Learning English improves and expands employment opportunities. Gives you the confidence to explore the world and access the renowned education establishments around the world. English is one of the most used languages across the globe which extends the possibility of bonding people across the countries and continents. Thus,  being proficient in English opens a plethora of opportunities for its users. If you wish to gain fluency in English consider enrolling in any of the listed Top 5 English courses in Pune, and better your chances of professional and personal growth.


List of the best English courses in Pune


All About English


While we all are proud of our national and regional languages, we are also aware that these languages have certain limitations and are not universal. Upon moving away from a particular state or city, one is bound to face the language barrier if not professed in English. 


Those who are not versed in English often hesitate to move away from their natives, even if there are more opportunities and a better life awaiting them at a different place. They often choose to let it pass. This is primarily because of the lack of knowing English. The thought that they would feel left out at work and in the neighborhood often keeps people away from grabbing life-altering opportunities. 


English being a global language is the most preferred at workplaces across the globe, acts as a bridge between its users and astounding opportunities. Let’s have a look at a few common benefits that English  has to offer,


  • English is the native language of 67 countries and the official language of 27 other countries, making it a truly global language in every sense of the word.
  • Most of the countries including  India have adopted English as an official language, 
  • Everyday administration of the country and business exchange is communicated through the medium of English. 
  • A majority of the Indian workforce works in MNCs. lack of efficient communication can have an adverse impact on a career.
  • Literature on  Arts,  academics, culture, discoveries, business,  science, inventions, computers, tourism, hospitality, diplomacy, aviation, administration, and medicine across the world is mostly documented in English. Anyone willing to work in the related sectors is required to have a knowledge of basic English at least.
  • To have a command over English is vital if you dream dream big and global. 
  • Without the ability to read, write and speak in English, optimizing the knowledge stored in multiple books and thesis is next to impossible.
  • Knowing English is crucial for using the internet with ease. Today, the whole world operates on the internet. Inability to read, write and speak in  English can leave you stranded, and hamper your growth. 
  • Lack of English proficiency and shorthand on vocabulary can interfere with your ability to communicate your ideas effectively to others, which may have unfavorable consequences. 


The capability to read, write and speak in English, is an all-time high in-demand skill. A skill that is, valued by employers and corporate partners alike. Nevertheless, your proficiency requirements may change as per your profile in the organization. Some profiles may require you to have a basic understanding of English, while other profiles would require more advanced knowledge of the language.


Before enrolling in any English language courses in Pune, it is important to have a fair idea of what level of proficiency are you aiming to achieve. Thus before diving into the list of the top 5 English Courses in Pune, let’s understand what constitutes basic English and what makes up for advanced English.


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Basic English  and Advanced English


The training modules of basic English differ slightly from advanced English. The approach and methodology involved in teaching the basics of English are quite apart of those of advanced English.


Those who enroll in the basic English program are often new to the language. Thus, the basic English course includes preliminary facets of the language like pronunciation, tenses, grammar, sentence formation, basics of reading, and writing.


People opting for advanced English courses are well versed with the basics and study practice slightly more challenging topics like corporate-level presentation, comprehensive understanding of expressions, exceptional vocabulary, accent, understanding, voice control, phonetics sounds, and applications, etc. 


Thus, to help you decide on the proficiency level you wish to pursue, here is a checklist of a few parameters that may help,


  • Familiarity:  Whether you are familiar with the language or not? Is an important parameter to consider before choosing the program. If you are is new to English, the wise thing to do would be to enroll in a basic program. However, If you are well-versed with the basics, you may confidently leap on to the next level, and enroll in the advanced program.
  • Objective: What is your objective? what do you wish to gain from the course? Having a clear objective will help you choose the right course and also keep you focused.
  • Vocabulary: As per several researches and reports, it takes approximately 100 hours of reading, writing, and practice to reach the base level of the vocabulary of 700 words, these statistics reach  1000 to 1200 hours for advanced vocabulary with a benchmark of 16,000 + words.


Top 5 English Courses in Pune


#Rank 1 English Courses in Pune

The British Institutes


The institute aims at imparting modern communicative methodology to adjoin the requirements of the students with regard to the latest industry requirements. The institute organizes regular interactive sessions like group debates, discussion, extempore, etc. It often holds Intra and inter-batch presentations and seminars to help students develop English speaking skills and build their confidence to face an audience too. The institute has three levels of Communicative English program modules designed meticulously to prepare students for facing varied challenges in their respective professions later on.


Salient Feature


  • Level-I, Level-II, and Level-III 
  • Personality Development 
  • Soft Skill enhancement
  • Study material from Oxford University Press 
  • CEFR based assessment 
  • British Council Aptis
  • Interview guidance 
  • Placement assessment


Course Highlights


  • Experienced and trained trainers.
  • Flexible timings
  • Basic grammar and speaking course.
  • Live and interactive Grammar session
  • 25+ practice assignments
  • Communicative English course.
  • Online speaking mastery course
  • 30+ pre-recorded videos
  • One to one personal lessons
  • Access to Azhar’s English club
  • Voice and accent training
  • Self-paced course
  • Corporate training
  • Delivering presentations
  • Hosting meetings
  • Writing reports and Emails
  • Key business expressions at work
  • Course completion E-certificate


Contact Details


Contact: 7447446969

Website: www. fcroadshivajinagar.thebritishinstitutes.com


# Rank 2 English Courses in Pune

   Seven Mentor


SevenMentor Pvt. Ltd. offers the best English-speaking classes in Pune. Its training module is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the students. It pays individual attention to each student and customizes the program accordingly. Located in the heart of the city it ensures easy accessibility to anyone and everyone across the city. It aims at transforming students from being good at Grammar to fluent English speakers. Institute curriculum has been designed in a way that benefits everyone from Students, Homemakers, Job seekers, and professionals.


Salient feature


  • Lenient learning hours without extra money 
  • 24*7 tutor availability
  • Certificate of proficiency 
  • Interview guidance
  • Placement support


Course Highlights


  • Direct training
  • Live training
  • Online training
  • Corporate training
  • Basics of English
  • Application of English
  • Spoken English Teacher Training
  • VCDs on spoken English
  • Difference between spoken and written English
  • Consultancy and support services

Contact Details


Contact: 080878 86031

Website: www.sevenmentor.com


# Rank 3 English Courses in Pune

Ignite Academy


Driven by the objective of “ Success through communication”, the institute ignites bright on the list of the top 5 English courses in Pune. Its course module aims at providing the best spoken and written English training to all the students. Its faculty consists of highly experienced trainers and professionals. Its training module is extensively designed around practice, discussion, workshops, and seminars. 

Salient Feature


  • Individual attention
  • Customized training
  • Equal emphasis on speaking, reading, and writing
  • Experienced faculty
  • Certification of proficiency
  • Interview guidance
  • Placement support

Course Highlights


  • Basics of Grammar
  • Fluency and coherence 
  • Conversational ability
  • Grammar brilliance
  • Public speaking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Voice and accent
  • Creative writing
  • Vocabulary development and application
  • Describe and recognize nouns.
  • Describe and recognize verbs.
  • Use pronouns properly.
  • Use prepositions properly.
  • Identify conjunctions.
  • proper use of adjectives and adverbs.
  •  sentence structure use.
  • correct use of punctuation, numbers, and time.
  • Language functions
  • Personal and group discussions
  • Assistance for interview preparations
  • Training for certificates like IELTS, TOEFL, BEC


Contact Detail



Website: www.igniteacademy.online


# Rank 4 English Courses in Pune



Edubridge is a full-fledged English Language training academy, aiming to meet the language objectives of the netizens of Pune. Its impeccable alumni track record and diligently modeled curriculums are some of the best in class. The institute focuses on providing customized training modules and extensive practice via multiple assignments, debate discussions, projects etc to help students accomplish higher standards in spoken and written English.

Salient Feature


  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion
  • Doubt clearing session
  • Interview guidance
  • Placement support
  • Experienced teachers
  • Native speakers for guest lectures
  • Study material
  • Video recordings
  • Flexible timing

Course Highlights


  • Affordable fees
  • One to one training
  • Customized classes
  • Experienced trainers
  • 100% assured results
  • Flexible time and duration
  • English basic program
  • Advanced grammar program
  • English fluency program
  • Difference between US/UK English
  • Speech Mechanisms
  • Formal and Informal English
  • Reading and writing practice
  • Situations of conversations 
  • Body language while conversing
  • Own study material
  • Doubt clearing sessions
  • Weekly assessments
  • Free demo


Contact Details


Contact: 086377 37101

Website: www.edubridgeindia.com


#Rank 5 English Courses in Pune



The glorious proforma of the students of ELTIS  stands testimony to its undeterred commitment to provide the best language training to each of its students. Its affordable fee structure, highly experienced faculty, and extensive practice-based curriculum facilitate better learning amongst all the students. Supported by TESOL, CELTA, TEFL certified trainers, It is one of the institutes to learn English from.


Salient Feature


  • Free demo class
  • Certificate of proficiency 
  • Experienced trainers
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Interview guidance 
  • Placement support


Course Highlights


  • One on one class
  • Regular and fast track system
  • Online and classroom training
  • Certified and experienced trainers
  • General training reading
  • General training writing
  • Academic writing
  • Academic reading
  • Phonetics symbols and sounds
  • Phonetics and pronunciation training
  • Daily worksheets
  • Describe and recognize nouns.
  • Describe and recognize verbs.
  • Use pronouns properly.
  • Use prepositions properly.
  • Identify conjunctions.
  • use of adjectives and adverbs.
  • sentence structure use.
  • correct use of punctuation, numbers and time.
  • Vocabulary development
  • Presentation- profession-oriented
  • Listening drills
  • Digital support
  • Faculty support


Contact Details

Contact: +91 20 25677431

Website: www.eltis.edu.in


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is does TOEFL mean and why is it important?


TOEFL is the abbreviated form for Test Of English as a Foreign Language. It is an official exam conducted by  “Educational Testing Service’, for non-native speakers of English. Those who clear this exam can apply to 11,000 universities across 190 nations.


2. What is the list of the 5 best tips to learn English?


  • Enroll yourself in one of the top 5 English courses in Pune
  • Practice the teachings diligently
  • Enterprising take online tests 
  • Converse in English read extensively and write journals.
  • Prepare for exams like TOEFL or TOEIC


3. Which is the best institute to enroll in? 


All the listed top 5 English courses in Pune may differ in their course module and training methodologies but they all aim to achieve a common motive of imparting the best language training to each of its students. You can join any of the training institutes knowing that they will transform your language skills and help you become proficient in English.


4. How can I increase my vocabulary?


In order to increase and improve vocabulary, one must indulge in extensive reading. If you don’t get the time to read, opt for audiobooks. Attentive listening is also a great way of adding new words to your kitty.




Globalization and the internet have our world connected like never before, the opportunities and possibilities are endless. However, only if you are open to constant learning and evolving you can optimize these opportunities. While some opportunities may require you to have technical skills, they cannot undermine the importance of language skills. No matter where you go what you pursue, language follows. Enroll in any of the top 5 English courses in Pune and go for the world.