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Top 7 GST Certification Courses in Vizag

A new taxation system is being rolled out in India. The Goods and Services Tax, or GST, is a tax placed on most products and services in the country. The Goods and Services Tax is a single unified tax that has replaced multiple central and state taxes into a single tax. Many places offer GST certification courses in and around Vizag. This article is just that if you are looking for the best GST courses in Vizag. Here are the top 7 GST certification courses in Vizag, so if you are looking to learn more about taxes in this city, then give these courses a try.


List of best GST certification courses in Vizag


Vizag (Visakhapatnam) is famous for its textile and handicraft. Most people do not know that the city is also known for its rich and diverse cuisine. It is home to the most significant number of restaurants in India, with more than 350 restaurants within a km radius. The city also boasts of being one of the wealthiest cities in India, thanks to its industrial parks and textile mills.


This city has a lot of opportunities for students to choose from when they are looking for certification programs. It has also been known as one of the emerging IT hubs in India. The city was known for its salt production and harbor services, making it one of the most important cities in India. Therefore if you are looking for pursuing the best GST certification courses in Vizag the above listed are the best ones to consider.


What is GST?


GST stands for the Goods and Services Tax. GST is a new way of taxing, and it was introduced in the 2017 budget. GST was implemented on July 1, 2017. It is a tax levied on most goods and services in India. If you are running a business, it is essential to know how GST works and how to pay the appropriate taxes.


A single tax combines the country’s various taxes, including the central sales tax (CST), state sales tax (GST), luxury tax, and service tax. Instead, it is not a sales tax but an indirect consumption tax imposed on manufacturing companies to help fund government programs.


GST covers all the costs of buying and selling products, such as inventory, facility expenses, banking fees, payroll taxes, utility bills, and advertising costs. The product or service will then be given an assigned GST number to determine how much tax it gets charged. People who deal in goods subject to GST will account for the tax on their tax return and receive credit for the taxes consumers have paid on goods and services bought by them.


Types of GST?


There are four different GST types. They are,

  • Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST)
  • State Goods and Services Tax (SGST)
  • Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST)
  • Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST)


Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST)

The Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) is an indirect tax levied on India’s supply of goods, services, and intangibles. It replaced most of the central excise duties imposed by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC), which had been a significant portion of Indian government taxes. The IGST is charged at the manufacturing stage when the product is made or procured from outside the country.


State Goods and Services Tax (SGST)

State Goods and Services Tax is a tax on goods where the state government collects tax from the manufacturer based on the value of goods. It is also listed as one of many indirect taxes in India. SGST was introduced to reduce the cascading effect of taxes imposed on a product. The main objective of this tax is to enable the economic development of the nation by providing incentives for local manufacturing, production, and services.


Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST)

This CGST tax obligation is an indirect tax enforced by the central government yet charged through the state governments. The tax mainly applies to the manufacturing, trade, and services sectors. CGST replaced earlier sales tax, called Value Added Tax (VAT). A service provider, governed by a central, state, or local law, must collect GST from the customer on a taxable good delivered to an end consumer under the sales contract for its use or consumption.


Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST)

The Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST) is a tax obligation for goods and service fees to consumers within the Union Territories of India. The Government of India introduced the UTGST under a constitutional amendment in 2014 to replace the Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) and Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST). The government presented the UTGST in 2017. This tax aims to reduce the tax burden on Indian citizens while simultaneously reducing the tax gap in India. It is collected to provide services for the people of India’s Union Territories.


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What are the Need and Advantages of GST?


The Goods and service tax (GST) replaced 16 different taxes that touched every part of the economy. For example, there were many taxes for business inputs like electricity, water, and raw materials; small businesses used to pay over 20% more than large businesses. With the implementation of GST, people will now only have to pay 5% more for products from large companies compared to smaller ones.


It has several benefits, such as simplifying the taxation system, increasing business compliance, and decreasing business costs. The first reason is to improve the nation’s taxation system by streamlining it and increasing government efficiency.


Additionally, it has been said that this tax would encourage foreign investment into the country’s economy by lowering costs for businesses. Let us further learn about renowned GST certification courses in Vizag.


Below Listed Are the Top 7 GST Certification Courses in Vizag:

1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills provides skill evolution Courses for working specialists, trainees, and entrepreneurs to attain their objectives. Its mission is to supply world-class education and learn at affordable prices via real-time online and self-paced knowing programs. IIM Skills continually works hard to identify various skill growth and professional courses that can assist specialists to upskill properly in a couple of months.


This GST online course provides 100% practical training with lifetime access to the study materials. Any freshers, Accounting/Finance professionals, business owners, students, or homemakers can enroll in this course. After completing the course, this course offers Freelance Opportunities and has a dedicated Placement Cell to provide job assistance. Upon completion, of course, students will be awarded Master GST Certification from IIM Skills which the MSME Government of India recognizes.


Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Introduction to GST and its impact on businesses
  • GST general structure How to do registration under GST
  • GST invoicing
  • How to file GST return
  • GST schemes are the mechanism for reverse charge
  • E-Way bill Payment and tax credit in GST



Course Outcomes Are:

  • To gain an overall detailed understanding of the Goods and Services Tax, its inception, compliance, Implementation
  • Broad knowledge of GST framework
  • GST impacts on finances
  • Acquire practical knowledge of processes under GST, registration, TDS compliance, filing of returns, or refunds
  • To become job-ready


Course Name: GST Certification Course

Course Fee: INR 2900

Course Duration: 16 hours of practical course


Other IIM courses are:


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


2. Grafx IT solutions Pvt. Ltd.


The courses offered by Grafx IT Solutions Pvt Ltd are designed for students who want to learn about the latest and greatest technology in their field. These courses can also utilize professionals who have already been trained in other areas but would like to learn about the newest advancements in their industry.


The classes are available online and offline, which is convenient for students. Students can choose to take courses at their convenience or on a schedule that works for them. Grafx is considered to be one of the best GST certification courses in Vizag because of its track record.


Some Topics of the Course Curriculum Include:

  • Tally introduction
  • Creation of Company
  • Create/alter/delete Accounting Vouchers
  • Credit Note
  • Payroll Statements
  • Taxations
  • Service Tax
  • Vat Tax
  • CST Tax
  • TCS Tax
  • TDS Tax
  • GST Tax
  • Tax Reports and payments
  • Features of Tally
  • Accounts Statements
  • Inventory Books
  • Statements Of Inventory
  • Daily, monthly, and yearly Reports


Course Name: Tally

Course Duration: 60 hours


3. Institute for Accountants


The Institute for Accountants is one of the leading accounting training institutes in Vizag. They offer various courses in accounting. Its main office is Visakhapatnam and has been running successfully since 2002. The faculty is a master in the subject field and holds more than 12 years of experience.


Curriculum Includes:

  • GST Applicability/Eligibility
  • GST Practitioners
  • GST Registration
  • Types of Dealers
  • GST Computations/HSN/SAC
  • GST Documents / Ledgers
  • Place of Supply
  • Point of Taxation
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST E-payments
  • Interest/penalty
  • E-filing of GST Returns(old)
  • GSTR-3B, GSTR-1, GSTR-2A and GSTR-9
  • E-filing of GST new Returns
  • E-Waybill
  • TDS on GST
  • Reverse charge mechanism


GST Refunds This Course is designed for Aspiring Accountants, Working Accountants, Tax Consultants, and Business people.


Course Name: GST Workshop

Course Fee: INR 2,400

Course Duration: Weekend/Week Day classes available


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ACTE is one of India’s leading classroom and Online training institutes for GST certification courses in Vizag. ACTE partner with IT firms and individuals to resolve their unique needs, providing training and coaching that aids working professionals in accomplishing their professional objectives. Its training courses are made and updated by 650+ distinguished sector professionals and named the No. 1 most influential education brand name in India by LinkedIn.


Some Key Features of This Course Include:

  • Beginner and Advanced level study
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Interview Preparation Techniques in Tally.
  • Lifetime Access to LMS, Study Materials, Videos, and top MNC Interview Questions and answers
  • Affordable fee structure with a curated curriculum designed by Industrial Tally Expert


Curriculum Includes:

  • Accounting basics
  • Tally ERP 9 Fundamentals
  • Tally ERP 9 Accounting Masters
  • Tally ERP 9 Inventory Masters
  • Tally ERP 9 Vouchers Entries
  • Tally ERP 9 Advanced Accounting
  • Tally ERP 9 Advance Inventory
  • Various Taxes in Tally ERP 9
  • different Service Tax Repots
  • Tally ERP 9 Technological Advantages
  • Tally ERP 9 Payroll Accounting
  • Tally ERP 9 Generating Reports like Financial Statements, Profit and Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet, Accounts Books and Reports, Payroll Reports, etc.


ACTE Visakhapatnam provides placement support as an add-on to every student/ specialist that finished our class or online training. ACTE Visakhapatnam offers training from Industry Expert Faculties and 100% Job Oriented Training. Upon course completion, ACTE provides Certified by Tally ERP and Industry Recognized ACTE Certificate.


Course Name: Tally with GST Training

Course Fee: INR 12,000

Course Duration: 40+ hours of live interactive training


5. NIIT Vizag Centre


NIIT is a globally renowned skills development corporation that offers a wide range of IT-related courses and also GST certification courses in Vizag to help build its workforce. One of the critical features of NIIT is its job placement assistance, which allows students to find jobs in their respective fields. Established in 1981 with centers in India and overseas, NIIT has built its talent pool on passion and hard work.


Anyone from the Commerce Stream or who knows about working with Tally ERP 9 can enroll in this course. NIIT provides classroom training with renowned experienced industry Veteran faculty. Upon completing the course, NIIT will reward students with GST Using Tally.ERP9 certificate, and after clearing the Tally Online Exam, students will receive E-Certificate from Tally.


The course curriculum design covers all the essential ideas of GST along with its application in the Tally software program. The training course starts by familiarizing the student with the different taxes ideas and then proceeds to handle GST purchases using the Tally software application, including processing and recording advanced entries.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Learning Outcomes From This Course Are:

  • GST Introduction Structure of Indirect taxation GST’s registration process
  • Maintain book of accounts
  • Make business GST ready
  • Diverse scenarios of GST implementation
  • Getting prepared with GST (Goods)
  • Recording Advanced Entries of Goods
  • Adjustments of GST and Filing Return Getting equipped with GST (Services)
  • Recording Advanced Entries of Services
  • Migrate to the latest release of Tally ERP 9


Course Name: GST Using Tally.ERP9

Course Fee: Contact 1800 3000 6448 for more details

Course Duration: 44 hours of classroom training


6. Aptech Computer Education


Aptech Learning is a premier training institute in IT learning solutions, banking, and finance, English Communication. They offer education for professionals and allow them to build an online career. Their programs include certification courses in GST. The course is designed to help individuals learn and understand the different aspects of GST concepts, laws, and policies.


This course is tailor-made for individuals looking to start their careers in this field. This course is for Commerce and Economics graduates and Working professionals from Indirect Tax, Accounts & Finance, Sourcing/SCM, and Marketing & Logistics domains.


After completion, of course, students are well acquainted with advanced skills in GST to improve career opportunities and professional training in GST law and compliance.


This Course Provides Training in:

  • GST basics
  • GST law and provisions
  • GST compliance like registration, returns, payment, and refunds


Course Name: GST Professional

Course Fee: Contact 1800 266 0666 for more details

Course Duration: 12+ hours of instructor-led live training


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7. Udemy


Udemy is the most extensive online understanding system, with over 40,000 training courses readily available to learn. Udemy provides an easy way for individuals to access education and training from experts worldwide. It not only offers these courses but makes them affordable for anyone who wants to learn something different.


The courses on Udemy are not limited, so there are many options available that can teach you anything. Therefore Udemy is also considered to be one of the best GST certification courses in Vizag. This course is designed by Mr. K. R. Gupta, an MBA, B.Com, and ICAI Accountant Technician Expert with a Working Experience of more than 8 years. Basic Computer Knowledge is the only requirement of this course as the instructor covers everything from scratch.


Some of the Course Topics Are:

  • GST Accounting
  • Advance GST Reports
  • GST Computation Management of Payroll in Tally Erp9 & Tally Prime
  • TDS Computation and its Reports
  • Manufacturing Firm’s Accounting
  • Reconciliation in Bank
  • GTA- Goods Transport Agency
  • RCM – Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Composition Scheme under GST
  • Reviewing of GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3-B & GSTR4 Different Entries on GST Reports


Course Name: Tally ERP 9 + Tally Prime + GST 2022 – Certificate Course

Course Fee: INR 3,499

Course Duration: 16 hours of self-paced course with lifetime access to the course




a) How do I become a GST expert?

If you wonder how to become a GST expert, you will need to get your hands on the proper certification. This article describes the top 7 GST Certification Courses in Vizag that will help you become a certified GST expert.


b) Is GST professional a promising career?

The Goods and Services Tax is a consumption tax introduced in India to reduce corruption, reduce the number of check posts, and make doing business easier. Hence, there is a massive demand for GST professionals. It is a perfect profession to enter if you are looking for a career that pays well and will give you plenty of job opportunities.


c) How much does a GST professional get paid in India?

GST practitioners’ average salary per year is around 3-5 lakhs. It increases based on experience.


d) What are the qualifications required to be eligible to pursue GST certification courses in Vizag?

A person holding a degree in commerce, banking, business administration, or administration who wishes to seek an occupation in GST as a GST Practitioner can register themselves in the GST portal.


e) What are the main roles and responsibilities of a GST practitioner?

The primary role of a GST practitioner is to assist people who have registered for GST and collect the correct amount of tax from them. The practitioner must also ensure that the person takes care of their taxes and records who has paid the correct amount by compiling reports and providing insights.




Learning about GST certification courses in Vizag can be a valuable investment for anyone looking to improve their career prospects. There are several top GST certification courses available, and each one offers unique benefits that can help you reach your career goals. This blog post listed the top 7 GST Certification Courses in Vizag. Some of the top GST certification courses in Vizag include the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) course, the Taxation course, and the Business Management course. These courses offer excellent training that will help you develop essential skills for careers in accounting, taxation, and business management. I hope you find this information valuable.

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