Are you looking for a breakthrough in your career but don’t know where to start? Look no further than taking up a professional finance course in Delhi in the coming year. In this cut-throat competitive job environment, the finance industry offers one of the most rewarding career paths.

It can be challenging to move up the ladder of success without the right skills. Here is a guide to understand what a career in finance entails and the best finance courses in Delhi to learn the tricks of the trade.


List of the best finance courses in Delhi


A successful career is driven by interest. So to achieve a well-rounded career, some key skills in the field of finance are important to possess. Before you achieve new heights in your finance career, be sure of what it is that interests you in this vast sector. Let’s take a glance at the skills that you need to possess before starting your professional journey in the finance world:


  • Accounting
  • Maths (financial)
  • Command over Excel
  • Data visualization and analytics
  • Financial modeling
  • Business Valuation
  • Making Financial Statements


Since you are looking out for upskilling courses, you may be interested in other popular courses offered across Delhi:


Who is Eligible to Pursue a Finance Course?


Living in the digital era, most people concern themselves with fast-paced success and constantly find ways that can zoom their careers in no time. While there are no shorter paths that can slingshot a career to success but thank God for short-term professional courses that can effectively accentuate our career goals.


Gone are the days, when only students with a certain educational background could go for certain professions. The world today is thriving on an interdisciplinary model. Integration is the key, especially when it comes to professional setups.


So, even if you don’t have an educational background in commerce, or have been working in a non-finance sector, all this while, you are still eligible to pursue a degree in finance and even take up a job as a financial analyst.


With the correct know-how about the finance sector, you can make a shift any time you want. This article tries to provide you with exactly this know-how about finance courses in Delhi that will give you all the direction you need to make a fresh start or a career change in the field of finance.


 Short Term Vs Long Term Finance Courses – What to Choose?


It is a no-brainer and common sense that a long-term course in any discipline will give you in-depth knowledge and technical expertise in comparison to a short-term course. But does that mean short-term courses are not worth it?


The latest trends suggest an ever-increasing inclination for short professional courses by students, employers, and professionals alike. A short course is attractive to students because they get a fair idea about their interest area that they might want to take up for further studies, while professionals get the opportunity of enhancing their existing skills in the field without having to quit jobs.


Many people are benefitting from such courses because they are open to people of varied educational and professional backgrounds. These courses do not have many criteria, unlike full-time courses. But most of all these short courses are beneficial and effective for their time and cost-effective nature.


Did you know that digital marketing and finance are the top choices when it comes to short professional courses?


Short Term Courses are Gaining Popularity Because:

  • You learn on the go
  • You are job-ready
  • You learn faster
  • You apply what you learn on the go


Top Functional Areas of Finance


Before we dive into discussing some of the best options for finance courses in Delhi, let us get an idea about the certifications that are in high stakes in the field of finance to make it easier for you to decide which institute offers the finance course in Delhi that caters to your career demands. Here are five such areas that have seen a major footfall in the last few years among people opting for finance courses in Delhi:


  • Financial Modeling


A finance modeling course happens to be the most in-demand course today. Many people while searching for finance courses in Delhi look specifically for institutes offering financial modeling in their curriculum.


So, what is financial modeling? A financial analyst is responsible for generating gains for a company not just in the present but also in building a model that can guarantee future gains. By taking an account of the history of the company, its previous performance rates, an analyst works on a financial model that can predict the future growth of the company.


A financial modeler is like a backbone for any company or business since they provide solutions for a sustainable model and judge what course of action will be in the best interest of the future of a particular company.


As a financial modeler, you can become a highly valued part of investment banking, financial analysis, credit ratings, and mergers & acquisitions. Usually, as a financial analyst and modeler, you may find a promising career with companies dealing in equity research, mutual funds’ investments, banks, and insurance.


The edge of being skilled in financial modeling is that even if you do not work for a big finance firm, you have the option of starting your firm and providing services in finance or tie-up with finance companies for special projects.


  • IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)


The International Financial Reporting Standards is a set of regulatory guidelines that are issued for accounting and financial standards that leading corporate companies across many countries are adhering to. These were issued to maintain the consistency of financial statements in public companies.


The IFRS and the rules set under it ensure greater transparency and comparability of companies across the world. It specifies how a company should keep records and maintain reports of its income and expenditure. It provides a common accounting ground globally for auditors, investors, and other regulatory bodies.


As a specialist in IFRS, the analysts are supposed to overlook accounting practices of a company according to the standard rules set for business practices in issuing statements of finance, comprehensive income, equity changes, cash flows, and financial transactions along with company investments.


With economies globalizing, IFRS expert is a high-demand skill to possess. Updating accounts policies, making businesses more accessible across the globe, you can open your consultancy and help software companies, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, KPO’s keep a track of their financial policies and grow globally.


Some 100 countries including India are implementing the guidelines by IFRS and are looking for experts that can integrate periodic changes and regulations pursued by the International Financial Reporting Standards. Expertise in IFRS is a huge slip into global accounting that calls for suitable career growth in India and even abroad.


  • Certified Financial Planner


Developing countries for the longest time lacked the awareness of what benefits personal wealth planning entails. However,  with the revolution of markets and assets across the world and countries like India, people are slowly but steadily realizing the importance of planning required in maintaining personal assets.


The younger generations especially are becoming more and more proactive about new forms of investments, long-term savings plans. So, in the financial sector,  the role of a financial advisor is high stakes. As a financial advisor,  you have the expertise to open your firm or consultancy services for financial planning. This is where certification in chartered financial planning comes in handy.


A huge boom of financial advisory positions is predicted in the coming years. Wealth management, planning, and retail are going to be globally accredited services soon. Professional certification from a recognized institute in chartered financial planning could be the right choice.


Today relationship managers working in corporate and MNCs such as American Express, Standard Chartered Bank- to name a few have made it a necessity to complete a CFP certification. This article will help you find the best finance courses in Delhi that offer a CFP certification.


  • Chartered Wealth Manager


Another certification that has come to be globally valued in the finance sector is the chartered wealth manager course. Issued by the American Academy of Financial Management is a sought-after short-term certificate course in finance in the present times.


The CWM certificate is flexible for people from various educational and professional backgrounds. Many people with B.E or B.Tech degrees opt for this certificate course as it guarantees high-paying job opportunities to work as a wealth manager. In India,  a starting position as a chartered wealth manager starts at Rs 5 Lakh per annum and has even higher earnings through commissions.


If you want to stand out in your job profile, a course in chartered wealth management could be a feather on the hat. CWM certificate holders give you greater chances of being hired by companies because of their relevance making you a competent candidate than your peers to tackle the company’s portfolio, risk management, and investment planning.


  • Certification In Financial Markets (NCFM)


One of the most profitable as well as suitable short-term certification courses in finance is NCFM organized by the National Stock Exchange of India. This certification carries great value for most finance backgrounds especially if you are an MBA graduate. As financial markets and dealings of financial assets revolutionize, possessing knowledge in equity, stocks, capital markets is an important quotient for your finance job profile.


Most of these short-term certifications discussed above are taught in almost all finance courses in Delhi. But to make it easier for you, based on reviews on Quora, Google, Reddit, and other user-based platforms, we have curated a list of the top 5 best finance courses in Delhi right now that have helped people to achieve great heights in their finance careers.


Top 5 Finance Courses in Delhi


1. IMS Proschool


An extension of the IMS group, this is one of the most popular institutes that provide a variety of finance courses in Delhi focusing on skill-based training. Proschool is associated with some of the largest organizations like National Skill Development Corporation of India, Chartered Institute of Management Accounting, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, NSE Academy.


Proschool is the official learning partner and tuition partner for ACCA and CIMA in the country. They have flexible online as well offline class modules for their students. They also have one of the best recruitment networks.


With a handpicked faculty IMS Proschool provides practical approach training in Accounts, Finance, and Digital courses. They believe in experiential learning and provide the following finance courses in Delhi:

  • Financial Modelling
  • CFP/Wealth Management
  • Certificate in Investment Banking
  • CFA Program
  • PG in Investment Banking & Capital Markets
  • IFRS
  • Business Analytics
  • PG Program in Accounting Management


Contact Details-

Address: Barakhamba Road, New Delhi- 110001

Phone No – +91 7710044425

Email: [email protected]


  1. YMCA Institute of Management Studies


One of the oldest management institutes, the YMCA Institute of Management Studies was set up in 1972 and has been providing quality education since then. Not only does it provide quality programs for students and working professionals but they have one of the most affordable fees required for management and finance courses in Delhi. With flexible class timings, YMCA IMS has been imparting managerial skills to their students through their short-term programs.


They Currently Offer the Following Courses:

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Business Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Certificate in Finance & Banking
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship & International Trade


Contact Details –

Address: Jai Singh Road, New Delhi – 110001

Phone No: + 91 11 43644020

Email: [email protected]


  1. The WallStreet School


Established in 2009, The WallStreet School has been providing professional courses in finance and banking for a while. Training programs designed for skill-based performance their founders and faculty are ex-employees of global conglomerates like Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey, ISB.


They have mentored over 5000 students who are placed in global companies like Deloitte, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, Genpact, Grant Thornton, Wipro among others. They have been a leading institute in Analytics and Finance education. They currently have branches in both Delhi and Gurgaon.


They Offer the Following Program for People from the Finance as Well as Non-Finance Sectors:

  • Financial Modelling & Valuations
  • Stock Market Training Program
  • Banking Certifications
  • CFA & FRM Coachings


Contact Details-

Address– Suite 402, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034

Ph No: +91 9953729651

Email: [email protected]


  1. Career Bulls Institute


One of the top-ranking finance courses in Delhi according to user-based platforms is offered at Career Bulls Institute. They have programs designed for students and professionals ready to work in their relevant industries. Along with quality training,  the students at Career Bulls get genuine career counseling too.


Helping their students to be industry experts their curriculum is all-inclusive of soft skills, building CV’s and preparing for corporate interviews. Providing both online and offline classes, more than 4000 students have trained at Career Bulls and have been successfully placed in prestigious finance and banking companies in the recent past.


Career Bulls Institute Offers a Range of Courses to Choose from. They are:

  • Certificate in Investment Banking & Equity Research
  • Advance Excel and Macros
  • Finance for Non-Finance
  • Financial Modelling & Valuation
  • Mergers & Acquisition


Contact Details

Address: 4/30 West Patel Nagar, New Delhi- 110008

Ph No: +91 9717575668

Email: [email protected]


  1. Trigya School of Finance & Management


Trigya School has been imparting hands-on courses in finance and banking since 2002. An ISO-certified institute, it has successfully helped its students to be placed in reputed organizations since its inception.


If you are looking for diploma courses that are designed for industrial requirements, then Trigya School of Finance & Management may be an ideal choice for you. The PG diploma course is what most banking aspirants are looking for. From learning the core concepts in the management, finance, and banking sector, the faculties at Trigya School also help the students in enhancing communication skills.


Trigya School Offers PG Diploma Courses in:

  • Banking, Finance and Wealth Management
  • Financial Modelling & Risk Analysis
  • Executive Diploma in Banking & Finance


Contact Details –

Address: 27 Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110001

Ph No – +91 9599184212

Email [email protected]


While providing a detailed guide of professional finance courses in Delhi, we thought the list is incomplete without giving a special mention to full-time courses provided in the city.


Since Delhi is the education hub of the country, many prestigious colleges provide both part-time and full-time finance courses at Delhi University. Under the aegis of Delhi University,  these courses are quite affordable and hold great value for job seekers.


The Department of Financial Studies(DFS), Delhi in particular is worth mentioning since it offers one of the country’s most affordable full-time MBA programs and has been accredited by CFA, USA. DFS provides for a quality-driven MBA program making it accessible for many aspirants to pursue their MBA degrees.


Along with 10+2 board exam results, admissions into the MBA program and most other finance courses in Delhi University are based on the CAT entrance exam scores along with group and personal interview rounds.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Are finance courses only for commerce students?

Not particularly. A background in commerce may make it easier for one to choose from a variety of courses as they are familiar with certain basic concepts like accounting, business studies, etc but the most popular course in finance like finance remodeling can be pursued by people from any background.


  1. Can I pursue a finance course without Maths?

No. It is quite impossible to grasp the field of finance without strong mathematical knowledge. For finance students, apart from basic mathematics, they need to be well equipped with financial mathematics too.


  1. Are short-term finance courses worth the money?

Yes. However, it always depends on your further goals and demands from the course you want to pursue. Short-term courses offer close mentoring, practical skill-based learning and also help in placement assistance.


  1. Why should I look for finance courses in Delhi and not abroad?

That is an individual choice and each to its own. Finance courses are offered across many countries in short and long terms. As an education hub of India, many prestigious institutes have been providing finance courses in Delhi, which has profited job seekers and students all over the country.




Finance is a specialized stream that includes subject matter like credit analysis, public finance, banking, investment, management, and insurance. While the option to pursue a finance course in Delhi or anywhere in India may not be a big deal, pursuing a degree is not enough to guarantee a successful sustainable career.

As the world becomes fiercely competitive and ever-growing fields like the finance sector keep booming it brings with it new challenges for individuals to excel. So, before you enroll yourself in a professional course be sure of the area within the finance sector that most interests you. Remember research is the key.