into a good digital marketer. The institute plans to make each of its students the best so that is why they provide you with the perfect practical environment.


Education does not end in the classroom. It is enforced upon each student to immediately apply their learnings to real-life business. This is so that the students do not forget what they have learned and hence they get good practice in what they have learned. We do not easily forget once it is made into good practice.




The digital world allows the quantification of work and measurable results. 360-degree evaluation from peers and teachers will lead the path to be a master in any particular domain because this is criticizing your work, which is as much as important as learning and mastering the skill because you will learn to correct the mistakes and turn yourself into a better digital marketer.

free demo class of digital marketing

User reviews


Now that you have had my review on the institute and I would definitely recommend you the course, in this section of review on Indian Institute of digital education’s digital marketing course we have to check what the other students who have already taken the course so that we get a lot clearer idea about the course and its details.


Here is what Roshini Dulani a previous Alumnus of the course and Indian Institute of digital education that we are reviewing currently says about the course:


IIDE is the epitome of practical learning. If you want to learn new useful skills without having to sit and go through a textbook for hours on an end, this is the right place for you. One of the best decisions I made was to learn digital marketing from IIDE. The trainers here are best at their jobs and are ever ready to help you! The Institute also offers placement guidance and live internships for people who would like to practice and perfect their skills while they are learning!
Here is what Saurab Soni says about the course, Indian Institute of digital education and the environment:
Great environment with good interior designs that provides superb education.watching the institute itself attracts positive vibrations to join the institution.This place throws a strong feeling of positivity.classes and entire institution is renovated and built on the concept of internet and it’s very attractive to see those.
Here is another review from another alumnus of the Indian Institute of digital education who has just passed out of the institute with their certificate recently
Joining Indian Institute of digital education was one of the best decisions of my life!
It gave me a proper understanding of what I want to do ahead.
I learned a lot from the best faculties of the field.
It is the best place to learn digital marketing with fun. The entire journey 6 months was fulfilled with the joy of learning. I really don’t remember where the time went because of the people around me. I made friends with the enjoyment of practical learning.
I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make a career in digital marketing or design.
Best place to be in Mumbai.

Now that this section of the Review of the Indian Institute of digital education is completed let us move on to the conclusion of the article on the Review of the Indian Institute of digital education.

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The curriculum IIDE follows gives you an in-depth understanding of several important online marketing tools like Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Analytics, Twitter Ads, Semrush, Moz, Google Ads, Ubersuggest, Google Trend among many others.

Since marketing has seen a shift from traditional to online, marketing professionals who have previously worked in the traditional marketing space will be able to gain insight on how to merge the two to make the best strategy that will derive traffic and turn leads into conversions.

Whether you are marketing personnel, a sales executive, a freelancer eager to learn the ropes of digital marketing, or an entrepreneur looking to expand your business on the online horizon, this course is ideally suited to you.

For a thorough comprehension of Digital Marketing modules, you need two things. Your zealousness and determination in learning the components that comprise the online marketing system and an institute that prioritizes students over everything else.

IIDE being a globally eminent Digital education Institute puts its students above everything else giving them the meticulous attention to excel in their careers.


That is what separates IIDE from the rest of the institutes And that is why I strongly recommend IIDE for your Digital Marketing career.


free demo class of digital marketing

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