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Top 4 Creative Writing Courses in Pune With Placements

Creative writing is a tool that helps to grow your imagination. Creative writing includes creativeness as the foundation of the writing. If you wish to make creative writing your career, you should take training from a good institution. Creative writing courses help acquire the needed knowledge and a systematic approach. There are varieties of creative writing courses in Pune that are well structured. Hence learning a creative writing course from Pune is a good decision.


List of best creative writing courses in Pune


Meaning of Creative Writing:


It is a type of artistic expression which involves imagination. Here the writing is conveyed with the help of imagination. It is also conveyed with the help of creativity. Creative writing is the opposite of analytic and pragmatic types of writing. This genre of creative writing involves poetry, fiction, non-fiction, scripts, screenplays, and so on.

Creative Writing involves creativity which is the foundation with the aid of imagination and innovation. Creative writing has a powerful impact on the reader. Creative writing also includes practical writing. It involves the exploration of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, playwriting, screenplay, and various other varieties of creative writing.

Creative writing goes beyond the boundaries of professional, technical, journalistic, and academic writing. It has its emphasis on narrative craft, development of character, literary tropes, and poetics. Technically you can say that creative writing is in the form of the original composition.

You can even say that creative writing is modern and also includes a specific process. You can also refer to creative writing as literature in many genres. Creative writing is any type of writing that can be done at any time. It mainly involves providing particular needs.

The need for maintaining records of important feelings and emotions experienced. Creative writing also accomplishes the need for sharing experiences with an interested group of individuals. It also helps an individual to express his thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas freely.

This in turn develops the mental and physical well-being of an individual. Creative writing has a number of styles and genres. This is outside the purview of the technical form of writing, an academic form of writing. Creative writing focuses on character, plot, and narrative and this is accomplished by imagination and innovation.

Creative writing involves giving a solution for problems related to the characters involved and also the author himself. In creative writing, the thoughts and ideas of the author are put down in an imaginary, innovative way. A lot of creativity is involved in the creative type of writing like fictional and non-fictional works.

It is writing in which thoughts, and ideas are put forward in a very personal way. It can touch hearts. Creative writing can also help you in relating the author’s work to your life story. Content writing is not a traditional method of writing. Creative writing can be tagged as an original expression of your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions.

Creative writing eliminates obstacles involved in persuasive and expository writing. In creative writing, you have to think differently, you have to think outside the box. This type of writing can take the form of an embellished approach. Creative writing passes on a message, emotion, feeling, and thought.

Creative writing is a completely subjective type of writing. It is subjective to our preferences, and experiences. Imagination is a very integral part of creative writing. The invention, imagination, thought, and idea should be yours and of nobody else.

The author must be capable of discovering his own style and writing. You must feel free to experiment with different forms of creative writing.


Elements of Creative Writing:


  • Character:

Character in the case of creative writing is a person, animal, alien, or, another object which can behave like a human. The person reading the story can tap the characters by knowing how the characters say, think, act and portray themselves.


  • Narration:

Narration in creative writing can happen in the past, present, and future, first person and third person are significant in creative writing.


  • Setting:

Setting composes of time, place, mood, social reference, and cultural reference in creative writing. It helps to make the writing realistic and full of life.


  • Theme:

The Theme in creative writing is the idea the author revealed in the writing. The theme of writing can be conveyed using different elements of creative writing.


  • Plot:

The Plot in creative writing is the order in which events happen. The person reading the writing can keep going or pause reading.


  • Dialogue:

Dialogue in creative writing is the words spoken by the different characters in the writing. It can also happen that the character speaks to himself.


  • Conflict:

Conflict in creative writing can be internal or external. When there is a difference of opinion between the characters in the story or a debate between internal and external characters, conflict is generated.


  • Tone:

The tone in any creative writing is like a tone in the voice, it is not what is written but how it has been written that reveals the tone of the writing. The tone in creative writing is achieved by a section of words, the structure of sentences, the actions of the characters, and also the overall description.


The choice in creative writing of the different elements of creative writing determines the style of writing adopted by the author. The various elements of creative writing and the way they are integrated into the writing depicts the style of the author of creative writing.


  • Climax:

Climax can be referred to as the point of turning in creative writing. This is the peak point where the highest emotion or feeling takes place and the reader cannot wait to uncover what is going to happen. As opposed to climax in creative writing, anti-climax can be referred to as the lowest point where the lowest emotion or feeling takes place. In anti-climax, the story gets on the verge of completion and everything starts getting settled.


  • Characterization:

In the case of characterization in creative writing, the author unlocks the personalities of different characters involved. It can take place in direct characterization and indirect characterization, which means indirect characterization the author reveals the personality of the character in a direct way, and in the case of indirect characterization, the personality of the character in the story is revealed by the author in an indirect manner.


  • Imagery:

In the case of imagery elements in creative writing, languages are used in such a way by the author that imagination or illusions are created in the minds of the reader. The choice of the word in imagery plays a very crucial role.


  • Symbol:

Symbol element in creative writing is used to convey some part of the story or some points in the story in an indirect manner or an on-outright manner. In other words symbol in creative writing is used to represent any idea or belief.


  • Exposition:

Exposition in creative writing provides an overall background of the characters involved. Exposition involves the framework of the entire story.


  • Grammar:

Grammar in creative writing is very significant and the soul of creative writing as the creditability, readability, communication, and clarity depends on the quality of grammar used. If a reader has mastered the art of grammar then he has a number of stylistic choices to choose from.


  • Motif:

Motif in creative writing is the repetition of a particular pattern. It can be a picture, sound, word, or sign that comes over again and again, in other words, it repeats itself.


  • Foreshadowing:

Foreshadowing in creative writing is a tool used by the author to give a hint of what is coming in the later part of the story. Foreshadowing helps to arouse feelings of curiosity, feeling of suspense among the readers.


  • Editing:

Editing in creative writing includes going through the content, structure, grammar, and the way the story is presented so that everything surely falls into its place without any faults. By undertaking editing feelings, emotions, concepts, and can be conveyed to the reader by the author in a very clear and appropriate manner.


Metaphors and similes in creative writing help the author to put an interest in the story. Metaphors and similes also help the author add weight to a specific point in the story.


Other Courses That Could Be of Your Interest in Pune


  • Suspense:

Suspense in creative writing creates anxiousness in the mind of the reader. Suspense helps the author to create eagerness in the mind of the reader by controlling the information to be disclosed, and by keeping a hold on the information to be unlocked.


  • Reflection:

Reflection in creative writing helps to develop an awareness of the author regarding the method and process in which writing is generated. It helps to make the reader’s understanding’s about writing very deep, further becoming aware of the influences that structured and developed the writing.


  • Description:

Description in creative writing is a detailed form of writing. The description helps the reader to relate to the writing and the writing turns out to be believable.


  • Word Choice:

Word choice in creative writing is a selection of words in an effective and precise manner. Word choice helps the reader to pass on the information in not only a clear way but also makes the reader enlightened.


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Creative Writing Types:


  • Poetry:

Poetry in creative writing is a form that involves a specific pattern and rhythm. Poetry can be serious or fun type.


  • Play:

Play in creative writing is written as a drama for theatre. The characters involved in the play give their performance on stage.


  • Script:

A Script in creative writing can be that of a play or a movie. The script should sound effective when it is read or said.


  • Fiction:

Fiction is creative writing in which imagination and innovation are involved. Fiction writing is not inconsistent with history, or fact.


  • Song:

Song in creative writing is a music artist. It is a creative form in which rhythm, tempo, harmony, melody, instrumentation, dynamics, texture, and genre should be present.


  • Speech:

Speech in creative writing is expressing ideas, thoughts, emotions, and feelings in form of words. Speech is made up of a combination of sentences.


Memoir in creative writing is where the author writes down an event or an experience from his/her past. A memoir is used for an autobiography, but the difference between a memoir and an autobiography is borderline.


  • Personal Essay:

A personal essay in creative writing is a short work form, it is also called a narrative essay, it is non-fictional and a story is shared via the personal essay. The author writes the personal essay keeping his personal experiences as the core and personal essay can be in the nature of humor, entertainment, thought instigating, and with a lot of interest.


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Creative Writing Courses in Pune:


Creative writing courses in Pune are best in quality and abundance. The scope of a creative writing career is increasing which has in turn elevated the number of students who want to enroll in creative writing courses in Pune. Pune is a city where culture and tradition can be found in abundance.

Pune is also an educational center. The student population is maximum in Pune city. Here the students are more interested in the arts field. Creative writing courses in Pune are taught by expert individuals. These expert mentors have a vast experience in various styles of writing, which means the creative writing courses in Pune are led by these expert mentors.


Now Let Us List Down Quality Creative Writing Courses in Pune




IIM SKILLS provides good creative writing courses in Pune. This is basically a Content Writing Course that covers creative writing also. The fee is INR. 14,900 and the course is of four weeks which also includes 3 months internship. You get INR 35,000 worth of tools that can be used, and also your portfolio will be developed after an internship.

You will get a certificate for internship and also a certificate of completion of the course which helps you in availing job opportunities and offers for freelancing. With the aid of this course, you would be habituated to writing regularly. This will increase your confidence level and you can write effectively and efficiently.

This will make you write without mistakes. You will also be able to write in many categories.  After doing the course, you shall realize that decision of enrolling in IIM SKILLS was very appropriate. The qualities that you will develop as a writer will be vast.

The course is in online mode, so you can pursue this course from the comfort of your home. This is the highest advantage of doing the creative writing course from IIM SKILLS.



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2. Symbiosis International University of Distance Learning:


Symbiosis University is the most popular university in Pune. It is not wrong if we say that Symbiosis University and Pune city go hand in hand. It started in the year 2001. It is the University that provides regular education along with distance education. The creative writing courses in Pune offered by Symbiosis University are one of the best.

By doing the course, you become open to various career opportunities. The written form of communication, oral form of communication, journalism field, mass media field, writing in the field of advertisement, corporate-based communication field, professional writing field, public relations field, and so on will be covered.

The course is completed in a period of one year. Eligibility for this course is 12 TH passed out with a minimum of 50% in English subject. The course fee is INR. 35,000. But this fee amount can be paid in form of installments. There is also a separate fee for the form and examination.


The Curriculum for the Creative Writing Courses in Pune Includes:

  1. The art of experiencing the word
  2. Art of creative life
  3. Self-expansiveness
  4. Knowing the sources of creativity
  5. Positive practices
  6. Knowing creative forms of writing


The curriculum of the course is divided into two semesters. At the end of each semester, you need to submit all assignments given by the University. These assignments taken by you will help in knowing how much progress you have done.

Both live as well as recorded lectures are provided to the students. Hence the student can learn the curriculum at his own speed. After you complete the course, the University provides full placement aid.


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3. Coursera:


You all know Coursera. One informative and interesting course available on Coursera is creative writing. The course is offered by Wesleyan University. Beginners can take maximum advantage of the course offered. The course provides learning in three genres.

Memoir writing, short story writing, and narrative essay writing are the 3 genres of this creative writing course. The course will teach you methods that make your content interesting and creative. You will get the completion certificate. You can complete the course in 6 months also as there is flexibility in the submission of assignments.


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4. Udemy:


Udemy is one of the biggest e-learning platforms at present. There are various creative writing courses in Pune offered by Udemy. The courses offered are in the range of INR 450 to INR 500. The creative writing course by Udemy covers various forms of basic writing like forming sentences, applying punctuations, writing in paragraphs, and writing essays.

Some of the advanced courses offered are foreshadowing, and cliffhangers. After completion of the creative writing course provided by Udemy, you will able to write non-fiction content easily and effectively.


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Benefits of Creative Writing Courses in Pune:


  • Boosts Confidence:

Creative writing involves putting down your thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feelings in the manner you think is comfortable and appropriate. You can pen down your perspective and opinion without any limitations and boundaries. Hence your confidence is developed. Hence your confidence is elevated.


  • Self-Expression in Creative Manner:

Creative writing helps to express your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions in a very artistic way. It also helps to eliminate or manage negative feelings and emotions. A sense of positivity is created which makes your identity also positive.


  • Imagination is Increased:

Creative writing gives upliftment to your imagination. Creative writing gives upliftment to your innovations. You start thinking totally differently. Here you can go out of the box and give push the boundaries.


  • Thoughts Become Clear:

Creative writing clears your thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feelings. It gives clarity about what information can be included. Further, it also clarifies what information to be avoided. You can also have a chance of writing about the situations and events you face.


  • Understanding the Process of Writing, Reading is Improved:

Creative writing enhances the quality of vocabulary. You can determine how the readers can get the flow of writing in an effective and efficient manner. With creative writing, you can control what and how to write, also when and how much to write. You can turn out your writing as authentic and interesting.


  • Empathy and Skills Are Developed:

Creative writing can help you to be empathetic towards others. It can also help you to understand other person’s thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feelings. Authors can read the perspective of others they will be able to connect with others effectively and efficiently.

He can write down by keeping in mind various aspects related to individuals. Communication development which happens is of utmost significance in professional and personal scenarios.


Frequently Asked Questions”


1. What skills are needed to become a creative writer?

The skills needed to become a creative writer are:

  • Communication skills
  • Adaptability skills
  • Discipline
  • Organizational skills
  • Research skills
  • Editing skills
  • Clarity regarding content to be written
  • Principles of readability
  • Originality
  • Sharing relevant answers to the questions
  • Word summarizing
  • Writing styles swapping
  • SEO knowledge and word press knowledge
  • Social media use
  • Calls to action


2. What is the scope of content writing?

The industries where a content writer is needed are:

  • Media industry
  • PR industry
  • E-Commerce industry
  • Digital marketing industry
  • Medical Industry
  • IT industry


3. Can individuals staying outside Pune City take creative writing courses in Pune?

Yes, sure. The individuals staying outside Pune city can definitely take creative writing courses in Pune.


4. What is an average salary of a creative writer in India?

The salary of a content writer varies from organization to organization. But you can say that salary can range between INR 10,000 to INR 20,000.




You can see above how Pune city is a hub for creative writing courses. Pune is a special city with art and culture exist. There are also many modern industries in the city of Pune. There is a good amount of interest in Pune City. There is a theatre and cinema related to culture in Pune. There are also colleges in Pune offering film studies, screenwriting, and TV production. All these areas help creative writing in getting a grip and hence creative writers get vast opportunities to choose from.

Creative writers in Pune can work hand in hand with these film students. Creative writers can handle individual projects relating to works like poetry, and non-fiction. Nowadays independent publishing is taking a major share of the market. Due to this, the author can now get a bigger share in royalties to the writer of the content. There are many creative writing courses in Pune. But we have shortlisted a few best courses so that you enroll in the appropriate course and fulfill your dreams as a creative writer.

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