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Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Gujarat

In 2017, India’s financial system underwent a significant transformation, with many taxes being merged into one, simplifying things for ordinary people. GST is simplified as Goods and Services Tax, which was subsequently given to this tax. As a result of this shift, the previous taxing system’s structure was abandoned, and new tools for applying the newly implemented GST system were produced. As a result of the abrupt transition, there was a surge in the demand for employees who knew about GST, and financial firms began to hire applicants who had earned GST certification. Here we have gathered the Top 8 GST certification courses in Gujarat for people with Placements.


GST Certification Courses in Gujarat Advisor Uncle


Benefits of GST


GST has decreased taxes on certain products by 2% and on others by 7.5 percent, including smartphones and automobiles. GST standardizes the taxing procedure and allows for centralized registration. Small firms allow filing their tax returns quarterly using an easy online procedure.


GST certification courses are new dawn in the GST Practitioner Course, and they have already improved job options for graduates, finance, and tax professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, retired government employees, and other qualified applicants.


This article is to highlights the significance of the GST certification courses in Gujarat by outlining the numerous components for a professional and anybody involved in the goods and services industry.


Types of GST


  • Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST)


IGST is a tax levied under GST on all inter-state supplies of goods and/or services and is controlled by the IGST Act. In both circumstances of import into India and export from India, IGST will be levied on any supply of goods and/or services. Exports would be tax-free. The tax will be split between the federal and state governments.


  • State Goods and Services Tax (SGST)


Under GST, SGST is a tax collected by the State Government on intra-state deliveries of both goods and services, and it will be controlled by the SGST Act. As previously stated, CGST would be collected on the same intra-state supplies but will be administered by the Central Government.


Any SGST liability can only be offset against SGST or IGST input tax credits. Here’s an example of CGST and SGST: Assume Shilpa is a trader in Chennai who sold products worth Rs. 10,000 to Prakash in Chennai.


The GST rate is eighteen, which incorporates the CGST rate of 9% and therefore the SGST rate of 9%. In this example, the dealer receives Rs. 1800, of which Rs. 900 goes to the Central Government.


  • Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST)


CGST is a tax charged by the Central Government on intra-state deliveries of both goods and services under GST, and it will be controlled by the CGST Act. The same Intra-State supply will also be subject to SGST, which will be administered by the State Government.


This means that both the Central and State governments would agree to combine their taxes in an acceptable proportion for revenue sharing. However, Section 8 of the GST Act expressly states that taxes must be charged on all intra-state supplies of goods and/or services, although the rate of tax cannot exceed 14 percent, each.


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  • Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST)


Union Territory Goods and Services Tax, or UTGST, is charged by the Union Territory governments in the same way as SGST is collected by state governments on intra-state sale of goods and services. It is a tax placed on intra-Union Territory supplies of goods and services.


The UTGST Act governs it, and it is imposed alongside the CGST. UTGST is similar to SGST in that it is imposed in Union Territories that lack their legislature. Please keep in mind that the Union Territories of Delhi and Puducherry will be subject to SGST rules because they have been designated as such.


Their own legislative body the order of ITC application for UTGST is similar to that of SGST. UTGST ITC should first be offset against UTGST. Any residual amount may be used to offset any IGST liability.


Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Gujarat


1. IIM Skill


IIM Skills offers the finest online GST Certification Courses in Gujarat. IIM Skills is one of the most well-regarded online training schools, offering a wide range of professional courses for students and professionals looking to further their careers. The courses have been meticulously created.


Faculty members take a great effort to ensure that students have all of the industry-relevant expertise. The GST Practitioners course is designed for professionals who wish to work in taxation and finance. Anyone, however, can profit from taking the GST course. After all, GST is a necessary component of every firm and should be understood by all.


The course is divided into modules. Each session focuses on a certain aspect of the GST system and gives thorough instruction on it. You will also be given practical projects to put what you have learned in live assignments into practice.




  • The origins and idea of the GST
  • Framework, as well as the structure of the GST
  • Registration under GST invoicing
  • GST returns filing
  • Composition scheme in GST
  • RCM
  • E-way bill including GST
  • Input tax credits and GST payment


Course Duration and Fees

The training lasts one month and costs INR 2900 exclusive of GST.




  • Freelance Opportunities
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Master GST Certification from IIM Skills is recognized by the MSME Ministry of India.


Contact Info

Call: +91 9911839503

Email: [email protected]


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2. Super 20 Training Institute (S20)


The institution was founded by a group of chartered accountants who wished to promote the idea of “no books, just practice. They also offer consulting, outsourcing, recruitment, and other services to corporations. Keeping loyal to their idea, their GST course focuses completely on practical learning by introducing real client instances and requiring students to file GST forms during lectures.


The course lasts 1-2 months and is offered in four distinct batches: morning, lunch, evening, and weekend. One of the primary requirements for applying to this course is that students have a prior understanding of accounting.




  1. GST professionals have chartered accountants with facilities.
  2. Reasonable charges
  3. No books, only practical’s
  4. Returns registration
  5. GST functions in tally
  6. Work on the GST portal


Who is eligible 

Working Accounting professionals


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3. Institute of Account & Taxation Training


Accountancy and Taxation Training Institute It provides a variety of courses in the subject of tax and accounting, as the name implies, which is beneficial for students with a relevant background. Candidates interested in studying GST are provided a course known as certified GST professional, which aids in comprehending the subject’s breadth and depth.


In terms of GST training, the Institute of Accounts and Taxation Training ranks fourth. The CCGST course is extremely beneficial for those who want to pursue a career as a tax professional, such as a tax consultant, tax advocate, tax practitioner, or Chartered Accountant.


Key Features


  • Introduction
  • Meaning and Scope of Supply
  • Types of GST
  • GST Rates, Cess of Goods and Services
  • Applicability and Registration
  • Liable for Registration, Compulsory Registration
  • Registration Process and Migration under GST
  • GST Invoices and Vouchers
  • GST Accounts and Records
  • GST Liability and Payment Calculation
  • GST Return


Course Duration and Fees

The course will last 20 hours and will cost INR 7,500/-.


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


4. Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA)


It is an ISO 9001-certified firm based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat that has also been authorized by the Gujarat government. This institute’s distinguishing quality is that it offers a wide range of courses, including export-import, management, and finance. Apart from being a reputable college, it also has an exceptional faculty, which allows it to make our list of the top 5 institutes that provide GST certification courses in Gujarat.



  • Finance
  • Management Training and Development Program




  • GST Basics: Overview
  • Taxable Events in GST
  • Tax Types (IGST, CGST, SGST, and UTGST)
  • GST Compensation
  • Classification: Goods and services are classified.
  • Overview of Import and Export
  • Input Tax Credit (ITC): Eligibility, Blocked Credits, and ITC Limitations
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism: Reverse charge for certain services and items
  • Time of Provision: Time of supply of goods and services


Course Fees

Rs.3540/- (Rs.3000/- + Rs.540/- GST) per participant the charge covers the cost of the course, as well as the cost of reading materials and refreshments. Please make the check payable to the Ahmedabad Management Association.

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5. Indus University


Indus University provides one of the best GST certification courses in Gujarat, as well as a wide range of professional courses such as undergraduate and postgraduate engineering and technology programs, Ph.D. programs, and many more. They have various component institutions such as IITE, IIMS, and IISS that provide a wide range of services and programs and have a national reputation.


Indus University offers courses at the undergraduate, graduate, master’s, and doctorate levels. The aviation maintenance course is well-known and is available on its campus in Gujarat. It was founded in 2012 and is recognized by the University Commission funding.



  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Professionals
  • Tax Practitioners


Course Duration


Option 1: ten days to five weeks (Saturday & Sunday only)

Option 2: 10 days to two weeks (Monday to Friday)

Option 3: Online Education (Assignment submission & test at campus)


Course Fees

Fees INR 9,500




  • Indian Constitution (GST Provision) & Important Legal Maxims
  • Significant rulings on the constitutionality of levy clauses.
  • Document to be transported with goods in transit (Rule 55A, 138A)
  • EWB, Data Flow, and Audit Trail are all required.
  • EWB requirement for non-traded items (fixed assets, equipment for repair, etc.)
  • Penalties and offenses, including ‘generic principles’ for imposing / not imposing penalties
  • Industry-specific analysis such as Real Estate, Construction, Gems, and Jewelry
  • Impact Studies on Traders, Manufacturers, and Service Providers, such as:
  • GST on landowners – permission to occupy land
  • GST on new-tax payers, such as cinemas
  • GST on new-tax payers such as cinemas or other locally relevant taxpayers
  • GST on developer or contractor


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite


6. Six Sense Skill Development


Six Sense Skill Development provides some of the top GST certification courses in Gujarat, with highly experienced faculty teaching and training. This institute also provides Tally, ERP, accounting, and soft skills development programs. A much-underappreciated institution in the industry, yet the coverage it delivers makes it tough to exclude it from our list of the best GST certification courses in Gujarat.




  • Any Graduate or Undergraduate
  • Accountant,
  • Tax Practitioner,
  • Inter CA/CS or MBA is eligible.


Course Curriculum


  1. GST History and Structure
  2. Important GST Definitions
  3. Taxable and Non-Taxable Supplies
  4. Provisions for Goods and Services in Terms of Time and Location
  5. Generic Sales Tax (GST) Valuation
  6. GST Registration Requirements
  7. Scheme of GST Composition
  8. Input Tax Credit for GST
  9. GST Records and Documentation
  10. Payment of GST
  11. GST Return Types and Meaning
  12. Provisions for an E-Way Bill
  13. GST RCM Provisions
  14. E- GST Web Portal


Key Features


  1. The course is taught by experienced and knowledgeable Chartered Accountants.
  2. Industry Experts Lead Advanced Learning Sessions
  3. 3.100% Practical Training through Case Studies with a comprehensive conceptual   understanding of GST laws and rules
  4. Advanced GST Accounting Using the Most Recent Tally.
  5. A course curriculum that’s certified by the industry, as well as specifically prepared practical case studies and practice material
  6. Placement Assistance and Extensive Post-Placement Support

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7. Jamsab Computers Pvt Ltd


If you’re seeking one of the top GST courses, go no further than Jamsab Computers. Apart from GST certification, it also provides training in Tally, MSOffice, and other software. The range of courses provided, as well as the quality of instruction, makes it a contender for inclusion in our list of GST certification courses in Gujarat.


The teachers have substantial knowledge in their respective sectors and give assignments and hands-on experience to the students that meet all of the necessary conditions to be added to the list of top GST certification courses in Gujarat.




  • GST introduction
  • Stock group and stock items
  • RCM
  • Refunds and payment
  • Input tax credit and registration
  • GST benefits
  • GST business
  • E-way bill
  • Supply bill
  • GST return
  • Offenses and penalties
  • About GST
  • GST calculation for various businesses
  • Company formation
  • Accounting structure


Course Duration: 1.5 Month

Course Fees: 5,500 INR


8. Henry Harvin


The Henry Harvin Educational Institution is a forerunner in GST certification training. Henry Harvin has built a solid reputation in the industry by providing high-quality courses in a variety of subjects, including GST certification. As a result, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the top 10 GST certification programs.


It provides a GST practitioner course that includes 32 hours of live online interactive sessions and a recognized certification at the conclusion.




  • Supply or levy of place and value, export and import, an e-way bill
  • Registration
  • Input tax credit account,
  • Invoice tax payment
  • Returns and refunds
  • Audits and evaluations
  • Ligation management
  • Resume writing
  • Soft skill development




1. What is a GST course?

The GST course provides an in-depth look at the Goods and Services Tax rules. These GST courses focus on the practical components of Goods and Services Tax (GST), such as registration, returns, and detailed accounting and recording of GST transactions.


2. What are the types of GST?

  • Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST)
  • State Goods and Services Tax (SGST)
  • Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST)
  • Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UTGST)


3. Is GST a Good Career Option?

Yes, because practically every firm is adopting the new tax regime, a GST-qualified expert has a better chance of landing a higher-paying position in a variety of industries. A GST certification also gives accounting and finance professionals a competitive boost on their resumes.




We have now come to the end of the top ten GST courses with certification in Gujarat. The above write-up attempts to communicate extensive information on GST, its certification course, curriculum, and some of the features of the GST certification course. We anticipate that the knowledge supplied will be helpful to many aspiring GST practitioners. GST is now on the rise. Enroll in one of the top eight GST certification courses in Gujarat.

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