The popularity of computer classes in Mumbai continues to rise at a rapid rate. Computers are used for official purposes in every organization, whether it is a business or a school. Many institutes around your area offer excel courses in Mumbai, and thanks to digitalization, we may learn online from the convenience of our own homes.


Every computer class in Mumbai covers Microsoft Excel as a fundamental topic. To improve accounting expertise to transform raw data into fresh information. It aids in the tracking of evolution objectives as well as other numerical operations. Basic computer expertise is no longer limited to Microsoft Excel; it has expanded to encompass Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and other programs. Before we start with the best Institute of Excel courses in Mumbai let us know what exactly is excel and how useful it is.


List of the best excel courses in Mumbai


What is Excel?


During development, Excel was given the codename Odyssey. On September 30, 1985, it was originally released. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool developed by Microsoft and distributed by them. It comes as part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite.


Unlike a word processor like Microsoft Word, Excel organizes the data in columns and rows. A cell is a point where two rows and columns meet. Text, a numerical value, or a formula can be found in each cell.


Mastering this talent can aid in the growth of the company. This ability can aid in the development of new or current businesses. Learning and honing this expertise can lead to a lucrative profession.


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Why would someone choose Excel for another spreadsheet program?

In today’s world, there are a plethora of free spreadsheet tools that can be used in place of Excel. Despite the availability of free alternatives, Excel remains the most popular spreadsheet due to its extensive set of options and capabilities, as well as the fact that many organizations still use it.


The following are some useful Excel features to learn:


Every type of organization can benefit from a variety of tools. Excel is the most well-known and widely used tool in the corporate world. Some good functions are utilized to save time and resources at all levels, from basic to advanced. Every small, medium and large-scale firm benefits from this.


The software handles a wide range of accounting, sales, budgeting, and other tasks with ease. Various features play a crucial role in this.


  • Data filtering.
  • Data Shorting.
  • Conditional formatting.
  • Pivot tables.
  • Print Optimization.
  • Flash fill.
  • Index match.
  • Built-in formulae.
  • Formula auditing.


Here are the top 6 Excel courses in Mumbai.


  1. Aptech Computer Education:


Basic IT knowledge is extremely important in today’s environment. You need a good foundation in computers and IT whether you are a student or working for a firm.


And Aptech computer education has developed a new method of instructing students. They have an app called ‘Onlinevarsity’ that is created just for students. They also provide all course-related study materials free of charge there. Among the most helpful Excel courses in Mumbai, this is one option for you.


This course is open to everyone, whether they are students, graduates, or working professionals. You can pursue a career as a Microsoft Office Specialist or a Microsoft Excel Specialist after completing this course.


You can also join their online community, where you can communicate with industry experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With their experience, they will guide you and increase your understanding. Because of the epidemic, you may learn all of these things online to be on the safe side. They offer an online service that allows you to contact them and attend courses without risk.


  • Course details:


  • The fundamentals of computers.
  • The basics of the internet
  • They’ll go through everything in detail.


  • Duration of the course:


  • This is a two-month course.
  • You must devote two hours every day, three days per week.


  • Fees:


  • The cost of this training ranges from 5000 to 6700 Rupees. The structure of this may differ depending on the course and location.


  1.  ICIT Computer Institute:


The ICIT Computer Institute’s course is notable for teaching how to make things out of numbers. They are combining theory with more practical experiences. The best aspect of this course is that it will teach you how to collect and evaluate both business and financial data to derive useful business insights.


This course offers hands-on instruction and practical experiments to help you learn more about the industry. You can do case studies and real-world projects based on data from firms like Uber, Amazon, Sandisk, Nike, Swiggy, Walmart, and others. This is regarded as one of Mumbai’s best Excel classes.


They have a specific placement team that will assist you in finding employment. This team of recruiters will send you job openings. They will set up interviews for you till you land a position in the IT department. They will also send your resume to recruiters to assist you in obtaining the desired position.


This training is open to anyone, as no prior experience is required. This is something that practically everyone can benefit from. After finishing this course, you will receive an ICIT certificate that will add value to your resume and assist you in your career.


  • Course Details:


This course will cover the following subjects:

  • Introduction of this course.
  • Customize common options.
  • Entering data.
  • How to work with numbers.
  • Formatting data.
  • Managing data in MS office.
  • Working with text and dates.
  • Manipulating data.
  • Working with charts.
  • Working with pivot charts.
  • Managing files.


  • Course duration: two months.


  • Fees: The Fees of this course are ₹ 7ooo.


  1. EduBridge School of Coding:


This curriculum is offered entirely online by the EduBridge School of Coding. As a result, you can attend these lectures from the comfort of your own home, school, college, or even the office.


They will provide you with tasks and numerous presentations during the course to help you gain a practical understanding of this area. This course’s mentors are highly seasoned and knowledgeable. Their pleasant demeanor adds to the allure of the situation.


There are no prerequisites for this course. The sole requirement is that you have taken math or statistics as a major in high school. This facilitates the learning process. You only need one laptop with a webcam and good internet to attend the lectures, and you’ll be OK.


This course is ideal for IT workers, banking or finance experts, marketing managers, sales professionals, undergraduate students, and postgraduate students (PG).


One of the advantages of enrolling in this course is that you will be assigned a single placement manager. They will assist you in finding a job, and their helpful guidance will make the process go smoothly. This is deserving of consideration as one of the best Excel courses in Mumbai.


  • Course details:


This course consists of 13 modules in total. Introduction, assessment, and project work are all included in these modules. Introduction to data analytics.


  • A Beginner’s Guide to Data Visualization
  • Course Introduction.
  • NoSQL and MongoDB introduction.
  • MongoDB Explained.
  • Data analytics.
  • Basics of statistics.
  • Analysis using Python.
  • R programming.
  • Coding practice assessment 1.
  • Coding practice assessment 2.
  • SAS- for beginners.
  • Project work.


  •  Course duration:


  • The classes will run Monday through Friday. The lectures will take place from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. The total number of hours spent learning is 415, and it will cover the entire topic in full.


  •  Fees:
  • This course costs rs. 6,000 in total, which includes all study materials.


  1. Laqshya Institute of Skills Training:


Laqshya Institute of Skills Training is one of the best advanced excel training institutes in Mumbai. MIS learning with advanced Excel is one of their most well-known courses. And that is advantageous in any career. This is one of Mumbai’s best Excel classes.


The major goal of these advanced-level classes is to give a hands-on training approach for a variety of industry needs. They educated a large number of students, and they are now experts in this sector.


Enrollment in this course has no required prerequisites. This course is open to everyone who wishes to improve their knowledge, whether they are students, graduates, postgraduates, new graduates, or working professionals.


During this session, they will give you exclusive lectures in which they will educate you on how to crack interviews and provide you with insider information that will help you advance in your profession. They will advise you whether you want to be a freelancer or an entrepreneur after this advanced training.


They have a cell dedicated to the placement of pupils. They offer jobs through their network, which they have established with their clients. Your CV will benefit from the Laqshya Institute of Skills Training certificate.


  • Course Details:


  • Date and time functions.
  • Text functions and data validation.
  • Pivot table.
  • Statistical function and other functions.
  • Logical functions.
  • V lookup and H lookup.
  • Lookup & reference functions.


  • Course duration:
  • There are two batches.
  • One is a regular batch. Another is a Sunday batch.


  1. Compufield Computer Institute:


This institute has extensive teaching expertise, having been in operation since 1995. They’ve taught over 50,000 students, both domestic and international. They provide one computer per student, as well as an instructor who assists them with their problems, making this one of the best Excel courses in Mumbai.


Their method of instruction is one-of-a-kind. They provide session-based learning, so you are not obligated to finish the course within a certain time frame. They begin any chosen course at the students’ convenience and their speed of learning.


Every class includes a practical project. Finally, after completing all of the assignments, they provide certification of a course compilation. These projects will be shared on social media sites as well as on the webserver.


This advanced course is for people who have a basic understanding of the subject and want to learn more to increase their working efficiency.


  • Course Details:


  • This course’s overview and fundamentals.
  • Working with functions.
  • Data validation.
  • Working with the templates.
  • Sorting and filtering data.
  • Working with reports.
  • Formatting
  • What-if analysis.
  • Final Assignments.


  • Course duration:


  • This course has a total of 20 sessions.
  • Each session is for one hour. So total of 20 hours of training.


  1. Softpro computer education:


Softpro is an internationally reputed academy. They are working in this field for the last 25 years thus they have a good experience. They have trained more than 15,000 students. And around 11,000 learners began working professionally.


In the last 25 years, they have trained 1,153 trainees in 1,153 batches. Advanced Excel is one of their famous courses where they cover everything that revolves around it. They teach in small groups of 8 to 10 students, allowing them to provide personalized instruction.


The mentors are highly trained, certified, and experienced. And they are very friendly, supportive, and patient easing the whole learning process.


This course is open to graduates, postgraduates, and anybody with a basic understanding of computers. After completing all of the assignments, you will receive a certificate. They provide a 100 percent assurance of placement. This is one of the best Excel courses in Mumbai.


  • Course details:


  • There are three modules under this subject. These three lessons will provide you with useful knowledge and answer all of your questions. The first module is an advanced-level course, the second is a corporate advanced-level course, and the third is advanced Excel macros.


  • Course Duration:


  • This course will last for four weeks. There are three batches.
  • Morning batches: 7:30-9am, 9-10am, 10-11am, 11-12pm
  • Afternoon batches: 7:30-9am, 9-10am, 10-11am, 11-12pm
  • Evening batches: 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm, 8-9pm.
  • Weekend and fast track batches are available, allowing you to complete the course in a shorter amount of time.


  •  Fees:
  • The total cost of this is 7,750 rs. But currently, they are offering discounts. As a result, the cost of this course will be approximately 4,950/-.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. In what kind of professions may Excel be used?

Ans: Excel has a wide range of applications. A few examples include financial analysts, administrative assistants, retail store managers, project managers, business analysts, data journalists, and accountants.


  1. Is it possible to learn Excel in ten days?

Ans: If you study hard and dedicate yourself to learning Excel, you may learn it in as little as one week.


  1. How can I quickly learn Excel?

Ans: You can enroll in learning classes where mentors will provide you with the required direction and assistance to learn Excel swiftly. You must also put in a lot of practice time and begin making charts and tables.




Excel allows you to analyze, manage, and exchange data in more ways than ever before, assisting you in making better, more informed decisions. New data analysis and visualization tools make it easier to keep track of and highlight key data patterns. Access your vital info from practically any Web browser or smartphone on the road. You can even post your files to the Internet and collaborate with others while doing so.


Excel allows you more efficiency and flexibility to achieve your goals, whether you’re preparing financial reports or managing personal finances. Numerous institutes in Mumbai provide education spanning from foundations to advanced degrees.


Enroll in one of these courses if you want to study Excel and advance your career in it. The Excel training institute listed above is quite popular in Mumbai and is just a few names of the best institute for excel courses in Mumbai. They have received great marks and positive reviews from their students. Before enrolling in one of these courses, think about your interests and career ambitions.