‘I have a business idea, but I will work on it when the time is right.’ Haven’t you heard this sentence multiple times around you, by someone within your social group, family members, or yourself? Here are some words of wisdom, most times, the right time is now.

Now is the time to start learning about the techniques and strategies to be followed while running that business idea. Now is the time to learn to be an entrepreneur. Now is the time to look for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi.


List of the best entrepreneurship courses in Delhi


There are many options to choose for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi, given the fact that you have the passion to learn and are ready for the challenges that come with the course and the business world. To learn more about the entrepreneurship courses in Delhi, you first should be clear about what entrepreneurship is.


As you want to be an entrepreneur, you will need to develop the new-world skillset to scale up your business heights, here are a few courses to help you reach your goal:




It is a process to start a new business or an organization to make a profit by selling products, or services. The process demands skills, capital, and knowledge of many sectors all at one time. Of course, many business ideas run and earn ample profit but there’s an equal possibility of downfall. The process also includes high risks, plenty of losses, and issues with different units of a business. The business could end up being a complete failure, ending in an economic breakdown.


Estimating both the aspects of starting a business, you can expect the amount of labor the field demands. Plus, after the commencement of the business proves successful, the challenge is to retain it for as long as possible in a very competitive market. The field demands maintenance of the clients, an increase in profit and productivity every quarter, innovation in the products and services sold, and so much more.


The level of competition in the business world is such that entrepreneurs are sometimes forced to make many difficult decisions to maintain their presence in the market. This skill needs learning and knowing before implementing. So the management of a business is the most important factor in anticipating if the business will work in the long run or break down eventually.


Although different people give different functions of management, there are 5 basic functions that anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur should keep in mind all the time.


  1. Planning:


Planning should be incorporated into all aspects of a business. In simple words, it means to have a to-do list for tomorrow. The entrepreneur is the responsible entity to have a clear idea of what to do, when to do it, where to do it, and how to do it.


The significance of planning lies in the fact that you will have a clear idea and most of the work will go smoothly. And if there’s trouble, you’ll be able to come up with a solution in a much lesser time. In the situation of no planning, there will be chaos and confusion, and not much work will get done.


2. Organizing


A business is successful when many important organs come together to execute an idea. The entrepreneur is the one who brings these organs together under a roof and oils them effectively to work with one another. Running a business is a team task with the entrepreneur acting as the brain. The brain should be organized inside out to conclude a work with success.


3. Recruiting


The responsibility of choosing the right people for the right job is a herculean task but a significant one. The entrepreneur should be very clear about the demands of a task and the skills needed for it. However, just the skills don’t do all the work.


The environment of the workplace, the respect for the employees, the facilities and services, appreciation, and the faith of employees in the organization, play an equally significant part in bringing the best of the ideas.


4. Directing


This is a significant function that brings out the understanding and knowledge an entrepreneur possesses. The above three functions help in setting up a business. Directing is where the work starts. Here, the entrepreneur teaches, guides, stimulates, delegates the employees, the team members to bring the best in their work and the business.


It is under the influence of the entrepreneur which is followed by everybody in the organization. It is like a play, the director gives all the advice, all the cues to every actor about their performance during practice. The final act depends on the actors, they could lift the play or ruin it completely.


5. Controlling


This is result time. The entrepreneur should always compare what was the idea and how it was finally executed. The performance of all the team players, what went wrong, what was better than expected, and what should be the next move.


It also involves the anticipation part that falls on the shoulders of the entrepreneur. He/ she should be able to anticipate the consequences of the activity performed and should be ready with solutions or new ideas.


Other than these functions, there are many skills required to become an entrepreneur. Skills such as being optimistic, the drive to always keep learning new things, the ability to come back from a setback, to always be motivated, to be creative, to be flexible and adaptable and so much more.


Institutes to Learn Entrepreneurship Courses in Delhi


You have a great idea, and you want to go ahead to start a business with it, that’s great. But in case you are a first-time entrepreneur and do not have any knowledge or experience in the business world, it is advised to grab some knowledge about the field.


There are many entrepreneurship courses in Delhi that provide from the basics of entrepreneurship to intense case studies. Here are the top 10 entrepreneurship courses in Delhi. There are one-year diploma courses, courses that are available online free of cost, and online courses that charge. People looking for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi can choose with their convenience how much time and money they are ready to spend on the course.


  1. Diploma Program in Entrepreneurship

The course is conducted by Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management & Entrepreneurship, JNU, Delhi. The diploma course aims to impart appropriate knowledge regarding entrepreneurship by offering pieces of training under expert faculty.

The course caters to the needs of students who aspire to become an entrepreneur but feel lost. It is an initiative by a reputed government university in Delhi to help potential entrepreneurs and support them in establishing a basic understanding of the business world.


Course Content

First Semester

  • Business economics
  • Business opportunity identification
  • Accounting for SMEs
  • Marketing management
  • Financial management
  • Project management


Second Semester

  • Innovations and intellectual property rights for SMEs
  • Business legislations for entrepreneurial ventures
  • Human resource management for SMEs
  • Production and operation management
  • Indian economy and policy
  • Management and globalization of family business
  • Diploma project


It is a one-year diploma course that has two semesters. The fee for each semester is 50,000 INR. If you are willing to devote one year of your life to this course, it will prove to be beneficial in the long run. As an establishment under JNU, it could be anticipated that the quality of teaching and learning will be excellent.


Contact Number – 011 2673 8841


2. Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship and Business


The course is conducted by YMCA, New Delhi. YMCA is a respected institute in New Delhi that offers various courses in different areas. Anyone looking for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi, to be associated with such a reputed institute will help the students get quality education and support. The students will get a comprehensive view of the entrepreneurial qualities and learn the ways to contribute towards the growth of their business.


Course Content

First Semester

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Building of micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME)
  • Marketing management
  • Family business & women entrepreneur
  • Management & organization behavior


Second Semester

  • Managing business growth
  • Legal & regulatory framework
  • Financial management.
  • E-Business & internet marketing
  • Project work & viva


The course is divided into two semesters and so is its fee. It is to be paid in two installments, 45, 999 INR + GST as the first installments and 40, 497 INR + GST as the second installments. Visit the website of the institute if you want a detailed curriculum. For any further queries, please visit the institute or you can call them.


Contact Number – 0091-11-43644000

Toll Free Number – 18005721140




The course is conducted by Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Learners will be taught everything from risk assessment, market analysis, to business model testing and business model redesign. The diploma course is divided into two semesters containing different topics, assignments, and projects that need to be completed.


Course Content


First Semester

  • Business research and data analysis
  • Management accounting and finance
  • Management concept, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  • Design thinking and human-centered design
  • Project work
  • Design prototyping lab
  • Seminars on ideation


Second Semester

  • The legal environment for entrepreneurship
  • Start-up formation and scalability
  • Marketing management and digital marketing
  • Innovative technologies for start-ups
  • Project work
  • Seminars on start-up building
  • Interactive sessions


The students will graduate with an understanding of the business world through various group activities and learn about different case studies. This course will prove to be extremely helpful for anyone who is looking for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi and aspire to start their business. The detailed curriculum for the course is provided on the university’s website and interested learners can use it to understand more about the contents of the course.

Contact Number – 011 2698 1717


4. Bada business, by Vivek Bindra


He is quite renowned in the business world who conducts classes for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. There is more than one course to learn about starting, running, and maintaining a business. There are 5 physical live sessions and 24 online sessions.


The course also includes Q and A sessions with many first-generation entrepreneurs and many veterans. The experience of such people who are already thriving in the field will be of much value. It would be a great learning experience for anyone who is looking for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi. To enquire after the courses, you can visit their website or the institute.


Contact Number – 098105 44443


5. How to Start a StartUp/Business


The course is conducted by SOIIM and constitutes everything about entrepreneurship. It is an online-based platform that conducts different courses on different topics. The course provides a basic knowledge of how to start a business.


Course Content


  • Introduction – The basic idea of how to start a start-up
  • Start-ups vs tech startups
  • Idea versus business
  • Types of company
  • Legal resources


The course charges are 2999 INR, although the site keeps running discounts. You will be able to access all the pre-recorded videos for a lifetime. It will be beneficial for first-timers to understand different aspects of the business world.


6. Entrepreneurship Orientation Programme (EOP)


The course is conducted by the National Institute of Entrepreneurship, which is an organization that comes under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. There are management programs, training, and entrepreneurship programs that are conducted by the institute.


It is an e-learning module program for people who want to learn at their own pace and at their own time. A pre-recorded video of the complete program is already uploaded at the institute’s site and anyone interested in learning something new can watch it there. The course is free of cost and there’s no faculty guidance provided. People searching for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi could be the first step in expanding the understanding of the business world, through such a program.


7. Start-Up Skill Training Program (SSTP)


The course is conducted by the Industrial Incubation of Entrepreneurship and Skill Training Federation (IIEST) which was established in 2013. It promotes the idea to teach people some skills so that they can earn for their livelihood and will not be dependent on anyone.


The program is like a workshop that provides the basic yet significant knowledge of do’s and don’ts while starting a business. Learners work under the guidance of a faculty and the institute also helps them in starting their business by providing funds. It is a government-certified program and people are trained to carry some value with them after completing the course.

Contact Number – +91-9910729809, +91-9667797391, +011-23561117, +011-43511788


8. Becoming an Entrepreneur


The course is conducted by edX. It is an online teaching platform that caters to people looking for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi or any other city. The course is free for all. The course is designed in partnership with MIT to help people understand what they need to do to start a business or to join an existing venture.


Course Contents

  • Overcoming the top myths of entrepreneurship
  • Identifying business opportunities
  • Designing and testing your offering


9. How to Find, Evaluate and Launch New Startup Ideas


The course is conducted by Udemy. It is an online platform that offers many different entrepreneurship courses. People looking for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi but who do not have time to step out of their houses can certainly rely on this course. The fee is reasonable with quality teaching. The sessions are pre-recorded and available for a lifetime.


Course Content

  • Spot great business opportunities in everyday life
  • Create landing pages, promotional videos, and prototypes


 10. Entrepreneurship Specialization


The course is conducted by Coursera, another online teaching platform. The course is free for all and contains quality material. The amazing thing about this course is that it is an entrepreneurship specialization course, so it contains a series of five mini-courses in entrepreneurship. Each of these mini-courses introduces the learners to a new topic within the field of entrepreneurship and tags the next course. The five mini-courses are mentioned below.


  • Entrepreneurship 1 – Developing opportunity
  • Entrepreneurship 2 – Launching your startup
  • Entrepreneurship 3 – Growth strategies
  • Entrepreneurship 4 – Financing and profitability
  • Wharton Entrepreneurship Capstone


People looking for a complete specialization course can consider this course. The course content of each of the mini-courses is available on the website. Anyone looking for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi can easily learn the basics of starting a business after choosing any of the top 10 courses.


In case, the urge to know more doesn’t suffice with the mentioned courses and time allows, you can choose to complete an MBA in entrepreneurship. Many offline colleges within Delhi and NCR offer it. Some of the best colleges offering an MBA in entrepreneurship are mentioned below.


  • Amity Business School, Noida
  • GD Goenka school of management, Gurgaon
  • New Delhi Institute of management
  • Faculty of management studies
  • Ambedkar University, Delhi
  • Netaji Subhash university of technology
  • JIMS, Kalkaji
  • Jaypee business school
  • European Management Institute, Delhi
  • EMPI’s Center for Global Business Entrepreneurship & Research, Delhi
  • Delhi Business School


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which course is best for entrepreneurship?

All entrepreneurship courses provide quality education. It depends on the learner on how much time and money they can devote towards a particular course. There are one-year diploma courses, online courses that can be completed within hours, and then there are MBA courses. The learner needs to make the choice.


2. Is entrepreneurship a good course?

Entrepreneurship courses demand an aspiration to start a business. So, in that case, a person with a business idea or inclination towards starting a business would appreciate such entrepreneurship courses.


3. Are there entrepreneurship courses for free?

Yes. There are plenty of entrepreneurship courses that do not charge a penny. Such courses are available online and have pre-recorded videos or a curriculum that is accessible all the time.


4. Are there entrepreneurship courses by the government?

Yes. There are many courses that are conducted by government institutes, universities, or ministries. Not only that, many of these courses are free of cost and accessible to all.


5. Can I start the entrepreneurship course after the 12th?

Most of these courses do not have any eligibility criteria. The ones conducted by Government colleges do prefer people with their 12th completed. The reason behind the need for the completion of school is that these courses demand a basic understanding of certain things that comes when a proper school education is completed. Having said that, anyone can be an entrepreneur, so if you can understand whatever the trainer is saying and you have not completed school, you can look for such courses.




While selecting a course, first ask yourself where you are in the entrepreneur journey. All the above-mentioned courses are of great value but only when you are at that level of understanding where the curriculum needs you to be. There are ample courses to keep upgrading yourself to become better in the field.


It is very important for people looking for entrepreneurship courses in Delhi to be in the company of like-minded people. Keep sharing ideas even if you feel it’s stupid. No idea in the business world is stupid.


Read the best blogs for entrepreneurs you should be reading to understand the journey of an entrepreneur. And last, surround yourselves with people who are already running a business. It doesn’t have to be a big corporation. The experience and teaching of these people will matter in starting your business and then retaining it.