In both the print and digital worlds, graphic design is one of the most in-demand skills. The demand for graphic designers has increased as graphics have become more effective in making an impression on people. As a graphic designer, you must possess the same level of originality as the spectacular outcomes you produce. The following are the top 6 graphic designing courses in Bangalore that will help you develop your design skills through high-quality instruction.


List of the best graphic designing courses in Bangalore


The first pillar of any business’s interaction with its clients is communication. It affects how you communicate with your audience, how you present yourself, and, most importantly, how you advertise your brand to the media.


It’s crucial to leave a lasting impression on people’s minds and hearts. Every business is seeking to show how unique and valuable their brand is. One of the strategies for doing so is graphic design. It’s one of the most efficient ways to draw in a crowd with little effort.


Images are extremely effective and engaging communication tools because they can convey not only information but also moods and feelings. It’s a great way to communicate using a mix of graphics and text.


I understand that grasping all of this on the first read is a little difficult for you. It can be somewhat perplexing for a novice because the word design has a lot of meaning in this context. It’s not just about design; it’s about coming up with a creative notion that has an impact.


Don’t be alarmed. Graphic designing courses in Bangalore will assist you in fully comprehending each subject. Let’s start with an explanation of what graphic design entails.


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What exactly is graphic design?


Graphic design is the art of combining words and images to create a visual representation of a collection of data. It’s a method for delivering a complex message in a creative, fascinating, and simple way. Graphic design, in simple terms, is the process of delivering specific information through developing concepts with the use of visuals and texts.


Businesses utilize graphic design to promote their products and services. It can take the form of advertisements, films, infographics, and so on. It’s also utilized on websites to make complex information digestible and to develop a company’s personality through branding.


Because a good production demands an emotional connection with the viewer, the visual context has become the most popular way for businesses to generate leads. As a result, the mix of elements achieves an appropriate level of visual appeal.


Graphic designers develop visual content in order to communicate with the general population. Designers use typography to meet the demands of their clients. They utilize visual hierarchy and page layout methodologies to maximize the user experience by focusing on the logic of showing objects in interactive designs.


When it comes to graphics design, the images need to be able to convey the full notion. Graphically, these images can be recreated in a variety of ways.


Graphic designers’ work


Graphic designers are in charge of a number of duties, depending on their career and workplace. Clients are typically met with to determine design needs. They use images, graphics, and texts with design tools to bring an idea to life.


They work on visuals with a variety of tools, making alterations as needed to meet the needs. They create product designs for a variety of channels, including advertisements, magazines, brochures, presentations, and websites, using text and images.


They may be charged with selecting pictures and typefaces, as well as developing layouts and creating logos. The designer must be involved in all stages of the project and be willing to make changes in response to client requirements.


Graphic design’s range of applications


Businesses are developing creative themes for brand enhancement daily, resulting in an ever-increasing demand for graphic designers. This is an excellent job choice because it allows people to deal with multiple clients at once, generating designs that match their needs.


Graphic designers can operate as art specialists, creative associates, design consultants, design managers, or even independent advisers. As the demand for graphic designers develops, graphic design students will have a plethora of job opportunities.


If you feel that a graphic design job has a limited scope, you are entirely wrong. Graphic design courses in Bangalore are always delivering high-quality instruction to rectify people’s misconceptions.


Following are some of the career responsibilities that may be obtained after completing graphic design courses in Bangalore:


Web Designers, Brand Designer, Narrative Designer, Brand Manager, Experience Designer, Strategy Designer, Design Researcher, Systems Designer, Design Entrepreneur, Chief Design Officer,  Chief Creative Officer


Top 6 Graphic Designing Courses In Bangalore:


1) Apponix Academy


Apponix Academy is an advanced training institute in Bangalore and is one of the best graphic designing courses in Bangalore. They are dedicated to offering high-quality training at all times. They’ve laid the groundwork for a successful career by adopting a comprehensive approach that prioritizes long-term goals.


They have over 6 years of expertise in student training. Around 7000+ students have registered in courses as a result of their great training programs. Apponix Academy’s professional trainers aid its pupils in achieving their objectives.


They not only teach you the methods and techniques but also how to use them to be successful. Graphic Designing is the name of the course. Duration of the course: 60 hours


The course’s goals

  • Fundamentals of graphic design
  • Create a flyer, brochure, or logo using Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw.
  • In logo design, color combinations are important.
  • Import photographs into the software.
  • adjusting the color of an image
  • Cropping, straightening, and adjusting gradients, objects, and effects are all possible using tools.
  • Images improvement using borders, styles, and backdrops.
  • Photo albums and slideshows are popular options.
  • Templates and layouts
  • Canva is design software that allows you to create easy designs.



  • Trainers with a minimum of ten years of experience
  • Students get access to a dedicated portal.
  • Infrastructure in the classroom that is good
  • Adaptable schedule
  • Session backups
  • Certification
  • Personalized placement assistance


Call: +91 8050580888


2) Designing courses


The Designing course is one of the best institutes offering graphic designing courses in Bangalore, along with web design, UI, Ux design, interior design, and other related fields. One of the top training programs available is their graphic design courses in Bangalore. They also assist their students who are seeking a new job or wish to advance in their careers with job placement.


Their graphic design course covers typography, color combinations, and other design techniques. You don’t have to be concerned about enrolling here. It’s a full-featured tool that teaches users the fundamentals of design in real-time.


The courses are precisely crafted to cover all essential modules, allowing students to develop and improve their skills. Duration of the course: 3 months


The curriculum of the Course

  • Color Theory 
  • Typography
  •  Logo Design
  • Visiting card / Brochures 
  • infographic 
  • Designing a vector image 


Software Included


Photoshop \Illustrator \InDesign \CorelDraw



  • Assessment regularly
  • Countless hours in the lab
  • Dedicated cell for the placement
  • Support with interviewing and resume writing, as well as a seminar competition and portfolio development
  • Create freelance opportunities.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions are a great way to get rid of your doubts.
  • 100% Assistance with Placement


Call: 9916370929


3) Besant Technologies


It is one of the renowned institutes providing graphic designing courses in Bangalore. One of the reputable software training companies is Besant Technologies. They’ve built a solid foundation in a short amount of time and are dedicated to providing graphic design courses in Bangalore. You can also discover master and short-term programs here.


This is a platform where you may learn about a variety of topics such as web design, data science, and cloud computing. Programming, Microsoft, project management, and so on are only a few examples. Besant Technologies’ graphic design course in Bangalore is a complete bundle of high-quality instruction.


This will assist you in comprehending the fundamental and advanced levels of design concepts and approaches. Because professional trainers make a heavy emphasis on practical training workshops, the course is more instructional and realistic. Duration of the course: 30+ hours


The curriculum of the course

  • Graphic Designing Fundamentals
  • Graphics in vector format
  • CorelDraw (Adobe Illustrator)
  • Publishing and printing


The course’s goals

  • Written and concise deliverables
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Current trends
  • Advancements



  • Sessions on the job
  • Expert faculty in real-time training
  • 24/7 support for Photoshop/CorelDraw certification practice
  • Assistance with Job Search


Call: +91 8767260270


4) Philos


Philos has been added to our list of the finest schools in Bangalore, offering graphic designing courses in Bangalore. They pay close attention to each student to gain a deeper knowledge of them and to provide them with complete support in their studies. From beginners to expert students, the classes are structured according to their specific needs.


Their personalized training packages will satisfy your learning requirements. They provide the most affordable and competitive training programs. Graphic design, web design and development, advanced Excel, Access, MSBI, SQL Server, and other IT courses are available.


Curriculum vitae

  • Introduction
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Adobe InDesign 


Some of the current projects are

  • Creating social media advertisements
  • Developing a logo (2D & 3D effects)
  • Designing a brochure, a business card, and a package


Call: 984488 5059 / 9620890035 / 903588 5059


  • IIFA Multimedia 


IIFA Multimedia is one of the top institutes, offering graphic designing courses in Bangalore. They chose to include the fundamental tenets in every curriculum to ensure that each student is prepared for a bright future.


Each student receives one-on-one attention during the lectures to assist them to develop their coursework and project portfolio to international standards. Through this course, students will have a solid understanding of a variety of design communications disciplines, including advertising, branding, visual identity, and design management. Graphic Designing is the name of the course.


The curriculum of the Course

  • Adobe InDesign 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw (Adobe Illustrator)


Call: 080 48659176, +91 7349241004, +91 9845006824


Graphic Designing classes at FITA Academy in Bangalore provide students with Adobe tools and cutting-edge methods for their creative endeavors. Among the topics addressed are Photoshop, illustration, typography, editorial finishing, logos, poster design, infographics, design theory, prototype design, animation, and web graphics.


They created a course curriculum that is fairly comprehensive and assists students in learning the essential abilities and effectively communicating their thoughts.


It is a learning platform with an in-depth understanding of the most efficient strategies for succeeding in the internet age. The course is organized in such a way that it covers all of the essential approaches for achieving high visibility.


Why should you sign up?

  • a resourceful program
  • Exams and certificates for Adobe certification
  • a wide range of learning options
  • Offline, live online, or recorded classes are all options.
  • Experiential learning



  • Trainers with a lot of experience
  • Reasonable fees
  • Projects in progress
  • Flexibility
  • Certification
  • Assist with placement


Call: 9345045466


Frequently Asked Question


  • What is the duration of the graphic design course?


The duration of a graphic design course is dependent on the course you wish to take. A graphic design training can run anywhere from two to three months. Bachelor’s degree programs can take three to four years to complete.


  • Are our graphic designers in high demand?


Yes, graphic design is in high demand because images are excellent instruments for attracting customers to your company. Graphic designers are needed by businesses to make their branding more appealing. Graphic designers are in high demand as a result of this.


  • Is it possible for me to start a graphic design course after I finish high school?


Yes, it’s conceivable. To develop this ability, you can also pursue a 3 to 4-year bachelor’s degree in graphic design. Alternatively, you can enroll in any short-term course.




Graphic design is a highly sought-after skill in the market because of its adaptability, and it is required for a wide range of employment roles. When it comes to securing a job in the field, having the right information is critical for better results. Graphic design classes in Bangalore are the answer to this problem.


A graphic designer’s job is to make any digital copy pleasing to the eye, and aesthetics in digital marketing have a direct impact on campaign effectiveness. With these graphic design courses in Bangalore, you may take advantage of this chance. This article provides the best institutes providing graphic designing courses in Bangalore.