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Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Surat

The introduction of the GST has revolutionized the Indian economy. It has simplified the tax system and lowered the tax rates. It has also made compliance easier for businesses. The GST Council, formed to govern the implementation of the Goods and Service tax, adopted a reformative approach to ensure that the benefits of the GST are passed on to the consumers. This most significant tax reform has created history in the country; therefore, learning about the GST certification courses in Surat will open gates for opportunities in this field.  


GST Certification courses in Surat


Let us consider your current situation, where you are relentlessly searching for GST certification courses in Surat. And while your search is on, you come across a paragraph related to GST like so –


The base of GST is the amount of tax that a person pays in a year. This amount is calculated by taking into consideration the tax paid by the person who bought or sold the product or services. The base of GST is also called the “base rate.” GST is a progressive tax, and the base rate is subject to change.


The details mentioned in this paragraph will be reasonably easy for you to understand once you complete a Goods and Service tax course. But for now, this paragraph will only give you one feeling, and that can be – that GST is not my cup of tea. Well! That is not true, my friend. So till GST becomes your amigo, why not understand the meaning, advantages, and disadvantages of GST and how it has transformed India. 


What is GST?


Anyone searching for GST certification courses in Surat knows that GST is Goods and Service tax. But let’s dig a little more before you enroll in any class. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a value-added tax (VAT) that got introduced in India on 1st July 2017. It replaced the various Central and State Value Added Tax (VAT) rates. All businesses and taxpayers in India are required to register and pay GST.


GST is a tax introduced by the Indian government to unify the tax system. Its objective was to replace the existing complex and inefficient state and central taxes system with a single tax that is simpler, fairer, more progressive, and more accountable.


Did GST help India?


The fact that you are looking for GST certification courses in Surat is proof that GST has helped the country. The introduction of GST has been a great relief to the Indian economy as it lowers tax rates from 6% to 4%. It also improves GST compliance, making it easier for businesses to understand and report their taxes. The GST Council, which is the body that governs the implementation of the GST, has adopted a reformative approach to ensure that GST benefits are passed on to the consumers. This reformative approach includes retaining the current tax slabs and introducing a new bracket of 5%.


What is a GST Schedule?


A GST Schedule is a set of rules for the taxes that are levied on supplies and services under the GST Act. The schedule divides the taxable goods and services into different sub-sections. It provides detailed rules for all kinds of goods and services. GST Schedule 2, which was introduced in April 2016, sets out the exact criteria for the levy of taxes on supplies and services in GST. 


What is a GST certification course?


When searching for GST certification courses in Surat, this question must have indeed popped into your head. GST certification is designed to certify GST practitioners. A GST certification course will help you to become a GST practitioner. The course is suitable for GST professionals who want to become an expert in GST and become certified GST practitioners.


It is basically an integrated course for GST practitioners that allows them to complete the prerequisites to become a GST practitioner. They gain knowledge of the GST system, including GST application in India and how it will work in the future. GST practitioners will also need to know how to interpret the information provided by the government.


How many types of GST courses are there?


Learning about the types of GST courses will help you shortlist a course from the plethora of GST certification courses in Surat. 


The various types of GST courses are as follows-


  •  A Certificate Course / An advanced certificate course on GST-


In such courses, topics such as legal aspects of GST, amendments, handling GST assessments, and case studies are done. 


  •   A Bachelor in Commerce- 


B.Com is a three-year course that provides you with basic knowledge of finance, accounting, marketing, GST, and human resources. This course is considered to be a core foundation for further education. It helps you understand the basic concepts of accounting and auditing and gives you the basics of business management. If you desire to become an accountant or a tax consultant, this is the right course.


What are the types of GST returns?


GST returns include-

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Input tax credit 
  • Output tax credit


GST returns are the documents that are filed with the GST authority. There are different types of GST returns that are required to be filed by other taxpayers.   


The types of GST returns are as follows-


  • Information about the outward supplies(GSTR-1) 
  • Details about inward supplies(GSTR-2) 
  • Details of external supplies+inward supplies+ tax (GSTR-3) 
  • Return of the taxpayer (GSTR-4) 
  • Return for a non-resident foreign GSTR-5) 
  • Return for an input service (GSTR-6)  
  • Return for government authorities TDS(GSTR-7)
  • Details of e-commerce supplies(GSTR-8)


These are the eight types of GST return out of the 11. 


What are the disadvantages of GST?


GST has had many disadvantages. It has required businesses to be registered and pay taxes for a period of time, and it is very time-consuming. GST itself is a complex tax system requiring knowledge of tax law, accounting, and law enforcement. The main disadvantage of GST is that it is a hybrid tax system. This means that businesses must pay GST on goods and services and excise and service tax, which means that the tax burden has increased.


 The introduction of GST has brought many opportunities for those who want to learn more about the new tax system and become good at it. You can become a GST practitioner and help the government implement the new tax system. The Directorate of GST has recently announced the launch of GSTP(Goods and Service tax practitioner), the first examination for GST Practitioners.


If you are keen on becoming a GST practitioner, keep reading this blog to know if you can become a GST practitioner. Furthermore, which curriculum out of the six GST certification courses in Surat will help you achieve your goal.


Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Surat


1. IIM Skills


GST, though it is a single tax, it is also riddled with rules and regulations. And that is why IIM Skills have developed a 360-degree approach to cover all the topics that come under the GST course. Therefore, the global leader is no less than a magic wand that can solve the riddles of Goods and Service Tax.


Students and corporates trust IIM Skills the most because of the comprehensive learning system and the hands-on experience that the learners receive. 


Some of the learning outcomes of this course are as follows- 

  • Implementing the concepts of GST 
  • Having a thorough knowledge of the framework of GST 
  • Assistance in reconceptualizing business strategies as per GST rules and laws
  • Getting a practical understanding of the processes under GST
  • Becoming job or freelancing ready 


So if you are looking for GST certification courses in Surat, IIM Skills can be the choicest platform for you. Do glance through what you can expect from the study. 


Course Name: Online GST Certification Course 

Course Fees: Rs. 2900 + GST

Course Duration: 16 hours




The course structure is as follows-


  •  The conceptual base of Goods and service tax
  • The framework of GST
  • The criteria and processes of registering under GST
  • The invoicing rules in GST
  • The return filing processes in GST
  • What is a composition scheme in GST?
  • The limitations in the composition scheme under GST
  • What is the reverse charge mechanism?
  •  Importance of E-way bill in GST
  •  What is an input tax credit?
  •  The meaning of ledger in GST


The usefulness of taking this course is as follows-


  • Lifetime access to the course materials 
  • Interacting with experienced subject matter experts
  • A GST course that is in sync with the industry requirements


You may graduate from IIM Skills but will never stop getting mentored by them. Therefore, if you wish to connect with IIM Skills for further inquiry, then-



Tel: +91 9911839503

Email: [email protected]



Financial Modeling Course

Business Accounting And Taxation Course



IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Other Professional Courses offered by IIM Skills are as follows- 



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2. Udemy 


GST has much impact on daily life. It isn’t easy to think about what it means to be GST ready and how to approach Goods and Service Tax. It is difficult for a small business to be GST-ready. In order to be GST ready, we need to understand what GST is and what is the impact of GST on our business. Therefore, this Udemy course on GST can be a savior for the ones who are trying to put a toe in the unknown territory of Goods and Service Tax. 


 Course Name: Complete GST Course & Certification

Course Fees: Rs. 2899

Course Duration: 42 hours on-demand 


The Course structure is as follows-


  • The fundamentals of GST
  • Effect of the tax structure 
  • What is the composition scheme in GST?
  • Learning about input tax credit in GST
  • Place, time, and value of supply 
  • The offenses and penalties in GST
  • What is GST returns?


If you want to take up this course then sign in to Udemy!


3. Udemy 


Udemy is a platform that has trained 40 million learners. There are around 155k+ courses and approximately 4 million enrollees. There are a plethora of courses on GST that you can invest your time into. So when looking for GST certification courses in Surat, then considering this course can be a good fit for your search.


 Course Name: GST Certification Program 

Course Fees: Rs. 1,299

Course Duration: 11 hours on-demand 


The course structure is as follows-


  • An understanding of taxation 
  • Input vs. Output Tax
  • What is supply?
  • The GST rules and Regulations
  • Learning about the GST return types


If you wish to know more then explore Udemy!


4. Clear Tax Learning


When wanting to eradicate doubts from your mind regarding GST, Clear Tax can be a great platform for learning GST Skills. Freshers who take part in this course will have a good grip over concepts such as- 


  • GST filling
  • Taking care of the errors in return filling


Another advantage of taking this course is that many times people having proficiency in Hindi might find it difficult to follow the English version of the course. Therefore Clear tax learning has come up with a free course where you can access them in both Hindi and English and will be taught by industry experts in GST. This course can be an excellent fit for your search for GST certification courses in Surat. 


 Course Name: Complete GST Training 

Course Fees: Free

Course Duration: 130-140 minutes 


The course structure is as follows-


  • Understanding what are E-way bills?
  • GST returns 
  • Filling for GST returns
  • Learning about invoices 


If you want to inquire more, then –



Email: [email protected]


5. Tax Guru


Are you looking for GST certification courses in Surat to understand various laws and amendments made for GST?? Because this way, you will also comprehend the core GST better. Then Tax Guru is the name! Glance through the course structure and decide for yourself. 


Course Name: GST Certification Course 

Course Fees: Rs. 10,000+18% GST

Course Duration: 30 hours 


The course structure is as follows- 


  •  What does the constitution say about GST?
  • The concept behind various taxes 
  • The different amendments to GST 
  • Return filing procedure under GST 
  • The concept of Supply 
  • The definition of Goods and Services in the context of GST
  • Learning about the Input tax credit 
  • Understanding the concepts of RCM


If you desire to inquire more about the course, connect with Tax Guru at-.


Contact –

Tel: +91-88-99-11-77-01

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


6. Henry Harvin:


Henry Harvin has impacted 40000+ learners’ lives and has built access to 7+ countries to make the process of exploration and experience big enough for students to learn quality and excellence. Henry has developed a well-detailed course on GST where instructors will help you create a distinguished profile for the future. The most prominent attraction of this course is the 9-in-1 course which includes –


  • Training of 6 months 
  • Taking up projects related to Tally ERP 9 and CGST Practitioner
  • 1-6 months of internship experience 
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Complete placement guidance 
  • Access to tools through their E-learning platforms 
  • Bootcamps 
  • #AskHenry Hackathons 
  • 1-year Gold Membership 


So if you step up the ladder of improvement and success by learning the most in-demand skill, then glance through the course structure of Henry Harvin to learn about one of the best courses in the GST Certification courses in Surat.


Course Name: GST Practioner Course 

Course Fees: Rs 12,500 

Course Duration: Self-paced


The course structure is as follows-


  •  The meaning of Supply in GST 
  • What are E-way Bills
  • The concept of transactional provisions 
  • What are audits?
  • The offenses and penalties in GST 


Want to learn more about the course, then connect with Henry Harvin at 


Contact – 

Tel: +91 9891953953

Email: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Which is the best course for GST?


If you are constantly searching for a course that will help you to get good exposure in GST, then some recommendations can be IIM Skills and Henry Harvin. The course covers all the necessary topics related to GST. These are the best online courses that you can also access from Surat.


 2. Is there any exam for the GST practitioner?


Yes, there is an examination for GST Practitioners. The name of the test is GSTP(Goods and Service tax Practioner). The Institute of GST Practitioners conducts the examination. Passing this examination will make you a GST Practitioner. This will enable you to apply for the Certificate of Registration issued by the Directorate of GST.


3. How much can a GST practitioner earn?


A practitioner with 1-5 years of experience can earn up to Rs. 1.9 lakhs per annum. Whereas an accountant can earn up to Rs. 3.5 lakhs per year.


4. Who is Eligible for a GST practitioner Course?


The eligibility criteria for a GST course graduation. The course is open to all those who have completed their graduation in any discipline. You do not have to be a graduate in any particular field to enroll in a GST practitioner course. All you need is sound academic background.

However, what can be a plus is having a doctorate degree in any field, at least two years of work experience in the same or a related field, good communication and presentation skills, computer literacy, and a knack to work in a dynamic environment.


5. Is GST practitioner a profitable career?


The introduction of GST is a historical event in India. It will have a direct effect on the growth of the economy. In fact, there is no denying the fact that GST will be the backbone of India’s economy.




You have been seeing a lot of advertisements for GST certification courses. People are wanting to take these courses so that they can become experts in the field of GST. Plenty of people are interested and intrigued in taking up this career because the scope for earning money through this is enormous. People can work from their homes and set their own schedules. And maybe this is also why you are searching for GST certification courses in Surat. 


Another reason can be –

Because of the introduction of GST, a lot of changes have been made in the tax system. The demand for GST certification courses has increased significantly in recent times. It has been observed in both informal as well as informal sectors. This demand is being attributed to the introduction of GST.


We roughly now know what is the reason behind the demand for the GST Courses but –


What is the Future of GST courses?


With the passage of time, the implementation of the GST is gradually changing the way India lives and does business. The introduction of GST has unified the country’s tax system. It has also unveiled new avenues for the economy to grow. The future of GST is bright, and it is only going to get better from here. 


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