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Top 12 Digital Marketing Courses in Nepal With Placements

Today, in this article, we’re going to cover the top 12 digital marketing courses in Nepal. Since digital marketing has become one of the most popular courses, several institutes offer impeccable training in digital marketing globally. The institutes mentioned here in this article offer online, immersive training in digital marketing so that you don’t have to go out of your houses in these uncertain times.



Digital Marketing Courses in Nepal


You can upskill from the safety of your homes conveniently. Nepal has a variety of industries like tourism and hospitality, textiles, manufacturing. These industries can benefit immensely from digital marketing courses in Nepal by learning how to further their prospects by leveraging the online domain.


Here is a list of the top 12 digital marketing courses in Nepal along with their syllabus to help you make a more informed decision on taking up a course that will help you to prosper in your career. 



IIM SKILLS is regarded as one of the top edtech institutes that offer exemplary learning in different professional courses. They have one of the finest Digital Marketing Courses In Nepal with important features incorporated in the course. They also conduct premium programs like their flagship Content Writing Course, Online GST Course, and CAT Coaching. 


The mentors have designed the curriculum in such a manner that it covers all the crucial aspects of the digital marketing world. Not only do you get a complete idea of the theoretical aspects, but you also get ample practical training to bolster your knowledge and get job-ready. The Digital Marketing Master Certification also offers a world of opportunities to students and freshers for both jobs and freelance options. 


The training program is all-encompassing covering key aspects including live projects that help you to get comfortable with the practical implementation of the modules. 


You have free tools learning materials, and resources to help you get familiar with digital marketing concepts. 



The Digital Marketing Course is a rigorous training program comprising 180 hours of learning with in-depth practical projects. You get a Master’s Certification from IIM SKILLS and training for 13 other certifications of repute like Facebook, Hubspot, Google, and others. You also get access to tools worth Rs 79000+ for free. 


Reviews and testimonials of IIM Skills digital marketing course


Course Duration – 3 Months with 15+ Practical Assignments.

The Course Fee for the Program is 47,739 Nepalese Rupees approximately (Excluding 18% GST). 

Topics Include

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Designing
  • Web Development Fundamentals
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Strategy
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization, and Marketing
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Creating Digital Campaigns 
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Media Buying and Planning
  • Digital Infographics Resume Creation
  • Video Marketing and Its Benefits
  • Digital Marketing Overview 
  • Web Development 
  • Understanding Of Content Management System
  • WordPress Customization 

All these topics mentioned above are implemented in practical projects. You will have live assignments to test your understanding of the subjects. 


The image states the trusted brand partners of IIM Skills

Some of the tools covered are

  • WooCommerce
  • MailChimp
  • Google Ads
  • Amazon
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest
  • Twitter and Facebook Ads
  • WordPress
  • SemRush
  • Google Analytics. 


With an extensive syllabus and excellent teaching methodology, IIM SKILLS helps you to garner a superior understanding of all the vital aspects of digital marketing. There are more than 10 case studies to strengthen your knowledge of the core topics. This will invariably give you an edge over your competitors. The course will also be instrumental in opening up newer and more challenging job avenues through the extensive doubt resolution sessions.

Contact Information

Phone: 9911839503

Website: https://iimskills.com/digital-marketing/



2. Broadway Infosys

Broadway Infosys is one of the most comprehensive computer training institutes in Nepal offering a plethora of IT courses. Ever since they were founded in 2008, they have worked towards creating professional courses to help students find their calling and turn into expert professionals. 


They have one of the best digital marketing courses in Nepal, the course is carefully designed and industry-oriented. Moreover, they offer job placements to top students in the digital marketing domain. 


Several digital marketing courses at Broadway Infosys help students to upskill and become competent to work in the online domain. The courses are as follows:


  • Basic SEO Training – 2 months
  • Advanced SEO Training – 2 months
  • Digital Marketing Training – 2 Months
  • Google Ads Training – 2 weeks


Let’s delve a little deeper into the digital marketing training program. 

Course Topics

  • Digital Marketing Trends 
  • Principles Of The Internet Marketing System 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Search Engine Algorithms 
  • Web Designing 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Keyword Implementation 
  • Blogging 
  • Blogging Tools 
  • Fundamentals Of Structured Data 
  • Content Writing And Marketing 
  • Content Strategy 
  • Methods Of Link Building 
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Web Analytics 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization


They are an ISO certified 9001:2015 company and have gotten lots of accolades for their exceptional training and mentor assistance. For details on the mode of training and other information, you have to contact them at the office. 

Contact Information

Broadway Infosys 

Nepal Private Limited 

Shri Ganesh Marg 

Tinkune Suvidha Nagar 

Kathmandu 44600

Phone: 9841002000, 9808724535. 


IIM SKILLS Nepal Digital marketing course invite


3. School of IT

School of it Nepal conducts some of the most career-oriented IT training courses that help to get your foot in the door in the IT industry. They conduct remote training programs and help you with internship and job placements. Their courses are CTEVT certified. They also ensure to have the most updated digital marketing courses in Nepal. Furthermore, they incorporate the latest developments in the course material promptly.


The course is conducted virtually and can be accessed through any device to study. 

School of IT or School of Information Technologies has two courses SEO and Digital Marketing Training.


Digital Marketing Course Curriculum

  • Online Marketing Introduction 
  • Website Set-Up 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Blog Marketing 
  • Content Strategy & Marketing 
  • Web Analytics 
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Google Adsense 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Youtube Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Search And Map Optimization 
  • Basics Of Local Search Engine Optimization 
  • Online Reputation Management Course
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Brand Strategy

You can view the details of all upcoming classes on their website and can choose accordingly. Other than the digital marketing training, they offer courses in Web Designing, Python, AutoCAD, Java, Android app among others.


Contact information

Raja Janak Marg , Tinkune 



Phone 977-14117 999, 977-986 166 6678, 977-9 9818863635


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4. IT Training Nepal

IT Training Nepal is a brand unto itself. It is one of the most popular institutes offering digital marketing courses in Nepal since its inception in 2010. They offer diverse professional computer training in programming languages and offer courses in digital marketing and other internet modules for students and professionals. 


Their courses are conducted every day from morning to evening. Students interested in taking up any of the courses will have to register on the website and get all the information. Classes are held online every day, each session for 1.5 hours. 


Let’s look at the course topics in detail 

Syllabus of digital marketing at IT Training Nepal

  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns 
  • Search Engine Optimization With Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals 
  • Podcasting 
  • Copywriting 
  • Microblogging 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Promoting Your Business 
  • Online Marketing Strategies


Their digital marketing course is designed in such a way that it helps people to have a successful career in the online domain be it social media, blogging, web marketing, online customer management, search engine marketing, or electronic advertising. 


There are no requisite criteria to join the digital marketing training at IT Training Nepal. If you aspire to become an excellent professional in digital marketing, you can enroll in the course and gain extensive knowledge on the different modules. All the other details like course fee and duration of the entire course will be available to you once you contact them.


Contact Information

Putalisadak, Kathmandu 

Nepal 44600

Phone 977014240005, 977014246070


IIM SKILLS Nepal Digital marketing course invite


5. Elance Digital Media 

Elance digital media believes in providing the utmost assistance in every way to its students. They enable the students to achieve perfection and to make their mark in the online industry. They are one of the most well-rated digital marketing courses in Nepal. 


Course Name – Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course (CDMPC).

The course curriculum has been meticulously prepared after discussion and brainstorming with digital marketing companies. This is to incorporate all the elements required to excel in the digital marketing field. 


The course comprises practical insights and lives training that will help you to become confident digital marketers. You will be able to create complex online strategies with ease. 


The course is ideally suited to business owners and professionals who want to work as digital marketing experts in an organization. The course is upgraded from time to time incorporating the new information as and when they occur in the online domain. 


Elance Digital media also offers two courses certification courses in internet training.

  • Digital Marketing Training 
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization Training. 


The digital marketing professional courses for 3 months duration. You get dedicated mentors offering top-grade training with a placement guarantee. You also have 10 certifications including Google, Hubspot, and certification from Elance academy.


The syllabus is divided into several modules that include the following topics:

  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Blogging 
  • Best Practices For Blogging 
  • Youtube Marketing 
  • Making Money Online 
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Lead Generation Techniques 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Crisis Management 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Google Adsense 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • E-commerce Marketing 
  • Website Testing 
  • Marketing Automation Techniques And Concept 
  • Viral Marketing 
  • Lead Generation


This course is suited to people without experience as well as absolute freshers. Professionals can bolster their knowledge and grow their business by getting leads after the course is completed. Freshers can strengthen their existing skillsets and acquire the necessary skills that are required to get ahead in their careers. 


Contact information

Chuchepati, Chabahil, 

Kathmandu Nepal

Phone 9779818097976


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6. TDM Nepal

TDM Nepal or Trilogy Digital Media is one of the top-rated digital marketing consultancies in Nepal. They provide a diverse range of digital marketing services along with a very high-grade digital marketing training program. 


They help you to get insights into the digital marketing process and industry. The techniques and strategies help you to become job-ready and improve your creative and analytical skills. The various practical project incorporated in the course help you to hone your skills. You can then implement best practices for Digital Marketing modules. 


You can get all the details about the duration of the course and the fee by contacting them at their office. 


The different courses in the category of digital marketing training are as follows:

  • Digital Marketing Training 
  • Digital Advertising Certification Course 
  • Search Engine Optimization Training 
  • Social Media Marketing Training 
  • Creative Content Writing Training 
  • Graphic Designing Program 
  • Website Development Program 
  • Google Ads Training 
  • Advanced SEO Training


The syllabus for digital marketing training is as follows

  • The Different Techniques And Strategies Of Presentation
  • Identifying Your Niche 
  • Blogging 
  • Understanding Your Customer Persona 
  • Creating Social Media Marketing Strategy 
  • Detailed Study Of Social Media Platforms 
  • Key Concepts Of Content Marketing And Strategy 
  • Social Media Content Creation 
  • What Is Return On Investment 
  • Generating And Calculating Return On Investment 
  • Media Buying And Selling 
  • Budget Allocation For Digital Marketing Campaign 
  • Running Efficient Business Ads 
  • Web Analytics 
  • Consumer Buying Cycle


The mentors are very helpful and provide you with tips to have a 360 degree understanding of online marketing. There are weekly tests to assess your progress. These help to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. The course is industry-specific and the real-time projects help you to get a first-hand experience of implementing digital campaigns. 

Contact Information

Mid Baneshwar, 

Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone 977-4499781/449782

IIM SKILLS Nepal Digital marketing course invite


7. Techaxis

Techaxis is a premier IT institute established in 2017 in Lalitpur Nepal. Techaxis has been instrumental in creating successful careers for a lot of professionals, and students in different IT sectors. The courses are designed for both IT and non-IT students for them to achieve brilliance in their respective careers. 


The course syllabus is formulated keeping in mind the industry trends and is job-specific. Their main objective is to help you become more proficient in your professional lives creating remarkable careers for yourselves.


Other than their popular digital marketing course, they also provide training in Java, PHP, Python, and CCNA. 


The digital marketing syllabus at Tech Axis comprises the following modules

  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Content Writing Best Practices 
  • Digital Marketing Tools And Applications 
  • Link Building 
  • SEO Guidelines 
  • Website Analysis 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Website Optimization 
  • Metrics For Social Media 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization 
  • Understanding Of Search Engine Algorithms 
  • SEO Tracking 
  • Digital Integrated Strategy 
  • Internet Marketing And How It Works 
  • Traditional And Digital Marketing 
  • Types Of Digital Marketing 
  • Indexing 
  • On-Page, Off-page Optimization 
  • Workflows 
  • Google Mapping 
  • Pay Per Click Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Social Media Strategy Including Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus. These Chapters Have A Lot Of Sub-modules Covered. 

Contact information

Kathmandu Nepal 44700

Phone 97715537592


8. SEO Training Nepal 

SEO Training Nepal is one of the leading names for digital marketing courses in Nepal. The syllabus is designed to suit students, working professionals, small and medium business owners, digital marketing professionals, social media strategists, freelancers, and individuals wanting to start their careers in digital marketing. 


The digital marketing program at SEO training Nepal is for 40 days. The course fee is Rs 20000 per person.


Topics include

  • Introduction To Digital Marketing Concepts 
  • Website Optimization 
  • The Benefits Of Having Your Own Website 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Webmaster Tool 
  • Google Maps And Analytics 
  • Google Adsense 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • E-commerce Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Social Media Advertisements Including Youtube And Facebook Ads 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Targeted Advertising 
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Link Building 
  • Web Analytics 
  • Best Practices For Blogging Among Others. 

Contact information

KTM Bagbazar (Near old Bus park) 


Phone 977-014243968, 4246249, 9851029233


9. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy has a variety of digital marketing classes of which the digital marketing masterclass is the most popular one. They offer the most extensive digital marketing courses in Nepal with emphasis on practical assignments and understanding of the core concepts in-depth. Knowledge Academy also offers a lot of flexibility in training. You have location training, classroom training, and on-site training. 


Let’s look at the curriculum in the institute

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals 
  • Impact Of Digital Marketing 
  • Online Campaign Planning 
  • Digital Marketing Techniques 
  • Campaign Strategy 
  • Multichannel Marketing 
  • Integrated Marketing 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Content Strategy 
  • The Advantages Of Inbound Marketing 
  • Successful Content Strategy Examples 
  • Social Media And Its Impact On Businesses 
  • Email Newsletters 
  • PPC 
  • Integrated Marketing Communications 
  • Return On Investment 
  • Best Practices For Blogging 
  • Content Creation
  •  Digital Integrated Campaigns 

Contact information

Trade Tower, Ground Floor, 

Thapathali Kathmandu

Phone 911815047001. 


10. Digital Vidya 

Digital Vidya is a popular name to reckon with in the digital marketing training world. It has some of the most comprehensive training modules. The Certified Digital Marketing Course comprises 44 modules with more than 100 hours of class. 


There are practical assignments for 140+ hours and internship opportunities. You also get training for certifications for Facebook, Hubspot. It is ideal for marketing professionals to upskill, for sales professionals, and the traditional marketers to start their own freelance business. It is also great for business owners and entrepreneurs who can understand lead generation and promote their businesses online. 


Topics covered are as follows:

  • Search Engine Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Web Analytics 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Facebook Marketing 
  • Marketing Principles 
  • Digital Strategy 
  • Branding 
  • Analytics Measurement 
  • Case Studies 
  • Campaign Building And Management 
  • Digital Marketing Trends 
  • Tools Used For Web Marketing 
  • Conversion Optimization 
  • Lifecycle Emails And Many More

Contact Information

Phone 9111 475 97475, 9180 1003 3033


IIM SKILLS Nepal Digital marketing course invite


11. Digital Terai 

Digital Terai is one of the top digital marketing agencies that can boast of working with some of the most elite clients. They also conduct a plethora of digital marketing courses in Nepal. The Digital Terai Academy is one of the finest institutes offering practically oriented, industry-specific professional digital marketing programs in Nepal. It helps to strengthen your resume and add to your skill sets and talents.


The courses are meticulously designed to align with industry needs and have been made relevant for planning and executing digital marketing campaigns. The mentors all have more than five years of experience in internet marketing. They offer valuable insights into the world of digital marketing. 


The concepts covered are as follows

  • Digital Marketing And Branding 
  • Content Creation 
  • Social Media Marketing & Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Automation Tools 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Influencer Marketing 
  • Soft Skills And Interview Preparation 
  • SMS Marketing


Salient features

In this program, you will learn the fundamentals to advanced concepts of digital marketing. You will also gain a thorough knowledge of the different digital marketing channels. This includes social media and other communication channels on the web.


In the course, you get a certification of completion as well as course badges to validate your skill sets. You also have provision for soft skills and interview preparation that helps you to get job-ready. 


Contact details


Koteshwar 44700

Phone 9779 863 9920 47


12. Creatu Learning

Creatu Learning is a well-known IT training institute offering digital marketing courses in Nepal. They offer a well-formulated curriculum that covers all the important concepts of digital marketing to help you become competent professionals. They have plenty of live projects to work on. This enables the students to gain knowledge on how digital modules incisively.


The digital marketing course at Creatu Learning comprises several modules that cover the entire digital strategy and planning process.


The topics covered are the following:

  • Integrated Digital Strategy 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Web Analytics 
  • PPC 
  • Email Marketing 
  • On-page Off-page Se
  • Technical Seo 
  • Tracking, Reporting 
  • Social Media Strategy 
  • Blogging 
  • Blogging Best Practices 
  • Mobile Marketing Concepts 
  • Content Creation 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Display Networks Among Many More. 


Some of their key features are:

They have experienced and qualified mentors who have dedicated several years to the world of digital marketing. They are experts in understanding what works in the digital domain and hence offer you help with hands-on live assignments. 

Creatu Learning also offers internship opportunities to the top students. 

The batch size is limited for a more incisive understanding of the topics and better query resolution.

You get insights into how to approach job interviews. There are counseling sessions before the start of the classes, and soft skills training after the course is completed.  

They also provide you with the opportunity to build a network so that you get the proper job opportunities and a more rewarding career


Contact details

Tinkune Kathmandu 


Phone 01-5192060



1. Which is the Best Digital Marketing Course In Nepal? 

There are many very high-grade Digital Marketing Courses in Nepal. The list above mentions some of the premier institutes that offer digital marketing courses. There are both online and offline courses mentioned. It is best to go through the curriculum and other details and to decide the best one for yourself. 


2. How much do Digital Marketing Courses cost in Nepal?

Digital Marketing Courses in Nepal cost anywhere between 20,000 Nepalese Rupees to 65000 Nepalese Rupees. 


3. What are some of the advantages of taking up a digital marketing course in Nepal? 

One of the advantages of enrolling in a Digital Marketing Course in Nepal is that you understand how to operate even the smallest of enterprises in the most efficient manner to get the best Returns on Investment. The world is going digital, and knowledge of digital marketing will open up exciting career choices and business ideas to excel and prosper. 



These are the top Digital Marketing Courses In Nepal that aim to offer you with excellent curriculum. They create competent digital marketing professionals who understand the core skills required to excel in this dynamic and interesting field of internet marketing. With more and more people getting interested in this field of study, it has become mandatory to take some formal training on the subject to gain a more in-depth understanding of the topics. Choose a course that aligns with your preferences and ensure that you get the most out of the course. A very important point is to consider the practical assignments included. Those play a vital role in your comprehension of the complex topics of the web marketing process.

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