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Top 7 Most-Trusted Financial Modeling Courses in Sydney

Australia’s largest economy is in Sydney. It is the financial hub in the Asia-Pacific area. Between 2007 and 2017, there were roughly 4,000 more enterprises in the city. The demand for qualified individuals who can oversee, organize, and carry out the expansion of such businesses is on the rise. This is why courses like financial modeling gain the utmost importance in cities like Sydney. It aids in developing various pricing strategies, allocating funds, and subsequently scheduling investor meetings. In this article, we are going to share the best financial modeling courses in Sydney.

Best Financial Modeling Courses in Sydney

Numerous major firms also have their regional offices there. Sydney’s economy is significant for its contribution to Australia’s trade, manufacturing, banking, education, and distribution sectors. Sydney’s economy has demonstrated its resilience over the past ten years by withstanding both internal and foreign economic shocks, such as the global financial crisis.

What is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is the process of estimating the financial performance of a project or business by taking into account all significant factors, including growth and risk assumptions, and assessing their influence. It enables the user to easily understand every element of financial forecasting.

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Objectives of Financial Modeling – 

Due to a variety of factors, financial modeling is becoming more and more valuable in the banking industry- 

• An essential tool for efficiently analyzing business ideas and risks is financial modeling.

• Financial modeling is the technique of presenting a company’s financial situation in a visually appealing manner.

• Financial models are mathematical ideas that are used to represent the financial performance of an organization.

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Career Prospects

You become eligible for all of the following profiles after completing the course –

• Business Analyst

• Financial Analyst

• Financial Manager

• Associate Analyst

• Equity Analyst

• Market Research Analyst

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The following candidates are eligible to pursue financial modeling courses in Sydney –

• Recruits who did not participate in the internal program

• Candidates trying to fill a knowledge gap

• Bankers with experience looking to up-skill their technical skills

• Teams from non-banking firms working in financial strategy

• Graduates preparing for a job interview in the banking industry

• Students pursuing a career in finance while attending business school

If you want to boost your employability in the financial sector in Sydney, the Financial Modeling course is a sure-shot way to do it. Here is a list of the best Financial Modeling courses in Sydney.

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Top 7 Financial Modeling Courses in Sydney



IIM SKILLS is a well-known name in the ed-tech industry and is involved in professional skill development regularly. IIM SKILLS aims to help people upskill themselves by providing courses in a variety of fields, such as marketing, writing, finance, and taxation. The course deliverables are thorough and distinctive and are in line with the best standards in the business.

Name of the courseFinancial Modeling Course

Course Details –

IIM SKILLS’ financial modeling course aims to teach aspiring candidates the necessary financial modeling and valuation skills. The course curriculum is designed by experts, and it is spread out in the form of 6 detailed modules.

The first session moves from the fundamentals of Excel to the intermediate and advanced levels. The second session gives you the accounting concepts and the importance of financial statements after you have mastered Excel.

The third module continues with KPI analysis after covering ratios like liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, and profitability ratios. The fourth and fifth modules address the basics of financial modeling and its various forms.

The final lesson is entirely dedicated to valuation-related topics, such as relative value,  DCF valuation, creating valuation reports, etc. The program’s  USP lies in its detailed focus on skill development rather than cramming theoretical concepts.

With a strong emphasis on application, the mentors teach you how to create financial models from scratch, perform financial analysis, simplify the forecasting process, and perform many other tasks on an Excel spreadsheet.

It is at the top of the list of best financial modeling courses in Sydney because of all of its unique features.

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Course Features- 

• Live workshops that are engaging and interactive.

• Get unlimited access to the LMS, which is accessible 24*7

• Gain practical experience building financial models with a strict focus on application.

• Various flexible batches and timetables are available.

• Outstanding academicians as mentors

• Industry-relevant courses created by industry professionals

• Earn globally recognized certificates.

• Guaranteed job interviews and placement assistance

• Assistance in resume-building and interview preparation

Duration – 3 months

Course Fees – 723.73 AUD + taxes

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Contact Details:

Phone Number: +91 9580 740 740

Email Id: [email protected]

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2. The University of Sydney

The second course to feature in our list of best financial modeling courses in Sydney is offered by the University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education. This center offers several professional courses, curated for businesses and individuals to improve career prospects or pursue their passions.

Course – Financial Modeling Course Online – The Complete Guide

Course Details –

The disciplines and methods that support the creation of clear and user-friendly financial models are introduced in this course. The course is built around tried-and-true best practices that have been refined over many years of working as a professional financial modeler.

Through the use of our personal “war stories,” practical exercises, and an integrated case study, it is taught engagingly. This 60-hour course is considerably more in-depth, and learning is self-managed using an online LMS (Canvas).

Course Features –

• videos introducing each concept to reinforce the lessons learned 

• learning to design financial models following well-known financial modeling practices

• Creating logic and putting it into Excel formulas to solve practical problems, primarily using the case study (videos provide step-by-step guidance on the construction of the case study model)

• having access to the facilitators, who can address any inquiries and assist with any difficulties the participants may be having with the topic.

Duration – 60 days (approximately)

Course Fees – $ 890.00

Contact Details –  Email ID- [email protected]

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3. UTS

UTS is one of the biggest universities in Australia, with approximately 44,000 students enrolled in total. It is a public university of technology that aims at fostering the economic, social, and cultural success of communities.

Their campus is located next to Sydney’s central business area and in the center of the city’s creative and digital precinct. The ongoing transformation of the UTS campus guarantees to construct and maintain a purpose – to foster innovation in education and research.

Name of the Course – Financial Analysis Certificate Using Excel

Course Details –

The training program is designed for accountants, business administrators, financial managers, and their workers. The course is a crucial resource for decision-making and staff training in management information systems. The course trainers with independent professionals in teaching and developing spreadsheet design skills, offer one of the best financial modeling courses in Sydney.

Course Features – 

• the development of financial strategies

• financial planning,

• problem-solving of financial and other corporate issues, 

• Financial Reporting

Duration – 

• Offline classes – 42 hours – conducted over 3 weekends – Friday (2 pm – 8 pm), and Saturday(9 am – 5 pm)

• Online classes – 6 months via Distance Learning Option: UTS Financial Certificate using Excel, Distance Learning – FADL. 

Course Fees – Not Mentioned 

Contact Details –

Email ID – [email protected] 

 Tel – +61 (02) 9514 2912


4. Plum Solutions 

The next institute to feature in this list of best financial modeling courses in Sydney is Plum Solutions. Plum Solutions offers several courses using the latest technologies across Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Their financial modeling, budgeting, and analysis training programs are designed for business professionals who want to sharpen their Excel analytical skills. An expert financial modeler will walk you through the theory and guide you to create your own best-practice financial models, budgets, forecasts, and analytical reports.

Name of the Course – Online Financial Modeling Bundle

Course Details – 

The Online Financial Modeling Bundle has three online courses. Each of these programs substitutes for a full 9 to 5 classroom day. Throughout the course, you will watch and listen to online videos and complete online review quizzes.

You’ll be required to complete some Excel exercises and create a financial modeling case study, which may need to be submitted for approval.

• Financial Modeling for Bon-Financial Modellers

• Financial Modeling in Excel (Intermediate)

• Advanced Financial Modeling in Excel

Course Features –

• Use of relevant videos

• Use of modern technologies – live classrooms, talking to the camera, screenshot instruction in Excel

• Compulsory submission of practice models and exercises by participants

• Additional support like – excel files, relevant links, PDFs, and questionnaires

• Full access to Excel Modeling Support Centre for 1 year

Duration – 12 months + 16 weeks of support

Fees – 525 AUD + GST

Contact Details –

E-mail Id: [email protected]


5. The Wall Street School

The next institute to feature in this list of best financial modeling courses in Sydney is – The Wall Street School also referred to as TWSS. TWSS provides instructor-led online courses in financial modeling.

These courses train students and professionals for careers in corporate finance and investment banking. It is a well-known brand in the accounting and finance sectors.

Name of the Course – Financial Modeling and Valuations

Course Details – 

TWSS’s training aims to prepare participants for the workforce. The course material is organized using case studies and discussions and is current and succinct. It is specially created to give you a thorough understanding of equities research, capital markets, and investment banking.

The course covers topics like Excel, finances, discounted cash flow, mergers, and interview preparation throughout its ten complete lessons. Additionally, you receive assistance with career decisions, project submissions, and helpful criticism from a senior industry specialist.

Their course is one of the best financial modeling courses in Sydney because of its unique placement model that is success-based. The placement process starts in the fifth week of the training. After being chosen for a position and accepting the offer through their placement assistance service, a sum of INR 75,000 is charged.

Course Features – 

• Learn from the best industry experts

• Hands-on learning experience

• Success-based Placement Assistance

• Certifications 

Duration – 6 weeks

Course Fees – INR 40,000. An additional sum of INR 75000 is charged to candidates as a Placement Success Fee who get selected through their placement assistance service.

Contact Details 

Email ID – [email protected]


6. Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Wharton, the first business school in the world, was founded 135 years ago by American businessman and entrepreneur Joseph Wharton. Since then, the Wharton School has been a professional launching pad for inventors, pioneers, and visionaries. In addition, Wharton has been a brilliant inventor to fulfill the growing demand for fresh perspectives and ideas.

Name of the Course – Business and Financial Modeling

Course Details – 

The focus of Wharton’s business and financial modeling program is to equip you with the fundamental financial and valuation skills needed to make smart business and financial decisions. You are introduced to modeling methods, spreadsheet models, firm valuation, forecasting, investment analysis, etc. through their fundamental academic programs.

The online course “Business and Financial Modeling” also includes a capstone project that allows you to apply your learnings, practically. You will use datasets from Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), an intelligence tool used by business, governmental, academic, and nonprofit clients, as part of this research.

The nicest thing is that you receive insightful feedback from data experts and because of all these unique add-ons, this course features in our list of the best financial modeling courses in Sydney.

After completing the course, you will be able to use facts to describe reality, construct situations, and predict performances.

Course Features – 

• Learn to use quantitative models 

• Leverage models to make informed decisions

• Use Excel sheets to create models

• Top Instructors

• International certification

Course Duration – 4 weeks (approximately)

Course Fees – $79 per month

Contact Details –

Email ID: [email protected]


7. Imarticus Learning

Since its foundation in the year 2012, Imarticus Learning has flourished into a training and upskilling company serving the needs of the skilled staff capital of over 120 enterprises.

In collaboration with industry heavyweights like KPMG, IBM, Genpact, and others, Imarticus has developed the professional degree concept known as Prodegree with its acknowledged evolution.

Through its numerous programs, this technology-driven educational technology institute hopes to change vocations. They seek to develop the workforce of the future through a variety of learning programs in finance, marketing, analytics, and AI technologies.

Name of the Course – Financial Analysis Prodegree (in collaboration with KPMG)

Course Details –

The 180+ hour Financial Analysis Prodegree program aids in the development of your knowledge of basic financial concepts. It was designed in collaboration with KPMG in India and unwinds more than 25 hours of practical training from KPMG professionals.

You gain industry-relevant skills including financial analysis, modeling, valuation, equity research, and transaction executive through this 360-degree learning program.

Additionally, you practice using Excel and PowerPoint. Receive industry-endorsed certification after the course to attest to your financial acumen. It is without a doubt among the best financial modeling courses in Sydney.

Course Features – 

• Tech-enhanced education

• Utilize the curriculum recommended by KPMG to connect with the industry

• Aid with placement and job readiness

• Get assistance with switching jobs in a variety of finance roles

• Live coaching for the most effective learning results

• Work on projects and case studies.

Course Duration – 3 months

Course Fees – INR 65,000/-

Contact Details:

Email ID: [email protected]



1. Who should opt for a financial modeling course?

You must opt for the financial modeling course if you want to learn the financial procedures used by businesses and a desire to discover how these businesses might run more effectively with accurate data and analysis. If you frequently read company financial statements and follow business news on the internet, you may have a deep-seated desire to work in the financial sector, whether on Wall Street or Main Street.

Advanced financial modeling professionals include investment analysts, statistical analysts, data analysts in trading, quantitative analysts and traders (quants), and financial engineers. Your ability to analyze financial data and apply accounting principles can help you determine the precise professional choices you wish to pursue.

2. Is it difficult to pursue the financial modeling course?

Due to the difficulty in understanding the nature of relationships between different financial variables in a financial statement, finance is a complex field. However, a lot of people think one of the most difficult jobs in finance is financial modeling.

3. Which institutes offer the best financial modeling courses?

The following institutes offer the best financial modeling courses. Some of these courses are conducted in online mode. Rest are conducted in offline mode.


• University of Sydney


• Plum Solutions

• The Wall Street School

• The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

• Imarticus Learning

4. What is the expected average salary of a professional who has completed one of these best financial modeling courses?

In the Sydney area, a financial analyst makes an average salary of $90,000. The additional cash salary for a financial analyst in the Sydney area ranges from $72 to $53,000, with an average of $10,000.

5. What are the top 3 prerequisites for a Financial Analyst?

A competent financial analyst must possess strong quantitative abilities, excellent problem-solving abilities, and the ability to employ reasoning to arrive at clever solutions. A financial analyst needs a wide range of talents, but good communication abilities are a bonus.


In Sydney as well as around the world, financial modeling is considered to be a necessary skill set among finance professionals. Financial modeling experts are employed in fields including investment banking, equities research, mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, project finance, and fundraising, among others.

You can register in any of the best financial modeling courses in Sydney mentioned above to learn to develop these highly sought-after skills. Each course is unique in some way that makes it worthwhile. Hope this article helps you to find the one course that suits your requirements the best. We would appreciate your comments explaining your choice and the reasons behind it. Happy learning!

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