Bangalore is one of the top metropolitan cities named the “Silicon Valley of India.“ It used to be popular because of the weather, but now tech companies are the most popular thing in Bangalore. The city attracts tech-savvy talents from different IT fields, and data science is one of them. People are more interested in data science courses, but they might find difficulties in determining which one is best for them. In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 Data Science courses in Bangalore.


Data Science Courses in Bangalore

Before we explore the best institutes for data science courses in Bangalore, let us understand data science.


What is Data Science?

In a rapidly changing world, data science is essential in most fields. In a day, the internet produces uncountable amounts of data from IoT devices to social media. It provides valuable information to drive business and facilitates the resolution of challenging issues.

uses theories and methodologies from multiple disciplines, including domain knowledge, computer science, information science, statistics, and mathematics. Organizations need people who are experts in several fields to use statistics and algorithms to drive data to make the best decisions for them. Without a doubt, the demand for data scientists and analysts has skyrocketed.

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Scope of Data Science in Bangalore?

The scope of Data Science in Bangalore is increasing day by day. Since Bangalore is an IT hub of India, it has pioneer firms and innovative startups to provide demandable job opportunities. In addition, many institutes offer Data Science courses, internships, and job placement support to students and working professionals in various industries such as finance, IT, healthcare, and more.

Furthermore, a data scientist’s wage is exceptionally high because there are few experts in the field. Particularly in Bangalore, the average salary for a Data Scientist is 12,00,000 INR per year.

Roles Involved in Data Science

To get conclusions and information from data, the experts must employ various statistical and algorithmic techniques. As a result, jobs in Data Science involve a variety of positions. Here are some of the roles involved in Data Science.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is a specialist who analyses big datasets to conclusions, creates prediction models, and promotes data-driven decision-making. Their job is to understand the complicated data to derive valuable insights by applying their statistics analysis and machine learning techniques.

A Data Scientist is a specialist who analyses big datasets to conclusions, creates prediction models, and promotes data-driven decision-making. Their job is to understand the complicated data to derive valuable insights by applying their statistics analysis and machine learning techniques.

Data Engineer

The Data Engineer role is essential for the data science field. A Data Engineer is the person who is primarily responsible for developing and overseeing the infrastructure’s technical components.

Building and monitoring pipelines to supply high-quality data to machine learning algorithms and overseeing data infrastructure in common are the tasks of Data Engineers. Much-needed skills for a Data Engineer role are programming languages like Java, Scala, and Python. SQL, database systems, Hadoop, and other frameworks.

Data Analyst

The primary objective of a data analyst is to gather, process, and analyse data to produce insights and aid in making decisions for organizations. Data Analyst usually collaborates with other departments and gather the required information to achieve business goals.

The job involves a more analytical process to generate a detailed insight for business development. In simple words, Data Analysts play a prominent role in business revenue. The required skills for this role are Power BI, Data Visualization tools, Excel, SQL, and Statistics.

Machine Learning Engineer

It is a part of the Computer Science field primarily in Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning Engineers are the ones who are responsible for designing, implementing, and constructing machine learning models to solve and optimize processes.

Some of the main responsibilities in this position include running AI systems experiments, applying machine learning algorithms, and performing statistical analyses. The skills needed by Machine Learning Engineers are Python, Java, Cloud Platforms, TensorFlow or PyTorch, and other machine learning frameworks.

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Top 10 Data Science Courses In Bangalore With Placements



IIM SKILLS is the leading Ed-Tech company founded in 2015 by Vaibhav Kakkar and headquartered in Delhi. It created a significant impact in the Content Education Industry by delivering an exceptional training program. IIM SKILLS offers all of its courses on digital platforms in different fields like finance, writing, marketing, and analytics.

Furthermore, students can get lifetime access to study materials, recording sessions, and E-books in the LMS portal. The placement support of IIM SKILLS is immensely committed, offering end-to-end assistance and guidance in creating a customized portfolio throughout the training program. Enabling weekly assignments helps students to get real-time practical knowledge. Additionally, they provide an MBA program in data science that covers all the necessary topics and allows students to interact with tools.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Science Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 99900 + Taxes

One of the finest Data Science courses in Bangalore is IIM SKILLS because of its detailed syllabus and dedicated mentors. The curriculum of IIM SKILLS is well-structured and covers all the basic and advanced concepts of data science. If you want to take the best online course in data science, IIM SKILLS would be the most recommendable one.

Course Curriculum

  • Introductions to Data Science
  • Programming Language Python
  • Programming Language SQL
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science Using Power BI
  • Deep Learning
  • Capstone Project

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Phone number: +919580740740

Email address: [email protected]



2. 360DigiTMG

360DigiTMG is considered one of the best Data science courses in Bangalore. It was founded in 2013, is headquartered in Hyderabad, and has a global headquarters in the USA. It specializes in providing live projects and practical assignments to students for a successful career. The training sessions are conducted by outstanding data science specialists and trainers with over 20 years of expertise. It provides virtual sessions and classroom training with over 24 hours of live industry masterclasses by eminent academic faculty members to upskill students and professionals.

The latest business trends are reflected in the curriculum of the 360DigiTMG certification program, which is approved by Microsoft and the State University of New York (SUNY). It guarantees students 100% job placement and career counselling. Because of this, 360DigiTMG has ranked among the top 10 data science institutes in Bangalore.

Course Curriculum

  • CRISP-DM – Project Management Methodology
  • Exploratory Data Analytics (EDA)
  • Descriptive Analytics or Descriptive Statistics
  • Statistical Data Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualization
  • Plots & Inferential Statistics
  • Probability Distributions (Continuous & Discrete)
  • Hypothesis Testing – The Must-Know Hypothesis Tests
  • Data Mining Supervised Learning
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Logistic Regression – Binary Value Prediction.
  • Multinomial Regression and Ordinal Regression

Contact Details

Phone Number- +91-9989994319


3. LearnBay

Learnbay is a prevalent education consulting institute that provides a variety of courses like Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing programs, etc. It offers one of the best Data Science courses in Bangalore that assists students and professionals in developing their knowledge in the sector.

It delivers theoretical and practical knowledge on all elements of Data Science with eight real-world projects and one Capstone project. LearnBay Data Science course is conducted via live sessions, and mentors are qualified industry trainers to assist students in all aspects, especially in one-on-one doubt sessions.

Learnbay offers certification programs in collaboration with IBM. Because of its internationally recognized certification programs and faculty with substantial industry expertise, it is among the best Data Science institutes in Bangalore.

Course Curriculum

  • Data Science Foundation
  • Python for Data Science
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Maths for Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Preparation with Pandas
  • Data Visualisation with Python
  • Tableau Foundations for Data Analysis
  • Big Data Foundation
  • Model deployment (Flask-API)
  • R Language Essentials
  • Deep Learning
  • SQL for Data Science

Contact Details

Phone Number- +91-77956 87988

Email id- [email protected]


4. AnalytixLabs

Since 2011, AnalytixLabs has provided a wide selection of online and in-person Data Science courses in Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Noida. It offers an extensive range of well-selected classes for students from all backgrounds, led by a team of experts with vast industry experience from IIT, IIM, and McKinsey.

The primary objective of AnalytixLabs is to provide intense knowledge to beginners who do not have a background in programming but are eager to acquire it.

AnalytixLabs is one of the most comprehensive data science institutes in Bangalore due to its student-centric approach, personalized mentorship, industry-driven curriculums, extensive post-class sessions, real-life hands-on projects, and assured placement assistance. It gives a phenomenal opportunity for students to enrol in the best Data Science course in Bangalore.

Course Curriculum

  • Statistics
  • Business intelligence
  • Basic Mathematical concepts
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Predictive analytics
  • Segmentation & Clustering
  • Introduction to AI & Neural Networks
  • Text Mining & NLP
  • Machine Learning Ops
  • Data mining
  • Cloud computing basics
  • Machine learning
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Communications and presentation

Contact Details

Phone Number- +91- 9555219007

Email id- [email protected]


5. Simplilearn

Simplilearn was established in 2010, and it’s a leading online learning platform that offers various courses across the globe, including Data science. It provides one of the best data science courses in Bangalore because its training programs are delivered to top corporations, prestigious universities, and authoritative industry bodies via online classes by top expert trainers and global leaders.

Simplilearn provides exceptional job assistance to candidates with top hiring companies by collaborating with IBM for certifications.

Simplilearn is considered the best institute for Data Science in Bangalore because of its commitment to the online learning platform and its team of highly skilled instructors.

Course Curriculum

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning with Keras
  • Deep Learning with TensorFlow
  • SQL Certification Course
  • Tableau Training
  • Data Science Capstone
  • R Programming for Data Science

Contact Details

Phone Number- 1800-212-7688

Email id- [email protected]


6. ExcelR

ExcelR is one of the best Data Science courses in Bangalore, delivering a wide range of technical training and management in over 40 countries with ten years of experience. It offers new-age training according to the constantly changing nature of technology and business values.

ExcelR provides more than 75 courses, and over 150,000 professionals have received training in a variety of courses, which makes them a reliable training delivery partner. It has 400+ corporate clients, universities, and educational institutions worldwide.

ExcelR offers online, offline, and self-paced recording lessons that allow professionals and students to become experts in the field and gain practical knowledge through hands-on experience.

The uncompromising curriculum of ExcelR, created by Steinbeis University in Germany, comprises more than 40 modules. With the help of Steinbeis University, candidates’ profiles get notified by global recruiters. Furthermore, after certification, one will become a Steinbeis University alumnus. With all of these advantages, ExcelR stands out among the top 10 best Data Science courses in Bangalore.

Course Curriculum

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Linear And Logistic Regression
  • EDA
  • Unsupervised ML Algorithms
  • Unsupervised ML Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Models
  • Neural Network
  • Bagging And boosting
  • Text Mining
  • Forecasting
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Core Python
  • Tableau
  • MySQL
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Tools
  • Basics of R
  • ChatGPT

Contact Details

Phone Number- +91 96321 56744 / 18002122121

Email id- [email protected]


7. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning, established in 2012, is widely recognized for its exceptional training programs in Bangalore, especially in data science. Providing the best courses in data science in Bangalore by offering high-quality education from pioneer universities across the globe and primarily focusing on hands-on practical experience for students and professionals. Imarticus Learning identifies the career aspects of individuals and provides essential training, skill development, and industry-recognized certificates.

In Imarticus Learning, more than 150 academic mentors and 350+ industry mentors are constantly supporting students and professionals to gain experience using artificial intelligence and machine learning modulus. It offers ten guaranteed interviews from over 500 top companies through the job assurance program, and it guarantees 100% job assistance to professionals. Along with some helpful employment services, including resume building, interview preparation workshops, profile enhancement, and one-on-one career guidance

Imarticus Learning placed 1841 students in 2021–2022 with prestigious companies like Morgan Stanley, HSBC, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, and more. Imarticus Learning data science courses are the perfect fit for supercharging a career in Data science.

Course Curriculum

  • SQL
  • Python Programming
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualisation with Tableau
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Visualization with PowerBI

Contact Details

Phone Number- +91-9319746164


8. DataMites

DataMites, one of the foremost Data Science institutes in Bangalore, provides structured training programs in Data Science, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Tableau. The primary objective of DataMites is to create professionals who can gain exceptional knowledge in the analytics and statistics field.

In addition to offering two months of curriculum training and three months of live practice in classroom settings in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune on flexible weekdays and weekends, students can also choose self-paced online learning, where they can access all course materials and study aids.

Furthermore, the company specializes in educating corporate teams, working with over 100 partners, including 100 Fortune firms. The trainers from DataMites are highly skilled professionals with strong field knowledge and qualified experts from top-tier universities and firms. All of this precedence made DataMites one of the best Data Science institutes in Bangalore.

Course Curriculum

  • Data Science Foundation
  • Python Essentials
  • R Language Essentials
  • Maths For Data Science
  • Statistics For Data Science
  • Data Preparation with Pandas
  • Visualization With Python
  • Machine Learning Associate
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • SQL For Data Science
  • Deep Learning – CNN Basics
  • Tableau Associate
  • Ml Model Deploy- Flask API
  • Data Science Project Execution
  • Big Data Foundation

Contact Details

Phone Number- 1800 313 3434

Email id- [email protected]


9. Data Gyan

Data Gyan Institute was established in 2014, led by a team of experts from Oracle, Amazon, and Intel with exceptional subject knowledge in Data Science and Data Analytics training. Due to its 100% placement record, it has achieved the top-ranking Data Science institutes in Bangalore.

Over the last ten years, Data Gyan has successfully trained over 3000 professionals and students in a diverse environment, including online classes, classroom training, one-on-one training, and virtual training. Data Gyan Certifications are designed and developed by IIT-Kharagpur Alumni.

There is no doubt that Data Gyan has no 1 in 100% placement rate because of its expectational training by industry experts and roadmap of interview processes such as practice on capstone projects, career transition training, resume building, mock interviews, free software & live projects, internships, and more. As a result of this outcome, they have emerged as the best Data Science institutes in Bangalore.

Course Curriculum

  • Foundation of Data Analytics
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Data Visualization using Tableau
  • Capstone Project
  • Introduction to Python
  • Basic Statistics in Python
  • Implementations of the STAR Method in Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Power BI

Contact Details

Phone Number- +91 8310323846 / 8310811669


10. Aegis School of Data Science

Aegis School of Data Science is one of the best institutes for Data Science in Bangalore and provides postgraduate courses, including Data Science, Business Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. In 2002, Aegis School was founded with the help of Bharti Airtel and began offering India’s first post-graduation degree in data science with the assistance of IBM.

The whole Aegis course curriculum, which includes the essential tools and technologies used in business, was built by Google, Microsoft, AWS, IBM, and the best data science experts.

Aegis offers live industry projects, including six portfolio projects and one capstone project for a product. The detailed syllabus of Aegis helps students and professionals gain and upgrade the technical knowledge that is essential in the field of data science. In addition, it organizes events and sessions that allow students to connect with many experts in the field of data science. It is among the best institutes for Data Science in Bangalore according to the syllabus.

Course Curriculum

  • SQL
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Scala
  • Deep learning
  • Tensor Flow
  • Machine Learning
  • Visualization Tools
  • NLP
  • Hive
  • Neural Network
  • Microsoft Azure

Contact Details

Phone Number- + 9022137010



Q. Which institute provides the best Data Science courses in Bangalore?

Many Data Science institutes in Bangalore provide exceptional training to students and professionals for solid careers in Data Science. This list of the top 10 best Data Science courses in Bangalore, which includes IIM SKILLS, 360DigiTMG, Learnbay, AnalytixLab, Simplilearn, ExcelR, Imarticus, DataMites, Data Gyan, and Aegis School, may help you make the best choice if you’re unsure which to choose.

Q. Why choose Data Science as a career?

Bangalore is a highly advanced technical metropolis with uncountable job opportunities in the tech industry, especially in data science. Experts in data science are highly sought after in many industries, as they provide significant insights that drive corporate objectives. Leading IT firms highly value their contributions. It is one of the top and most competitive fields in this century.

All data science experts can look forward to a lucrative career as long as there is a growing need for data science courses. Additionally, enrolling in the Data Science courses in Bangalore would be a highly rewarding career choice with an average salary of 12,00,000 INR per year.

Q. What are all covered in the Data Science syllabus?

The Data Science syllabus is a multidisciplinary approach that contains analytics, statistics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, and programming. To cover all the essential subjects, the data science syllabus is designed to teach many topics, including SQL, Python, Machine Learning, Big Data, Deep Learning, Power BI, Data Visualization, artificial intelligence, Tableau, and more.



In summary, the internet is the foremost resource for managing any business because it provides a tremendous amount of data every second that delivers the uncountable amount of data to give a vast opportunity to all the professionals in the Data Science domain.

This list of the top 10 best Data Science courses in Bangalore is based on a detailed analysis of the course material, internship opportunities, placement guarantees, resume development, and mentorship. All of the institutes are widely recognized for offering exceptional training to students from highly skilled industry professionals and offer flexible learning environments, such as online classes, classroom sessions, and self-paced recording studies.

If you pick Data Science as your career, the listed coaching centres are the most recommendable Data Science institutes in Bangalore.