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Digital Vidya Review | Digital Marketing Course Review

Are you surfing the net, trying to find the best digital marketing course? Or, are you confused about all the options out there? We completely understand your dilemma. We have been doing independent digital marketing institute reviews, and today, we bring you the details of the Digital Vidya digital marketing course.

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Digital marketing is an in-demand skill today; a lot many people from different walks of life aspire to learn all about digital marketing. We, at Advisor Uncle, bring you the details of various in-demand skills and information on where to learn them from. For people searching for a list of the best institutes, we have the top 10 digital marketing courses in India. We have also covered a detailed DSIM Course Review and Digiperform Review.


The trend today is that a lot of students and freshers flock to digital marketing as a career. The lucrative pay packets offered to adroit and dexterous digital marketers is no secret. Furthermore, there are individual yet interconnected components of digital marketing. For someone who finds integrated digital marketing too overwhelming, they can specialize in other connected domains.


Be it a search engine specialist, a social media marketing specialist, an email marketing manager, a content marketing manager, video marketing, or even analytics, the career options are truly endless with digital marketing.


How to learn digital marketing?


You can go either the self-learning route or learn from experts via digital marketing courses. While the self-learning approach will definitely give you an overview and understanding of all major concepts, it lacks practical learning.


Exploring the self-learning route, what are the options that you can pursue to educate yourself? One option is reading popular blogs by established digital marketing experts such as The Moz, Search Engine Journal, HubSpot, Marketing Land, Kissmetrics, etc.


The other option is the videos. Some popular digital marketing YouTube channels worth exploring and learning from include AHREFS, Backlinko, Brandastic, Digital Marketing Institute, and Moz. Then there are the podcasts, and of course, book lovers will reach out to the best books available on digital marketing, and believe me, there are tonnes out there. Finally, there is the option of free courses as well. Yes, there are some free digital marketing courses, but you realize the limitations once you embark on that route.


None of the above gives you the practical and hands-on training that enables understanding at a deeper level, at a level that you can execute what you learn.


For that kind of experiential learning, you will have to choose a proper digital marketing institute and enrol in a comprehensive, integrated digital marketing course that will take you right from the basics to the more advanced concepts.


Such a course will have real-time case studies and assignments to have a deeper understanding of every concept. The projects, internships, and case studies are imperative for you to assimilate the concepts and execute them to be immediately ready to take on a job.

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A Brief Introduction to Digital Vidya:


Digital Vidya Digital Marketing Course Review


Digital Vidya is a name that is popular across Asia and not just in India. A leading professional training company, it aims at imparting new-age skills to individuals as well as organizations. With over a decade’s experience in the skills development industry, Digital Vidya has conducted over 3800+ training batches with over 38000+ people benefitting from them.


Professionals from brands like Nokia, Google, eBay, Cisco, MakeMyTrip, Toyota, and many other famous brands have sought training at Digital Vidya. That is not all. Digital Vidya is officially the training partner of Google and Microsoft India. It also boasts of partnerships with Facebook, Linkedin, Vskills, and NASSCOM, owing to the excellent training quality.


Digital Vidya has a reach across 55+ countries and focuses on equipping individuals and organizations with industry-specific professional skills. Digital Vidya started with social media training workshops and then launched a full-fledged digital marketing course. Ever since then, there is no looking back for the Digital Vidya digital marketing course.


With the success of the digital marketing course, Digital Vidya became one of the leading training institutes in Asia.


Encouraged by the tremendous success and acceptance, Digital Vidya forayed into Data Science and Analytics training programs. It continues to provide quality education and skills and continues to include more and more in-demand skills with cybersecurity and full-stack development training as the latest offerings.


In the form of resources, the Digital Vidya website has many beneficial blogs, quizzes, guides on digital marketing and its elements, workshops, and webinars. For people into reading, there are lovely book recommendations as well.


If content writing you want to pursue as a creative side hustle, join the Content Writing Courses.


A little something about the Founders:


The men behind the scenes are the top management with Anuj Batra, the CEO at Digital Vidya, and Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra, the founders of Digital Vidya.


Anuj Batra has more than 15 years of experience in senior leadership roles and opines that professional education enables students to take on new job roles with relative ease. He is responsible for the design, implementation of the corporate training programs.


Pradeep Chopra has been a part of the internet industry for over two decades now. An IIT Delhi alum and recipient of the Adobe Content 100 is a serial entrepreneur for the last 17 years.


Kapil Nakra is also a serial entrepreneur, co-founding three ventures over the past 18 years. Also, an IIT-Delhi alum, he is motivates people to think out-of-the-box.


Both Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra are regular and sought-after speakers at various digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and online marketing conferences.


Courses at Digital Vidya:


Digital Vidya has a slew of courses that include:

  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Data Science Course: Includes advanced data science and machine learning using Python and is for INR 25,000 + GST.
  • Data Analytics Course: Data analysis using Excel, SQL, and Power BI, for INR 12500 + GST.
  • Big Data Foundation Course (self-study): This is a self-paced course certified by NASSCOM FutureSkills and is at INR 5000/-
  • Machine Learning Course: This is an advanced course and is available at INR 29,990 + GST.
  • Facebook marketing certification course: A combination of recorded sessions and in-class sessions, the Facebook marketing certification course is available at INR 11900 + GST.
  • Web analytics certification course: This is a hybrid course that is self-paced with one month of instructor-led online classes and comes at INR 11900 + GST.
  • Search engine marketing certification course: This is again a hybrid course available at INR 11900 + GST.
  • Search engine optimization certification course: Again, a self-study and instructor-led course, it is for INR 11900+ GST.
  • Social media marketing certification course: Also priced at INR 11900 + GST, this short course is a combination of self-study and instructor-led classes.
  • Cybersecurity course: An online instructor-led course, the training fee for this course is INR 29990 + GST.


All of the courses at Digital Vidya focus on imparting executable training that enables students and professionals to be industry-ready.


Moving on to the Digital Vidya digital marketing course review:


After a brief introduction to the institute, the founders, and the courses offered at Digital Vidya, let us move on to the Digital Vidya digital marketing course.


Program Overview:


The Digital Vidya digital marketing course is a certified course available as an instructor-led online and classroom training course. The institute has about 12 centres across India and five centres outside India. It is an extensive program that includes all essential modules of digital marketing, coupled with an internship. Digital Vidya hosts around 50+ batches of digital marketing training each week!




It is a foundational course that goes from basic to advance and hence suitable for any individual, even those who have absolutely no background or knowledge about it. Therefore the Digital Vidya digital marketing course is for anyone and everyone who aspires to either hone their existing skills or acquire new skills. Freshers, students, working professionals, or existing digital marketers, anyone can enrol for the course and benefit from the same.


Course Fee:


The course fee for both the classroom and online instructor-led options is INR 49,900 + 18% GST.



Course Duration:


While the classroom course takes around three months to complete, the online instructor-led training takes four to seven months. There are weekday and weekend batches.



The course advisors and instructors are a knowledgeable lot and the best in the industry. Each batch of students has the privilege of learning from 10+ trainers with experience of up to 18+ years. Some of the trainers at Digital Vidya are:

  • Himanshu Arora: Co-Founder of Social Panga
  • Kapil Nakra: Co-Founder at Digital Vidya
  • Manuj Bajaj: Business growth consultant
  • Samvidha Sinha: Ex-Googler with 10+ years of experience
  • Nithyananda Ramakrishna: Email marketing expert with 12+ years of experience
  • Pradeep Chopra: Co-Founder at Digital Vidya
  • Rohit Uttamchandani: Senior Manager at Social Beat
  • Satyam Gambhir: Consultant, Infosys, and Founder and editor, Marketinomics.




The Digital Vidya digital marketing course has 44 modules with 100 class hours and 140 assignment hours. Here is a breakup of the 44 modules that you can learn through this course:


Search Engine Optimization, four modules. It includes:

  • An introduction to SEO
  • How do search engines work?
  • Organic versus paid search
  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • SEO audit, tools, and measurement.


Search Engine Marketing, which includes five modules. This topic covers:

  • The fundamentals and case studies
  • Creation of Google display network
  • Mobile ad campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns.


Social Media Marketing, five modules. It covers:

  • An introduction
  • Facebook marketing
  • Instagram and Linkedin marketing
  • Twitter and Snapchat marketing
  • Pinterest marketing and learn how to create a successful digital marketing strategy
  • Social media marketing tools
  • Crafting a successful social media strategy


Email marketing includes three modules and covers:

  • Deliverability
  • Effective email content
  • Customer acquisition strategies
  • Effective creative introducing
  • Nurturing and automation
  • Resources for analysis of situations and progressive updates
  • Email automation


Four modules of Inbound Marketing includes:

  • Attracting your potential customers into the conversion funnel
  • Converting your prospects into leads using emails
  • Landing page
  • Conversion optimization
  • Conversion optimization patterns for engaging website visitors
  • Lifecycle emails


Web Analytics, five modules that cover the aspects of:

  • Introduction to analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Content performance analysis
  • Visitors analysis
  • Social media analytics
  • Actionable insights and the big picture
  • Social CRM and analysis
  • Digital analytics
  • Platform principles


Facebook Marketing has two modules and covers the topics of:

  • Introduction to marketing
  • Facebook pages and best practices
  • Facebook Ads, campaign objectives, and targeting audiences
  • Impactful creative, optimizing, and reporting
  • Facebook ad policies
  • Facebook messenger and Facebook shop
  • Building brand awareness, driving in-store footfall
  • Facebook pixel, driving online sales, and finally generating leads


Additional Modules:


15 modules cover various other digital marketing topics, and these include:

  • Two modules of integrated digital marketing strategy complete with case studies, trends, and tools.
  • Affiliate marketing, two modules covering models of affiliate marketing, generating and converting leads, budget, and strategy planning.
  • Two modules of Media planning and Buying to understand drafting a digital media plan with segmentation and targeting the audience and other best practices.
  • Freelancing in digital marketing, two modules wherein you can learn how to sell digital marketing services.
  • Two modules for e-commerce listing and marketplace selling, understanding various models that exist, learn how to set up your own store, and execute marketing campaigns to drive sales.
  • A module on Programmatic Marketing to learn how real-time bidding works, the types, advantages, and challenges.
  • One module on Adobe Analytics to learn how to analyze the data and plan strategies based on the data analysis.
  • Infographic resume making module to help you create a powerful resume.
  • A module on content marketing in association with Linkedin to learn about the dos and don’ts of creating good content and some key resources.
  • Finally, a module on Lead Sourcing wherein you can learn to use Google to source information, validate email ids, secure segmented database, and ways to use the sourced database.


Projects and Case Studies:


The Digital Vidya digital marketing course includes many hands-on assignments and case studies to make the course more practical. Here is a brief on some of the assignments:

  • Building and promoting your blog. There is a build your blog session to help individuals step-by-step through the process. You also learn to write your first blog and promote it via social media profiles and content sharing through Facebook, emails, etc.
  • In the Search Engine Optimization assignment, you learn to research the right keywords, learn local and mobile SEO, and other tactics to rank your website better on Google.
  • The assignment on Search Engine Marketing allows you to learn real-time, how to set up Google Adwords, create and run responsive ads, and more.
  • Social Media Marketing assignment is about creating a profitable Facebook page, building your network, creating and running effective ad campaigns.
  • The Email Marketing assignment helps you master the art of sending professional emails that help you generate leads and sales.
  • The Inbound marketing assignment is all about multiplying your reach and strategizing drip marketing campaigns.
  • Finally, the web analytics assignment has to do with understanding how to analyze the data and designing a campaign based on the analyzed data.


In terms of the case studies, the Digital Vidya digital marketing course has 60 hours of case studies integrated into the curriculum. It further adds to practical learning. Some of the case studies include:

  • ICICI Bank: SEO case study
  • SEM Case study: Carwale
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk: Social Media Marketing
  • Microsoft: Email marketing case study
  • Inbound marketing case study: Myntra
  • Puma: Web analytics case study




The Digital Vidya digital marketing course covers a wide range of digital marketing tools and even offers many paid tools free of cost. To be precise, the course provides 72K worth of tools free to every participant. Some of these tools are:

  • Hosting server space.
  • SEO software to help you maximize your website traffic
  • Software of SEM to help manage, analyze, and improve SEM campaigns.
  • Landing page creator to create hassle-free appealing landing pages.
  • Social listening tool to view and analyze brand conversions.
  • Push notification tool to increase engagement and conversion rates.
  • WordPress mega theme for your WordPress website.
  • AHREFS tool for keyword and backlink research.



The Digital Vidya digital marketing course comes with two internships. The internships enhance the value of your resume and help you gain confidence in the newly learned skills.

  • A research-based blogging internship with Digital Vidya is for three months. The only requisite for this internship is having good written communication skills. You can learn how to research, write, and promote blogs hosted by Digital Vidya and gain an internship certification upon completion of three months.
  • A social media internship with NASSCOM for three months. Completion of the social media marketing course is a prerequisite for this internship. Participants work with the NASSCOM foundation team and create engaging content for social media platforms, promoting social causes. Upon completion, participants get an internship certification from NASSCOM Foundation and Digital Vidya.




The Digital Vidya digital marketing course comes with 13 certifications. These include:

  • Three exclusive internal certifications are the Facebook Marketing Certification awarded by Facebook, Content Marketing Certification awarded by Linkedin, and the Digital Marketing Master Certification or CDMM awarded by Digital Vidya.
  • Twelve external internet marketing certifications for which the institute will help you prepare.
  • Eight Google certifications, which include Google Ads fundamentals, search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, shopping advertising, video advertising, digital sales certification, and Google Analytics individual qualification.
  • HubSpot marketing certification.
  • Vskills Certification.


Additional Benefits:


The Digital Vidya digital marketing course is one of the best courses out there that is beneficial in more than one way. The curriculum is by the co-founders who are subject matter experts. The association with Vskills, an Indian government initiative, is an added benefit. Participants get lifetime access to the course material, and Digital Vidya provides 100% placement support for students and entry-level professionals through its placement cell. In case of missed classes, students have the option of availing of the recorded sessions.


Career Assistance:


Digital Vidya has a dedicated placement cell that offers placement services for free to companies. Given that the participants who finish up the CDMM course at Digital Vidya have hands-on experience in digital marketing and undergo rigorous training for three to six months, many companies come forward to absorb the candidates.


The institute has corporate clients from the BFSI domain, internet companies, travel, auto, and aviation sector, real estate, IT and ITES and consumer goods, media entertainment and publications, marketing and advertising, digital marketing, telecommunications, government sector, education sector, healthcare domain, and even non-profit organizations.


Student Reviews:


You will not just be able to view the student reviews but also reviews from clients and partners for the Digital Vidya digital marketing course. Some of the standard views are that Digital Vidya has a great team of professionals, a proactive placement department, shaping the digital minds of the future, excellent and insightful, an eye-opener, etc. Overall, 95% of the participants feel they achieved their objective through the course.


Concluding Thoughts on the Digital Vidya Digital Marketing Course:


For participants who can afford the fees, it is a value-driven course. With the best in industry trainers, 100+ hours of practical sessions ensuring hands-on preparation, and a lifetime of updates and access to the course material, this one is an excellent course. Further, if you choose to go online, you can attend the sessions from the comfort of your home and save valuable travel time.


The modules are in-depth and cover the basic and advanced concepts of digital marketing and consumer behaviour and marketing fundamentals. Also, the partnership with Vskills adds value to the resume of individuals.


If you are undecided, the institute has the option of speaking with their career advisor, which can provide further clarity. Also, there is the option of a demo session if you are unsure about online classes.



A digital marketing course in a good institute is your gateway to the dream job in the digital marketing industry.  Here is a digital marketing quote to ponder on. It does a wonderful job of emphasizing the importance of digital marketing:

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.” — KB Marketing Agency.

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