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Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Perth With Certificates

Have you ever desired the glory of a renowned writer but felt your writing lacks panache? Do you feel the possibility of writing fantastical tales, sublime articles, and the crème de la crème of plots in your grasp, but you can never divorce your ideas from your mind and onto a page? Fret no longer, we bring you the best creative writing courses in Perth, some native to Australia and others foreign so that you can save yourself the cognitive dissonance and see your imagination come alive as soon as possible.


List of best creative writing courses in Perth


What is Creative Writing, and why is it Important?

As the name might hint, creative writing is a form of writing that takes a creatively liberal approach in its formation, focusing less on the realistic contents/subjects and more on the expression of the writer through the utilization of a narrative structure, literary devices, and tropes, to convey an idea, principle or theme.

Though it may seem like a vague and ambiguous description, replete with blurred boundaries and unclear terminology, it is a field of great importance in the modern world. All original work, be it in the field of journalism, academics, or story-telling for marketing/kids, falls under the umbrella of creative works as it deals with stories and narratives.

Human beings understand the world, creating what is known as their world-view, predicated on the stories (grand narratives) they accept or, rather believe in during their developing years, and cementing or discarding them as they grow.

Be it a tragicomic fictional script or a heartfelt non-fictional biography of an eminent personality, creative writing acts as the unnoticed backbone of all creative endeavors today and has been so for centuries.

However, a simple understanding of creative writing’s prominence is insufficient to appease our practical sides and before launching into the top 7 creative writing courses in Perth, let’s take note of the winds of the Ocean Reef and answers.


What are the Job Opportunities & Salary for a Creative Writer?

In the creative sphere, the quality of your work, and its credibility define the scope of your opportunities to bag a good job as well as your field of expertise sets the upper limits to the compensation. Creative writing is a broad-stroke manner of describing a multitude of fields, which have great discrepancies in their remuneration and job availability, ranging from 49k AUD for a publishing copywriter/proofreader while a writer can end up with a salary of more than 180k AUD.

With writing fulfilling the role of a category under the Skilled Occupation List, the Government of Australia offers employment for writing professionals as well as a plethora of business opportunities, newspaper and radio organizations hiring budding writers and professionals for improving their branding/human-interest stories, with trends projecting moderate growth in this sector for the upcoming decade.


Jobs on offer for Creative Writers in Australia: (individuals pursuing Bachelor, Diploma, or Master in Writing, Journalism, etc.)

  • Copywriter
  • Author/ Book Writer
  • Video Games Writer
  • Screenwriter
  • Journalist and much more…


Creative writing is highly dependent on experience as well; professionals with work experience of 10+ years consistently outweigh others in the job market in both job opportunities and the amount of money they receive from their employers.

Thus, on the continent nation, you need not worry about the possibility of not finding work as about 2/3 of writing degree graduates follow up with jobs in the same industry. The quality of work is the main factor and the best creative writing courses in Perth will help you differentiate the necessities from the trivialities.


Creative Writing Courses in Perth: Criteria  

The simple criteria that have been kept in mind while selecting these courses are that they all offer unique services and content that can augment your writing skills or help you build solid foundational writing concepts like Point Of View, Narrative Structure, etc.

Pricing for these courses has not been a deciding factor in their selection, which must be regarded by those who are on a tight budget, though some of our selections can be considered thrifty, so there is ample diversity among these courses.

As a preface to the creative courses in Perth we plan to catalog, we must openly declare that this article is purposed to highlight the pros and cons of these critically acclaimed courses and help you find the ones that suit your grade of mastery in this field of expressing your creativity through the written word, not market these courses by raining them with praises galore. So, without further ado let’s begin with…


Must check the Best Online Creative Writing Courses


The Best Creative Writing Courses in Perth:


1. Content Writing Master Course by IIM SKILLS


With a scintillating writing experience, this course is masterfully crafted and aimed to turn you into a master of writing online. During the course of 4 months, you will be taught the intricacies of the trade, given global accreditation with access to varying modules that take care of the creative side as well as the technical aspect of your writing. The 16 modules for this course subsume:


  • Intro To CWMC
  • WordPress and Web Developing
  • All About Digital Content
  • Copywriting Basics
  • Personal Branding & Marketing
  • Emailers
  • Social Media Writing & Scripting
  • Creative Writing
  • Business Listing and their Value
  • Legal Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization and other techniques
  • Affiliate Marketing & AdSense Learning
  • Marketing Content
  • Creating CV
  • Freelancing and Original Writing



  • Extremely Informative and Recognized Certification
  • Pre-Recorded Material and Live Doubt Sessions
  • Life-Time Access to Content
  • Proper Guidance in Publishing of Your Work
  • Real-Time Work through Internship
  • Help in Building Portfolio



Culminating, this course is a sublime split of work/learning experiences with experienced mentors who leave no stone unturned to teach the best of the creative writing craft to its students. The content is always kept up to date and its delivery is both flexible and universal.

With its sharp focus on the technical side of writing, in an online world, it is obvious that the Content Writing Course by IIM SKILLS finds a comfortable spot among the best creative writing courses in Perth.


2. MasterClass: Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing


Learn from one of the most noteworthy writers of the generation. Margaret Atwood’s MasterClass creative writing course is a peerless addition to the catalog of the best creative writing courses in Perth. ‘The Prophet of Dystopia’ shares her insights into writing and how to manifest the world of your book through gripping plots and nuanced characters in this 23-part course. n in-depth workbook manual to go along with it, giving you extra reading material to gauge concepts better.



  • Learn from One of The Best Writers of Our Generation
  • Gain Access to Other Classes, Related to the Subject Matter as Well
  • Detailed Workbook to Aid in Greater Understanding
  • MasterClass Allows Flexible Pace for Learning
  • World-Class Production and Insightful for Beginners as well as Advanced Writers
  • Online Course at Comparatively Nominal Prices Allowing for Location Flexibility



  • Too Short in Length to Give Comprehensive Instruction
  • Focused on Edutainment More Than Pure Learning and Instruction
  • Lacks Any Live Sessions; Prerecorded Sessions and No Option for 1v1 training
  • Provides No Certification or Any Valuable Content to Add to Your Portfolio


Overall, Margaret Atwood’s MasterClass is valuable as an inciting incident; sparking your interest in writing and providing genuinely workable tips and techniques that can help you become a better writer; however, it carries its fair share of issues as well, in how it is structured and intended, nonetheless it’s still worth the money for its sheer entertainment value, if nothing else.


3. Coursera: Creative Writing Specialization:


This course crafted by Wesleyan University is superb and one of the best creative writing courses in Perth as it is a highly-rated course boasting 4000+ ratings and a capstone project motivating you to create an entirely original piece of literature. This course is a package deal, consisting of 4 different courses focused on 3 major genres of creative writing, namely memoir, short stories & essay, which will ensure your conversion into not only a devoted writer but also an adroit one. The course-specifics are as follows:


  • The Craft of Plot
  • The Craft of Character
  • The Craft of Setting and Description
  • The Craft of Style
  • The Capstone Project



  • Provides Shareable Certificates That Can Be Added to Your Portfolio
  • Flexible Speed of Learning and Payment
  • Economical and Practical for Value Offered
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Discounts on Products Offered on Completion of Work
  • Renders Financial Aid through Scholarships


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  • Certificate does Add to Your University Credit
  • Lack of 1v1 Training and Any Real-Time Work
  • Completely Comprised of Peer Reviews
  • Lacks Comprehensiveness
  • Instructions Prone to Vagueness


Overall, despite the many downsides displayed, this course holds the venerable position for its ease of understanding, the low bar of entry, and the good quality of study material. The Coursera: Creative Writing Specialization is a remarkable course that offers plenty for anyone looking to dabble in short stories and memoirs but not much more, nonetheless, it takes the cake as one of the best and most affordable creative writing courses in Perth.


4. Complete Creative Writing – All Genres – the Full Course by Udemy


A course that promises you the world, yet surprisingly stays true to its commitments, learning the 4 major genres of creative writing, furnishing a strong grasp of creative writing to help in the realization of a unique style, discovering more about your writing and the pitfalls that afflict it and so on.

The course assures you’ll become a confident and prolific writer after following along with its 12-hour-long lessons, graphic study material, and online quizzes. Assignments and other tasks help you hone your skills as a creative professional, releasing your mind to think with greater clarity and purpose about your creative writing pursuits.

Trace Crawford, an invaluable instructor with 25 years of experience in the field and numerous laurels, and a near-perfect rating online is a meaningful asset in the ledger of this 6-section course, which are:

  • Introducing Creative Writing
  • Fiction
  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Creation of Creative Non-Fiction
  • Forming a Portfolio



  • Lifetime access to all products and content of this course
  • Certification from a renowned online learning platform
  • Offers 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Extremely inexpensive falling under 10 AUD on sale days
  • Provision for publishing opportunities and great portfolio development
  • Requires only a zeal to learn



  • Improper assignment feedback
  • Fails to provide interesting insights or hold the attention
  • Skips a decent bit of the concepts of poetry and prose
  • Lacks live Q&A sessions resorting to assignment checking through peer reviews and written remarks.


This is a simple and reliable course for any aspiring writer, at a cheap rate and with a comprehensive take on creative writing. The COMPLETE Creative Writing – All Genres – THE FULL COURSE is an extremely useful course that orients you to build your digital portfolio and includes ample more to give shape to the writer within you, which is why it lands on the spot in our classification of the best creative writing courses in Perth.


5. Creative Writing Stage – 1 by Australian Writer’s Centre


The well-known Australian Writer’s Centre offers about 65 brilliant writing courses and this one is no different in quality and stature. Being the starting course, it provides you with great lessons to write good fiction. Lessons like creating enthralling characters, finding a personal writer’s voice, building a story with form, structure, etc.

It is a course that aims to unlock your writing potential, receive key feedback on your writing mistakes, and learn all the basic constituents of fictional and non-fictional writing including various techniques, concepts, and more …

Receive personalized feedback and engage with writing events like Write Direction with the celebrated author, Angela Slatter, even after you have completed the course.



  • Benefits of Online Classroom
  • Flexible Learning Pace
  • Online Tutor Providing Direct Feedback
  • Practical Assignments with Experts in The Field
  • Beginner-Friendly



  • No Accredited Certification Mentioned
  • Little Focus on Portfolio Development
  • Can Be a Bit Expensive


Culminating, the AWC offers a fine course for creative writing aspirants, and their assortment of courses other than the one mentioned are just as valuable, if not more valuable for some. Their course outshines others with the direct feedback they provide to their students and the top-notch services they offer and that too, holding national recognition, even allowing for in-person meetups with people in Sydney and Melbourne, adding to their credibility.

All of these aspects fulfill the criteria for a good creative writing course, allowing this one to make it onto our catalog for the best creative writing courses in Perth.


A few other courses you should consider


6. The Basics of Creative Writing Course by Writer’s College:


This is a prestigious writing course catering to both rookies and veterans of the craft, with a keen eye on relearning/learning the basics that formulate creative writing. The course subsumes 5 modules that cover every aspect of creative writing of significance for the creation of an original work. The modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 – Components of Fiction
  • Module 2 – Learning to Write Scenes
  • Module 3 – Writing Original Scenes
  • Module 4 – The Life of Writing
  • Module 5 – Opportunities for Writing Professionals


The course is an ongoing experience with a 200-page manual and 40 work assignments to complete in the 4-month duration of this course. A challenge but one that under the tutelage of instructors like Helen Brain, an eminent book writer, and Nerine Dorman, the winner of the Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature in 2019, is smooth-sailing with just the right sprinkle of devotion and desire.



  • Unique Individual Feedback
  • Flexible Schedule and Pace of Learning Through Online Medium
  • Ongoing and User-Based Assessment with Progress in Course
  • Proper Mentoring and Study through 40 Assignments
  • Provision of Certification After Course Completion



  • Can Be Expensive
  • Little Focus on Portfolio-Building
  • Lack of Online Resources to View at One’s Convenience


Ultimately, the course succeeds in providing great benefits to the student at a minor expense, which can be shelved to the realm of nit-picks. With its cascading merits and universal acclaim, it’s hardly surprising that this course has a special place in the best creative writing courses in Perth.


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7. Reedsy Learning – Creative Writing Course


A specially curated space for writers with 18 free courses on offer with Reedsylearning, teaching technical aspects of creative writing like the point of view, show don’t tell, plot structure, and creative guidelines and rules for romantic & thriller genres. The course delivery is through a professional email with a blog link enclosed for deeper understanding and greater knowledge.

The course is shelled out over 10 days into your inbox, allowing you to check them at your convenience and they are a community that’s 1 million strong and growing. With its bite-sized but world-class help, writing for millions has never been easier and more fun.



  • Free Quality Content
  • Cost & Time-Efficient
  • A Great Community of Writers & Competitions
  • Expert Instructors
  • Extremely Beginner-friendly



  • Lack of Any Targeted Instruction
  • No video sessions
  • No Prospect of Portfolio Development4


Reedsylearning’s course is a unique mixture of good content, great options, and regular delivery with zero costs involved. It’s a purely beneficial transaction for any user because Reedsylearning believes that to gain knowledge. money should not be required, thus helping you write and achieve your goals for no special favors. This unique delivery model, in combination with proper guidance and motivation, graces it with sufficient value for beginners.




1. What are the required skills for creative writing professional?

Creative writing is an expression of varying perceptions, about the mundane and the aesthetic so the skills of a professional in this field are never quite concrete; or dynamic like the art form. However, some essential and widely-accepted requirements to be a creative writer in today’s business market are:

  • Storytelling Abilities: Every creative writer possesses the desire to generate a story, and express the world in narratives and since people are jarringly attentive to stories, storytelling is an effective tool in the arsenal of creative writing professionals.
  • Research: To present imaginary things as real or for proper representation of existing objects, knowing every detail about an object or concept is of the greatest priority. Writing without knowing can lead to easily-correctable errors in the idea you wish to convey, creating misunderstanding. Therefore, an ingrained habit of research goes a long way for creative writers.
  • Editing: The technical aspect of your writing like tone, and grammar is significant and can steal the charm of it if handled improperly. Not only technique but the process of reviewing your text can allow for corrections in style and theme, wherever required.


2. What are the basic requirements to be a creative writer in Australia?

Some basic requirements to be a creative writer in Australia are:

  • Complete your education with a course in English/Bachelor.
  • Develop a writing habit
  • Develop a proper portfolio for your works
  • Do courses (the ones from ‘Top creative writing courses in Perth to become a professional writer’ are recommended)
  • Look for Internships that offer real-time engagement and work
  • Find good writing communities to gain knowledge and a place of belonging


3. What are some tips to improve my creative writing?

Well, our article was about the best creative writing courses in Perth, so their recommended readings, guidance, and advice will be greater in value, nonetheless here are a few tips for improving the caliber of your creative writing:

  • Do proper research
  • Divide content into readable chunks
  • Review writing by each paragraph
  • Check for errors in tense, voice, and tone
  • Value readability over the precision of expression


Keeping balanced criteria in mind, our attempt to provide you with the best creative writing courses in Perth, which hopefully fit the bill for what you sought from creative writing courses. We genuinely wish you great success in your writing journey and hope you keep learning and growing by putting pen to paper or tapping away at the keyboard.

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