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4 Best Digital Marketing Courses in East London

Have you also stumbled upon the world of digital marketing and seeking the best digital marketing courses in East London? It’s not surprising since in today’s world when the whole world is on the internet, Businesses have to market their products digitally so as to increase revenue. Especially after COVID-19, the prospects of a career in digital marketing have increased manifold since from the comfort of their homes consumers can know about a product’s USPs. You can be a freelancer, a Digital Marketer in some Company, or an entrepreneur looking to increase your sales and revenue.


List of best digital marketing courses in East London


Since the significance of Digital Marketing is increasing day by day, there is a vast scope for having a career in the digital marketing field. Let us help you in finding the best Digital Marketing courses in East London, but first, let us delve into understanding Digital Marketing.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is basically promoting or marketing your products/services online. Businesses use online channels such as social media, emails, search engines, etc to connect with current and prospective customers. Since it is an ever-changing sector, knowledge of various tools and strategies is required to always be on top of your game. Since digital marketing is vital for companies, the job prospects in the field are good.


Why Digital Marketing?

The answer to the above question is simple. Digital marketing offers a variety of benefits to Companies – a cost-effective way of marketing, reaching a large number of consumers, etc. Digital marketing is very crucial to the success of a Business. And so it provides benefits like decent salary, high demand, and good growth opportunities. Let us look at the importance of Digital Marketing in detail-


1. Cost Effectiveness-

Digital marketing is very economical when compared to traditional marketing methods. Traditional marketing includes Paper ads, Hoardings, and Companies that need to have a full-fledged marketing team so which increases staff expenses too. In Digital marketing, knowledge of tools is required.

Most of these tools are free of cost although some may come with annual subscriptions. Effective use of these tools is sufficient in increasing the sales and revenue of a Company.


2. Engaging with Customers of Your Niche-

With the help of Digital Marketing, companies can analyze the behavior of their Company audiences online and can focus their efforts only on those who are very likely to buy their products/services, thereby increasing traffic.


3. Competition With Bigger Brands-

If the Company is small, it is difficult for it to compete with the big players in that industry. A key activity of Digital Marketing is analyzing the competitor. So there are plenty of opportunities to outrank the bigger brands by applying strategic Digital marketing initiatives.


4. Better Reach- A good chunk of the audience base is online today looking for products. Thereby optimizing your digital presence is one of the key ingredients for your Company’s success. With digital marketing, one can reach the right customers at right time. Various mediums of Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing help to provide a better reach audience to Companies.


5. Digital Marketing Can Be Measured-

With traditional marketing techniques, the measurability of marketing can’t be done. In the case of Digital Marketing, Companies can measure their Conversion Rates in real-time. It can help the company to analyze all the metrics that matter including shares, views, clicks, time spent on pages, etc.

With the help of Digital, marketing marketers can see accurate real-time results that result in the success of the company. On the other hand, if the Company is spending money on traditional marketing techniques like hoardings, newspaper ads, etc we can’t be specifically sure whether the ad is responsible for the Consumer buying the product or not.


The Return On Investment(ROI) is measurable in Digital marketing. Let us understand the same with the help of some examples-

a) Content Performance and Lead Generation- Suppose you have created a pamphlet for your Company’s product and put it up on your website. You can easily know how many people viewed the page on which the pamphlet is available and how many people downloaded the same.

Now suppose in the same case you have had a pamphlet printed and sent to the houses of people via newspaper, you can’t calculate how much sales are coming from those pamphlets.


b) Website Traffic- With the help of Digital Analytics Software, Companies can see the exact number of people who have viewed their website’s homepage by using which device. With the help of this intelligence, Companies can prioritize which marketing channel they need to concentrate on more.

With offline marketing, it is difficult for a Company to analyze how consumers are connecting to their brands. With Digital Marketing, Companies can see the trends and patterns of their consumers so that they can make informed decisions about attracting people to their sites.


6. Digital marketing is easier to modify and change- In the case of traditional marketing techniques, companies need to first fully develop the idea and then if it is not garnering the business expected it is difficult to change, whereas in the case of Digital marketing, if it is felt that some Ad is not performing, Companies can stop that ad or pause it for some time, or even change it as need be.


7. Continous Improvement in Sales and Revenue- Since Digital Marketing methods are readily measurable, Companies can improve their conversion rates easily. By continuously modifying their strategies if it is not working, Companies can aim to achieve the highest level of optimization.

Similarly, all leads do not give the same value to a Company. With Digital Marketing, a specific audience can be targeted that is more likely to be converted as the consumers of the Company. This will directly improve the conversion rate.


8. Consumer Engagement At Every Stage-

If a Company is engaging its consumers right from the start it is good since it helps in pushing the lead. With Digital Marketing, Companies can be with their consumers from the start to the end of their journey. This will help in analyzing and understanding their behavior so that maximum leads can get converted.

Since there are various Digital media, Companies generally prefer different types of Digital Marketing Techniques so as to reach the maximum number of consumers. Let us see some of the types of Digital Marketing.


Types of Digital Marketing


1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)-

Optimizing the Company’s website so that it gets ranked higher on the Search engine’s result page when people use search engines like Google. Mainly websites and blogs benefit from SEO.Google frequently updates its algorithms so SEO should be modified regularly so as to be effective.SEO can be approached in the following three ways-

a) On-Page SEO-In this type of SEO, the focus is on the content that is available on the Company’s webpage. It includes optimizing headlines, HTML tags, etc.

b) Off-Page SEO- Digital marketing strategies applied outside, the Company’s website are included in this. Mainly includes actions such as creating backlinks.

c)Technical SEO-Technical SEO ensures that the company’s website is meeting the technical requirements of modern search engines so that it ranks higher in organic rankings. It includes website architecture, indexing, crawling, etc.


2. Content Marketing-

Creating and promoting content so as to generate traffic, brand awareness, and leads for a Company’s product. The main content marketing channels are-

a) Blog Posts- Companies write and publish articles on their websites that help them in demonstrating their Company’s knowledge and in turn generate organic traffic for the website. The sales team then uses this data to convert the traffic into potential customers.

b) Audio or Visual Content- Content is shared online by making a video or audio clips are circulated on the radio.

c) Ebooks and Whitepapers- They mainly educate the people who have landed on the company’s website. Ebooks generally drive growth and traffic whereas whitepapers convert and fill buyer’s journey gaps.


3. Social Media Marketing-

Today maximum people are on some or other social media sites, hence social media provides a good number of consumers for a Company and its products. Companies schedule content for multiple channels at once. It drives traffic, creates brand awareness and generates leads.

Channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc are very popular today for Digital marketing. Since social media is interactive Companies should engage with their leads on these platforms so as to gain trust.


4. Pay Per Click(PPC)-

A publisher gets paid every time the company’s ad is clicked. Google Ads is a very popular Pay Per Click option. It is a very effective marketing strategy because even after knowing that the post is an ad many people still click on the link. Other PPC channels are Facebook Ad posts, Twitter Ad Posts, etc.


5. Influencer Marketing/Affiliate Marketing-

A comparatively new form of Digital marketing, it gives an opportunity to companies to connect with the existing audience of the Influencer. If Companies are able to find the right content creator for their products this stream of Digital Marketing is highly beneficial.


6. Email marketing- Companies have an email subscriber list when consumers land on their webpage.If consumers give permission various types of emails are sent to them like a welcome letter, newsletter, new product launches, etc.


7. Mobile MarketingSpecifically important for Companies targeting younger audiences since most of the younger generation spend a lot of their time online. Mobile marketing gives Companies the opportunity to be with their consumers side by side. Specific focus for the content to be mobile-friendly.


8. Marketing Analytics- Marketing analytics uses data to identify how successful Company’s Digital Marketing practices are by gathering deeper consumer insights. It helps in improving the marketing of the Company thereby increasing return on investment. Since marketing analytics provide very accurate data Company can identify and implement the most accurate digital marketing strategy that fulfills the needs of their ideal customers.


Functions of a Digital Marketer

Companies appoint Digital Marketers so that they can apply efficient Digital marketing technologies and get desired results in form of lead conversion. If the Company is small, generally an individual only looks after all the Digital Marketing but in the case of big Organisations, different specialists are appointed to look after the Digital Marketing needs of the Company. Some of these Specialist Digital Marketers are-


1. SEO Specialist- Their main KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is Organic Traffic). The main function of this specialist is to ensure their Company’s page rank higher on Google’s search engine result page. So they have to work in good coordination with Content Creation so as to ensure that the content created would be in sync with Google’s algorithm.

2. Social Media Manager- Their main KPI follows, shares, etc. Social Media Managers generally create a schedule for posting content on the Company’s social media channels.

3. Content Marketing Specialist- These people are responsible for all the writing and editing of a Company’s Digital Marketing strategies. They should have a knack for writing and should create stand-out blogs, articles, social media content, etc.

Let us look at the skills a Digital Marketer should have.


Essential Skills Excellent Digital Marketer Must Possess-

How do you make yourself stand out from other Digital Marketers? These are some of the important skills a Digital Marketer must possess-


1. Strategic Thinking-

A Digital Marketer should have the skill to keep oneself in their audience’s shoes and understand what they want so as to create Digital Marketing Strategies that result in maximum sales and revenue.


2. Data Analysis-

Since companies want to know how successful their Digital Marketing strategies are, an important skill is Data Analysis. Digital marketers should know various tools available to analyze the data so as to measure the success of their strategies and plan ahead.


3. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM)-

A basic understanding of SEO and how Google’s algorithm works is a wonderful skill to be possessed by a Digital Marketer. For successful Digital marketing, optimizing your content according to Google’s algorithm is a must.


4. Content Marketing-

Content is the heart of any Digital Marketing campaign. Being a digital marketer, you should be able to create high-value content that resonates with your audience, which is SEO friendly and hence ranks higher.


5. Customer Relationship Management CRM-

Understanding your customer’s needs and solving their problems is a key skill in a Digital Marketer. Customer loyalty and hence customer retention can be increased by providing a more emotional and personal experience. Empathy, good listening skills, and communication are important in a digital Marketer.


6. Basic Design Knowledge-


Customers are generally attracted to your content if it is aesthetically pleasing. Good visual content attracts a higher number of views hence Digital Marketers should have a basic knowledge of Photoshop, Canva, etc.


7. Social Media-

One of the most popular platforms for posting relevant content that will connect with your customers. Knowing what to post, when to post, how to use hashtags, create interactive posts are other important criteria for a Digital Marketer.


By now you must have understood what Digital marketing is, its various types, and the skills required to be successful in the field. How will you convince your recruiter that you do possess these basic criteria, or even if you are a freelancer you might not be having knowledge of all the relevant tools? Let us help you with identifying some of the best Digital Marketing courses for you.


Find here the best:


Digital Marketing Courses in East London With Certification

Since you have reached here in the article, I am assuming that you have decided to pursue a career in Digital Marketing or start as a freelancer in the field. Let’s help you in finding the best course for you, that is most suitable according to your needs.


Rank #1. Digital Marketing Courses in East London


Ranking 1st in our list of Digital Marketing Courses in East London, IIM SKILLS is a leading ed-tech Company based out of New Delhi, India. It was founded in 2015. Within a span of 7 years, it has become a top institute for courses in various fields like Finance, Marketing, Writing, etc. The digital marketing course from IIM SKILLS covers every topic in detail and they provide placement facilities too. The paid internship is provided to the participants for 2 months.


Mode: Online


Syllabus/Modules Covered:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Media Buying and Planning
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Web Development at WordPress
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Online Reputational Management
  • Content Writing and Advanced Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing




  • 180 Hours of Training
  • 2months guaranteed paid internship
  • Tools worth Rs79000/- plus
  • Global Placement Support
  • Master Certification from IIM SKILLS
  • Certification Preparation: Google, Hubspot, Facebook blueprint


Program Fees: 

Duration: 5 months (3 months programme+2months paid internship)

Contact Details: +919580740740,

Email- [email protected]


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank #2. Digital Marketing Courses in East London

2. London Business School

Ranked 2nd in our list of Digital Marketing Courses in East London, a certified Digital Marketing Course from London Business School, is a dream of many. With a vision to have a profound impact on the way the world does Business, and the way Business impacts the world, the London Business School was founded in 1964. It is consistently ranked one of the best Business Schools in the world.


Mode- Online


Syllabus/Modules Covered-
The total course covers 11 modules.


1Introduction to Social Media, Internet Marketing, and the 3C Framework
2Content Marketing
3Organic Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
4Paid search marketing and selling on marketplaces
5Digital Marketing in B2B environments
6Mobile App Marketing: Native and social advertising
7Social Media Marketing: Listening and Creating Content
8Social Media: Sharing Content and Building Advocacy
9Personalisation Marketing and Digital Loyalty Programme
10Omnichannel Marketing: Combining Digital with Physical-local
11Omnichannel: Strategy for seamless convergence




1. New digital consumer behavior and how marketing looks different in the social-digital age.

2. The importance of content marketing and the metrics used for its measurement.

3. Search Engines and how they are central to digital marketing success.

4. Strategies that convert best on Google AdWords and Amazon Marketplace.

5. Leverage social networks for mobile advertising.

6. Build advocacy across social networks.

7. Integrate wallets, apps, and payments into one cohesive loyalty strategy.

8. Location-based mobile marketing and how it fits into an omnichannel approach.

9. Strategy involved in creating the omnichannel customer journey.

10. Effect of digitization on B2B selling techniques.

11. The course is convenient since it can be accessed by laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.



6-8 hours/week


Programme Fees- £2250(Flexible payment option available)

For more details kindly contact the official site.


Contact Details-

Telephone Numbers +13159618740 (US)

+442045389599 (UK)

+6531298498 (Singapore)

Mail Id-  [email protected]


Rank #3. Digital Marketing Courses in East London

3. University of East London

Ranking 3rd in our list of Digital Marketing Courses in East London, The University of East London is a career-first university. The University was established in 1898. They have a vision of reshaping education for the benefit of all, giving students from any background the skills and opportunities to thrive in the modern world.


Mode: Offline(Classroom programme)


Syllabus/Modules Covered:

  • Managing strategy, operations, and Partnerships
  • Managing Financial and Human Resources for Sustainable Business Success
  • Managing in a Digital Age and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Mental wealth and Applied Research
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Applied Digital Marketing Project


Optional Modules-

  • Industrial Placement
  • Extended work project



1. The course focuses on two major areas of Digital Marketing – Big Data and Customer Relationship Management so that students make sense of data and develop their decision-making skills according to that.
2. People with strong numerical skills and an aptitude for qualitative and quantitative data analysis will benefit from this course.
3. Course is flexible and accessible. Morning and evening classes both are available.

4. Placement is also available on an option basis with additional charges.


Duration– 12 months

Programme Fees-Kindly contact the official website.

Contact Details- +44 20 8223 3000


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank #4. Digital Marketing Courses in East London

4. National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT)

Ranking 4th in our list of Digital Marketing Courses in East London, NIIT was founded in 1981. It is a renowned Institute offering various courses all over the world in the field of Data Science, Digital Marketing, Banking and Finance, Software engineering, etc.


Mode: Online


Syllabus/Modules Covered:

  • Getting Started With Digital Marketing
  • Getting More Customers And Beating The Competition
  • Using Social Media Effectively
  • Using Paid Search Engine Marketing Wisely
  • Using e-commerce well
  • Business skills
  • Professional skills



  • Online Mentor-Led
  • Hands-on Course
  • Placement Assurance
  • Certifications


Program Fees: USD 950

Contact Details:

[email protected]

[email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Digital Marketing Courses in East London


Q1.What are the qualifications required for enrolling in Digital Marketing Courses in East London?

A1. Although no specific qualification is required for pursuing Digital Marketing courses in East London, a basic Class 12th pass for certification courses and Graduation in any field for Post graduation courses is required.


Q2. How much does a Digital Marketer earn annually?

A2. Depending on the field of Digital Marketing and experience, a Digital marketer earns on an average between USD50,000-USD1,20,000.


Q3. What are the top Digital Marketing Jobs right now?

A3. The following are the top Digital marketing jobs-

  • Content Strategist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Email Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Creators
  • AI Specialist


Conclusion About Digital Marketing Courses in East London-

The demand for Digital marketers is on a rise and will continue to grow exponentially. A Certification in Digital Marketing from these Institutes will brighten your chances of landing a good job in various fields like Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email marketing, etc. The courses will also help you in your career as a freelancer since your client will also get confidence seeing your certifications. Enroll now in one of the institutes offering Digital Marketing Courses in East London for your bright future.

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