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Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Madurai

Looking for the best GST Certification Courses in Madurai? Well, sometimes finding the right course itself becomes a huge task causing stress. We have found some of the best GST Courses for you. A lot of people have a keen interest in the field of taxation. But what many of us are not aware of is the presence of these kinds of professional courses which would give you practical experience and certificates. So, stop stressing over trivial matters and just dive into this article for all the information you require about GST Certification Courses in Madurai.


GST certification courses in Madurai




The city is located in the Indian city of Tamil Nadu and is widely known for its vibrant culture and traditions. The Meenakshi Amman Temple located in this city is an important pilgrimage spot. The city is famous for a large number of historical and religious places attracting tourists from all over the country. 


It is also famously called the sleepless city of the country due to the fact that almost at any time of the day or night some of the other activities going on here and hence more the 25% of the population is sleep-deprived. The city is one of the most important educational and industrial hubs of the state with a lot of good institutions here. 


Many automobile industries as well as rubber, metal, and chemical industries are found here. You are bound to find a lot of good institutions offering GST Certification Courses in Madurai. 


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Meaning Of GST


 GST refers to Goods and Service Tax. The concept of GST was introduced in India in the year 2017. The Goods and Service Tax was implemented by the government to reduce the burden on the common man. Instead of paying several kinds of taxes for different situations, you pay just one tax. 


Earlier if we purchased something from a foreign country, we would be required to pay a certain amount of money before entering the country. Similarly, we had the concept of sales tax. This sales tax differed from state to state. So in order to bring stability and equality, the GST was introduced.


The GST can be further divided into SGST, CGST, and IGST. The tax collected from SGST goes directly to the state government which utilizes this money for the welfare of that particular state. The money collected from CGST goes directly to the Central government and this money is used by the government for the welfare and development of the entire country. The money collected from IGST is distributed between the central government and the state government.


If you take a close look at the bills you receive, you will see the term GST mentioned there. In this type of tax, there are no discriminations. For example, if 4% GST is applied to a certain beauty product, anyone purchasing that product would need to pay that amount irrespective of their background. 


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What Does GST Certification Courses in Madurai Mean?


A GST certification course is a skill-based course that will help you to understand the intricacies of the taxation industry. In a country like India, the taxation department plays a key role in the financial sector and budget analysis. With the changes occurring in the tax slabs and changes in the rate of taxes, a constant understanding and monitoring of this system are necessary.


If you are someone who wanted to get into the field of finance and taxation, a GST certification course would help you immensely in getting into this field with an overall knowledge and understanding of how this field works. This type of a course includes live projects and case studies to help you grab the overall knowledge and skills.


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Job Opportunities After Completing GST Certification Courses in Madurai


  • Taxation Research Analyst
  • GST Officer
  • GST Consultancy
  • Tally Accountant
  • Stock Maintainer
  • Business Development Manager


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Scope of Doing GST Certification Courses in Madurai


A GST certification course is a skill-based course that will benefit anyone who wants to enter the field of accountancy, finance, and taxation. Any kind of certification received from skill-oriented courses will increase your job prospect. A better job with a higher pay scale would be available to you once you complete a course like this.


A lot of skills and techniques would be taught to you during the tenure of this course. This type of a course will stimulate a skill-development passion within you and help you to use those skills in your workplace. The entire idea of job opportunities, skill development, and salary is interconnected. With better skills obviously, you will land better jobs, and the better the job the greater would be the salary.


Hence, GST Certification Courses in Madurai will help you not only developing upon your skills but also gain self-confidence. It is seen that when you are aware of the industry you are about to join and have all the required skills and knowledge required to work in the specific industry, you are a lot more confident when appearing for an interview.


In an interview where there will be a lot of other candidates like you, this kind of certificate that will label you as a certified GST practitioner will create a good impact on the interviewer. The course completion certificate would show the interviewer the interest you have in this field. Also, the add-on skills that you have acquired during the course will help you to answer the questions in a better way. A GST course will give a boost to your resume and thereby your career in this field.


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Best Institutes Providing GST Certification Courses in Madurai


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills was founded in the year 2015 to provide online educational and professional training to the students. There seems to be a huge lack in the practical training that is provided to students through the regular degree courses. Thus even with good educational degrees, many youngsters fail to secure a good job for themselves. IIM Skills was established keeping in mind the needs of the young students.


The courses provided by this institute are a perfect blend of theory and practical training. Each concept is backed by proper practical training. One of the key benefits of doing a course from this institute is that it provides the students lifetime access to the LMS. You can come back and visit the older links or the new links and classes even after 15 years. And the fun fact is that the concepts and topics of the LMS are constantly updated and restructured based on the current market changes.


Course Provided: GST Certification Course


Duration: 16 hours


Mode: Online Course


Fees: INR 2900+18% GST



Syllabus Covered:


  • The Genesis and Concept of GST and its Impact on Businesses
  • Framework and Structure of GST
  • Registration under GST: Criteria and Process
  • Invoicing in GST: Invoicing Rules and Regulations
  • GST Returns Filing
  • Composition Scheme under GST
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • E-Way Bill under GST
  • Input Tax Credit and Payment in GST


Benefits of doing this course:


  • The course is structured and designed in an organized way in which students are taught about the taxation system and GST from the basics to the advanced level. The systematic evolution of topics helps students to understand the concepts in a better way and evaluate and analyze the changes in the taxation mechanism.
  • Since this is a skill-based course, students are given practical training that will enable them to work in an efficient way at their workplace. TDS compliance, filing of returns, refunds, etc will be taught to you.
  • The training you will receive through this course is 100% practical based on the current industry standards and market needs. The trainers are aware of the latest developments in the industry and act accordingly. Being a practical course, every concept taught to you is backed by practical training.
  • To evaluate how much the students have been able to accumulate through the course, weekly assessments and practical assignments are given to you. You need to finish the assignments on time to move on to the next module. The assignments are evaluated and proper feedback is given to you regarding the places that need improvement.
  • Once you complete this course you will receive a course completion certificate and be called a certified GST Practitioner. You can then join a company or explore freelancing opportunities. Free ebooks, invoicing tools, and software will be provided to you by this institute.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9911839503


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ACTE is known to provide one of the best GST Certification Courses in Madurai. The practical approach taken up by the institute helps its students to deal with real-life work situations. The concepts taught are at par with the latest technical developments and advancements. From the basic theoretical concepts to the practical knowledge, every aspect of taxation is taught to you.


Course Offered: GST Training Course


Duration: 40 hours


Mode: Classroom sessions OR Online training OR One-to-One training


Syllabus Covered:


  • Computerized and Manual Accounting Basics
  • Preparation of Vouchers
  • Valuation of Stock
  • Finalization of Accounts
  • Features of GST
  • Basic Laws
  • Migration
  • Filing GST Returns
  • GST Refunds
  • Inputting Tax Entries
  • Banking Matters
  • Why GST
  • GST Components- SGST, CGST, and IGST
  • GST-Tax Structures
  • Benefits of Goods and Service Tax
  • GST Registration
  • Filing GST Returns
  • Creating GST Invoices
  • MIS Reports


Benefits of doing this course:


  • The institute has a dedicated placement cell for students. Many of their students are working in MNCs. Once 70% of the course is completed, students will be given access to the student portal. The institute will arrange interviews with good companies and notify you via email. The trainers especially assist and guide you to make your resumes appealing and at par with the needs of the company.
  • In case you are not sure about the curriculum or the course structure, you can attend a demo class arranged by the institute. Since the approach of the institute is student-friendly, the concept of a demo class has been organized to help you get an insight into the course you are about to join.
  • To enable the most number of students to attend this course, the institute has kept the timings of the classes flexible. The classes are arranged on weekdays and weekends. Also, the mode of delivering the course is also diverse. You can go for an online course, a classroom session, a one-to-one session, or a customized course.
  • The students will get lifetime access to the student portal. This portal is constantly upgraded and updated with study materials, videos, new topics, and interview preparation questions. Interview videos by top MNCs are uploaded on the portal. You can watch these videos and prepare yourself for an interview.


Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +91-8447 446 138


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This institute provides an intensive practical training-based course that will help you to understand the concept of GST in totality. The course is prepared in a manner that helps you to evaluate and analyze real-life situations and also get a hang of the taxation industry. The course is a short-term course designed to make you efficient enough to find a good job in a short period of time.


Course Offered: Introduction to GST


Duration: 20 hours


Mode: Classroom Sessions


Syllabus Covered: 


  • GST Concepts
  • Time of Supply and Value of Supply
  • Invoicing and Input Credit Mechanism
  • Returns and Payments of Tax
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance
  • Refund of Tax and Tax Rate Structure
  • Tax Return Preparer
  • Learning about the Audit process
  • Demands and Recovery
  • Appeals and Revision
  • Liability to Pay


Benefits of doing this course:


  • This course will give you a thorough understanding of GST and the reasons and motives behind its implementation. You will be provided with skills that will enable you to analyze and evaluate the impact of this GST on the taxation system.
  • The faculty members who have taken up this responsibility of imparting industrial knowledge to you, are also veterans who have been in the respective industry for several years. The knowledge they have derived through experience over the years will be passed on to you in the form of theory as well as practical training.
  • Along with the classroom training of 20 hours, you will receive real data-based assignments for testing your skills. The assignments you will be asked to work upon will thereby be evaluated by your trainers. Feedback and places where improvement can be done will be communicated to you.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 800 3000 6448


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


4. BankBazaar


The course offered by this institute was introduced by the Ministry of MSME- Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. The main aim of introducing this course was to help professionals and students gain a complete understanding of the concept of GST and how the taxation industry functions. The specialized methods and techniques used during the course help you get a holistic idea of the professional world.


Course Offered: GST Certification Course


Duration: 4 days


Fees: INR 7,500


Syllabus Covered:


  • GST Levy
  • Transitional Problems
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Valuation, Returns, and Registrations
  • GST Refunds, Penalties, and Offences
  • Customs Duty
  • Moot Court and Ethical Practice
  • Advance Ruling


Benefits of doing this course:


  • The time duration of the course is just 4 days. This small duration allows individuals to gain the adequate knowledge required to work in the professional field without giving a lot of extra time behind a skill-based course. 
  • Once you complete a course of this nature, you will have a huge number of options that will be available in front of you. You can join an office, or create your own consultancy firm.
  • To enhance your decision-making capacity, analytical and calculative skills are developed within you. The assignments and the tasks that would be given to you will need you to process the assignments in a structured way and thereby analyze them critically to come up with proper solutions.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 91-44-66511800


5. Henry Harvin


Considered one of the leading institutes providing skill-oriented courses to students over the years, Henry Harvin provided the GST Certification course. The courses are specially designed keeping in mind the professional requirements of students. The industry today demands certain skills from its employees even if they are new to the industry. Henry Harvin focuses on this aspect and designs its curriculum to match up with the market.


Course Offered: GST Practitioner Course


Duration: 32 hours


Mode: Live Online Class


Fees: INR 12,500


Syllabus Covered:


  • Supply or Levy
  • Place of Supply
  • Value of Supply
  • Export and Import
  • E-Way Bills
  • Registrations
  • Input Tax Credit and ITC04
  • Transitional Provisions 
  • Job Work
  • Account and Records
  • Invoice and Tax Payments
  • Time of Supply
  • Returns and Refunds
  • Litigation Management
  • Audit and Assessments
  • Offenses and Penalties
  • Demand and Recovery
  • Soft-Skills Development
  • Resume Writing


Benefits of doing this course:


  • The classes conducted by the institute are completely based on practical training. You will receive hands-on practical application-based training so that when you go for an interview or you are at your place of work, you come out as a highly-efficient worker. This type of practical training will enable you to work in different kinds of situations.
  • The classes are conducted in an online mode. Sunday is the chosen day when the classes are conducted to help students gain the maximum benefit from the course without hampering their daily routine. The live online classes help you to have an interactive mode of education where there is constant communication that occurs between the trainer and the other students.
  • Not only will you learn about GST but you will also get to critically analyze the GST Law. The institute is also going to train you on how to apply complicated GST provisions in your workplace.
  • Some of the most important and latest developments in the field of taxation and GST like GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A, etc will be taught to you. New provisions of e-invoicing and how to take Input Tax Credit in case it is not showing will also be taught to you in detail.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-9891953953


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How will GST Certification Courses in Madurai help me?


A GST Certification course is a skill-based course that will help you to gain a proper and holistic insight into the world of taxation and GST. Just knowing the full form of a term will not help you to fetch a good job. For securing a good job, you will be required to possess certain skills that will assure your interviewer of your efficiency and worth.


A course like this will help you to gain practical training and a theoretical understanding of all the terms and concepts used in this industry. It will also label you as a certified GST practitioner. This certification is something that is valued by all good companies. Thus your chances of landing your dream job increase along with your salary rates.


Q2. What is the duration of the GST Certification Courses in Madurai?


The GST Certification courses are all short-term courses. Being focussed on only one particular aspect of the taxation industry- GST, the courses usually are 1-week long maximum. Within just a few days you will become a certified practitioner along with all the required skills.


Q3. Can I do this course in an online mode?


Yes. Almost all the institutes provide this certification course an online mode. The basic reason behind the online mode is that this is a skill-based and industry-specific course. Most people who enroll for this course are already doing some other work in their regular life like jobs, studies, etc. Hence to accommodate the maximum number of students, this course is provided in an online mode.




Every industry today has undergone a change. The older mechanisms are now replaced by newer forms of work. The taxation industry has also gone similar changes where there are different kinds of terms, tools, and techniques that are used by professionals. The GST itself is the latest addition to the taxation department. With this addition, a lot of new types of jobs have opened up.


A GST Certification course will help you to understand these new tools and techniques as well as get a piece of in-depth knowledge about the taxation industry. So if you are interested in entering the taxation industry, it is highly recommended that you go for this course. 

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