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Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Agra With Placements

This article enlightens you about the top six GST certification courses in Agra, along with contact information, eligibility, costs, and anything else you need to know. For chartered accountants, company secretaries, and government personnel, GST certification can be beneficial. And it comes with a significant wage boost. Continue reading if you want to create your consulting firm or simply want to learn more about the taxes system.



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Best GST Certification Courses in India

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What Are The Benefits of GST Certification?


The GST bill was introduced on July 1st, 2017 for nationwide implementation. The main goal of introducing the GST bill is to ensure that the tax is finally borne at the point of consumption rather than at the point of production. GST is a single tax that is applied from the creator or service provider to the end-user.


As Tax compliance under the new GST has seen a manifold increase, it has also opened more job opportunities in the finance sector. A study led by the Confederation of Indian Industry, the GST system has expected to raise the country’s GDP by 2.5%. To explain, millions of job opportunities are now available. The rise in GDP also suggests an increase in businesses, consequently, in demand for GST professionally.


Now that we have explained above why there are lucrative career options because of the GST Act, let’s not wait any longer and dive into this list of the best GST certification courses in Agra.


Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Agra


1.     IIM Skills – GST Certification Course


IIM Skills is a one-stop-shop for high-quality courses. They provide a wide range of programs, such as digital marketing, content writing, and GST certification courses. Their curriculum is in-depth, they claim it’s exhaustive, but isn’t that what one wants from any course? The entire online GST certification course at IIM Skills is practical, preparing students to meet the industry standards.


The course is for four weeks only with 16 hours of lectures. The great thing about their practical assignments and hands-on learning method is that it allows all of the knowledge to work its way into students’ minds. The GST course is brimming with information taking you from the basic to advanced understanding of GST; equipping you with invaluable Lessons such as:


  • Good understanding of goods and service tax, its inception, implementation, and enforcement.
  • Familiarization with GST, its overall framework, and complexities
  • Learn the impact of GST on businesses and other organizations. This will assist you in rethinking and re-creating your pricing strategy in light of GST.
  • Be conscious of the registration, Return-refunds filling, and TDS Compliance process.


Curriculum – 

  1. The genesis and concept of GST, and its impact on Business
  2. Framework and structure of GST
  3. Registration under GST
  4. Invoicing in GST, invoicing rules and regulation
  5. GST returns filing
  6. Composition scheme under GST
  7. Reverse charge mechanism
  8. E-way bill Under GST
  9. The Input Tax Credit, and Payment in GST


Eligibility – Students or graduates (with degrees in Banking, finance, law, or accounting), existing professional, and business pupils can enrol for this course.


Course Price –

The Master GST Certification Course from IIM skills achieved first place in our list of the best GST certification courses in Agra.


The price of ‘The Master GST Certification Course’ is 2900 without taxes making it one of the most comprehensive yet affordable GST certification courses in Agra. There is going to be an exam as the syllabus ends, one has to clear it to receive their Industry-recognized IIM Skills Master certification. The icing on the cake is that candidates will have lifetime access to course material, and guidance from IIM Skills.


Course fee – INR 2900 + GST



Contact Details –

Phone – +91 9911839503

Website – IIM Skills

Email – [email protected]



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2.     ITCA – Online Advanced Certificate and Online Certificate Course on GST


The Institute of Chartered Accountants, established in 1949, is an accounting organization under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of corporate affairs, Government of India. This organization was established to promote accounting and commerce education in India.


They provide two GST certification courses in Agra, both of which are entirely online. These courses may appear to be relatively expensive. However, the trained faculty, and carefully curated course syllabus justify the cost. These both made it onto the list of the best   GST certification courses in Agra.


  1. Online Advanced Certificate Course on GST: This 40 hours’ course is available in online format only, given the current situation in India. There will be doubt clearing sessions. At the end of the program, students will have to clear an exam and score at least 50%. The syllabus covered is given below –
  • Introduction
  • Taxable Event and Type of Supply
  • Time of Supply and Place of Supply
  • Classification & HSN and SAC
  • Valuation Rule
  • Learn How to Analytically Approach of Registration, Invoice Bill of supply, E way Bill
  • Practical Analysis of GST Returns
  • Analysis of TDS and TCS under GST
  • Zero Rated Supplies
  • Imports and Exports
  • E-Invoicing
  • Analysis of Annual Return & Assessment
  • Demands, Adjudication and appeal, Penalties and Prosecutions
  • Case studies involving real-life scenarios


Fees – To enroll in this course, one has to pay 14000, and only 11200 if you’re a CMA member or CMA finals student. This price is exclusive of taxes.


  1. Online Certificate Course on GST –  This course is relatively more in-depth, and it will take you 72 hours to cover. Again both the course delivery and the assessment will happen online. The exam will consist of 100 objective-type questions, out of which the candidate must get 50 questions correct to get certified. Check out the syllabus –


  • Constitutional Background of GST
  • Classification, HSN, SAC
  • Input Tax Credit, Refund of ITC
  • Records and Returns
  • Payment and Refunds
  • Demands
  • Penalties and Prosecutions
  • Job Work
  • Zero Rated Supplies, Imports, and Exports
  • The taxable event, Time of Supply and Place of Supply, Composite & Mixed supply, Works Contract, Exempted supply
  • The valuation rule – Basic Procedures
  • Annual Return and Assessment
  • Adjudication and appeal
  • Advance Ruling and Anti-profiteering
  • Case studies involving real-life scenarios


Fees –

ICTA’s online certificate courses on GST rank second on our list of the best GST certification courses in Agra.


The course fee is Rs. 10,000, although a CMA member or a student in CMA Finals can enrol for only Rs. 8,000. This price does not include tax.



  • Qualified Cost & Management Accountants(Members)
  • Other Professionals (CS, CA, MBA, M. Com, Lawyers)
  • Executives from Industries and Tax Practitioners
  • Students who are either CMA qualified or studying CMA


3.    Cleartax – E-learning Certification on New GST Returns

Cleartax is a Bangalore-based Financial platform that aims to simplify finances for Indians. This tech giant creates insightful platforms for businesses to manage their finances comfortably and securely. It was founded in 2014, and since then, the organization has assembled a team of the world’s greatest mentors, including Paypal founder Max Lechin and Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar.


They offer a comprehensive online GST certification with 8+ hours of training. The instructor CA Preeti Khurana is one of the most respected CSS in the industry and has more than 15 years of experience.


Curriculum –

  • GST basics
  • Input tax credit
  • Reverse charge mechanism
  • Place, time, the value of supply
  • GST payment and GST refund
  • Offense and penalities
  • RET 1/2/3 with comparison
  • Detailed analysis of return types monthly, quarterly
  • Analysis of ANX-1, ANX-2, RET forms
  • Missing invoice
  • Locking, unlocking
  • Invoice management
  • Live case study
  • Transition plan proposed by the government
  • Reporting invoice missed in old GST system
  • Claim ITC from old GST system
  • Move to the new filling process
  • Impact of New GST return on the industry
  • Changes in ERP
  • Use of technology to manage compliance cost


Fees –


Cleartax’s E-learning certificate course on new GST return ranks third on our list of the top GST certification courses in Agra.


This is one of the most affordable courses with an effective in-depth syllabus one can enrol in. It only costs Rs. 3,600. It’s clear why they made it into our list of best GST certification courses in Agra, with such an in-depth curriculum at only Rs. 3600.


4.     ISEL Global – GST Practitioner Course


Institute for skill enhancement and learning offers government-recognized certification courses. They are approved by the Ministry of Skill Development and entrepreneurship, Government of India.  ISEL has a presence in 5 countries including the Indians’ favourite Canada. Their certifications are internationally accepted with third-party validation tools.


The GST practitioner course is a 3-month course with more than 35+ hours of live classes. The students will have access to the course for 3 months, and they all get 24/7 support from ISEL. The training material was prepared by industry leaders with more than 25 years of experience. To clear any doubts students to have, every Sunday a doubt-clearing session is organized. If that’s not convincing, have a look at the course agenda –


Curriculum –


  • Taxation and GST Basics – What is Tax, GST, GST History, Challenges, Benefits And Drawback of GST, GST Models, Destination Consumption And Origin Based GST.


  • GST Concept and Basics – Terminology, Taxable Events, Threshold Limits, GST Aggregate Turnover, Exempt Supply, Zero Rated Supply, GSTN Electronic Ledger, Input Tax Credit, GST Composition Scheme, GST Supply, GST Within State, GST Between States, GST Compliance Rating.


  • GST Registration- Registration and its need Need, GSTIN, GST Registration Forms, Liable for GST Registration, Compulsory GST Registration, Casual Registration, Non-Resident Person, Physical Verification, Deemed Registration, Voluntary GST Registration, Amendment to GST Registration, GSTIN Cancellation and Revocation, GST Migration for Central Excise/Service Tax Assesses, GSTIN New Registration, GST Transition Provision.


  • GST Invoicing – GST Invoice Types, Tax Invoice, Bill of Supply, GST Supplementary and Revised Invoices, GST Invoicing Time limits, Goods Transport Agency, Goods Transportation without an invoice, Knocked Down Goods, GST Debit Note and Credit Note, GST Refunds.


  • Input Tax Credit- ITC Entitlement Conditions, Utilization of ITC, CENVAT and VAT Credit, GST Input Tax Credit Time Limit, GST Input Tax Credit Rules.


  • GST Valuation – Valuation of goods and services for consideration and without consideration, Value of Supply of Services in Case of Pure Agent, GST Valuation Rules.


  • GST Legal Provision – Anti-Profiteering, GST Provisional Assessment and Recovery, Appeals in GST, Inspection, GST Advance Ruling Mechanism.


  • GST Practitioner Certification Examination.


Fees – Rs. 7600


Eligibility – Anyone who has passed CA finals, CMA finals, CS finals can enroll in this course. Current CA students can also take part.


5.     Accountant Expert Course


This course just not teaches you about GST, it makes you an accounting expert. This offline classroom course in Agra is run by Amit, and their testimonials brought them into this list of top 6 course GST certification courses in Agra.


Course Overview –

  • Income Tax
  • GST
  • Accounts
  • Stock valuation
  • Finalization of Balance Sheet
  • foreign currency transaction, import, export


Eligibility – High school graduates and college students can enrol.


Fees –

It is the only institution that is completely offline and offers GST certification courses in Agra.


GST Course IIM SKILLS Demo Invite Agra


6.     Henry Harvin Education – GST Certification Course


Henry Harvin is a career development organization that provides education courses and professional training in a variety of disciplines. They have courses ranging from data science to GST certification courses. It is one of the top course providers that offer GST certification courses in Agra.


According to a survey run by Higher Education Digest, Henry Harvin is the fastest-growing Edtech Startup in India.


Henry Harvin Institute offers a 32-hour long GST certification and taxation course. However, interested students living in Agra will have to attend this course online.


Students will gain hands-on experience and learn key aspects of GST regulations such as TDS compliance, refunds, filing returns, etc. During the course, students will have lifetime support and access to the course materials, boot camp sessions, recorded lectures, and much more.


To improve students’ skills, throughout the course, projects will be assigned to them. And after the program has ended, students will get a chance to earn an internship which will help them gain industry experience.


Curriculum –

  • Supply, Levy, Export and Import, E-Way Bills
  • Transitional Provision, Job Work, Input Tax Credit
  • Accounts and Records, Invoice, Return, and Refund.
  • Assessment of Audit, Offenses and Penalties, Demand, Recovery
  • Soft Skill Development
  • Resume Writing


Fees – Henry Harvin’s GST certificate course is ranked sixth on our list of  GST certification courses in Agra. The GST certification course at Henry Harvin Education is Rs. 12500.



  • Qualified Cost & Management Accountants(Members)
  • Other Professionals (CS, CA, MBA, M. Com, Lawyers)
  • Executives from Industries and Tax Practitioners
  • Students who are either CMA qualified or studying CMA


Frequently Asked Questions –


  1. Which GST course is the best?


There are six courses mentioned in this article, and all of them are good enough to prepare you to clear the GST practitioner exam. Read this post carefully, go through the curriculum and select a course that is both affordable and accessible to you.


  1. How much is GST in Education?


  Education programs are exempted from GST under sections 38-85 of the GST Act. Here, educational programs mean education from pre-school to high secondary school. Furthermore, any vocational course or curriculum for obtaining a qualification recognized by any law is also exempted from GST. However, private institutes are teaching to generate income, and they come under the GST act. Similarly, books are exempted from GST but school uniforms are not.


  1. What Services are exempted from GST?


  • Harvesting, cultivation, packaging, warehouse, renting or leasing of machinery, and so on, are exempt from GST.
  • Transportation of humans via metro, cabs, rickshaws, and public transport are exempted from GST.
  • Transportation of goods and agricultural products outside of India.
  • Government diplomatic services and foreign diplomatic services
  • RBI-provided services or any foreign diplomatic mission in India.
  • Some healthcare services such as those provided by veterinarians or paramedics are exempted from GST.
  • Education services such as Mid-day meals are exempted.
  • Ambulance and charity services.
  • For more information, visit exemption from GST.


  1. What is the average annual salary of a GST practitioner in India?


   In India, the average pay for a GST Practitioner Accountant with less than 1 to 20 years of experience is 2.1 lakhs. The compensation of an accountant at GST Practitioner ranges from 0.2 lakhs to 3.6 lakhs. It is 13 per cent less than the average Accountant Salary in India.


  1. How can I become a GST expert?


If you are interested in becoming a GST expert, you should join one of the above-listed courses. Naturally, you must have a career in finance or business to become a GST practitioner or start your consultancy.


  1. What are the eligibility criteria for becoming a GST practitioner?


Basic Conditions –


  • Should be a citizen of India.
  • Mentally fit.
  • They should not be declared bankrupt.
  • Should not be convicted of a crime that carries a sentence of two years or more in jail.


Qualification for becoming a GST practitioner –


  • A retired officer that once worked in Commercial Tax Department.
  • Sales tax practitioner registered for more than 5 years.
  • A chartered accountant, or cost accountant.
  • A company secretary.


Q Is it possible for a Chartered Accountant to become a GST practitioner?


Yes! A Chartered Accountants and Students who are in CA finals can appear for this exam. The knowledge that a CA will be quite helpful while preparing for the GST practitioner exam (GSTP)


Q Can an Individual do GST returns themselves?


According to the new GST laws, GST returns are allowed to be filled online using software or application provided by GSTN.


Q How to find a client as a GST practitioner?


You can increase your customer reach by using direct and Indirect Advertisements.


In direct Advertisement, you put out ads on digital platforms using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. However, you will need to pay to run ads, and there is no guarantee that customers will turn up.


Another method is Indirect Advertisement. You can start your blog, and showcase yourself as an Expert. You can also start content writing services on finance and GST-related topics.




All of the above-mentioned courses are highly popular and will help you to build a strong foundation in the GST practicing field.


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