Top 5 Graphic Designing Courses in Pune

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Top 5 Graphic Designing Courses in Pune

Do you want to be a Graphic Designer? Are you looking out for the best graphic designing courses? Are you finding the endless list of courses and institutes confusing to choose from? Then, it’s time to put your confusion to rest and gain some clarity. This article brings to you a diligently crafted list of the top 5 graphic designing courses in Pune, that have proved their metal year after year, through consistent performance and placement records. Scroll down to find out more. 


List of the best graphic designing courses in Pune


But, before you read through the list of top 5 graphic designing courses in Pune, understanding the premises of the subject will definitely be beneficial. Let’s, walk through some basic concepts associated with graphic designing.


Graphic Designing


Graphic designing is the medium of communicating messages through visual content or computerized designs. It primarily deals with the presentation and user interface of the website or mobile application. Computerized imaging, typography, color, texts, and graphics are all a part of graphic designing.  It is also referred to as “Communication Design”.


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Types  of Graphic Designing


Various elements of graphic designing are extensively used for visual communication through multiple websites and mobile applications. There is a different theme, typography, imagery, color, etc associated with each website. These elements help in creating exclusive and customized experiences for the organization while aiming to establish convenient, quick, and effective communication with its visitors/ customers. 


Considering the wide spectrum of graphic designing, its multiple elements, and varied applications, graphic designing can be categorized into eight major disciplines.

1. Visual Identity Graphic Design


  • There are thousands of brands in the world and each brand has a different color theme, images, and tone.
  •  Have you ever wondered why? What is the need for brands to invest money and energy into creating customized graphics? 
  • Brands indulge in customization of graphics because these intangible visual elements or graphics play an important role in shaping up a brand’s visual identity. People often associate the brand with a particular logo and color theme. 
  • As a matter of fact, whether people would give a product or service a try depends on how attractive and appealing its graphic is. 
  • Too loud and overwhelming graphics often repel people while subtle and polite graphics command their attention and help in building a positive image of the brand.
  • The choice of color and graphics used while designing reflects volumes about a brand’s ideology and self-image. 
  • Visual Identity graphic designers play a crucial part in creating the graphic image of the brand.  
  • These designers look after the designing of logos, typography,  color palettes, business cards, a set of visual brand guidelines, image libraries, and corporate stationery.


2. Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design


  • Images and graphics have the capability to engage the audience instantly.
  •  An effective graphical representation has the ability to create a huge impact on sales and marketing. 
  • Sales and marketing get an instant boost if the graphics are attractive, in sync with the product specifications. 
  • For example, a pink, purple, or yellow-themed graphic would instantly convey feminity, while brown, grey, blue are indicative of masculine aspects. 
  • The color, font, shape of the product, placing of the text, every minute detail creates an impact on the customer and influence the image and sales of the product and brand. 
  • Marketing and advertising graphic designers deal with designing attractive, effective, and engaging visual content to boost the brand image through advertising and sales. 
  • They often design posters, brochures, social media ads, banners, postcards, newspapers ads, magazine ads, email marketing templates, banner billboards,  infographics,  vehicle wraps, trade show displays, PowerPoint presentations menus, and images for blogs.


3. User interface graphic design


  • This aspect of graphic designing deals with creating a user-friendly interface.
  • Designing graphics for a device for providing the user a convenient, and comfortable device experience.
  • As the majority of our work and communication takes place through the medium of electronics, having a comprehensive and convenient interface graphic design is of imminent importance. 
  • A hassle-free interface graphic experience has the ability to boost sales.
  • Designers are responsible to strike a balance between the aesthetic of the product and its functionality. 
  • The designing interface consists of on-screen elements, buttons, icons, menus, mobile apps, web pages, desktop apps, theme design, game interface.

4. Publication graphic design


  • Publications graphic design encompasses the graphic layout of newspapers, magazines, books,  directories, catalogs, etc. 
  • Earlier the impact of publication graphic designing was restricted to the print medium. 
  • These days it is also impacting digital platforms. 
  • Designers are responsible for fabricating layouts with appropriate artwork, images, and typography.


5. Packaging graphic design


  • Companies spend crores of rupees in deciding upon the packaging of their product.
  • Most products that are available in the market these days come in a certain packaging. 
  • Packaging is used for conveying information. We often find ourselves going through the information written on the pack many a time. 
  • Packaging is used to attract customers’ attention.
  • It is used as a medium for developing a brand identity too. 
  • It is a very crucial marketing tool. 
  • Packaging designers are responsible for concept creation.
  • They also keep a track of mockup development.


6. Motion graphic design


  • Motion graphic designers handle the graphics involved in the motion. 
  • This includes animation, typography, audio, advertisements, presentations, websites, video games, title sequence,  and banners.


7. Environmental graphic design


  • Environmental graphic designing is a multidisciplinary application. 
  • It revolves around creating informative, interesting, and impactful graphics. 
  • These graphics include stadium branding, office branding, wall murals,  etc. 
  • Environmental graphic designers are required to have a fair understanding and knowledge of graphic designing and architecture too.


8. Art and Illustration graphic design


  • Art and Illustration graphic designers are responsible for creating original and unique brand art forms. 
  • They work in collaboration with business organizations, writers, artists, marketers, art directors, and editors. 
  • This art form includes graphic patterns for stock images, textiles, book covers, infographics, motion graphics, picture books, websites, book covers, art albums, etc.


Technical Skills needed for Graphic Designing


1. Design principles


  • Graphic designers are required to have a stronghold on the basics of design principles. 
  • They must be proficient at changing the typography, lines, space dominance, emphasis texture, and color. 
  • They must also be experts at striking balancing graphics, product information, and aesthetics.


2. Ideation


  • Graphic designers are responsible for generating interesting designs that are easy to navigate and comprehend.
  • The design should complement the message.
  • Designs should be free of glitches and well researched. 
  • Designers must have the knowledge of using the thumbnails and mood boards.
  • It will help them further their understanding of new concepts and projects.


3. Branding


  • Graphic Designers must understand the objective, motto, and ideology of the brand they are working for. 
  • In addition, he/she must also understand the product or services that the beans offer.
  • Researching about the target audience and designs that may interest them is an important part of the process to draw the attention of potential customers. 


4. Typography


  • Typography forms a crucial element of graphic design. 
  • Effective typography is the one that communicates the brands’ message to its customers in an interesting way but without any distractions and distortions. 
  • Using this element effectively requires extensive knowledge of font, tracking,  kerning, and typesetting.


5. UX and UI design


  • UX and UI skills are important to have.
  • These design forms are crucial for creating visually appealing yet functional graphics. 


6. Technology


  • Graphic designers also need to have an understanding of various software.
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe after effects, Sketch, Illustrator, WordPress,  HTML, CSS, etc are a few among many other graphics-related software that they need to use for creating compelling and functional designs. 


Top 5 Graphic Designing Courses in Pune


#Rank 1 Graphic Designing Courses in Pune

School of Internet Marketing 


School of Internet Marketing (SIM) is renowned for offering training modules that are in sync with search engine optimization guidelines.  Its training methodology is 100% placement-oriented. Its faculty consists of working professionals who facilitate better learning by adding their valuable work-related anecdotes and experiences. Companies like Amazon, Big Basket, Frist Cry, Affinity, Paper Design, etc regularly recruit skilled trainees of SIM.


Salient Features:

  • Industry-standard training module
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Certification
  • Job-oriented training
  • Live projects
  • Affiliations with big and small companies
  • Working professionals as faculty
  • 100% placement support




  • Introduction to graphic designing
  • Graphic designing essentials
  • Image editing with Adobe photoshop
  • Basics of images
  • Learning colors
  • Working with selection tools
  • Working with painting tools
  • Mastering the layers
  • Working with text
  • Digital drawing with photoshop
  • Advanced tools for image manipulation
  • Advanced tools for image correction
  • Managing images with illustrator
  • Advanced feature with illustrator
  • Working with graph


Contact details


  • Contact number: +91 8956609996, +91 8087530193, +91 7559269777
  • Website:


#Rank 2 Graphic Designing Courses in Pune 

Arena Animation


Renowned for imparting quality graphic designing training in Pune for the past 25 years, Arena Animation continues to work tirelessly with a vision to impart the knowledge of the finest graphic designing techniques and skills amongst its students. Its training program is focused on providing holistic professional training, through extensive practice, live projects, assignments, and internships to every student, and help prepare for the placement and for the job thereafter.


Salient features


  • Industry expert faculty
  • Trained 800+ batches
  • 100% job oriented training
  • Free demo class
  • Certification guidance




  • What is graphic design?
  • Details on color theory and its application
  • Rules and principles of graphic designing
  • Industry oriented training
  • Software associated with graphic designing
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Image editing
  • Difference between restoration and advanced retouching
  • How to composite and manipulate an image
  • Sessions on GIF automation and normal automation
  • Advanced plugins
  • Adobe illustrator 
  • Vector graphics
  • Logo making
  • Infographics icon
  • Commercial brand technique
  • Corel draw and design
  • Painting rules
  • RGB and CMYK
  • Indesign
  • Media publishing
  • Basics on portfolio creation

Contact details


  • Contact number: 080 4803 0354
  • Website:


# Rank 3 Graphic Designing Courses in Pune 

Creative Concepts


Creative concepts is a renowned Graphic Designing course in Pune that provides a 3-months skill-based certification course in Pune. This premium institute is acclaimed for its training methodologies and study material which consists of various case studies and projects. Many renowned companies visit Creative Concepts regularly for campus recruitments.


Salient features


  • Doubt clearing one-on-one sessions
  • Demo class
  • Placement assistance
  • Reasonable fees
  • Real-time projects
  • Interview guidance
  • Placement assistance




  • Diploma in graphic designing
  • Graphic designing fundamentals
  • Color elements
  • Photo editing
  • Tool designing 
  • Branding
  • GIF designs
  • Social media creatives
  • Retouch
  • Ratio logo design
  • Basics of design
  • Basics of Illustrator
  • Adobe photoshop
  • Adobe after effects
  • Adobe dimensions
  • Templates for magazines and newspapers

Contact Details


  • Contact Number: +91 20 4130 3803, +91 703 885 8888
  • Website:


# Rank 4 Graphic Designing Courses in Pune

Infinite Graphix Technologies


Strategically located and well connected from the rest of the city, this premier institute offers the finest training in graphic designing at affordable rates. Its highly experienced and trained faculty form the backbone of the institute and is responsible for producing brilliant graphic designers batch after batch. 

Salient features


  • Certificate in graphic designing
  • Central Government Certification Designing Programs
  • Certification Valid For Private And Government JobS
  • Workshops 
  • Seminars 
  • Studio work
  • Internships
  • Placement support
  • Interview guidance




  • 3D animation
  • Visual FX
  • Game development
  • Blend of art and Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Motion graphics
  • Design development
  • Graphic design fundamentals
  • Photoshop 


Contact Details


  • Contact number: +91-88559 55159
  • Website:


# Rank 5 Graphic Designing Courses in Pune

Blend Infotech 


Another promising graphic designing institute in Pune is Blend Infotech. Its training modules and teaching methodologies help students prepare for the placement and be skilled Graphic designers.  Its alumni are places across the nation with various big and small companies, earning a name for their alma mater. 


Salient features


  • Internships
  • Workshops 
  • Seminars
  • Library videos
  • Certificates
  • Placement support
  • Interview guidance
  • Industry oriented training



  • The basic fundamentals of Computer and multimedia
  • Understanding Principles Of Graphics Design 
  • Color Theory & Typography for Graphics 
  • Web based design concept
  • Mastering Adobe Illustrator
  • Mastering With Adobe Photoshop
  • Mastering For Print With CorelDraw
  • Mastering With Adobe InDesign
  • Introduction to Video Editing and Animation
  • Fundamentals of Internet and Web
  • HTML 5 & CSS 3
  • Javascript / Jquery for web
  • Web Editors – Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Working With Adobe Animate For Web
  • Introduction Of Digital Marketing
  • Working with Google Blogger
  • Introduction Of website Template and layouts
  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Introduction to Website Hosting


Contact Details


  • Contact number: 9595 772 772
  • Website:


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How is the scope of graphic designing in India?

Graphic design has immense scope in India. It is one of the rapidly growing professions in the country. As there is a  constant growth in businesses, promotions, and marketing the Graphic designing opportunities are also multiplying. 


2. How do I pursue graphic designing?

To pursue graphic designing, you must enroll in any of the listed graphic designing courses in Pune, undergo training, and seek an internship. 


3. How much does a graphic designer earn on average in India?

The average annual income of a graphic designer in India is around INR 3,50,000/- to 6,00,000/-per annum.




Graphic design has a great influence on visual communication. Due to graphic designing websites and mobile applications look interesting, appealing, and convenient means of conveying information and ideas. Enroll in any of the top 5 graphic designing courses in Pune and get closer to realizing your dream of becoming a successful graphic designer. 

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