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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Liverpool

The world is going digital and our dependency on technology has grown more than ever. Nowadays almost every company is finding an alternative to include technology in their business which will help them grow. Due to this technology-based fields, especially digital marketing has seen a sudden rise in their scope. From top international companies to small local businesses, everyone is turning towards digital marketing to reach out to a large audience and earn more profits. This article will give you the necessary information regarding digital marketing, its scope, and the best digital marketing courses in Liverpool.


List of best digital marketing courses in Liverpool


What is Digital Marketing?

When we promote or advertise any product, service, brand, or anything online on the internet and other forms of communication devices that are internet based, to reach out to a larger number of people and potential customers, then it is referred to as digital marketing.

The types of platforms used are different types of search engines, websites, social media sites, Emails, different mobile apps, text messages, etc. since all the platforms used are digital and online hence, it is sometimes also called online marketing.

Nowadays the majority of people use smartphones hence they use some or other kind of digital platform where they can see advertisements based on their search history and get connected to various brands and services advertising online.

There is a wide variety of strategies, to approach customers, used in digital marketing such as:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Website marketing


Digital marketers are responsible for making innovative strategies that involve different complexly related channels to make their content impactful by using a method called engagement marketing which is a form of advertising in which data is collected over time based on which the content is made interesting and compelling enough for people to become customers and also want to return.

Since this method allows people to engage willingly hence it is known as engagement marketing. This type of advertising helps brands to catch the eye of customers, build a reputation and popularity of the brand and help increase sales as well because there is a high chance of people to come back and buy products of the brand they know and remember.


Different Types of Digital Marketing 

There are different types used in digital marketing. Some of them are mentioned below.


  • SEO

Search Engine Optimisation a.k.a. SEO is a term used for a strategy used in digital marketing in which digital marketers work on the visibility of a site on various search engines. When people search for something on search engines like google, they tend to click the links that are instantly visible to them. This visibility is enhanced by digital marketers and it helps to gain the attention of possible customers.


  • Pay Per Click

Pay per click a.k.a. PPC is a type of advertising in which ads are placed at the top of the page that we get after searching anything on a search engine. Whenever you click such a link the publisher of that link gets paid a certain amount of money by the advertiser.

Such type of advertising is used to increase the number of people that click on that particular website and sometimes it is designed in such a way that these links would appear only when you enter some particular keywords or search words.

This type of advertising method is effective because it depends on the data collected from a person’s online pattern and can increase traffic by showing ads that are relevant to that particular person at the appropriate time.


  • Social Media Marketing 

This type of method involves advertising through social media. Now with the ease of connecting with the audience through social media, it’s really important to engage with your audience with the help of relatable content on your social media page. The more engaging your posts are, the more chances your audience to be a customer and even encourage their knowns to be a customer as well.


  • Content Marketing 

It is a type of marketing that is done through quality content. The content can be written or visual and usually, it is informative. The quality of the content should be good enough to make it engaging and it’s designed in such a way that it reaches the audience that is targeted.


It is a type of marketing done on digital devices via SMS, in-app advertisements, etc. Since everyone uses some or the other kinds of digital devices, this method of advertising can be used effectively to reach out to customers.


  • Email Marketing 

This type of marketing is done through emails. It is one of the most direct and quick ways to reach your customers. If done correctly and strategically this method has the potential to attract a lot of attention from customers.


  • Affiliate Marketing 

This type of advertising kind of works on profit sharing approach. There are affiliate links that help us promote our products. If someone clicks on that affiliate link and buys the product, then that particular affiliate gets a certain percentage of our sales. Interestingly we don’t need to pay those affiliates directly, they only get paid if a sale is made through their link.

This advertising ethos helps to broaden our reach. If we don’t want to go for an influencer and pay them for the promotion of our products then we can go for such affiliates where we don’t need to pay them directly.


  • Marketing Automation 

This type of advertising involves automating the tasks that are done manually and are repetitive hence, it saves a lot of time allowing advertisers to spend more time on other issues. This method helps companies to find out which of their marketing strategies and programs are working and which of them doesn’t so that they can make necessary changes and work for growth.


Different Types of Jobs in Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is a vast field with a large number of job opportunities. Some of these job roles are:


  • Digital Marketing Manager

DMM or digital marketing manager is in charge of creating marketing strategies and campaigns that help a company to grow and promote its services and products. DMM help to make a brand’s identity and increase its sales and recognition by driving more and more traffic to the brand’s website.


  • Content Strategist 

A content strategist or CS is responsible for developing interesting content that is engaging, related to the business, and also targets the audience. Their job is as their name suggests, content strategists are the people who strategies the content in a way to reach more targeted people and increase the brand value of the brand.

Since a content strategist is in charge of communicating to the audience convincingly and needs to have a thorough knowledge of search engine optimization and should have some good abilities in writing.


  • Conversion Rate Manager

Conversion rate manager or optimizer also known as CRO helps in getting new customers for the brand. The CRO is responsible for converting website traffic or people who visit the website into possible customers.


  • Pay-per-click Manager

The pay-per-click manager or specialists are the people who are responsible for managing several campaigns that are promotional and based on pay-per-click or PPC strategy including its strategy, design, SEO, execution, etc.

PPC managers need to constantly work toward the keywords that are searched most by consumers and they also need to stay up to date as these trends keep changing. This job is quite demanding and is also highly desirable because it is based on skills and not degrees.


  • Search Engine optimizer 

The search engine optimizer is also known as SEO or search engine marketing specialist also known as SEM is the people extremely important for the growth of any business as they are responsible to design the content of a web page in such a way that it ranks high when someone searches the related keyword on the search engines like google. This helps in gaining more visitors who might turn into possible customers.


  • Email Marketing Specialist

An email marketing specialist or EMS is a person responsible for marketing through emails. An EMS creates email lists and sends emails consisting of promotional campaigns to possible consumers. The emails sent are kind of a written communication and hence need to be strategically precise and appropriate for the customers.

On average a digital marketer may earn around 27000 pounds every year in Liverpool but this varies depending on the company, your field of interest, and also your experience in the industry.


Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing is an extensive field that allows a vast number of courses available online as well as offline to choose from. Below is the list of top digital marketing courses in Liverpool.

  • BBA in digital marketing
  • MBA in digital marketing
  • Diploma in digital marketing
  • Certificate in social media marketing
  • Diploma in marketing management
  • Diploma in Email marketing
  • BSc in digital marketing
  • MSc in digital marketing
  • Advanced diploma in digital marketing
  • Certificate in digital marketing
  • Postgraduate diploma in digital marketing
  • Postgraduate certificate in digital marketing


The above programs take about 3 months to a few years to complete depending on the type of program you choose. The best thing about these courses is you can easily choose to study online or through distance education while doing your job since this course is all about marketing through digital platforms.


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Digital Marketing Institutes in Liverpool

Below is a list of top institutes offering digital marketing courses in Liverpool.



Even though this institute is in India, it gives good competition to institutes offering Digital Marketing Courses in Liverpool. They offer an instructor-led online course in digital marketing and hence can be enrolled students from all around the world. They offer live training with paid internships.

IIM SKILLS also offer lifetime access to the course once you enroll with them. They also offer practical knowledge with various certifications that help students in getting a job.

Syllabus: Their syllabus includes topics like web development, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, google AdWords, micro video marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, content writing, etc.



IIM SKILLS provides tech support with access to a variety of tools that are useful while working in the field. With a one-time payment for the course, the students receive lifetime access to all the materials, support from experts in the field, and 100% placement. Hence, IIM SKILLS is one of the top online institutes offering digital marketing courses in Liverpool.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


2. Liverpool John Moores University

It is a well-known business school in Liverpool that is accredited by AACSB International. It is known for its quality teaching including the latest trends in the industry and it also offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Liverpool.

Syllabus: The syllabus includes topics like data analysis and its applications, different strategies and planning in digital marketing, psychology of consumers in digital marketing, various methods of research in digital marketing, etc.

They provide practical hands-on knowledge with placement opportunities. They have great facilities available for students such as tech support, a library, etc. They offer degree courses full-time as well as part-time for the convenience of students.


3. University of Liverpool 

This university was founded in 1881, and since then it has been a known university for its high-quality teaching and facilities for research. It offers a variety of courses for students of different fields like medical science, computer science, management, psychology, etc. It is also among the top institutes offering digital marketing courses in Liverpool.

Syllabus: The syllabus includes topics like brand creation, brand management, the behavior of consumers, content marketing, PPC advertising, PR campaigns, SEO strategies, social media marketing, and digital marketing strategies.

They have scholarship facilities for students and they also provide them with practical experience to make the students’ jobs ready. The University of Liverpool offers degree courses part-time and online too for the ease of students.


4. IIDE- The Digital School

IIDE is one of the leading institutes offering digital marketing courses in Liverpool and was awarded by the world education congress awards 2021 for being the best digital marketing institute. They use advanced technology for high-quality teaching and they pay attention to every student by offering one on one mentorship by trained professionals and experts.

Syllabus: Their syllabus includes topics like search engine optimization, design essentials, App Store optimization, copywriting, web analytics, blog monetization, social media marketing, media planning, email marketing, AD psychology, soft skills, etc.

Apart from offering online studies, this institute also offers benefits like job placements, career guidance, certifications at every step, etc.


5. SocialB

Since 2008, SocialB has been training many students, through their high-quality training programs and the latest trends in technology, to become experts in the field. Due to this SocialB is one of the top online institutes offering digital marketing courses in Liverpool.

Syllabus: Their syllabus includes topics like google analytics, website designing, social media management, influencer marketing, Email marketing, and search engine optimization.

SocialB also provides the facility of a 24/7 support group for students so that they can contact them whenever they need it.


6. M Training 

M training offers various professional courses and in-house training to people who want to be an expert in the field. It has also been given a rating of 5 stars by industry experts due to which it is one of the best online institutes offering digital marketing courses in Liverpool.

Syllabus: Their syllabus includes topics like blogging, Facebook ad course, social media training, search engine optimization, google analytics, google ads, email marketing, various short-term courses, etc.

M training offers job opportunities to students. They also offer lifetime support for the students who wish to enroll with them. They also provide practical knowledge to the students to help them get familiar with the work in the industry.


7. British Academy of Digital Marketing 

British Academy works on the basic foundation of students and allows them to work on their practical skills. It is one of the top institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Liverpool. Their courses are online and curated especially for new students in the field.

Syllabus: Their course syllabus includes topics like blogging, content marketing, social media networks, marketing principles, digital consumer, marketing process, etc.

Their course lasts for about 3 months and it is online. So, students who wish to enroll in this course can do so from the comfort of their homes.


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8. University of Glasgow 

The University of Glasgow is one of the most respected and is included in the top 10 universities in the United Kingdom. They offer online courses so that students can enroll from anywhere around the world.

Syllabus: Their syllabus includes topics like theories and methods of marketing, various strategies, management techniques for business, communication and pitch delivery, global business environment, etc.

Their focus is on marketing and business strategies so that students can understand and get a stronghold in the field. The University of Glasgow offers an online course that helps people from all around the world to connect and get enrolled with them. It is one of the best institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Liverpool.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


9. University of Brighton 

The University of Brighton was formed in 1858 and has 3 campuses. They have a good rank in sustainability and their primary focus is professional-level education. This university is one of the best institutes to offer digital marketing courses in Liverpool and anyone looking to get advanced knowledge in the field of digital marketing and also e-commerce can get enrolled with them.

Syllabus: Their syllabus includes topics like various strategies in digital marketing, organizational issues, digital marketing channels like ad words, social network marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, etc.

The University of Brighton is accredited by the chartered institute of marketing. It trains students with live projects and case studies. It also provides students with practical knowledge so that they can be industry ready. They even provide various job opportunities to the enrolled students. This course is taught online for comfort and ease of access for students all around the world.


10. University of Aberdeen 

It is one of the oldest universities in Scotland and has students from around 130 countries. The university is completely research-based and is known for its contributions to the challenges of the real world. They offer one of the best digital marketing courses in Liverpool.

Syllabus: Their syllabus includes topics like digital market research, search engine optimization, analytics, content marketing, multimedia strategies, development in digital strategy, marketing routes, social media advertising, tracking campaigns, ad networks, advanced analytics, consultancy, contracting, managing projects, etc.

The University of Aberdeen is an accredited university by the chartered institute of marketing. It offers students quality education by experts in the industry and also offers career support to the enrolled students to help them with the difficulties they face in their careers. The course offered is completely online offering one of the best digital marketing courses in Liverpool.


Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing Courses in Liverpool


1. Which is the best institute for digital marketing?

The best institute for digital marketing courses is IIM SKILLS. Their courses are completely online which allows people from all over the world to enroll with them. They offer complete step-by-step guidance in the field giving students confidence and making them industry ready. From starting the course to getting a job they provide one on one help to students to ensure that everyone who has enrolled with them is taken care of.


2. What is the salary in digital marketing?

The average salary in digital marketing per year is somewhere around 27,000 pounds. But salary depends mainly on the company, your area of expertise, and how much experience you have in the field.


3. What are the eligibility requirements for digital marketing?

If you are just starting ie the industry, then you are required to complete 10+2 and you can simply pursue after that. Many people start after graduating and some even in high school. But if you want to pursue postgraduate programs then you are required a graduate degree from a recognized university.


4. Is it difficult to do a digital marketing course?

No, it is not difficult. With the correct guidance and a good institute, you can not only understand the basics of digital marketing but can also become an experienced specialist in the field.


5. What are some job opportunities for beginners in this field?

There is a variety of fields with numerous job opportunities for beginner students in digital marketing, some of them are:

  • Search engine optimization manager
  • search engine marketing manager
  • email marketing manager
  • social media marketing manager
  • Web development manager
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Content marketing manager

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