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Top 3 GST Certification Courses in Nashik With Placements

You’ve come to the right place if you are searching for the best GST certification courses in Nashik. Taking a GST certification is one of the wisest choices that you could make today and this article will hopefully introduce everything you need to know about GST and GST certification courses in Nashik.


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Now Before We Get Started What Is GST?


GST is an indirect tax imposed by the Government of India on the supply of goods and services. It is a value-added tax and stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is a comprehensive taxation system to eliminate multiple indirect taxes like VAT, excise duty, services taxes, etc, bringing about a common market and similar expenses all over the country.


GST was introduced by the Modi Government on 1st July 2017. With the notion of one country, one tax it became the largest tax change in Independent India. Unlike the previous tax system, GST is destination-based rather than an origin-based system meaning it is imposed at the region of utilization rather than the area of production. It eradicated the different taxes collected by the central and state governments thereby avoiding unnecessary over taxation.


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It is applied all over India on all commodities and services except on motor-spirit, petroleum, natural gas, and high-speed diesel. The tax rates, and rules, and regulations are governed by the GST council constituting the Finance ministers of the Central Government and state governments. In the system, the GST tax has to be paid at every stage of production. For example, GST must be paid by the manufacturer, retailer as well as a consumer on the product that has been purchased but each of them pays tax only for the value they add at each step.


There are three different types of GST the SGST (it is imposed on the inter-state supply of goods and services by the state government, CGST (It is also imposed on the intra-state supply of goods and services but is imposed by the Central Government) and finally the UGST (It is imposed on the supply of goods and services among the intra-union territories and is applied by the Union Territory Government under the UTGST Act.)


The new taxation system is aimed at curbing corrupt practices and developing an anti-corrupt system in the country. It has also enforced a lot of digitalization of the tax system leading India towards a paper-free, easy, modern, and fast taxation process and system. The new system also reduces the dependency on tax experts owing to a simplified return filing system. The new system helps support small and medium-scale businesses with its uniform tax policy. Also, GST might make it necessary to shift to the digital ways to file returns and make payments which may make it hard for small-scale businesses.


GST thus is a huge change brought into the Indian taxation system with certain advantages and disadvantages to its name to fully reap the benefits of the new system we must understand it completely and know it’s inside out thoroughly. To have a smooth journey towards a unified tax system we must look into the histories of the earlier economies of the world that have adopted the GST system such as France, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, and Canada.


Who Is A GST Practitioner?


A GST practitioner is an authorized or sanctioned individual by the Central and State Governments who can file returns and perform activities related to the GST taxation system on the behalf of a taxable citizen or your clients. However legally the GST practitioner is not responsible for the filings. The responsibility remains with the taxpayer.


The basic condition to become a GST practitioner is that they should be an Indian citizen of sound mind and should not be adjudged as insolvent. However, a person who wishes to enroll as a GST practitioner must clear the examination conducted by the NACIN National Authority of custom, indirect taxes, and narcotics.


Here are some of the best GST certification courses in Nashik that help you get better acquainted with the taxation system.


1.     IIM Skills 


IIM skills is one of the prominent institutions in India providing skills training programs that empower you to take your career to the next level. They provide courses on skills that are on-demand at the global level.


They have trained over 14,300 candidates from all over the world with 2500 plus training programs in the last 5 years. Their courses are up to date that keeps you on the trend and are validated by industry experts to ensure the best possible training.


The trainers at IIM Skills have experienced industry experts who are dedicated to providing the best learning experience. Learning at IIM Skills is practical with the real-time implementation of education. IIM Skills thus tops this list as one of the best places to earn GST certification courses in Nashik.


Understanding the need to learn the new tax system IIM Skills provides GST certification courses in Nashik called the GST practitioner course. It is an extensive course that gets you acquainted with GST and all its components. At the end of the course, you get a Master’s Certification which is registered with the MSME (Micro, small and medium enterprises) Government of India and recognized across industries of the world.


The course is suitable for accounting and finance professionals, business owners, lawyers, students, and job seekers to add one more efficiency to their resume or portfolio. It is among the most professional and effective GST certification courses in Nashik which includes:


  • 16 hours lecture
  • Practical assignments
  • Hands-on training
  • Free books
  • Practice questions
  • Expert information on freelance opportunities


All this is done extensively in the four weeks of live online GST training.


Students can access the learning materials, recordings of live classes for a lifetime. Moreover, the course introduces you to many tools and software that aid in your work. They also get you familiarized with the GST practitioner community, consisting of more than 2000 professionals. The IIM Skills team is always ready to solve all the queries and provide any technical assistance.


The topics of the course include:

  • The Genesis of GST and its impact on business
  • The Framework and structure of GST
  • Registration Under GST: Criteria and Process explanation
  • Invoicing in GST: Invoicing Rules and Regulations
  • GST Return Filings
  • Composition scheme under GST
  • Reverse Charge mechanism (RCM)
  • E-Way Bill Under GST
  • Input Tax Credit and payment in GST


The course also erases all your worries by boosting confidence through experiences of hands-on, practical assignments that get you well acquainted in the field.


GST content curriculum is updated with all the latest information regarding the GST act and the latest amendments in the tax structure of the country.


The online course covers all the fundamentals and is job-oriented and industry-relevant. You are provided with a dedicated placement cell. IIM Skills trusted GST practitioner course helps you to Master the Art of dealing with hundreds of clients effortlessly and effectively. The on-hand assignments and case studies hone your skills perfectly. The course comes with the promise of being suitable for any beginner and harnessing practical skills that leave them an expert.


They have flexible course timings including weekday and weekend batches. They also offer demo classes just in case if you want to make sure that this is the place for you. Another perk is that you can claim a 100% cashback if you do not like the class after the first session. The process for the course completion is simple with expert consultation, registration, 70% attendance, and 80% marks in examination, you are ready to receive your certificate as an expert GST practitioner. After receiving the certificate, you can also apply for full-time jobs and freelancing opportunities with IIM Skills.


Right now, is a good time to be a GST practitioner and IIM Skills might be the right place for you to start the process of being one. With anywhere and anytime access IIM Skills has the best GST certification courses in Nashik.


Course Fees: Rs 2900 + GST


Professional Courses at IIM SKILLS



2.     ICMAI


ICMAI is the Institute of Cost Accountants in India. It is a renowned institute owned by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. It has been given the primary responsibility to provide to the profession of cost and account managing at the global level. It has names of many prominent experts of the field attached to its alumni list including Chanda Kochhar, CEO of ICICI Bank, J Ramachandran Professor at IIMB, and Subash Chandra Garg Finance Secretary of Government of India.


ICMAI’s GST Certification course is a 72 hours course, conducted both in an online as well as offline manner.

Fees: Rs 10,000 plus GST


The Advanced GST course is conducted only online with a duration of 40 hours.

Course fees: 14,000+ GST


ICMAI thus offers two different GST certification courses in Nashik for different levels.

3.     Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin Education provides GST Certification courses in Nashik that give you a total insight into the GST regulations. The institute has over 7 years of experience and has trained over 300000 candidates.


Through their course, one gets trained on the latest information on GST such as GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, and more. Their course also provides opportunities for internships and premium jobs. The course provides 32 hours of engaging live sessions through online classrooms. You also get the opportunity to undergo projects in GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, and many more. They empower their students and prepare them for the real job by providing practical experience through Internship Assistance. They also train you to clear challenging interviews of start-ups and top corporates.


The certification of the course is recognized by the Government of India. The certificated course with the benefit of 1-year placement guarantees supports on completing the course. You can access their unlimited tools and techniques, video contents, assessments, and also access the #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions.


The trainers at Henry Harvin Education are all experts in the field with experiences that provide deep insight to the students. You can check out the teaching faculty’s profile at their website. Their GST certification course helps build credibility, land new opportunities with the following benefits:


  • Understand practical issues faced with GST with the focused FAQ session
  • Gain experience of computer-based practical training on GST
  • Get knowledge on recent amendments & their challenges
  • Resolve doubts on GST during & after training
  • Get study material worth INR 500 for free
  • Real-life cases and experiences shared by GST experts
  • Earn industry-recognized certification in GST which is featured by Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times, Pioneer, India Today, Business World, and Mail Today


The course has been placed among the top 3 in India under the list by BestCourse.com. They have spread their course across 23 destinations all over the country. It is the first institute to officially launch a GST training course in India. With a training faculty of over 20 years of experience, it is one of the most mature GST certification courses in Nashik.


The course curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Supply or Levy, Place of Supply, Value of Supply, Export and Import, E-way Bills
  • Registrations, Input Tax Credit and ITCO4, Transitional Provisions, Job Work
  • Account and Records, Invoices, Tax payments, Time of Supply, Returns, Refunds
  • Litigation Management, Audit, and Assessments, Offences and Penalties, Demand and Recovery
  • Complimentary: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary: resume writing


This course was ranked no 1 by tribune India and is one of the best GST certification courses in Nashik to harness your skills and climb up the career ladder.


Skills Required To Become A GST Practitioner

If you are looking for GST certification courses in Nashik you may want to know about these skills that a GST practitioner must have:


  • A complete understanding of the GST taxation system. For anybody to excel in any field it is necessary to know the complete inside out of it. Therefore, it is the same for a GST practitioner. They must also have a complete understanding and thorough knowledge to become a master in the field.
  • Good hold of numbers. It is an obvious must for GST practitioners to be good at numbers or simply accounting.
  • GST practitioners must also have good communication skills to simplify and explain the complex concept of GST to their customers and the common man.
  • It is crucial to know how to manage time and organize work effectively to complete all the tasks of a GST practitioner such as organizing GST returns or filing GST outcomes. It is an important quality to work efficiently over the long run.
  • One of the main qualities required in the professions related to taxation is integrity and accountability. To build a career as a GST practitioner it is necessary to be trustworthy, accountable, and loyal to your customers as well as be responsible for their privacy.


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  • What are the available career opportunities after completing the GST practitioner course?

One can become a tax consultant, tax analyst, tax associate, tax manager, and tax accountant after completing the course of GST practitioner.


  • What is the salary of a GST practitioner?

An average GST consultant in India receives an average salary of about 5 lakhs. The average salary of GST accountants is 3 lakh 40 thousand, while that of tax analysts is about 3 lakh 50 thousand and the average salary of tax associates is about 4 lakhs. While the average salary of Tax manager is 1,337,537.


  • What is the rate of GST in India?

GST Rates in India is divided into four slabs and the rates of each slab are decided by the GST council of India. The GST rates are usually higher for luxury goods and lower for daily essentials. The four slabs of GST include about 1300 goods and 500 services which are divided into 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28% slabs. The 5% slabs include items like coffee, tea, skimmed milk, small-scale restaurants, cashew nuts, economy class air tickets, etc. The 12% slab includes items such as cell phones, business class air tickets, and fruit juices, etc. The 18% slab includes branded garments, speakers, IT services while the 28% slab includes items and services such as chewing gum, hair shampoo, automobile, aerated drinks, and so on. GST thus divides items based on their necessity and the extend of luxury provided. Other than these there are other 7% of goods and services like bread, newspapers, and bangles that come under the exempted slab meaning no tax applied.




Knowing the GST taxation system is a smart step for the future. The benefits of the GST system can be fully enjoyed only if known meticulously. Learning about GST taxation will provide ease in business and make it effortless to comply with the taxation system in place. Moreover, careers like the GST practitioner are blooming right now hence it is a great time to learn about GST if you are interested to make a career out of it or related to it. There is a lot more to know about GST and its ways, therefore for anyone who is interested it is best to take up a course and know more about it.

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