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Digital Scholar Digital Marketing Course Review

While we have already listed out the top digital marketing institutes in India and top digital marketing courses in Dubai and other countries, we now are on-demand, covering the reviews of various digital marketing institutes. Below, we have the Digital Scholar digital marketing program review.


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The wave of digital marketing:


2022 is on its way out and has been a spectacular year for digital marketers though a not so spectacular one in most other aspects. If anything, 2022 has reiterated the importance of digital marketing for businesses all over.


About two to three decades ago, the concept of “viral,” “real-time updates,” “power of social media network,” power of data analysis were all unheard and unthought of. Today, we take all of this for granted. We cannot imagine a world without all of this. It is impossible to fathom a business model without integrating digital marketing.


Yet, despite the innumerable benefits of digital marketing, there are unbelievably still some small businesses and industries trying to make it without incorporating digital marketing. But it’s only a matter of time before they realize there is no escaping this big transformational wave. It is a sink-or-swim situation, and those that swim will eventually float onto safer shores.


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The Shift to Digital Marketing:


The digital transformation has brought about dramatic shifts in the way we do business. Successful marketing in the 21st century is synonymous with digital marketing.


The billboards, the TV ads are all less effective today than they were a few years ago. Thanks to the massive internet penetration, more and more people resort to mobile use for any form of entertainment, shopping, paying bills, advertising on their social media handles, communicating with their kith and kin even through social media.


And now the voice search and vernacular or the multilingual voice experiences are further disrupting the whole set-up. The introduction of vernacular content in digital marketing has simplified things for the consumers and brought on board a whole lot of people who were earlier not comfortable with the online experience. On the other hand, it demands new strategies to ace the digital marketing game for brands and businesses.


Having said this before, I wouldn’t mind reiterating the fact that digital marketing is dynamic! The moment you think you have got it all right, there is some other new development, and it will keep you on your toes. A digital marketing job is far from routine, far from the usual and ordinary. It is power-packed with creativity, logical thinking, reasoning, analysis, and more.


Digital marketing as a Career:


If you are up for challenges and love to be on your toes, away from the mundane and routine robotic work, digital marketing is your go-to job.


A digital marketing course benefits not just the students who enrol and are looking for employment but also the businesses on the lookout for skilled professionals. Further existing digital marketers may want to brush up their skills on relevancy to be on the top of their game. In any scenario, it is a win-win situation. Investing in a digital marketing course is like job insurance. Developing the right skill set will keep you in demand, in the job, and out of insecurity.


For Graduates:


Digital marketing is the best choice for graduates considering embarking on lucrative careers. Any other fancy job requires specialization degrees and a couple of years more of your life before you gain financial independence. Furthermore, many high flying IT jobs these days are susceptible to lay-offs for various reasons, automation being a significant factor. Digital marketing, though has automation tools to make tasks easier, can never be fully automated.


It requires a human brain and touch to make a digital strategy work, in fact, many brains at that. It is a team effort, and automation can never replace the role of a digital marketer. Fresh out of college or even just after 10+2 is an ideal time to get started on your digital marketing learning. A graduate degree only adds to digital marketing certification.


For Working Professionals:


Existing working professionals are at risk of losing their job if they do not upgrade themselves. So for employers and employees, it is the need of the hour to understand the elements of digital marketing and its integration in business and marketing processes. Many giant corporates undertake mass digital marketing training for their employees. It is better to teach your existing, trusted staff rather than employ newbies and teach them everything from scratch.


For a Career Shift:


Then there is the section of people who are either unhappy with their current job or face insecurity. Shifting to a digital marketing career alleviates all of those fears and insecurities, provided you become an expert. Skilled digital marketing professionals are the need of the hour across industry verticals, whether it is educational institutions, the IT sector, the pharmaceutical sector, or even the hospitality sector. Digital marketers are essential and in need everywhere.


Thus, a digital marketing course is a wise investment that you can make no matter which age group or section of professionals you belong to.


Review of the Digital Scholar Digital Marketing Program


Diving straight into the Digital Scholar digital marketing program, for residents of Chennai, this is a familiar name. For the non-Chennaiites, there is the online Digital Scholar digital marketing program. Digital Scholar is a leading institute and one of the top 10 digital marketing institutes in Chennai. The founder, Sorav Jain, is also one of the very popular digital marketers, especially in social media marketing.


We will review both the online and offline Digital Scholar digital marketing programs today.


A Brief Introduction to Digital Scholar:


Digital Scholar Digital Marketing Program Review


An extension of echoVME, Digital Scholar took shape in 2019 in Chennai. It is an agency-styled digital marketing institute by Sorav Jain, a well-known figure in the digital marketing industry. With custom training, the Digital Scholar digital marketing program caters to students, corporates, and entrepreneurs.


The institute has a perfect blend of classroom learning and on-the-job training, ensuring all students are employable. They aim at creating industry vertical specific digital marketing programs to benefit niche specializations.


The distinct learning approach at the Digital Scholar digital marketing program is that of the agency learning approach where students learn at an individual level but perform as a group or agency.


The learning culture at Digital Scholar ensures career growth as well as business growth. Entrepreneurs or individuals looking at a startup learn how and where to target their marketing efforts. They learn strategies, gain subject matter expertise, solve complex issues through innovative solutions, and hands-on training allows them to polish their practical skills.


For individuals looking at a career shift or freshers looking at getting into the digital marketing industry, it is the right place to get a solid foundation in all digital marketing concepts, learn to work in an agency-styled environment such that they fit into their job roles from day one itself. The Digital Scholar digital marketing program also equips individuals with the required knowledge to function as professional freelancers.



A little something about the founder, Sorav Jain:


Sorav Jain is a branding expert, an agency owner, and a trainer with award-winning campaigns to his credit. With 10+ years of experience in his agency, he noticed a gap in the skills of the graduates and the skills required by the digital marketing industry. As a skilled consultant and trainer himself, starting an institute like Digital Scholar to address the graduate-employee skills gap was the most logical step to follow.


Starting his career at the tender age of 17 as an SEO executive, Sorav now heads the echoVME digital marketing agency, which has an impressive and elite list of clientele. Having trained over 100,000 professionals in digital marketing, he has also been a keynote speaker at various prestigious events and continues to host programs for corporate training as well.


From receiving awards to being a keynote speaker, to even authoring books, Sorav Jain has done it all.


Courses at Digital Scholar:


Digital Scholar is a premier digital marketing institute and has only digital marketing courses on offer. The courses on offer are the three months flagship course and the online digital marketing course.


3 Months Flagship Course:


Program Overview:

This is the flagship digital marketing program at Digital Scholar that focuses on core digital marketing skills. During the training, participants are exposed to the latest trends in the industry and get hands-on training and graduate as skilled digital marketers.



The only criterion is being 18 and above, 10+2 or equivalent with basic computer skills and knowledge of the English language.


Course Duration:

It is a three months intensive training course. The weekday classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The weekend classes are on Saturday and Sunday. So there is flexibility in terms of timing and days.



The founder Sorav Jain, himself, is one of the instructors, taking an active part in the training. Apart from him, there are separate subject matter expert trainers for different segments. An SEO expert, an SMM expert, independent mentors for WordPress and landing pages, for content writing, an Instagram specialist, a photographer and videographer expert, and also a Facebook ads specialist. Undoubtedly the Digital Scholar digital marketing program has a wonderful panel of experts as mentors.



The flagship course has 12 main modules providing the participants with a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Individual subject matter experts mentor respective modules to give participants the best in-depth knowledge. The modules include:


Social Media Management:

Learn about the power of social platforms with strategies that work for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. You will learn how to create, analyze, schedule, and engage audiences on each of these platforms.


Content Writing Course:

Learn the art of creative content ideation for various platforms such as websites, blogs, and social media.


WordPress Management:

Learn how to create a WordPress website and use it for personal branding.


Search Engine Optimization:

Learn the art of making your website visible through search engine optimization. Get insights into the latest trends of SEO that can improve the quality and increase the quantity of traffic to your website.


Search Engine Marketing:

Learn one of the most effective ways to grow your business by purchasing ads on search engines and increasing your visibility. This module is all about paid advertisements that appear on the search engine results page or the SERP.



Any automation improves efficiency and saves time, so is the case with digital marketing. Learn all about marketing automation to save time and improve performance.


Email Marketing:

Learn how to build, manage, and engage your email list. Email marketing is a potent form of marketing that has been around for years and still generates excellent ROI.


For more in-depth information on email marketing, give our article – Digital marketing course review at Digiperform a read through.


Personal Branding:

If you want to survive as a solopreneur or entrepreneur or even otherwise, it is an excellent thought to build your personal brand. Learn to develop and manage your personal brand in this module.


Reputation Management:

Learn to create a positive online reputation. It bodes well for your personal branding as well. Also, learn the best ways to tackle crises and retain your reputation.


Agency Orientation:

This is the differentiator module compared to other digital marketing institutes, where Digital Scholar steps in to teach all participants how to work in agency culture. Their ideology of learning as an individual but working as a team goes a long way as no digital marketing is a one-person show. Constant coordination with the rest of the team improves the efficiency of the overall digital marketing strategy.


Event Management:

Another vital module is where participants learn how to conceptualize, execute, and promote events. Live case studies help participants understand the nuances involved.


Making Money Online:

Finally, a module to learn all how participants can earn money from the skills they learn from the Digital Scholar digital marketing program. It includes information on affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, Google Adsense, etc.



Participants get 12 certifications at the end of the flagship course, including those from Hubspot, Bing, Google, and more.


Additional Benefits:

You get to work in an agency ambience, work as a team, and learn from real-life case studies. Learning from individual subject matter experts and having a blog and domain name to experiment and test the concepts for real helps with the practical part of learning.


Career Assistance:

The team at Digital Scholar helps with building your resume and social profile and also provide direct placement opportunities through their agency connect and industry partners.

Student Reviews:

Enriching and inspiring, passionate and dedicated team, informative learning, real-time, in-depth learning, good vibes, and energy, covers all fundamental concepts step-by-step, friendly and calm trainers, awesome guidance, fun-filled environment, first-hand agency experience, guarantee placements, feel like a Digital Scholar already. These are some of the student reviews for you for the Digital Scholar digital marketing program.



Agency Styled Digital Marketing Course Online


Program Overview:

This program focuses on all-around strategies with an agency-style training approach.



Students who are graduates and looking for a career opportunity, professionals looking at honing their digital marketing skills, freelancers wanting to earn passive income, homepreneurs looking at boosting their income, and entrepreneurs looking at scaling their business through digital marketing skills.


Course Duration:

The course has 80+ hours of content, of which 72 hours are live classes. The institute recommends four hours a week, and participants can complete the course in three months.



The trainers are the same as that for the flagship course and include individual subject matter experts. The guest lecturers are eminent digital marketing personalities who have niche specialities. Some of these star guest lecturers include Abhishek Shah, Siddharth Rajsekar, Deepak Kanakraju, Avi Arya, Sanjay Shenoy, Digital Pratik, Gaurav Gurbaxani, Kulwant Nagi, Mithesh Kothari, Shama Hyder, Rohan Mehta, Shrenik Gandhi, and Michael Janda.



The institute has a meticulously designed curriculum with 72 hours of live classes split into 16 modules, which include:

  • Orientation and Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Art of Branding yourself
  • Content Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Facebook Ads Mastery
  • Sales Funnels Mastery
  • Email Marketing and Automation
  • Instagram Influencer Mastery
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Youtube Mastery
  • Google Analytics
  • SM Branding and Media Planning
  • Quora Marketing
  • Whatsapp Marketing
  • Agency Management
  • International Freelancing.



There are three specializations to power your niche, and participants can opt for any of them. The specializations include those of affiliate marketing, analytics, and copywriting.


Affiliate Marketing: This specialization will help you learn how to create digital products and sell them, Amazon affiliate program, monetize blogs, and partner with brands for various affiliate programs.


Analytics: Those with an analytical mindset can opt for this specialization. It includes learning in-depth about analytics, integrating data with marketing platforms, Google tag manager, analytical tools, data-driven decision making, all with case studies, and live projects.


Copywriting: For those inclined towards writing, this specialization will teach you about copywriting versus content writing, the AIDA formula, writing compelling sales copy, powerful calls to action, writing copies for B2B and B2C, again with case studies and live projects.


Projects and Case Studies:

Each module comes with assignments and case studies. There are a total of 43 assignments and ten live case studies.



Upon course completion, participants receive the Digital Scholar Course Completion Certificate. The deserving candidates who showcase excellence and consistency get an opportunity to intern at echoVME Digital. Upon completion of the internship, such participants also receive the internship certificate from echoVME.


Additional Benefits:

The industry projects and case studies are the most significant aspect of this digital marketing program where participants learn how to run campaigns on various platforms, understand the setting of goals and budgets, understand marketing funnels, and also learn to interpret metrics and optimize them.


Apart from that, the feedback sessions, industry networking, community support, career support, and lifetime access to DS learning Hub are excellent benefits.


Career Assistance:

Since Digital Scholar has the benefit of industry partners through echoVME, participants get an excellent placement opportunity. Through their agency journey, they have a network of over 100+ companies.


Besides, there is the career enhancement cell to ensure participants get the desired grooming in terms of industry mentorship, mock interviews, and career coaching with placement drives.


Student Reviews:

Digital Scholar is a leading digital marketing institute in Chennai, has a lot many students who have graduated from it and hence a lot many reviews online. There are reviews on Quora, all of which are positive, and then there are Google reviews. Overall, there is a unanimous voice of the reviews-positive.


Final Thoughts on the Digital Scholar Digital Marketing Program:


Agency-style learning is what differentiates the Digital Scholar digital marketing program. Participants learn how to pitch and get the client on board. Then there are the group assignments, where all participants learn teamwork and develop plans and execute digital marketing strategies as a team.


The biggest plus is the case studies and the cumulative brainstorming. The more the inputs, the more is the variety of thoughts ensuing in healthy discussions. Group learning provides many solutions as against individual learning where you can think of just one solution. Furthermore, the Digital Scholar digital marketing program sensitizes you to the dos and don’ts within an agency, so your first job at an agency is a breeze.


Some reasons the Digital Scholar digital marketing program scores well are:

  • A structured digital marketing course syllabus
  • Live projects
  • Agency experience
  • Learning from experts and even having guest lectures from star digital marketers
  • Finally, what counts is the placement assistance.


This digital marketing institute clearly has some great placement partners, and deserving candidates can expect decent placement.





Digital marketing is not something you can learn by seeing or reading. It is something to learn by doing. The more you do, the better you learn. The more you get your hands dirty with trial and error, the stronger is your learning and understanding of all concepts of digital marketing. Moreover, you will not remember things that you read for long, but what you learn from doing remains with you forever.

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