The most frequently spoken and utilized language on the earth is English. In business, science, and technology, English is the language of choice. Learning English will help you advance your profession, improve your ability to participate in discussions, and expand your network. English can assist you in broadening your educational opportunities. On a personal level, it improves personality and self-esteem. Simply told, studying a foreign language expands and strengthens the brain’s skills. Learning English not only benefits you, but it also gives you a great sense of accomplishment, and making progress will make you feel great. Are you looking for English courses in Bangalore? Take a peek at this post if you want to learn more.


List of the best English courses in Bangalore


English is no longer merely a language; it is also a highly valued ability all over the world. English is required for any type of work, from education to entertainment. I don’t believe any of you are unaware of the language’s meaning. From the minute we arrived in this world, our parents, schools, and society have been embedding the language in us.


Isn’t it true that when a child first starts school, he or she is introduced to English alphabets before any other subject? It’s the complete 26-letter alphabet game; these can open up many doors in one’s life.


In 2021, there are eight advantages of learning English:

  • It will increase and broaden work options
  • Have faith in yourself and your abilities to explore the world
  • Gain access to world-class educational systems and institutions.
  • Increase your cognitive abilities (or, brainpower!) 
  • Improve your communication abilities 


Before you move ahead with this article, you can also check these other courses available in Bangalore:


What are the benefits of learning English?


  • It has been designated as the official language of 53 countries.


400 million individuals in the world speak English as their first language. Not only that but English is recognized as an official language in more than a quarter of the world’s countries. That’s a lot of new people with whom you’ll be able to communicate just by learning a new language!


  • It is the most common parlance in the world.


Furthermore, English is the rest of the world’s “second language.” While Chinese Mandarin and Spanish are spoken by a bigger number of people around the world, the majority of people opt to acquire English as a second language. In reality, English is spoken or understood by one out of every five persons on the earth.


  • It might make it easier for you to get a better job.


As organizations become more worldwide, English is becoming an increasingly important skill for a growing number of vocations. Some businesses, regardless of where they are situated, now perform all of their activities in English. If you want to get the best pay, learning English is a wonderful alternative.


  • It Makes Traveling Easier


As I previously stated, English is the world’s second most widely spoken language. Thus, English acquisition makes traveling to any location easier. For example, airport announcements, train schedules, emergency alerts, and street signs are commonly translated into English, particularly in countries with a different alphabet. Plus, even if you can’t find other travelers or locals who speak your tongue, you’re almost certain to discover someone who can communicate in English.


Let us now discuss the advantages of learning English


The ability to speak successfully in English opens up a wide range of professional prospects. Firms indicate English proficiency in the eligibility section in their employment requirement announcements. If you have such quality, it will be easier for you to find work.


Because English is a commonly spoken language in workplaces and other settings, your ability to communicate successfully with coworkers and management will be improved by your knowledge of the language.


It will increase your chances of receiving better work opportunities in the future, as professionals value people who can communicate well in English.


It also boosts people’s self-confidence. People who are fluent in English are more confident while delivering their thoughts.


One of the best things is the opportunity to interact with people from all around the world. You might be able to deal with international clientele if you’re a professional. When traveling overseas, you can also use your English skills to increase your confidence.


The top 5 English courses in Bangalore to improve your abilities and confidence are listed here.


1) FITA Academy


FITA academy’s English courses in Bangalore are perfect for everyone who wants to learn English from the beginning to the end. Their course will teach you how to read, write, and speak English in all of its forms. The major goal of their program is to teach people how to communicate effectively in English. Because the course is designed by subject matter experts, you will be guided by considering the language’s market requirements.



  • Beginner’s class


Content of the course:

  • Tenses/Conjunctions/ Nouns/ Verbs/ Adverbs/ Adjectives/ 
  • Interjections, prepositions, vocabulary, and perplexing words are all examples of interjections.
  • Mispronounce words, reading comprehension, speaking skills, and pronunciation


Level: Intermediate


Content of the course:

  • Relative Pronouns/ Speech/ Direct Sentences/ Indirect Sentences/ Gerunds/ Active voice/ Passive voice/ Infinitive Gerunds/ Adverb types/ Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Homonyms/ Homophones/ Proverbs/ Phrasal verbs/ Idioms and Phrases/ 
  • Abbreviations in General


Advanced level


Content of the course:

  • Advanced Grammar/ Business Communication/ Business Vocabulary
  • Peer communication, email etiquette, and telephone communication etiquette


Highlights of the Course


The course is prepared by specialists and will take you from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels at a very low cost. The course curriculum is extensive enough to cover all major topics, with about 60 hours of instruction.


Call: 9345045466


2) SpeakengIndia


SpeakengIndia is one of the largest colleges in Bangalore, and it is widely renowned for its practical English courses in Bangalore. They concentrate on the needs of students, therefore the course is structured to provide practical training in which student engagement in sessions makes the sessions lively, allowing students to get the most out of their learning. Their sessions will not only improve your English fluency but will also promote your self-esteem.



1st level

30 hours in length


The course outline

  • Days/months/seasons/Alphabet/Greetings/Spellings
  • Colors/ Rhymes/ Sentence structure
  • Simple Verbs/ Self-introduction/ Basic Greetings/ ‘Wh’ queries
  • Genders and opposites/ Plurals/ Everyday things


Pre-basic stage

30 hours in length


The course outline:

  • Verbs/ Regular and irregular verbs/ conjunctions/ self-introduction
  • verbs/prepositions/speech/exercise
  • Tenses/conjunctions/jumbled sentences/articles/plurals
  • Homophones/Short presentations/Sentence structure
  • Vocabulary development/sentence translation


introductory level

30 hours in length


Content of the course

  • Self-introduction, greetings, wishes, thanks, and apologies
  • a noun, a pronoun, an adjective, a verb, an adverb, a preposition, conjunction, and an interjection
  • Synonyms/ Antonyms/ Articles/ Homophones/ Tenses at a Glance
  • Vocabulary development, public speaking, group discussion, and debate


Level: Intermediate

30 hours in length


Content of the Course

  • Activities to break the ice/ Noun/ Pronoun/ Adjective
  • Direct and Indirect Speech/ Degrees of Comparison
  • Active and passive voice phrasal verbs
  • Role Plays/Tenses/Group Discussions
  • Mock interviews/panel interview session
  • Building a vocabulary/word bank
  • Extempore, debates, and basic telephone etiquette are all options.
  • Storytelling/Video Storytelling/Conversation Activities
  • Viva evaluation


Advanced / Business level

30 hours in length


Content of the Course

  • Personality development/advanced grammar/vocabulary
  • Skills in public speaking, email etiquette, and interviewing
  • Writing skills/telephonic etiquette/accent neutralisation



  • The training syllabus is extensive and comprehensive to become fluent in English. The course is divided into five stages, each of which will assist you to develop to the next level of your abilities.
  • There, the trainers have a lot of expertise.
  • Their course features a flexible schedule, including weekend sessions that won’t disrupt your routine.
  • They provide 100 percent practical instruction, with a variety of in-class exercises included in the course curriculum. In the course details section, you may see what I mean.
  • Every student receives equal and personal attention from the instructors.


Call:+91 9148294666


3) Veta


For the past 38 years, Veta has offered a variety of English courses in Bangalore. If you’re looking for a skill-focused institute, this should be your first choice because it focuses more on soft skills and communication. They will guide you through various classroom activities while teaching you how to be confident and speak English fluently. Take a look at the English classes offered by Veta in Bangalore.



VETA is a native English speaker (LEVEL 1)

Module length is 40 hours.

Duration of the course: 120 hours


The course outline

  • Word Building/ Words & Sentences/ Numerals/ introduction chat
  • Simple Narratives/ Time Concept/ Relationship/ Profession
  • Homophones/ Functional words/ Prefix and Suffix/ Singular and plural
  • Courtesy/Usual Conversation/Everyday English
  • Action and Phrasal Verbs/ Instructions and Directions/ Describing Words
  • Office & Business/ Traveling & Shopping


LEVEL 2 VETA Fluent English

Module length is 40 hours.

Duration of the course: 120 hours


The course outline

  • Icebreakers, tenses, what-if questions, software, and sentence construction
  • Instructions/ Activities/ Story Games/ Time Words/ Action Words/ Instructions/ Activities/ Story Games
  • Subject Verb Agreement/ Rules/ Comparatives & Idioms
  • Games in English


VETA VOL 2 Fluent English


Module length is 40 hours.

Duration of the course: 120 hours


The course outline

  • Tenses/ participle/debate/motivation/poetry
  • Jam Session/ Conjunction/ Antonyms and Synonyms
  • Reporting/ Modals/ Let and Let’s/ Infinitives and Gerunds
  • Obtain/ Narrations/ Demonstration




30 hours of instruction

There are 30 units in the course syllabus.




30 hours of instruction

There are 30 units in the course syllabus.


Call: 94443 23000 / 9962209281



  • Language Lab Fluency Drills Personal Guidance
  • Exercises in Word and Pronunciation
  • Speech Drill Sentence Practice


4) Cambridge academy


Cambridge academy’s English courses in Bangalore are extremely well targeted to educate prospective learners, as per the industry’s need. Cambridge Academy of English has established itself as one of the most prestigious institutes offering both online and offline training. They are more focused on verbal practice due to practical needs and demand, which is why they have included communication activities in their course.




Introduction to the subject



  • Grammar, vocabulary, phonics, fluency, and communication are all important.
  • What do you prefer to do: speak, read, write, or discuss? Playing a role/
  • Personality formation


Course for professionals



  • Vocabulary, grammar, communication, decorum, and presentation are all important.
  • teleconferencing, cultural sensitivity, and grammatical precision are all terms used in the business world.
  • Job skills/intercultural communication/interview/presentation/business writing


Academic course



  • Grammar/vocabulary/academic writing
  • reading, writing, listening, speaking, and phonetics are all skills that can be learned
  • skills in fluency, pronunciation, communication, and presentation


Call: 08040943580


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What actions can we take at home to learn English?


  • Begin reading daily, for at least 30 minutes at first.
  • Daily reading is an excellent way to improve your English and vocabulary.
  • You can listen to everything relating to your studies or work while listening to English podcasts.
  • Begin journaling; it’s another fantastic way to practice and learn from your failures.
  • Self-talk can also be used to improve your English and communication abilities.


  •  Is it possible to learn English online?


Yes, you can learn English online; there are a plethora of free resources. You may also use YouTube to find a lot of English and vocabulary-related information.


  • Is it tough to learn English?


Many people believe that English is tough. This is not the case. It is an Indian language, exactly like the others. With these English courses in Bangalore, you may learn them quickly.




Before we go any further, it’s vital to remember that English is more than just a language; it’s the most significant and in-demand skill in every sector. While finding a venue to learn and enrolling in lessons is necessary, self-practice is also an important step that everyone should take while attending English classes in Bangalore.


Because skill is not an inborn talent, it must be developed via practice, which is why practice is so important. English is a language that everyone can learn with a little practice, and practice here means speaking.


Even if you talk incorrectly daily, you will build a habit and become proficient in it. These top 4 English courses in Bangalore are great options since they will help you overcome your phobia of speaking English and provide you with confidence and good communication skills.