A romantic language, French comes from the Indo- European family. It came from the vulgar Latin of the roman empire. Learning French is a joy since it is a beautiful, rich, musical language that is sometimes referred to be the language of love. French is also referred to as an analytical language that organizes ideas and fosters critical thinking, which is an important ability for talks and negotiations. In this article, we are going to focus on the best French courses in Bangalore city.


List of the best French courses in Bangalore


Why Learn the French Language


  • A universal language


It is common parlance for more than 300 million people on all five continents. The OIF is a global organization of French-speaking countries with 88 member countries and governments. After English, French is the second most learned foreign language and the fifth most spoken language on the earth, after English.


French is also the only language taught in every country on the planet, alongside English. With over a million pupils registered in French language programs, France has the world’s largest network of cultural institutes.


  • A job-language seeker’s for the global employment market


On the worldwide employment market, being able to communicate in French and English is advantageous. Knowing French allows you to work for French companies in France and other French-speaking countries. Because it boasts one of the world’s greatest economies and is a popular destination for foreign investment, France is a significant economic partner.


  • The language of the culture


French is the primary language in cooking, fashion, theatre, the visual arts, dancing, and architecture. Knowing French allows you to access great works of literature, cinema, and songs published in the original French. 


  • A traveling language


With over 87 million visitors each year, France is the most popular tourist destination in the world. Knowing a little French makes visiting Paris and other regions of France much more enjoyable, as well as providing insight into the culture and way of life in France. Knowing French is also useful when going to parts of the world where French is spoken.


  • A higher education language


Speaking French opens up prospects to study at renowned French universities and business schools, which are among Europe’s and the world’s best higher education institutions.


  • The world language’s other dialect


French is used as a working and official language by the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross, and international courts. The three cities where the EU institutions are headquartered speak French: Strasbourg, Brussels, and Luxembourg.


  • A language that broadens one’s horizons


Understanding French allows you to see the world through new eyes. You can follow French thinkers and leaders from throughout the world, as well as news from the world’s major French-language media (e.g., TV5Monde, France 24, and Radio France International).


  • An enjoyable language to learn


French is a simple language to pick up. There are numerous ways available on the market that make learning French fun for both children and adults.


  • A language that can be used to study other languages


Because a large portion of English vocabulary is borrowed from French, French is an excellent foundation for learning other languages, particularly Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian), as well as English.


What are the benefits and reasons for learning French in India?


As a translator, job chances with MNCs are quite lucrative. Trainers, school, and college teachers all have work options in the teaching profession. There is involvement from both the public and business sectors. In the United States, it is a widely spoken language. After completing a French course with certification, you can work in a variety of job profiles and sectors.

  • linguist’s advice
  • Interpreter and translator
  • Teaching and coaching positions at MNCs.
  • Embassies of other countries
  • The civil and diplomatic services are two branches of the government.


If you are really excellent in French, the government and private sectors have some high and intermediate-paying positions. If you want to learn more about it, please conduct rigorous research.


Before you move ahead with this article, you can also check these other courses available in Bangalore:


6 Best French Courses In Bangalore:


1) FIFL – French Institute of Foreign Languages in Bangalore


This is an international school for foreign languages in Bangalore that offers French courses in Bangalore. For the French language, they have DELF and DALF batches. Throughout the week, they hold lessons and batches.


They also teach pupils German, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, and English in addition to French. They also provide customized French classes. DELF First four levels are available. Furthermore, these customized courses aid in the improvement of the CRS score.


Name of the course:


DELF AND DALF- These are French language diplomas that encompass levels. Courses created specifically for you Canada’s TEF


Individual certification is available for all of the aforementioned courses and levels, totaling six certifications. Students, professionals, students, housewives, and anybody else interested in learning can enroll in the course and receive certification.


2) FluenC: Foreign Language Classes and Courses in Bangalore


The greatest French courses in Bangalore can be found at this institute. They have a group of mentors who have undergone extensive training. The courses are user-centered, with the goal of providing all students with a world-class learning experience. They create a vibrant, inventive, and engaging environment.


Level-Based French Training is the name of the course.


They promise that pupils will pass the DELF and TEF using their teaching methods.


3) Inlingua


This training school offers French courses in Bangalore, as well as other foreign and Indian languages. They also give virtual conversational programs in a variety of languages.


They’re a group of multilingual experts. In total, they operate 308 language instruction locations in 34 countries. They use virtual classrooms and a staff of professional trainers to deliver live training sessions. The following are some course specifics:


Name of the Course:


A1 – Beginner; A2 – Elementary; A3 – Advanced; A4 – Advanced; A5 –

B1 – Intermediate B2 – Advanced B3 – Advanced B4 – Advanced B5 – Advanced B6 – Advanced B7

C1 – Advanced; C2 – Master or Proficient; C3 – Intermediate

They prepare you for DELF and DALF, which are French-language diplomas that contain the levels.


  4) IITE

This institute offers one of the most prestigious French courses in Bangalore. They are a prominent foreign language school in Bangalore. In Bangalore, they have a team of highly experienced mentors and trainers.


Name of the course:

  • A1 – For beginners 
  • A1 – children A2 – elementary students
  • B1 – Intermediate; B2 – Advanced
  • C2 – Master or Proficient C1 – Advanced


They prepare you for DELF and DALF, which are French-language diplomas that contain levels. All of these courses are 50-60 hours long and take place on weekends and weekdays.


5) Alliance Française de Bangalore


This institute in Bangalore offers beginner to expert level French education. They have several locations in India and also provide training for the DELF and DALF certificates. All of their instructors are FFL certified.


They have well-trained and experienced specialists on staff. You can enroll in this course if you need any kind of advice, certification, or expertise, or if you just want to learn more about the language and culture.


They offer French classes in Bangalore for people of all ages as well as corporate professionals. They have these characteristics in place, as well as a well-designed syllabus to match. You can choose between weekday and weekend batches depending on your availability.


DELF AND DALF is the name of the course. These are French language diplomas that include the levels. Regular, Weekend and Intensive Batches are the three types of courses available.


             Regular 2-hour classes are held four times a week. 3 hours on the weekend

             Intensive – 3 hours each week, 5 times.

             French Language Training is the name of the program.


6) Indrakshi Academy of Languages – Bangalore

This institute in Bangalore offers well-structured French courses in Bangalore. They strive towards student happiness, believing that this is the most effective approach to acquire and teach a new skill.


You can contact the institutes listed above, who have provided the Top 7 French courses in Bangalore, for demo classes, fee structures, and to get any questions answered. These French classes will teach you the language while also introducing you to a new culture. It is a culture that is both rich and sophisticated. Wine, bread, and cheese are among their favorite foods.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is it easy to study and understand French language courses and levels?


It all depends on your level of experience and patience. It is tough to learn a new language from start. Nothing is tough if you maintain consistency. It can be a long process, depending on the person, but it is not impossible.


  • Is it possible to study French over the internet?


Yes, you can learn French online as long as the instructor is licensed and accredited. There are a number of free online French courses available.


  • What are some helpful hints for learning French at home?


If you already know some French and wish to improve your skills, you may always practice by reading and listening to French.

Pronunciation of certain words is also difficult.

It is necessary to practice spelling.

Begin by watching French films with English subtitles. This is a highly enjoyable pastime that also allows you to learn or improve your pronunciation.

If you’re a beginner, start by viewing free French instruction videos on YouTube to obtain a better understanding of the language.

Grammar should be learned and practiced. Make an effort to use proper grammar. Even if your pronunciation isn’t perfect. You will learn.


  • What is the typical cost of a French language course in Bangalore?


It is 6500 and 14000 respectively for levels A1 and A2. The price differs depending on the institute. You must make contact and obtain a quotation.


  • What are the French Language course levels?


A French-language course has six levels. The course syllabus expands as the student progresses through the levels. The following are the levels:


A1 – Beginner; A2 – Elementary

B1 – Intermediate; B2 – Advanced

C2 – Master or Proficient C1 – Advanced


You are awarded a certificate based on your test results. There are both oral and written tests available. These are referred to as CERF levels. The CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is an acronym for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is widely accepted as a standard method of assessing and describing language competency.


  • What steps do I need to take to become a French interpreter?


The qualifications you’ll need to work as a French interpreter are mostly language-related. Most translation companies prefer individuals who are natural French speakers or who have spent time in France or French Canada and have advanced language skills.




Learning French provides us with a world of possibilities both within the country and outside. Many European countries, such as Canada and Belgium, need some level of French ability to apply for jobs and pursue studies. Enroll in one of these top 5 French courses in Bangalore to gain the benefits of studying French. Along with English, the French language is well-known around the world. The majority of French-speaking people live in Europe. It is thought to be the most seductive of all the languages.


Learning and being competent in a new language from a different nation opens many options for you professionally, travel-wise, and personally. If you’re a student who wants to move to a French-speaking country, this will improve your chances of getting a visa.


This language and culture have grown in popularity tremendously. Students and businesses have recognized its relevance and have begun to invest in individuals who are fluent in French.


French is one of the most simple European languages to learn. In many ways, even it might be easier than learning English! And, because French is a world language spoken by nearly 220 million people, studying it can open doors to a large part of the globe.