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Digiperform Review | Why Digiperform Is The Best Institute

In this article, we will walk you through the digital marketing course review at Digiperform. We will also look into the role of email marketing in digital marketing. Our digital marketing course reviews provide in-depth information about the course structure, course fees, and other key elements about the institute. We have compiled all of the information in one place for your convenience.

image Digiperform Review | Why Digiperform Is The Best Institute

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But before we move on to the review itself, let us explore the different facets of digital marketing.


In the current scenario, traditional marketing is obsolete, and digital marketing rules the roost. So, everything digital is the new buzz; digital devices, digital media, digital marketing, digital technology, etc. With the increasing importance of digital marketing, it is time to ingrain digital marketing into all businesses, small and big.


Digital marketing being dynamic, there is no static formula or strategy. As the customer buying trend evolves, so do the digital marketing channels. A successful digital marketing strategy takes on an integrated, multi-channel approach. Being proactive and keeping up-to-date with the trends that work spell success.


Digital marketing is so vast and has various elements to it. In our article, the top 10 digital marketing courses in Gurgaon, we learned about the search engine optimization specialization, its importance in digital marketing, and career path. Today, we will delve into another important aspect of digital marketing, email marketing.


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What is email marketing?


At the onset, let me tell you, email marketing is not dead yet. It is very much alive and kicking and contributing to digital marketing in significant ways.


Did you know that American programmer Raymond Samuel Tomlinson, way back in 1971, sent the first email ever?


And we are now almost in 2021, and emails are still the most highly used marketing channels.


Email marketing is not just about you and your brand. It is a way to connect with the audience, nurture the leads, and lead them onto becoming a valuable customer. It helps improve sales, conversions, and in turn, revenue.


Emails work and achieve their goal. It is one reason why our mailbox gets inundated with emails. Some emails do put you off and come across as email spam, but a well-crafted email does leave an impact and provide beneficial results.


Email marketing is an art, literally, an art of providing useful information yet carefully leading your customer to believe you know best about their needs. But it doesn’t always have to be about selling products and services. You can use email marketing to share important tidbits, build relationships, boost brand awareness, generate, and nurture leads.


Research reveals customer acquisition is 40 times more effective via email when compared to Facebook and Twitter combined! Statista research speaks of 3.9 billion email users in 2019, with a projected increase to over 347 billion emails daily by 2023.


Another incredible and impressive fact, as per an eMarketer study, is that the median email marketing provides a 122% ROI.


Are these stats enough to convince you of the power of email marketing? I am sure they are more than convincing.


What is the role and responsibility of an email marketing specialist?


Primarily, an email marketing specialist is responsible for building, conceptualizing, developing, optimizing, and finally executing email marketing campaigns. They help create an email list, craft emails, and nurture leads.


There are numerous automation tools to help digital marketers. Similarly, email marketing has automation tools to help send triggered and timed emails to subscribers. The tools have advanced features allowing for customization and personalization. Research also demonstrates that personalized emails are opened and clicked more often and even convert to sales.


The roles and responsibilities of an email marketing specialist are extensive. Some of the essential tasks include:

  • Develop and monitor email marketing campaigns addressing the pain points of the clientele.
  • Compiling and purging email lists
  • Securing email databases
  • Conducting market research to understand customer behaviour
  • Review of former campaigns to analyze strengths and weaknesses
  • Utilizing automation software, creating emails with relevant content, and visual appeal.
  • Monitoring and evaluating each campaign.


An email marketing specialist knows which type of email to use when. There are different types of emails, such as the welcome series, standard promotional campaigns, seasonal campaigns, triggered emails, post-purchase emails, newsletters, cart abandonment campaigns, re-engagement campaigns, and social campaigns.


Requirements to become an email marketing specialist:


Since email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing that drives sales and boosts ROI, a skilled email marketing specialist is of paramount importance. Brands worldwide are leveraging the potential of email marketing to secure leads to drive business growth.


It is a fundamental step to building strong customer relations and ensuring loyalty. However, it is essential to create impactful and engaging emails; else, it is a lost game. Customers will unsubscribe from the mailing list in the blink of an eye if the emails are too pushy, irrelevant, and always only promoting products or services.


Again, the ability to identify customer likes and create the perfect content are some attributes that an email marketing specialist must possess.


Coming to the requirements for becoming an email marketing specialist, these include:

  • Preferably a degree in marketing management, advertising, or communications
  • Experience in creating profitable marketing campaigns
  • Familiarity with marketing automation tools and analytics
  • Excellent copywriting and copy editing capabilities


What is the salary for an email marketing specialist?

The average salary for an email marketing job profile is 2.25LPA for a fresher. It raises to about 7LPA for an experienced professional.


With a boom in digital marketing, there is a great demand for specialist jobs as well, and the email marketing specialists profile has immense potential. A look at Naurki.com, Indeed.com, and other job portals is evidence enough of the demand for email marketing specialists.


Even within the email marketing segment, there are levels of employment. An email marketing intern can expect an average stipend of 3,000 to 5,000 a month. An executive, on the other hand, within the email marketing department, can get 2-2.5LPA. With experience and knowledge, you can scale up to an email marketing consultant and earn anywhere from 3-5LPA. An email marketing manager is the highest on the ladder and makes the maximum, with an average salary of 4-7LPA


Moving on, for the digital marketing course review, we will consider all aspects, from the course fee, duration, modules, and instructors. We will also look into the feedback and placements.


A Brief introduction to Digiperform:


Digiperform Digital Marketing Course Review


Digiperform is a leading brand in the digital marketing training sector. Having 40 centres across the country, it has its presence in Delhi and 14 other states. It is a premier digital domain-specific institute aiming to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the availability of trained talent.


With headquarters in Noida, Digiperform has helped with the digital transformation initiative for a major Indian media company and an IT giant. Its mission is to impart skill-based digital training to individuals, working professionals, and entrepreneurs.


The curriculum at Digiperform is by over 50 experts from the digital marketing industry. The content also incorporates inputs from 450 corporates across Asia. The best part is that the curriculum is at par with industry requirements and crafted after job requirement surveys at various digital marketing agencies and corporate houses.


Since its inception in 2013, Digiperform has seen many milestones of which with some memorable ones like an award for being Asia’s most admired brand in digital education in 2018.


A little something about the Men behind the Digiperform Journey:


Mr Manu Jolly and Mr Vaibhav Vats are the duos behind Digiperform. If the former is a serial entrepreneur accomplishing many ventures, the latter is a digital marketing genius. With a common view and focus on the scope, improvement, and future of the digital marketing industry, the duo conceptualized Digiperform.


After some rigorous brainstorming, surveys, and assignments together, they concluded that people are in search of practical experience and not just theoretical knowledge. This very insight helped them build a strong foundation to build Digiperform.



Courses at Digiperform:


A review of the courses available on Digiperform reveals they offer exclusive digital marketing courses only. No other courses or sub-topic courses, just an advanced course and an online course in digital marketing.


  1. Digiperform Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Consultant, dACDMC
  2. Certified Online Marketing Practitioner, DCOMP.
  3. Self-Learn Recorded Program with 90+ videos at INR 14,999.
  4. Fast-track Online Class Program at INR 29,999. With GST Course Fee is INR 35282.


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Moving on to the digital marketing course review at Digiperform:


The digital marketing course review at Digiperform tells us about an award-winning LMS, tool-based learning methodology, in-depth quality program, and placement guidance. All of these factors go into making it a great digital marketing course.


Digiperform Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Consultant Program Overview:


The digital marketing course review of the advanced course, dACDMC, reveals it is an in-depth course that meets current industry standards.


It is an intensive 321+ hours program with 50+ modules, 40+ tools, and 15+ certifications. Also, it is a five-level program.


Eligibility: Anyone with basic computer knowledge and communication skills can avail of this program.


Course Duration: The weekday batch takes about two months, while the weekend batch takes about three to four months to complete.


Mode: It is a classroom course available at any of the authorized learning centres across India.


Course Structure and Syllabus:


This course has 12 essential modules:

  • Introduction to Online Marketing
  • Planning of a digital marketing campaign.
  • Digital banner designing.
  • Ebooks Publishing
  • Video creation strategy
  • Youtube Marketing
  • How to generate leads online
  • Email marketing
  • Building your website
  • Web analytics and traffic reporting
  • Inbound marketing
  • Web content writing.


After completion of these 12 essential modules, the participants specialize in:

  • Social media marketing includes eight modules:
    • Introduction to social media marketing
    • Social media marketing strategy
    • Facebook business marketing
    • Instagram business marketing
    • Twitter business marketing
    • Linkedin marketing
    • Quora marketing
    • Online reputation management.
  • Online advertising includes ten modules:
    • Foundation of online advertising
    • Google Ads
    • Bing Ads
    • Facebook advertising
    • Remarketing and recall ads
    • Advanced FB advertising
    • Linkedin advertising
    • Twitter advertising
    • Online traffic buying
    • Online media buying strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization which includes eight modules:
    • Introduction to SEO
    • Basic Excel and HTML for SEO
    • Keywords planning and research
    • SEO content writing
    • On-page SEO
    • Link analysis and off-page SEO
    • Webmaster tools
    • Local, international, and mobile SEO
    • Online media buying strategy.


This course also includes two master programs:

  • Sales optimization has six modules:
    • Tag manager and advanced Google analytics
    • Customer persuasion science
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • Multi-touch point marketing
    • Marketing automation
    • Growth hacking
  • Online earning, which has six modules and teaches:
    • Personal branding and influencer marketing
    • Earning versus affiliate marketing
    • Making money with blogging
    • Earning as a digital marketing freelancer
    • Ecommerce marketing


Additional Benefits:


The video content is all HD quality. Participants have 24 x 7 access to online learning. The content library at Digiperform has 100+ PowerPoint presentations and videos. The LMS has a very responsive interface and also provides progress tracking through the smart tracker. There are also surprise live tasks and projects for the real industry atmosphere.


The trainers are experts supporting students throughout, helping them achieve excellence. The training modules also are industry-relevant. There are weekday, weekend, and Sunday only batches.


Finally, all participants receive guidance for digital marketing interview preparation.


Apart from grooming the participants with resume building and interview communication and preparation, what sets Digiperform apart is the dedicated placement cell at the head office and zonal levels. All participants have an opportunity for an in-course paid internship, learning from seasoned professionals. Also, there is the LMS jobs feature that allows participants to apply for jobs and start a career.


Digiperform Certified Online Marketing Practitioner Program Overview:


Participants choosing the online mode of learning digital marketing have two options at Digiperform: Self-learning and the online live classroom program. The online program is for 150 hours and has 20 modules with ten certifications.


Eligibility: Job seekers, entrepreneurs, working professionals, or business owners.


Mode: The self-learn program is at your own pace. The online program is a fast-track program with live interactive sessions online.


Course Structure and Syllabus:


There are essentially six sections that cover 20 modules in this program:

  • Marketing and web presence with two modules on the basics of marketing and branding and an introduction to digital marketing
  • Online business visibility creation with six modules includes graphic design, building your website, search engine optimization, video marketing, social media optimization, and web analytics and traffic reporting.
  • Lead generation includes five modules and covers landing page optimization, display advertising, Facebook, video, and online advertising.
  • Lead nurturing has three modules and covers email marketing, inbound marketing, remarketing, and rebranding.
  • Interview preparation, learning the process and preparing
  • Personal branding and online earning, which covers influencer marketing and Google Adsense.


Student Reviews:


At Digiperform, over 20,000 trainees have availed of the digital marketing programs, and as many as 7850+ freshers have started their digital marketing careers. There are many happy trainee reviews.


As per the trainee digital marketing course reviews, the program is fantastic, the LMS is excellent, the modules are clear and helpful, and even the trainers are experts. Some speak of a good environment and overall good experience and a general course structure that includes many tools.


Overall, the students provide a digital marketing course review rating of 9 for this course.



Concluding thoughts on the digital marketing course review at Digiperform:


The digital marketing course review at Digiperform reveals it has a pan India presence and has 100% placement/internship support to deserving candidates with above 85% attendance and participation in placement related activities after clearing the examinations.


The institute claims to transform trainees into highly skilled, certified, practically trained, confident, and employable digital marketers. Overall, it comes across as a reasonable course structure.




Digital has changed everything. The way we shop, the way we seek entertainment, the way we eat, the way we communicate, research, and of course, the way we do business. The changes are all over, but when explicitly speaking of India, we even have the Digital India movement supporting this change.


The lower cost, ideal platforms to engage with customers, increased sales, and revenue is all factors that are encouraging even small businesses to take up digital marketing. Be it the IT, healthcare, or hospitality sector, none escapes digital marketing. Some digital marketing institutes are bringing out special digital programs to suit the needs of different industries, making them personalized.


There are numerous possibilities, opportunities, and demands, but there is a shortage of experienced and skilled digital marketers. This is one domain where no amount of bookish knowledge will make you an expert. Only and only experience and carefully documenting your learning from each experience will take you one step at a time, higher the career path.


A Career in Digital Marketing:


Speaking of digital marketing career paths, digital marketing jobs are like a hot property today. It is an industry with excellent potential. There are plentiful opportunities, a lot of many experts, and significant demand for skilled professionals. So, yes, now is the right time to take that plunge or make that shift.


Learning all about digital marketing by taking up a course worth your time and money is undoubtedly the first step. But what after that? Do you want to become a mentor to others and create your brand? Maybe you wish to freelance and take up projects as per your terms and convenience? Or would you instead join some corporates and have a proper job as a digital marketing professional?


These are the first set of questions you need clarity on. If you are clear about the role you want to take up after learning digital marketing, you decide on an appropriate career path.


Under the umbrella of digital marketing are various other specializations like content writing/content marketing, search engine optimization specialist, email marketing specialist, social media marketing specialist, pay per click, data analysis, and many other specializations.


The thirst for knowledge, talent, and determination to stay ahead of the game by staying up-to-date with current trends is all that you need for a career in digital marketing. It requires no fancy postgraduate degrees. A graduate degree with primary computer education is all it takes to opt for a career in digital marketing.


Just keep reading things about digital marketing just like you would consume your newspaper each day, without fail.


If you diligently read about digital marketing, you will know there is an ocean out there. Endlessly and seamlessly interwoven information, from one topic to another, there is no end, indeed.


Earning Potential:

A career in digital marketing not only is an easy start with minimum requirements and great pay but comes with additional benefits. You get to showcase your creativity on various levels. Additionally, you learn multiple skills, not just one skill. The other abilities open up additional career opportunities.


Exploring some of the salary components, as per research:

  • The salary for a digital marketing manager in India is anywhere from 4LPA to 18LPA (based on experience as well as the city)
  • The average salary of a pay-per-click analyst is around INR 250,000 in India (for 0-1 year experience), and around INR 600,000 with experience.
  • The search engine optimization specialist gets an average INR 2.5LPA, with even interns getting 15-20K in big cities. Someone with the desired skill set and experience can easily earn INR 8-15LPA
  • Coming to social media marketing, the current average pay for a fresher is 3.5LPA, and that for a seasoned specialist is easy 5.6-10LPA.
  • The average pay for a content marketer fresher is between 2-4LPA, and that for an experienced content marketer draws an easy 6.5LPA.



Generally speaking, without the specializations, a fresher or an intern in digital marketing can get 10-15k a month.


Now that you are aware of the potential opportunities, the career path, the specializations, and individual average salaries, we hope you have some clarity on how to approach/start a digital marketing career.

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