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DSIM Review | Delhi School of Internet Marketing Review

Digital Marketing being the buzzword today, there are many wannabe digital marketers out there. There are numerous training institutes as well in every city across the country. When it comes to Delhi, the digital marketing training business is mushrooming, with institutes at every corner.  Today, we have for you a detailed DSIM review or as widely known Delhi School of Internet Marketing review.

image DSIM Digital Marketing Course Review | Why You Should OPT

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Digital Marketing is an enormous subject encompassing so many elements, each of which contributes in its own way to the success of the overall digital marketing strategy. Today, we will look more closely at the video marketing aspect of digital marketing.


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The importance of Video Marketing in Digital Marketing:


The importance and effectiveness of audio-visual content over textual content is not alien to us. Whether it is education or business, the combination of audio and visuals leaves a more significant and longer-lasting impact on our minds. The same holds good for the importance of audio-visual communication in business.


Video marketing is an integral part of digital marketing today. With a rapid increase in online video consumption, this is not a surprising trend. Video marketing is dominating the social scene. In fact, as per Global Reach, if Google is the queen, YouTube is the princess. It is the second-largest search engine after Google. Now that, in itself, is self-explanatory about the importance of video marketing.


Video marketing is nothing but using videos to promote a product or service, educate your audience, and reach out to them on different social platforms, thus increasing your brand awareness.



Brands the world over are seeing success with video marketing, be it Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. There are more than 500 million people watching videos on Facebook, and an estimated 10 billion watch them on Snapchat.


Even research by HubSpot states that more than 50% of the consumers wish to see video form of content from the brands and businesses they support. Another interesting statistic from the HubSpot research suggests that consumers prefer low-quality authentic videos over high-quality videos that are more likely looked at as artificial and lacking authenticity. Well, that makes investment in this digital marketing element significantly less, though the returns through video marketing are HUGE.


Why Video Marketing?


Video content is one of the most accessible forms of content to consume. Textual information is abundant online. One way to break out of the textual fatigue is through videos.  They are vibrant, require less effort to understand, and are more engaging than mere printed words.


Also, videos convey a more realistic picture; they are versatile, entertaining, and immersive. Video marketing fits across industries, whether it is sports, news, entertainment, or brand advertising. It definitely boosts brand affinity.


Another factor that drives video marketing is its cost-effectiveness. Today, anyone can make a video on a mobile or laptop without much fuss.  The smartphones themselves are quite capable of packing a punch in terms of making videos, and the process itself is not cumbersome. Of course, the more prominent brands invest a lot into their video marketing, but it is accessible as a form of marketing even for businesses on a shoestring budget.


So, undisputedly, video marketing has its all-important place in the digital marketing landscape. It is no longer just one of the elements of a digital marketing strategy but a vital component.


Types of Video Marketing:


Having reiterated the importance of video marketing, let us explore the types of videos. As with all content, it is imperative first to have a clear idea of who the audience is, the buyer persona. The next step is to have the purpose of the video and then the channel of distribution. The type of video and track of video should be in tandem with the purpose of the video itself.


There are a plethora of options for videos. Here are some of them.


Demo/Product Videos:

These showcase your product/service. You can rope in the brand ambassadors and influencers for these videos. These videos are essential to educating the audience on your product or service, its use, etc. The unboxing videos are a popular example.


Brand Videos:

These are typical to increase brand awareness and attract audiences.



Interview form of videos with experts or thought leaders not just attracts the audience’s attention but goes a long way in building trust. Interviews are conversational and strike a chord with the masses, especially if it is with an influencer or subject matter expert whom they admire.



These are mostly educative and informative with instructions, applications, etc. These videos typically picture the buyer persona having issues and the brand coming to the rescue with its products or services. It gives a clear picture to the audience of why they need a particular product or service.


How-To Videos:

Again, an instructional form of video content. Just as the how-to content is hugely popular in the written content domain, it is so in the video format. After all, seeing is believing for almost everybody.


Testimonial Videos:

Earlier, the written testimonials were sufficient to elicit trust. Today that has changed as well. Testimonial videos seem way more authentic and capable of eliciting trust. There is nothing like a loyal customer providing a short testimonial video of how great your product or service is. It makes people believe in your product/service.


Live Video:

The recent trend, especially on Facebook, points to an increasing social following and brand awareness with live videos. The audience finds live videos more engaging and loves the behind-the-scenes look into a brand they follow. It gives them additional insights into what goes into the brand they trust. The live stream could be interviews, events, or presentations and even have Q&A with the audience allowing them to interact and engage at a personal level.


Thus, the formats within video marketing are aplenty. All you need is to determine the purpose, the audience, and select the appropriate format and distribution channel to make your video marketing strategy a huge success.


Video Marketing Campaign, Tips, and best practices:


Video marketing is necessary for businesses, small and big. That is not new. What is new is how drastically this idea has changed. Videos on every social media platform have taken digital marketing by storm. It has changed content marketing.


There are some ground rules for video marketing, as with all other marketing efforts. Primarily, the video has to be engaging and optimized. Yes, you have to be mindful of SEO, even with video marketing. Does that thing ever not want a meaty role anywhere? No, there is no escaping SEO.


As a matter of fact, every social media platform has different ideal video lengths. As per HubSpot, it is 30 seconds for Instagram, 45 seconds for Twitter, one minute on Facebook, and two minutes on YouTube.


Next on, even the videos have a call-to-action, just like your hit the bell icon to subscribe on YouTube, imploring the audience to subscribe if they do not want to miss out on all the forthcoming updates.


Relevance is of prime importance, even with video marketing. Making relevant and useful videos ensures better engagement and sharing. You can create videos with humour that is entertaining as well, to grab more attention. Including captions is another best practice for the audience to follow along.


As with content creation, you need to be efficient with the editing to make your videos crisp and compelling. It is almost always about the audience and not about you; if you get that part right, the videos will be great. The ground rules are the same with any content, be it written or videos. Providing useful content, keeping the audience as a prerogative, and humanizing a brand to build that connection is essentials of video marketing.


Let your creative juices do the talking via video marketing.


Some Intriguing Video Marketing Stats 2020:

  • As per Unbounce, a video on the landing page can boost conversion rates by up to 80%.
  • A HubSpot survey speaks of 81% of businesses using video marketing, up from 63% over the past year.
  • Animoto states that video ads are the number one way for customers to discover a brand and purchase their products.
  • In India alone, YouTube has 265 million active users.


The above are just some of the mindboggling and fascinating facts that recapitulate the growing significance of video marketing.


Digital Marketing is humungous, and there is something for everyone. A single integrated course can open up many doors for an individual. It is up to you to decide what skill you can develop, which pearl you want to pick from the oyster.


Let us now explore the digital marketing course at Delhi School of Internet Marketing.


A Brief introduction to DSIM:


DSIM Digital Marketing Course Review


Delhi School of Internet Marketing is a leading training institute, a Digital Vidya company, and a trademark of Kixx Media Private Limited. With centres across Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Indore, the DSIM digital marketing course is for corporates, professionals, entrepreneurs, and students alike.


Through the DSIM digital marketing course, marketers learn to target the right audience and lower their acquisition costs. The Delhi School of Internet Marketing has two-day workshops or 45 hours of training for the corporates. Corporate training involves training employees on the tools and techniques of digital marketing, brand awareness, communication with potential customers, targeting the right audience, and elevating the business to a global platform.


The campus learning program provides comprehensive training in digital marketing to management and technology graduates.


The in-class training is open to all on weekdays and weekends with a structured course allowing participants to experience practical application opportunities.


Thus far, the institute has accomplished 930+ batches, training 25,680+ trainees.


The DSIM Knowledge Base is a treasure trove of useful information. The institute has resources in the form of masterclasses, video tutorials, a demo training session, blog posts on the latest and trending topics, and even ebooks that you can download.


Individuals can browse through the knowledge base content to get a fair idea of the teaching at DSIM.


Courses at Delhi School of Internet Marketing:

In conjunction with Digital Vidya, DSIM offers the hybrid program of Masters in Digital Marketing Course.


Moving on to the review of the DSIM Digital Marketing Course:


Program Overview:

The DSIM digital marketing course is four courses bundled in one, wherein participants learn in-depth about digital marketing, advanced marketing analytics and strategies, affiliate masterclasses, and specialization modules. It is an online program enabling participants to become marketing experts with in-depth knowledge and practical exposure. The objective of the course also is to help participants earn from their digital skills either on a part-time or full-time basis as a digital marketing freelancer.



The DSIM digital marketing course is for anyone who wants to learn digital marketing. Students benefit from better job and career opportunities because of the high demand and low supply of skilled digital marketers. Working professionals can get an increase in their salary by upskilling themselves and even having better career options. Business owners can gain from digital marketing by improving their brand visibility, targeting potential customers, and increasing sales, all within a budget.


Course Fee:

Individually the digital marketing course is worth INR 66,450 + 18% GST; advanced marketing analysis is worth INR 34,500 + 18% GST, affiliate masterclasses worth INR 17,000 + 18% GST, and the specialization modules are worth INR 29,000 + 18% GST. However, the combined DSIM digital marketing course is at a fee of Rs. 49,900 + 18% GST only.


Course Duration:

The DSIM digital marketing course includes 120+ hours of online training. For weekday batches, it takes four months, and the weekend batch takes about six months to complete.



Since this program is a combination of four courses, the syllabus also has four parts to it.


The digital marketing course has 21 modules and 111 hours of training. The modules included are:

  • Digital marketing overview
  • Website planning and creation
  • Email marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Lead generation
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Marketing on Linkedin
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Marketing through Video
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Pinterest
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online display advertising
  • Ecommerce marketing
  • Mobile web marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Adsense and blogging
  • All about freelancing projects


Course two is about advanced marketing analytics and strategies and includes 15 hours of training with 12 modules, which are:

  • Competitor’s marketing strategies
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing in detail with how to write and optimize techniques
  • Lead generation with optimizing landing pages and sales funnels.
  • Facebook Ads with advanced scaling strategies
  • Twitter marketing with multiple strategies to increase organic reach
  • Instagram essentials with a case study
  • Growth hacking
  • Steroids for SEO
  • Google Adwords advanced scaling strategies that work
  • Media buying using programmatic and Google double click
  • An exhaustive list of 500+ digital marketing tools.


Course three is that of affiliate marketing and blogging with 12 hours of training and two modules, which are:

  • Affiliate marketing in-depth, finding profitable niches and offers and running profitable campaigns.
  • Deep blogging secrets to earn money from blogging.


Finally, the specialization modules cover a wide range of topics and include 35 hours of training with nine modules.



The DSIM digital marketing course offers free tools worth INR 76,908, and some of the tools that participants will use during their practical application include:

  • Lead capture Plugin
  • WordPress Theme
  • Landing Page Builder Tool
  • Content Builder Tool
  • SEO Software
  • Web Browser Notification
  • Tools for Ecommerce
  • The All-in-One website conversion app


Mailchimp, double click, Ads Manager, Google Ads, Wishloop, Rankwatch, and Humcommerce, are some of the tools that participants will get their hands on.


Projects and Case Studies:

The DSIM digital marketing course is practical learning with industrial case studies and projects. For instance, there is an Instagram case study, the Beardo brand case study, and even political case studies that employ digital marketing strategies.



The DSIM digital marketing course prepares candidates to pass various online examinations and earn global certifications of importance for a digital marketer. These include nine certifications from Google, a Facebook certification, three certificates from HubSpot, a certification from rankwatch, and finally, a DSIM certification, totalling 15 certifications.


Additional Benefits:


The benefits of the DSIM digital marketing course are that of creating your website or blog, implementing real-time all that you learn on your website and blog, and thus be work-ready with practical knowledge.


At DSIM, participants get premium quality training, learn about advanced techniques and strategies through live online batches, and even earn through affiliate marketing.



By the end of the DSIM digital marketing course, participants can use relevant tools, conceptualize, execute, and measure digital marketing strategies. You can manage the online reputation of your brand, generate part-time income from affiliate marketing and blogging, master the social media game, and work with top-level management. Business owners can work towards increased brand presence and will know how to increase sales and decrease expenses yet expect better in terms of ROI through digital marketing.



At DSIM, there are no trainers per se. All the training is done by internet millionaires and CEOs.


Student Reviews:

There are reviews from business owners, working professionals, as well as job seekers. The overall rating of students is a 4.5/5 for the DSIM digital marketing course. Some students’ comments reveal that the course is a wonderful experience, income doubled, good exposure, able to handle digital marketing wing of the family business after the course, more than bookish knowledge, and an excellent platform to learn advanced digital marketing skills.


Career Assistance:


The Delhi School of Internet Marketing has a placement department, but it depends on the participants and their performance. Their performance is the basis on which they can secure a job.


Concluding Thoughts on the DSIM Digital Marketing Course Review:


The course structure is in-depth and covers affiliate marketing as a separate section, allowing those on the lookout for affiliate marketing as a niche to start real quick. There are a vast number of tools and 15 certifications as well. The student reviews are encouraging as well but at the end of it, securing a satisfactory job really depends on individual performance.


As I have mentioned before, there are demo session videos and other video tutorials. Individuals who wish to take up a digital marketing course at DSIM can go through these resources to have a better idea.

Wrapping it Up:


The number of people buying products/services online is on the rise, and this number will increase by day and year. As per Retaildive, 87% of shoppers begin their search online. Why visit worldwide statistics to emphasize this changing nature. What would you do if you needed a cab? Go online and book an Uber. What will you do if you want to buy a gaming laptop? You will Google for the best in your budget. You want some services. Again, you go online and search for them.


Our days start and end with internet consumption. Whether it is to pay bills, order food, commute, work from home, get in touch with friends on social media or make purchases, and even banking, it is all digital now. The more we go digital, the greater is the scope of digital marketing. Further, there are many more specializations under the digital marketing umbrella.


Small business or big brand, solopreneur or entrepreneur, vlogger or blogger, digital marketing is all around. Be a part of this digital transformation if you do not wish to be left out. A skilled digital marketer is a treasure that most big companies are after. You can be a that skilled professional that companies want to hire. Give it your best shot and see the jobs line up.

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