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Top 5 Finance Courses in Mumbai To Accelerate Your Career Growth

Gone are the days when you could get a job with just a university diploma. We’ve reached a point when even a bachelor’s degree in engineering may not be enough to meet the demands of the labor market. Reason? In today’s rapidly changing employment market, traditional curricula, which are often dominated by theoretical concepts, are quickly losing their attraction. Newer, skill-rich curricula or additional courses that prepare students for employment from the start are preferred.


Millennial’s desire quick access to a successful career in this digital age. While there is no quick fix for success, there are several short-term courses that can help you soar past your peers. Finance is a highly sought-after topic of study, and short-term certificates in the field are becoming increasingly popular. Here, I will do my best to provide a list of the best institute of finance courses in Mumbai.


List of the best finance courses in Mumbai


Getting to Know Finance


Tax systems, government spending, budget procedures, stabilization strategies and tools, debt issues, and other government concerns are all included under the phrase “finance.” Corporate finance is the management of a company’s assets, liabilities, revenues, and debts.


Personal finance encompasses all financial decisions and activities made by an individual or household, including budgeting, insurance, mortgage planning, savings, and retirement planning. Nobody has time to pause in this day and age; everyone wants instant access to a great profession.


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While there is no quick way to achieve our objectives, there are several short-term courses that can help us advance our professions. Short-term courses allow you to test the waters in a variety of subjects.


Finance is one such fascinating field. Finance has evolved into one of the most demanding professions in today’s industry. Short-term finance courses are becoming increasingly popular as a way for students to obtain an advantage in their jobs. These classes are ideal for students who already have a good understanding of financial principles but want to enhance their knowledge.


This blog provides a comprehensive list of popular short-term finance courses in Mumbai that give critical skills and knowledge about the present economy in a short period and may be taken by working professionals as well as students.


Top 5 Finance Courses in Mumbai


  • GST Certification:


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a well-known moniker in India that has replaced various indirect taxes. Of course, many professionals must be aware of the GST to improve their expertise and make better decisions for their organization or firm.


The GST certification course is designed to help business people, accountants, chartered accountants, company secretaries, and others get the skills and information they need to work for themselves or in the industry.


IIM Skills is one of the institutes that offer GST courses.


  1. IIM Skills:


IIM SKILLS is one of the best finance courses in Mumbai. This prominent university is known for its excellent instruction, comprehensive training, and continuous support. It provides a digital marketing course that covers all parts of content marketing methods, and it has recently added a finance course that includes GST certification.


Students can learn from industry professionals as well as highly educated teachers. Students are given assignments to assist them to put what they’ve learned into practice and obtain a better grasp after the online lectures. Students at IIM SKILLS must complete an internship program, which gives them additional insight into the sector, expectations, and work.




  • The course teaches the fundamentals of GST and goes over every aspect of the current GST regulations that financial professionals need to know.
  • It includes a four-week live online course with sixteen-hour sessions.
  • Many practice assignments are included in the course to ensure that students learn both theories and practice.
  • It offers free e-books and training on invoicing software.
  • They will offer freelance chances and placement support after the course.
  • The training is open to all graduate students, beginners, startup founders, and retirees. This course is recommended for accounting and finance professionals.


Prospects for GST Certification:


After receiving GST certificates, there are several work opportunities available. Almost every organization, regardless of the domain, needs to have the right documents in place. Accounts executive, tax advocate, and tax counselor are just a few of the professions accessible for someone with a strong understanding of GST.


  • Financial Modelling:


Modeling can be found in a variety of settings. We construct models to better understand the work/system we are generating, regardless of the domain in which we work. It’s no surprise that in the digital age, a popular finance profession requires employees to construct a company’s financial model. This is one of the best institutes of Finance Courses In Mumbai.


The process of building a mental model of a financial situation is known as finance modeling. It comprises examining historical and current data and developing abstract models to forecast a company’s future.


Finance modeling has become the backbone of the financial business. Taking a financial modeling course will help you improve your abilities to analyze and forecast the financial future of a company or sector.


Many colleges in the market provide financial modeling courses; however, the institute listed below is one of the top institutes of finance courses in Mumbai, specifically in financial modeling.


  1. NSE Academy


Among all the options, NSE’s financial modeling course stands out. This institute promotes financial literacy by offering training and certificates in banking, insurance, and financial markets. The course will take around three months and cost around Rs. 30,000/-.




  • It’s a three-month weekend classroom program with a live virtual classroom thrown in for good measure.
  • This course includes working with real-world financial models from more than six industries.
  • It includes a capstone project that enhances your learning experience when completed with the assistance of a mentor.
  • You can get additional certifications in VBA, Macros, Mergers & Acquisitions – Investment Banking, and SQL after completing the NSE exam.
  • The additional training is supplied at no cost and takes place entirely online.
  • You will receive online and offline access to study materials, as well as recorded videos, exam series, and other tools.


Anyone interested in learning can enroll in the course. On the other side, those with an engineering background or graduates with financial skills are preferred. Students with a CA or MBA are also encouraged to apply.


Financial Modelling Prospects:


After completing the course and earning a certification in financial modeling, you will be able to work as a finance modeler in a range of sectors. The main task will be to assist clients with important financial and investment decisions. The annual pay is projected to be in the region of 3 lakhs to 9 lakhs. A list of domains that require a finance modeler is provided below.


  • Financial Analysis of Equity Research
  • Banking on investments
  • Real estate development and equity research
  • Credit Ratings for Venture Capital.
  • Acquisitions and mergers


  • CFP (Certified Financial Planner)


Financial planning is another vital ability in the finance field. Planning is essential for a successful financial future, as it is for a variety of other elements of life. It’s more about striking a balance between one’s financial needs, values, and aspirations.


Most Indians were previously unaware of the necessity of financial preparation. People, on the other hand, are gradually discovering the importance of saving and investing. The demand for financial planners is continuing to rise as a result of the current trend.


This is the course for you if you want to pursue a career in financial planning. The most efficient approach to study Financial Modelling is to take courses and obtain certifications. This is one of the best institutes of Finance Courses in Mumbai. There are other institutes in Mumbai that provide financial courses; however, the one listed here is one of the best.


  1. Financial Planning Academy:


Anyone interested in pursuing a career in finance can enroll in the Financial Planning Academy (FPA). Whether you are a college student learning the principles of finance or a working professional looking to extend your knowledge, FPA can help you achieve your career goals and dreams. The CFP course will provide you with 240+ hours of training. This is one of the best institutes of Finance Courses in Mumbai.




  • They provide over 240 hours of training as well as countless question-and-answer sessions.
  • FPA provides full-time faculty support as well as online pre-recorded video training from CFPCM experts.
  • A seminar on creating a financial plan is also included.
  • They provide 100% placement assistance as well as guaranteed internships.


Anyone interested in learning can participate in the course. Candidates having a bachelor’s or higher degree or its equivalent in any discipline from an accredited university are favored.


Financial Planning Prospects:


A remuneration of between 2 lakhs and 9 lakhs per annum is possible. Job opportunities in financial planning are projected to grow in the future years. You could work for multinational organizations like ICIC, Standard Chartered Bank, American Express Bank, and others. 


  • Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM)


The Chartered Asset Manager certificate is one of the most prestigious in the wealth management profession. A Chartered Wealth Manager works with clients to design solutions based on their financial situation, long-term financial goals, and risk tolerance.


The CWM credential comes with a host of benefits. You’ll have the knowledge and experience you need to succeed in the international world of wealth management and investing with a CWM certification. This accreditation will demonstrate that you have true expertise and experience in the field of wealth management and consulting services.


Chartered Wealth Management certification is offered by several institutions, including the International College of Financial Planning, which offers the best financial courses in Mumbai. In this instance, CWM certification is beneficial.


  1. International College of Financial Planning


The International College of Financial Planning is a non-profit financial planning organization. The Institute of Financial Services Professionals (ICoFP) is a well-known educational institution in India that specializes in financial services education. You can work for India’s largest services company, “Bajaj Capital,” after completing the ICoFP wealth management certification program.




  • It also offers process training and support in addition to the wealth management program.
  • Following the course, Bajaj Capital will offer a 2-month internship with a monthly salary of Rs.5000/-.
  • Financial planning, relationship management, financial analysis, case studies, current affairs (newspaper analysis), and other modules are included in the degree curriculum.
  • Soft skills training and sales strategies are also included in the program.
  • Learning about IT tools and systems is also part of the course.


Anyone interested in learning about wealth management, whether a recent graduate or a postgraduate student, is eligible. Graduates with 0-1 year of experience in a similar field are encouraged to apply.


Chartered Wealth Management’s prospects:


Wealth managers are employed by several respected firms, and they are well compensated on an annual basis. Wealth managers can either work in the financial services industry or start their own companies. The firms that employ wealth managers assign them to a specific client, whether on a short-term or long-term basis.


  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)


The International Financial Reporting Standards define the criteria by which financial accounts from around the world can be compared and kept transparent. They intend to make judgments or explanations on how businesses and organizations around the world should track and report on their finances.


The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) certification gives a broad introduction to international financial reporting (IFRS). It also covers the International Accounting Standards Board’s (IASB) history, from its inception to the most recent updates, upgrades, and developments.


A variety of online sites offer Certified IFRS courses that will help you progress your IFRS career, increase your salary, and find better job opportunities. NSA academy and KPMG are the best; for certification, you can choose one of them. KPMG’s degree is considered to be one of the best finance courses in Mumbai.


6. KPMG learning academy:


KPMG Learning Academy offers a variety of online, blended, and classroom learning programs on a variety of topics. IFRS is one such program. The IFRS program for KPMG Learning Academy provides high-quality e-learning modules that assist users in developing their knowledge and application of IFRS standards as well as basic principles. The course will last between three and six months.




  • In terms of training models, content, and technology, it provides a worldwide and consistent approach that is integrated with the solution.
  • They give high-quality training at a low cost by updating e-learning and training materials regularly.
  • They also offer a 6-week Advanced Certificate Program in IFRS for professionals with at least two years of experience.


This IFRS certification is open to candidates pursuing a bachelor’s degree in commerce, a master’s degree in commerce, or certified professionals such as MBAs, CAs, CMAs, CSs, CFAs, CFPs, or any other applicable course in the field of finance.


Prospects of IFRS


Because the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) would be a huge thing in India, there will be a lot of demand for IFRS professionals. You will be included in a list of accountants who have met a globally recognized standard.


More than a hundred countries, including India, have been granted permission to implement the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). As a result, if you have an IFRS qualification, you can apply and work in these countries. You might also work as a consultant or create your firm. The compensation ranges from 3 to 21 lakhs every year.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. What types of jobs can you get with a finance degree?

Ans: With a finance degree, you can work in a variety of positions such as financial analyst, Commercial banker, Grants analyst, financial advisor, Accountant, auditors, and more.


  1. Is there a demand for financial jobs?

  Ans: From 2020 to 2030, the employment of financial analysts is expected to expand at a rate of 6%, which is approximately average for all occupations. Over the next ten years, an average of 41,000 job vacancies for financial analysts are expected.


  1. How do I decide whether or not to pursue a career in finance?

 Ans: The finance industry has experienced rapid growth in the past, and to pursue a career in finance, one must first obtain a suitable degree in finance, such as a B. Com, CPA, or MBA in finance, after which one can pursue a career in any of the various areas of finance, such as equity analyst, Investment Banking, or Asset Management.




Finance is a broad phrase that refers to a variety of activities. But, at the end of the day, they’re all about money management—getting, spending, and everything in between, from borrowing to invest. Finance also refers to the tools and instruments people use to deal with money, as well as the organizations and institutions through which actions take place.


Finance can be as large as a country’s trade deficit or as small as a dollar bill in a person’s wallet. However, without it, nothing could function—not a single household, a firm, or a community.


All of the above-mentioned courses and institutes, to my knowledge, are the greatest courses and institutes offering the best finance courses in Mumbai. I hope this post was useful in selecting which course is ideal for you.

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